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unpopular isis headcanons?

The fact that I unabashedly ship her with Pegasus is an unpopular headcanon in itself. :/

What I can think of off the top of my head:

  • I really don’t think Isis is as sexually naive or repressed as a lot of fans like to label her. I’m not saying she’s “loose” or anything of that nature, but considering just how the stories and deities within the Kemetic religion are so heavily laden with sexuality, and how integral those aspects are in regards to that religion, I really don’t buy Isis as a “blushing virgin”. Once again, I’m not saying she lacks morals or standards. I just don’t think she’s clueless about what she wants and may have a more open mind in terms of intimate relations due to the emphasis and influence of the deities she worships. 
  • Out of the Ishtar siblings, she is the one with the worst road rage. Compared to Malik and Rishid, she has spent the most amount of time in Cairo due to her job, and her patience with other drivers goes into the negatives. 

This is her face during rush hour.

  • Malik worries about her because her personal vehicles have government plates and her driving style very much resonates “**** the police; I have places to be.” Luckily, Isis is chauffeured by her personal bodyguards in an ubiquitous black SUV most of the time, so this is normally not an issue. However, Malik still worries when she rides her motorcycle.
  • She didn’t really use or know a lot of swear words until she overheard her bodyguards-to-be during her internship with the SCA. After that, whenever she’s in her office going through mountains of paperwork, you will likely overhear her using an expletive like a comma.
  • She’s proficient at managing all the bureaucratic elements related to her job as Secretary General, but she hates all the paperwork with a passion. She’d rather be outside.
  • She’s very civil in an office setting, but is a strict “ball buster” out in the field. She takes the preservation of her country’s history very seriously and has very low tolerance for slacking on her watch.

She wears the pants when she’s out there, and don’t you ever forget it.

  • She lied about her age when she filed her papers with the Egyptian government. She’s 20 years old during her debut in the series, but her I.D. says she’s 27.
  • While she speaks in a typical Egyptian Arabic dialect, it is also with a Sa’idi accent that she hasn’t ever been able to hide very well (it is the Egyptian equivalent of having a Southern twang due to the rural region she hails from). Though she is rarely teased for it now due to her position as Secretary General, it did cause her some grief when she first attended Cairo University.
  • The international students on campus, while knowing some Arabic, couldn’t quite pick out the accent. As a result, Isis felt more comfortable talking around foreigners than her own urban countrymen.
  • She may or may not have had some dalliances with those international students in college. Refer to first point on the list.

I could go on all day, but I’ll stop there. I’ve said enough unpopular opinions for now.


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Well, I mean…

I guess you can say I kinda like ‘em together

Just a little bit

I think they might have some chemistry

To be completely honest with you, I’ve only maybe given this pairing some serious thought once or twice…