ygo zexal ii

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dOODLE for @darkxyzduelist! 🎂 🎉

-this almost killed my hands cause the haIR //i redid this like 4times// *sobs* i sorta also had to guess on what II’s outfit underneath looked like cause i suck at armor so i hope it doesn’t look too bad.anywho~ hope yu like it and hope you’re having a splendid day so far 💛

I was curious about what Zexal form 2 would look like dressed as Tohru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon so I decided to draw it. ^ ^ I tried drawing it in @tophyart​ / @jadenyugi9​‘s style because I always loved how she drew Zexal form 2.




So I guess this is a second part to this. This episode came out like a tiny bit of time after I did the first of these but I hadn’t gotten the chance to actually draw it until now xD

Once again, click for captions i guess?


*Edit: Now there’s a part 3 as well (i cant stop myself sorry)