ygo palettes


Aki my beautiful daughter……… where i’m at in 5ds she’s finally getting some character development but my Yugioh Dealer ™ has informed me that later it gets smashed to pieces and ….. no….. im love you……

Thank you for the ask, Anon!! <3 I totally cheated on this one by adding a super pale pink but what can you do ;D

Palette requests are still open! im just real slow at them ahaH :’’’D


High School Yearbook Award Meme

ARC-V + Most Likely to End Up in Jail: Everyone, apparently
↳ asked by xionchan

This was really fun and relaxing to paint, but I really need to stop doing these “close view of a character in a simple pose” things because they are too easy and I seriously won’t learn anything new like this. (≧∇≦;)  I should probably spend a month or two drawing only full-body drawings. Or even better, art where characters are together and interacting with each other.