You are all cordially invited to laugh at and shame me for my sins. These are really awful, I’m so sorry.

This is literally the only way you’re gonna get Oso anywhere near this game.
I don’t know why I like to think Kara and Choro play Yugioh sometimes. (Choro likes the strategy and Kara plays it because he asked and no one else would do it). It’s not a party until the trash gets here~ Get him away from those cards.


yusei fudo aesthetic (ygo aesthetic 6 / ?)

“any card, so long as it exists, has the potential to be useful. someone who rejects their cards and calls them ‘trash’ doesn’t deserve to call themselves a duelist.”

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other ygo aesthetics:
manjoume / jack
/ johan
/ yubel johan / kenzan

I’ve been watching too much “the loud house” but now I keep imagining some kind of Loud House YGO AU with the series protags(& Yuya’s counterparts) as brothers.