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Favorite DHES: Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz, Yggdra Union/Blaze Union/Yggdra Unison

“Even with the Holy Sword, I can’t make anything go right… The Holy Sword… may be a sacred relic, but the fact remains that it is a weapon. For we who are entrusted with it, it becomes our mission to see the justice of the Holy Sword to its end… and we are capable of slaughtering those who do not obey that justice… but the Holy Sword is a weapon. In the end, it is only capable of harming people.”


Here’s the pattern for Yggdra that I made last night~ :D

The original clothing outfit is worn by Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz from Yggdra Union, shown in the first image.

The second to fifth images are clothing patterns that recreate the outfit when used in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The second image is the front, the third and fourth images are the sleeves (they are identical, but for the sake of the photoset’s appearance I put the same pattern up twice), and the fourth image is the back. The last two photos are images of how the pattern looks on an Animal Crossing character when used.

EDIT- Oops, I almost forgot to mention that this uses palette 4. D:

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  • Yggdra always has a very strong sense of morality, but the way she acts it out depends on where she is in canon.
  • She is generally polite and friendly with everyone, but once she’s decided someone is her enemy it can take a while to make her reconsider this.
  • Yggdra is very proactive and does not like to sit on her hands! She would rather figure out what she’s doing about a crisis on the fly than lie low and risk watching it get worse before she can come up with a plan.
  • She can be, but is not always, stubborn.
  • She’s not afraid to go after what she wants romantically/sexually, and is either on equal footing with a romantic partner or the leading force in a relationship (see: a hatemance with Gulcasa for the former, and a romance with Roswell for the latter).
  • Yggdra loves her parents a lot and wants to think the best of people. It pains her a lot to think that there might have been corruption amongst the people who were so kind to her as a child.
  • Early-canon Yggdra also tends to form impressions of people based on what terms they meet on! Those who are nice/polite/reasonable, she’ll think of as “good”, and people she meets across the battlefield or who won’t listen to what she considers good plans are “bad”. Later-canon and post-canon Yggdra is aware that this is not always the case.
  • The biggest thing that separates her from Gulcasa is the circumstances of their childhoods. He grew up with everything wrong with the world in his face, and Yggdra was extremely sheltered; his parents were horribly abusive, and hers were loving and devoted. She wants to help and save people as much as him, but her ignorance and preconceptions can get in the way of that–she doesn’t even know where to begin, and she’s not very self-aware of that fact.
  • Yggdra and Gulcasa are otherwise very, very similar.
  • She does not like being talked down to. She’s very proud.
  • She sometimes has to make mistakes in order to learn, but most of the time she learns from her mistakes.
  • Yggdra did know that Luciana and Aegina were born, grew up believing that they had died as infants, and always wanted to have big sisters. She had things figured out from chapter 6 but didn’t want to tell anyone, because she didn’t want things to turn into a discussion of her parents’ possible villainy until she was emotionally prepared for it.
  • Her hatred of mushrooms is murderous. She loves fruits and most sweet things.
  • She also loves to swim and is very athletic, especially for a noble.
  • Because she’s known Durant for so long, she’s much more candid around him than she is around anyone else.