*segment of Lauren Hill's story comes on at the ESPYs*
  • me:I'm not gonna cry
  • Lauren:*speaks about her collegiate basketball dream*
  • me:not gonna cry
  • Lauren:"today was the best day I've had, in probably my entire life. today I wanted to play basketball & that's what I did."
  • me:*on the floor bawling*
When Nerds Clash || Closed starter for Dorian


Akira was excited. He just got invited to some cool lab he had never heard about and was now thinking about which cosplay he should take with him. Dio is a must, he thought, but he wanted to grab some more.

He was departing to the costume shop in order to grab some accessories for a new costume he was thinking about making when he saw someone in the corridor.

“Oh? Hello there! Is this… Rougelike?” The boy said, looking something the boy with a @ shirt was holding.


Ygg - Кровь

Petition: Save Lyng Easthaugh Lakes! Don't build a holiday park on County Wildlife Site in Norfolk.

Please please please could you guys sign this petition. Not only do we need to save the wild life that is there but we also need to preserve the beautiful views. If you haven’t seen the beauty these lakes withhold then you should definitely take a walk down there and see why they’re worth saving. Thank you.

Ps. I’m not sure if the link takes you directly to the petition (because it changes once you’ve signed it) but if it doesn’t then you should be able to click on it at the top of the web page.

Please sign to save these lakes, they have significance beyond measure to me.

Thank you.


Ygg, Урд, Верданди, Скульд (Wyrd, Verdandi, Skuld).