ygfamilysaranghae-deactivated20  asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself and then pass on to 10 of your favourite followers!

  1. my alive tour dvd is coming in a few days ><
  2. eating mcdonalds like a unhealthy bitch
  3. watching a taiwanese drama, not that good :/
  4. i need new dramas to watch anyone recommend me some?
  5. i have to perform for work because im a supervisor -__-
  6. i really dont want to sing…
  7. im doing the lazy song with like 5 other people and we have to wear our pjs so im going to wear my one of a kind hoodie >:)
  8. im going to have a party with my friends once the dvd comes and i welcome all
  9. i dun know what else to say
  10. ….k bye