CL & Daesung - chest pop テソチェリいちゃこらぁああぁあぁああああぁあおおおおぉおおおおおおおおおああぁあああ

It’s really been a long time since I performed on stage. I’m just happy to be here. The hardship I went through gave me a chance to realize how precious music and the stage are to me. I’ll always be thankful to go on stage.
—  DaeSung (BIGBANG)

[FANCAM] The YG boys (SE7EN, Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri) covering 2NE1’s It Hurts and Lonely in YG FAMILY CONCERT in SAITAMA 22/1 (Last Day)

Seungri to YG Family Singapore Concert

I know this may be a bit late, but… 

today, I just heard that at the day of incident, 12 Sept 2014 of that Seungri is actually getting off from the ambulance to catch the flight to Singapore but then, in the end he’s sent to hospital (may be he’s getting scolded by YG sajangnim or GD #hah) again since he didn’t look well also with abdominal pain.

I also see the news about YGE that mention about Seungri being so sorry not to able to come the concert in Singapore. 

For real. I actually a bit disappointed. BUT.. that is before the news and before I see how bad the car crash is. Then, I’m all good, wish him the best to recover and enjoy it with all I can. 

JENG JENG!! (typical Indonesian opening sound) when Daesung come to sing 2ne1’s “Ugly” and I think, Seungri suppose to be his partner and whereas he couldn’t come, Seungyoon sing for his place. The thing that is disappointing me is that WHY SEUNGYOON HAVE TO WEAR THOSE SEUNGRI-EYED-GLASSES??  The reality suddenly hits me (alay) and it makes me all sad. It becomes hard to enjoy that one song even I try my best to. 

As I suffer from the muscle pain and stuffs after the concert, I found the reported news, stating above. I am really sad and really touched by him doing that. By even have the thought after experiencing such a shocking event, all only by himself. I might not be able to do it in the way he did. He is really professional and I’m proud of him <3

“I flipping my car and I should catch my flight to Singapore?” Hell no for me. Even smaller car accident can cause shock, but he is flipping the car dude! he must be really shocked and I wish he didn’t get any trauma or something. physical pain is enough and that’s it. 

source: daum

source translated by: ShrimpLJY


[FANCAM] 2NE1 singing UGLY with GUMMY in YG FAMILY CONCERT SAITAMA 22/1 (Last Day)