SM and YG

remember when there were rumors of Red Velvet having a comeback July 2016? after that, YG announced Black Pink’s debut. Black Pink’s month of debut was never confirmed, until there were rumors of Red Velvet’s comeback. however, when Black Pink’s debut was announced, SM decided to have EXO’s comeback with their repackaged album. now that another NCT unit is supposed to debut this October, YG announced a Black Pink comeback. idk why but i really love these stuff. it’s like watching a suspense drama. as if they’re telling each other, “your move, SM/YG, your move”

TOP can be off-putting for some fans who see idols as perfection or role models if we evaluate what we notice from him in terms of societal values and beliefs. From what we’ve seen he is very attached to his mother, he sees his toys as his friends (it is rumoured he has thousands of them, and he had said before that he arranges them in his own order, making sure they have friends), others may find it awful that he insists on speaking to his girlfriend in the formal way, he also seems to have neurotic tendencies (OCD, depression, severe anxiety).

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Only 90’s kids remember #2NE1CL rapping with a f*cking parrot in her shoulder #wtf #LOL #2ne1 #ygent #swag

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