SM and YG

remember when there were rumors of Red Velvet having a comeback July 2016? after that, YG announced Black Pink’s debut. Black Pink’s month of debut was never confirmed, until there were rumors of Red Velvet’s comeback. however, when Black Pink’s debut was announced, SM decided to have EXO’s comeback with their repackaged album. now that another NCT unit is supposed to debut this October, YG announced a Black Pink comeback. idk why but i really love these stuff. it’s like watching a suspense drama. as if they’re telling each other, “your move, SM/YG, your move”


Song: 못생긴 척 (PLAY UGLY)

Artist: AKMU

Release date: 170218

Album: 사춘기 하 (思春記 下) (Puberty Part 2)

Record label: YG Entertainment

Secrets - Bobby / Kim Jiwon (Part 1???)

requested scenario is finally here?!!!! tell me if you want a part 2!!!!

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TITLE : secrets

TYPE: aNGST, girlfriend!AU

PROMPT: you find out that Bobby cheated on you while in the US and another bad surprise comes your way…

Your fingers scrolled down the screen vigorously.

IKON’s Bobby caught in dating scandal?

Bobby from iKON with girl in Virginia while on tour!

YG to release statement on Bobby’s relationship status?

You were never the jealous type. As the titles continued to flash before your eyes you kept your cool and opened them one by one. They were mostly photos of Jiwon with a girl who you couldn’t identify on a beach. It was a photo taken from behind in which you easily recognized Jiwon in from his tattoo. The girl seemed rather familiar to you, but you couldn’t match a face to her body in your head and any memory of her was fuzzy.

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