i’m not trying or intentionally shading other fandoms because we all want what’s best for our faves and that’s perfectly fine. but i’m just gonna say one thing. if you’re crying because your fave is going up exo and they’re probably going to win and boohoo, you’re right. they are. but are you actually shocked?

ikon and winner, having dropped new songs this year and won awards not only in korea but all over the world is not nominated for a single relevant category, or at least one they deserved to be in. but wannaone is nominated for BOTH new best male and best male?

blackpink, the #1 group of 2017 for having the most number of views within 24 hours is not nominated for best music video when the estimated cost for having filmed AIIYL was millions? yet their counterparts that had less views were nominated?

honestly at this point, i’m not even going to begin with how bigbang, kings of kpop, aren’t nominated for anything. and how kwon jiyong, with a full tour, has been inappropriately nominated.

and no, i didn’t forget the others. akmu, leehi, ohyuk and all of ygs sublabel artists aren’t nominated for categorys they DEFINITELY should’ve been nominated for.

and you know what, let me throw in one for BTS. a group that has literally put in so much effort into their music has been misappropriately nominated too, or more, nominated against competition that shouldn’t even have been nominated in the first place, just for that extra shocking!!! factor !

i didn’t come to hate on groups, i came to drop facts and back up my favourite company after years of Mnet’s twisted ways of changing nomination criterias so that yg doesn’t get awards every year. jiyongs diss rap in 2015 really explains it all. and tablo’s tweet about bts and bigbang just goes to show how the whole industry knows about it too, but nobody dares go up against mnet. and if you’re wondering why YG finally couldn’t take it after all these years of bad treatment and decided to pull his artistes out of MAMA last year, this is why.

Why I treasure BIG BANG so much.

The first kpop group that I loved is BIG BANG. It was back in 2008 when I stumbled upon their MV for Haru Haru. It struck me, knowing that I was only in 6th grade by the time. Because of that (and since I had access to the internet), I searched for other Big Bang songs and I downloaded them. It was later that I realized that I am a V.I.P. 

This is my first ever kpop fandom. I am truly happy, and feel so blissful, because I did not initially like hiphop and korean songs prior to this. I knew that they were calling out to me. The message of their songs, the depth of their videos, the hilarious and emotional aspect of their personalities. They were complete, all rolled into 5 members. It was TOP who caught my attention the most. He was my first bias, in 2008. After I had just been introduced to anime. After that, I was a V.I.P., up until now, Feb. 9, 2017. 

Being a VIP gave me a rollercoaster ride. I had many doubts about my favorite group in years 2010 onwards, mainly because of their scandals. But I came to realize and know the truth. I forgave them, they are only people. Faults do not define people, but their actions do. And what are their actions so far? They have been the best group of boys I have ever witnessed. I can’t believe they’re real, to be honest. This group, is just so HUMAN, so REAL. I only saw this kind of friendship and bond in fiction, but this, THEY EXISTED IN REAL LIFE.

I loved, love, and will love BIG BANG with all my heart. I became stronger through them. I felt their struggles, and had went through 9 years of my life WITH BIGBANG. It was a journey. They may not know who I am, and they might not even know that I exist, but I just want everyone, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, to know that they played A HUGE PART IN MY LIFE. I would not be ME right now had I not known Big Bang. The values, the morals, the principles, my joys, my sorrows, my laughter, my emotions all have a part of Big Bang in them. They made an impact so strong to me, that I will never forget our boys, and I will always recount the 9 years (and counting) [that I have spent from elementary school, to highschool to college, and after college graduation] with BIGBANG. A person cannot truly know me if I failed to tell him/her about what made me. It is BIG BANG. 

I always had hobbies, obsessions, idols, and people whom I truly admire. Big Bang is on the TOP of that list. Other than family and friends, I have developed a bond with them, which makes them inseparable from my heart, soul, and mind. I liked other kpop groups, and other bands from other countries, but nothing touched my heart as much as Big Bang. So I just want to thank YG Entertainment also, for making bringing these 5 people, these 5 kindred souls together, and showing them to the world. I am proud of Big Bang and will be forever greatful to them, their music, and just their existence.

Predebut photo of my first ever OTP:

My fetus bias:

Big Bang who is my first love:

My favorite people in the world. Thank you for existing:

And of course, our forever sexy bingu art nerd, Seunghyun: