Epik High - Shoebox


01. Raise the Curtains
02. Easy Ending - feat. Jo Won Sun of Roller Coaster
03. Rich - feat. Taeyang
04. Spoiler
05. Burj Khalifa - feat. Dynamic Duo, Yankie, Topbob, DJ Friz
06. Fighting Again - feat. Younha
07. Amor Fati - feat. JW from Nell
08. Born Hater - feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Song Minho, B.I., Bobby
09. Lesson 5 (Timeline)
10. Life is Good - feat. Jay Park
11. Eyes Nose Lips (Uncensored Ver.)
12. Shoebox - feat. MYK from SALTNPAPER

we got to that point

winner started their own variety show on v app called winwin tv before it was misteriously shut down!!

winner is putting out music!!! outside the company!! taehyun created a soundcloud account and published a song!! he is so done with not publishing music that he did this!! i would advise you all to download it before yg finds out!!

Are we gonna talk about how Incles are so worried about WINNER’s lack of promotions (especially seeing how little Pricked was promoted by YGE) that it led C- Incles to advertise for WINNER’s cb using their own $$??

These posters are currently in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Sinchon stations (credit)