sari’s perzine you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania #5 and rachel’s perzine reimagining queer community are now available on hoax’s etsy site! (both are also available for trades!)

about you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania #5:

having worked at in a warehouse for the past month and a half, i’ve spent a lot of time within a “boys’ club” environment. daily struggles with hearing racist and sexist bullshit and making attempts to challenge the mindsets of those around me have left me defensive and drained. this zine, done in 24-ish hours for the dc zine fest, is about resisting militant masculinity on the job, learning how to more effectively call out shitty behavior, and how i have created a safer space for myself (and hopefully some others) at work. b&w, ¼ size, 20 pages. includes original photography by yours truly!

about reimagining queer community:

reimagining queer community is a personal investigation into my evolving relationship to queerness, as well as some of the ways in which i navigate queer spaces around me. some of the topics in this zine include: alienation and estrangement from the queer community, what it means to feel connected, the myth of a cohesive queer community, being a spectator versus being a participant, (personal and shared) queer histories, and potential strategies to build new alliances. 20 pages, ¼ size, text heavy. july, 2011.