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Seungri - Single Ladies (Live)

THIS IS THE GREATEST VIDEO EVER   MADE Concert in Melbourne, 21/10/15.    thanks for this source:  Jyn

Sometimes I hate being a kpop fan.

Not because how often people leave groups or groups disband. Not because of the treatment of the idols, although their treatment is horrific and something needs done about it. But because of the fans. Boy do the fans fuck me off. Not all the fans but a minority. This minority though knows how to make an impact and frankly they disgust me with their actions.

I used to feel a real sense of community in the kpop fandom, it didn’t matter about what group you stanned, you felt close because you stanned kpop at all. Now I don’t even get a glimpse of that. There is such a divide. The bigger fandoms have created such an elitist feel and so much hate is being spewed from all sides. I’ve ignored it for so long, accepting it as part of liking kpop. Recently though, its become too horrible to ignore.

I don’t know if any of you watched Up10tion’s V app but the comments were filled with so much hate being spammed by other fandoms. Usually this is easily ignored but one of their members Kogyeol had been reading the comments at the time. He read out loud a comment attacking his looks. He tried to laugh it off but he is a fucking person and HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DIG OUT HIS INSECURITIES!

Then you got that one army. Ok I get that Agust D’s mixtape was amazing and personal. It was such a beautiful thing for him to share with us. It also happened to drop on RiSe’s birthday. These two things don’t correspond at all. They have literally nothing to do with one another. So when I saw those horrific tweets from Twitter username ‘omojungkookiez’ I was beyond angry. I was so genuinely upset. I won’t go into depth about the content because it is very triggering but HOW DARE YOU stoop so low as to attack a dead girl.

I’m beyond sick of all this hate. Do you think that your 'Oppa’ will love and respect you when you so clearly don’t love and respect him? Your constant hate creates such a bad image for your bias group. You don’t care for them if you’re willing to ruin their image. They don’t like you acting this way. Not only that but you diminish your own fandom. So many people don’t want to call themselves 'Armies’ or 'Exo-Ls’ or certain other fandom names because of the negative connotations that come along with it.

This being said I’m really proud of the smaller fandoms who recently decided to come together to further their bias groups. That’s the community I know. All supporting one another and one another’s bias groups is amazing and I’m so sad that the bigger fandoms haven’t done this also.

I also want to again say that this is a MINORITY and most kpop people are glorious creatures who you should go out of your way to get to know.