[CONFIRMED + BREAKING] Nam Joohyuk & Lee Sung Kyung are DATING!

*UPDATE* The two has admitted their relationship through their shared company YG Entertainment

Rejoice Kim Bok Joo fanssss!

The adorable couple of the MBC drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” - Kim Bok Joo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) and Jung Joon Hyung (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) is real!

Dispatch released photos today of the couple on secret dates, but it was really not that secret because of the two former models’ distinctive physical features.

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SECHSKIES was the first idol group that starred in a movie in Kpop History. We’ve selected the funniest scenes from SECHSKIES Movie 17. Enjoy!😊

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Who Will Fall? Part 11

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As both of them has gone to detention, you were the only one that left behind in here. You never going to raised your head, not after what have been done just now. “Aren’t you going to say anything about just now or should I put you into detention too” Mr. Yang finally speak making you gasp. “Why am I in trouble? I didn’t do anything to be in here. Also I didn’t deserve to be detention for crying out loud” he raise his eyebrow and cross his arm. “What did I told you?”

You sigh lower your head again “I’m sorry sir” he nodded. “______ I ask you to do the simple things and this happen?”

“His the one that punch Jimin in the face. Jimin just trying to protect me even though I didn’t ask for his help but it doesn’t matter. Maybe both of them is over react about this. Can’t you give both of them a second chance. I try to make them friends if I can.” you plead him but someone knock on the door. “Sorry Sir but Jimin and Jiwon fought again in the detention room and I decide to bring them back here.”

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YG Fucked Up Don’t Cover Him

As a YG family stan I get how many of us want to cover YG (the CEO’s) ass at a time like this. Especially with how media treats him, and how there are some aspects of his management that show or lead us to believe he was the best CEO. Papa YG right? But seriously what happened with 2NE1 and Taehyun is inexcusable. Don’t be delusional and act put the fault of this event on 2ne1 members or taehyun, because YG could have done so many things to prevent it. YG should have stuck by Park Bom’s side through the drug scandal, instead of follow netizen desires and hide her from the public. He should have given Minzy the opportunity to do solo work. He should have given Winner more comebacks and provide taehyun (and all his artists) with proper emotional support and therapy. And this isn’t YG’s first fuck up, he’s got a dungeon full of trainees who have been waiting years for a debut. He’s got a dungeon full of artists who have been waiting to do what they love. as fans of YG artists we need to call him out on his shit so he can actually do something about it. That means doing everything in our power to voice our opposition and take action against YG, not bashing any of the 2ne1 members by accusing them of being a bad band mate. Not hating on CL or dara for resigning. No attacking bom or minzy for their decision to leave. That means no hating on Blackpink, because those girls and the other YG trainees have to deal with this shit CEO too, and they’re not responsible for what happened. and For the love of God please only send love and support for taehyun, because the most important thing is health. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what to do to make our voices heard, but I do know pretending that YG CEO is still a loving father to all of his artists is pure delusional, that man is fucked up for what he’s done to young talents. He doesn’t deserve any of them. 


K-Pop Superstar PSY is back in “New Face” MV ft. A PINK’s Naeun!

Are you loving this Wes Anderson X dabtastic MV filmed in Macau?

Born To Be Bad Leader Part 1

Request anonymous

There’s a guy who trembling to go behind the door that was close shut and there also two guards standing side by the door guarding for anyone that trespassing. He was about to walk away when another guard point the gun on his head “Go in” the guard said while pointing with his gun. With a shaky steps, he finally reach the door and give it a knock. “Just come in” the other side of the door replied.

As he enter, he saw the back of the chair and he know she was there “Y-y-you w-want to s-see me?” he ask with fear that visible in his voice. The chair finally turn and there’s you not giving him any glance while looking through the news in the tablet. “Do you saw the latest news? The police found drugs and money in the warehouse at Gangnam. Do you know about this?” he look away from you while answering. “I d-didn’t g-get the n-news”

You throw a knife toward him but it hit the side of his face making his face pale. “Well if you didn’t get it now you know. Do you somehow know this place?” you show the image in your tablet in front of him. He didn’t dare to lie or speak so he nodded slowly his head. “Mind telling how they know it’s there?” he just shut his mouth. “Aren’t you going to tell?” you pull out your hand and the guard gave you the small katana.

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YG’s rising boy band iKON shows you who’s boss in “BLING BLING” MV!

Do you enjoy this badass track and production debut of YG trainee MILLENNIUM (Raesung from KPOP STAR Season 1)?

Jiwon : Haven’t you removed your make up? (to JD)
Jaeduck : I’m going to do it~
Suwon : ♪♫♭
Jiwon : stop, that’s enough~~ Let’s drink Suwon!

#Today I won the lottery again #it’s fun #to flying with Jiwon for 9 hours #jump with joy

March 6, 2017



2NE1’s Minzy is back with her solo debut “Ni Na No” MV ft. FLOWSIK!

Do you love this lit dance track with the return of the QUEEN?

Return of the Superman: Seungjae and Jiyong are looking at the picture from the Infinite Challenge Totoga2 when all six members gathered for the first time in 16 years. SECHSKIES, come to Seungjae’s house and play! 💛

Who Will Fall? Part 1

You were in class with your friend studying on your final year exam.On the other side of your table,there is a group called Ikon that was famous in school.They have been call as the bad boy in school and all girls is gone crazy over them.You don’t know what so cute about them but to you they just a group of noisy people that keep bullying others.You think they going to be quiet in class and focus on their lesson but no there not.They really not helping you in studying cause they keep talking and laughing so loud and that’s annoyed you the most. “Girl I know you’re stress with them but let just calm down” your best friend Sunhyun try to calm you and it really working but at the end one of them shouting out loud. “That’s it” you mumble and push your chair while looking at him with anger.

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