VIP: I’m going to buy 1 version of the MADE Album only. I am a grown adult who can manage her money wisely. I have bills to pay and money to save. 

INNER VIP: stfu bitch it’s Big Bang’s last album as ot5 because enlistments are coming, you know you’re buying all 6 versions, your money management system is utter failure anyway. TREAT YOURSELF


BIGBANG - Last Dance MV (Teaser)!


i’m sure most of you are already aware of this, but akmu will be coming back in january 2017 with a new album so please look out for it and show lots of love and support to akdong musician!! also make sure to support other yg artists such as blackpink and bigbang. let’s start the hype now so that suhyun and chanhyuk can get the attention they deserve when they come back!

There are many kinds of maknae. For me, Seungri is one of best and should be the role model for all maknae out there. He may not be the best or the most talented. But, being a maknae of 4 famously acclaimed and award winning hyungs such as TOP, Taeyang, GD, & Daesung is HARD. Any other maknae could easily get outshine. Seungri never does. Not only because his hyungs love him to death but because his tenacity, persistence, and patience. He doesn’t give up even after many mistakes that he does.