• Jinhwan: Why are you so cheerful?
  • Hanbin: I don’t know…I guess it’s ‘cause of Bobby.
  • Jinhwan: Bobby?
  • Hanbin: He’s so sweet and funny.
  • Jinhwan: Oh, now wait a minute. You’re not considering getting involved–
  • Hanbin: What? No.
  • Jinhwan: You are!
  • Hanbin: Oh, you’re one to talk. June is just as bizarre as Bobby, and he’s completely self-centered.
  • Jinhwan: Don’t be absurd.
  • June [strutting into the room]: Behold the glory that is me!
  • Rosé: Pick one, between me, Lisa and Jisoo. If you had to - only if you had to - who would you punch?
  • Jennie: No one, they’re my friends. I wouldn’t punch any of them.
  • Rosé: Jisoo?
  • Jennie: Yeah, but I don’t know why.