seunghoon; 3 am

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“You can’t just kiss me like that and tell me you don’t feel the same.”

scenario of 1.5k words

“I’m not picking your drunk ass up at three in the morning.” Seunghoon insists but he’s already out the door, dragging his shoes along with him as he sprints down towards his awaiting car.

“Where are you anyway?” The silence from your end bothered him and he half shouts, praying secretly that you’re not passed out drunk in the back alley of some bar downtown. You mumble something about cup noodles and 7/11 and he’s already speeding his way blindly to the place he knew so well.

In the midst of panic, nostalgia hits him because he can’t remember the last time he was there with you. A great chunk of his adolescent years were wasted hanging about the place aimlessly with you. From instant noodle eating challenges to chilli pepper penalties, or just to hear each other out about that math test you both failed over a shared tub of chocolate ice cream.

The white lights of the store blared his sight as he pushes the glass door open, eyes scampering the place for any sign of you. He spots you sitting alone by the corner seat, staring blankly at two cups of noodles that kept you company.

“Don’t be mad.” Is the first thing you utter when he nears the table, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans with a look less than entertained.

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Don’t let anyone tell you it’s Bom’s fault for 2ne1’s downfall. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s Taehyun’s fault for Winner’s downfall. Don’t blame the victims of a corrupted music label. Instead, blame the guy who didn’t do anything when your favs suffered. Blame YG and his piss poor management.


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