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Masta Wu ft. Red Roc & Okasian - Yamaha MV!

*NOTE: This is Masta Wu’s first released single since leaving YG and opening his own label. 

Breaking news: Tiffany is under fire by YG stans for existing, having friends, and wearing black??

Through a series of videos on twitter with the idol hanging with YG artists, she is now receiving hate due to reasons such as being in the general vicinity of YG and smiling. Reports are flooding in regarding th-

Wait…wait…we’re getting something…Uh huh…uh huh…This just in, YG now owns the color black. That explains so much.

i’m so sick of people talking shit about bigbang receiving a multitude of awards “just because they came from a big company”. tf u talking about hun? yg wouldn’t be fucking yg if it weren’t for bigbang. bigbang made yg. they made this fucking label what it is today and y’all saying they’re so celebrated “just because they come from yg” the fuck? BIGBANG OWNS YG HUN!!! y’all keep discrediting bigbang’s hard work to be where they are right now and y’all crying because you think all these achievements of bigbang are overshadowing your rookie faves’ achievements. bigbang deserves all the spotlight they’re given. bigbang isn’t bigbang if not for bigbang’s hardwork.

bigbang x ceo moments on happy together:

  • lately with the loser stages and MADE tour concerts, seungri stays in the center a lot because he sings the chorus. yg saw that and said “seungri stays in the middle too much, it’s not a good picture”, which made seungri sad bc he had even dyed his hair a bright color while all the others had dark hair, and he thought his time to shine had come. so the other members insisted that since seungri sings the most, seungri should be in the center, so yg said “oh? okay, how about seungri and jiyong together then?”
  • after top finished filming tazza, as a reward yg gave his own credit card to top to let him buy a set of speakers he’d been wanting for a while. since yg’s rich, top bought a set that was just a little more expensive than the set he had been planning to buy. a minute after he bought it with yg’s card, yg called him ( bc when your card is used you get a text message saying the amount of money that was spent ) and said “look, i told you to buy a set of speakers, not a house” and then hung up angrily. top was really worried bc the set hadn’t been that expensive. he wasn’t sure what to do, but then a few seconds later yg called again to apologize. “sorry, i thought there was another zero”
  • since bigbang impersonates yg a lot on tv, the mcs asked if yg doesn’t get angry. seungri said that no, actually, yg enjoys the screen time. they all agree that yg has caught a bit of the celebrity virus now
  • ji said on an interview that bigbang’s MADE album might not have only new songs and that rumour was just a hope of yg bc yg doesn’t make the songs. he hadn’t thought that yg was actually going to see the interview, but it turned out he read it, and now whenever they go to eat together, yg will mumble under his breath “yeah, bc i don’t write the songs.. bc you guys write the songs…” and ji finds it cute

no offense but why didn’t yg capitalize like a reasonable business man and give dara and bom solos like dara could have carried an entire solo debut on her own yg has the money and power to shut up w/e “scandal” they were so afraid of re: bom and they would have brought in revenue for the company and you know not have resulted in a neglected group

oh wait i know why, Psy gave YG a big ass ego and money grubbing aesthetic and he wanted to imitate PSY with CL at the expense and risk of losing 2NE1 in the process because he wasn’t going to give other members domestic debuts in the meantime :~) no wonder his stocks are plummeting

I'm sorry I forgot YG legally OWNED the tough/gangster/thug/badass concept...

GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE DEADASS! YG don’t own shit. They just like to give their artists those concepts but let 4Minute, who belong to Cube, try a concept like that and suddenly they’re “copying” YG.. Fucking ignorant fucks. 4Minute SLAYS this concept idgaf who else done it before them. YG doesn’t own shit for all you ignorant fucks to say 4Minute is “copying” them. If anything YG copied