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放不下中文会话 (Can’t Let Go Of Chinese) Ep. 9

YG: Hello to those watching BTS home shopping. SJ: We have to introduce 2017′s amazing item. YG: That is BTS’ new album, “LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’.” SJ: For the home or travel YG: Is a must SJ: Has collection values YG: You deserve to own one SJ: You’re fooled if not brought YG: Miss out if not brought SJ: Value for money YG: Buy it quickly

Trans cr: Nadia & Kylie @ allforbts
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yg family | greek mythology
↪︎  nam taehyun as pothos; erote of yearning & longing

All My Idols Ch 13:Exception To The Rule

A few Months Later

“I said it before and I will say it again: No!”

“Charlie, why are you being so difficult?” GD sighs.

“Because this is a ridiculous conversation, you guys are not getting me an apartment, I am not moving, end of discussion.”

“Chaerin, please talk some sense into her!” Top pipes in this time, looking just as unnerved by this conversation as GD. I look to my favorite unni, looking confident and beautiful in only a pair of ripped jeans in a t-shirt, hoping for her to be on my side like normal. But from the apologetic look she is giving me I know I’m not that lucky today.

“Charlie-ah please listen to them, they are doing this because they want to keep you safe.”

I stand up and start pacing, completely annoyed with this whole situation. After they found out that my apartment had been broken into last week they have been on edge, worried it might be a fan that found out about me. I ignore that idea considering they took my TV and a few other nice appliances that I had left out but nothing with any information about me or even a picture. They have been insisting since last week for me to move into the same apartment building that they all moved into months ago after their break in. The building is owned by YG Ahjusshi so the security is amazing and is never a problem, something they want for me. I wouldn’t mind living there if it wasn’t so far from my work and the rent wasn’t so high.

“Unni, you can’t be serious!” I stomp my foot like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Look here little princess,” Unni snaps but her tone softens as she continues, “I understand you are a string independent girl, I love and admire you for it. But your safety is at risk and that isn’t something I’m okay with. You have every right to say no to this, but please for your own well being please move in. We will all sleep better knowing your home is a safe place for you to go.”

I let out a sigh before finally sitting down in my original spot in between Youngbae and GD on the couch. Youngbae rubs my back soothingly, knowing how much pride I have and my unwillingness to break down. I hate it when they buy things for me, food is one thing but expensive presents are something I never accept so they know not to even try. So for them offer something this big, they must really feel worried and suddenly I feel guilty for making them worry.

“Does it have to be here? This place has to be expensive.” I say giving up.

“Don’t worry about the price, YG will give you a great discount.” Seungri says beaming at me for finally caving.

“What about work? It’s so far away!”

They look at each other awkwardly as Unni just glares at them, “You haven’t asked her that either? Is that why you invited me over? I’m not going to be the one to convince her to do everything.”

“What now?”

Still glaring at them Unni says, “These idiots want you to become a stage hand, the person who wanders around and makes sure all the idols are in place to perform.”

“No, I can’t keep letting you guys do things like this for me! I don’t want to be a bother to any of you.”

“We would never consider you a bother, never.” Youngbae says seriously. “You are one of our closest friends, you do so much for us. You are one of the few people that actually gets less sleep then us and it’s because of us. We have you running all over Korea the least we could do is give you some place to rest that will be your own private place. And if that makes it harder for you to get too work we are just trying to think of a way to solve that problem.”

I sigh but lean over and give him a tight hug, “Thank you for caring so much. I’ll take the apartment, as long as it’s the smallest one they’ve got. And I may take the job after I talk to my boss.”

“Really?” Seungri hops out of his chair.

I nod and suddenly he is on me and without hesitation Youngbae tries his best to pry him off me.

“We already see her everyday, I don’t know why you are freaking out,” GD grumbles while he successfully helps Youngbae throw the youngest away.

Still smiling he says, “It will just be comforting knowing our little Charlie is only a few floors away at most.”

The others consider his words but don’t admit they feel the same. I look to my unni who is staring at the boys with a smile. “You boys are such good princes, just having our little princess near by can make everything better.”

Top scoffs, “Are you saying you feel different?”

“Nope,” She pops her lips on the p, “I’m much happier knowing she is going to be protected by her handsome princes in your guys’ giant castle. I will be with the rest of her knights guarding the outside.” She stands up, still giving me a teasing smile before kissing my head like a mother would. She waves as her heels click their way out the door, leaving me with my princes.

“So when am I going to be moving in?” I say with a yawn as I shift so my head is in GD’s lap and my legs resting on top of Youngbae’s. GD just smiles down at me affectionately and strokes my cheek, letting one of the others answer.

“As soon as possible, I’ll have Noona call a moving company,” Top responds as he pulls out his phone to text Unni.

“What is the schedule for today?” I ask, ever since my run in with Leo all those months ago my schedule was immediately changed so I would regrettably work less and only day shifts with a whiny Bailey but it is much better than seeing that ass again. At least it gives me more time to spend with my oppas now that I only work a few days a week compared to almost every night like before.

“There is another countdown,” Youngbae sighs.

“Oh my god,” I copy his sigh, “Now I see why Unni started using me as bait to make you go, those things are almost every weekend.”

“Tell us about it, we’ve been doing this for years!” Riri groans.

“We should get going though,” GD sighs but doesn’t motion to get up, he seems to focused on playing with my curls. I blink up at him, waiting for him to tell me to move but nothing comes from his mouth. It’s Youngbae who drags me down the couch off of GD’s lap on to his.

“Lead the way,” Youngbae gestures to the door. GD groans as he gets off the couch, Dae, Riri and Top all mumbling as they follow behind him. Youngbae and I are the last up and to the door. Pulling on my tan timberlands I follow the boys down the hall to the elevator.

After being to so many countdowns I have no problem as we sneak through the back door and are lead threw the now very familiar halls to their usual dressing room. Manager unni is already there waiting for us, she gives me a bright smile and a hug.

“You look really cute today!” She steps back and gives my outfit a once over, appreciating my new black ripped jeans. “I already called and made all of the arrangements, you won’t be needing to go back to your old apartment. Give me a day or two to have everything organized in your new one.” Without another word she moves on to the boys, who are giving me an apologetic look. I shrug it away, feeling a bit sad that I can’t say goodbye to my apartment but happy my new one is so close to theirs. “Lottie, I saw Ikon down the hall, they were looking for you.”

I look to my oppas to see if they are okay with it; they smile and nod, knowing they are going to be busy getting ready anyway. With their blessing I wander out of the room in search of my dongseangs. I don’t have to travel far but I don’t find Ikon, instead I smack into Hansol oppa. He realizes it’s me and scoops me up into a hug without another thought.

“Our princess!” He coos as he spins me around. I laugh, drawing in the attention of the rest of the group.

“Aigoo, what are you doing out here?” P-Goon asks with a smile as he pats my head, making me feel like a child.

“No one has snatched you up yet?” B-Joo teases.

“Nope,” I grin at them, “You are the first to find me today.”

Jenissi smirks, “Well aren’t we lucky.”

“When are you guys performing?”

“After three more groups, we would invite you to watch but…” Atom starts as he looks around for any of his members to finish for him.

Brave little Yano steps up, “But we go on after EXO.”

I nod.

My ‘fear’ of EXO has become common knowledge to every idol. Though only a few, Big bang, Ikon, and Lay, thankfully know the real reason. The only people who don’t know about my avoiding them is EXO themselves; that or they just choose to ignore it when I duck into other rooms or behind groups to hide. It has strangely become a thing for everyone to help me avoid them, making walls or distracting them for me to get away.

“We can hang out back stage for a little bit, I can sneak out before they come in,” I suggest, pulling Nakta and Hojoon down the hall with me. The boys don’t argue as we make our way through the building to the side of the stage. We talk for a little while the stage is quietly transitions for another group that is already waiting on the side lines. When the music starts up again the boys lead me forward so we can watch the performance. Seventeen is on and I begin the fan chants with the crowd. Topp Dogg just watches me laughing; Hansol even holds my hand and joins in the chant with me. When their performance is done they come off to the side of the stage. They smile big when they see me, each fighting for a hug.

“Noona,” Channie grins big at me, “Your chant was so loud you made me loss focus.”

“That’s what I’m here for. I noticed you missing a few steps,” I tease.

“You need to stop watching us so much, I don’t like that you can correct me!” He pouts cutely.

Mingyu pops up looking down at me from his massive height but still some how manages to look like a puppy, “Noona, how did I do?”

“You did great but you and Wonwoo need to calm down with the fan service, you’re children, remember that!” I glance over at the older boy who is just grinning like an idiot. “Where is my angel?” I look around the massive crowd of boys, trying to find a child of God himself.

“I’m here Noona,” His perfect voice rings out from behind me. Joshua is smiling down at me, a picture so pretty I’m surprised I don’t cry.

“Omo, you were so cute out there!” He just blushes.

“I thought I was your angel,” Junghan teases with a devilish smirk.

“You are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

He fakes hurt giving me perfect puppy dog eyes that I’ve learned to become resistant to, making him actually frown. I’m distracted by a cute girl pulling on my arm away from the group of boys. Yeri of Red Velvet grins at me, making me giggle and hug her tightly.

“My cute little Yeri!” I coo as I hug her.

“Unni! I feel like I haven’t seen you in for ever!” She steps back still holding my hands.

Joy joins our group, giving me a big smile, “We saw Unni like a week or two ago!”

“Aigoo, does that mean you didn’t miss me?” I tease the girl.

“Of course I missed you Unni!” She gets in between the younger and I to hug me.

“Ya!” Irene calls as her and the last two complete our group. “Are you guys causing trouble for our Princess?” The oldest jokingly scolds.

“No!” The two youngest snap to attention, their eyes wide with innocence.

“Good,” She gives them a once over before looking to me with a big motherly smile, her arms open wide to hug me. “How have you been?”

“Unni, it hasn’t even been two weeks.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

I laugh, “I’ve been good, how about you lovely ladies?”

“We’ve been pretty busy, but that’s what happens when you’re a newer group,” She sighs with a shrug.

“Sorry to ruin this fun moment but we are going to have company in a few minutes,” Seungcheol whispers in my ear. I nod in understanding and it only takes a few seconds for Red Velvet to understand as well, all of the sudden becoming look out as they scan back stage for their sunbaes. Seventeen forms a shield around me, as I wave goodbye to the other groups, escorting me back to the halls. After a few turns I giggle like a school girl at the sight of Himchan walking down the hall mindlessly. I bid a farewell to my amazing escorts to run up and jump on the older man.

Even his yelp is still a deep sound and he reflexively wraps his arms behind himself to catch me, suddenly giving me a piggyback ride. He glares at me over his shoulder for a second before realization sinks in and he grins big.

“My little princess what are you doing giving your oppa a heart attack?” He teases as he continues down the hall with me on his back.

“Sorry Oppa,” I apologize as I wrap my arms around his neck, “I saw the perfect opportunity and I had to take it.”

He chuckles as he turns into their dressing room where he is greeted by a pillow in the face. I’m not surprised to find out it was thrown by an over excited Youngjae. The younger automatically bows to apologize, but Himchan already look ready to kill him. My attention is taken by the giant that approaches me from the side; I drop to the ground to hug the massive boy.

“Oh my goodness my baby is getting so tall!” I coo as I give the tall boy a once over. He smiles down cutely at me, his adorable face giving away his age. “You look thin, have you been eating properly? Youngguk oppa! Why is my baby Zelo so thin?” I snap as I scan the room for the oldest member, who is already approaching us.

“I don’t even get a greeting first?” His deep voice rumbles with a very cute gummy smile. I sigh before giving him a tight hug and a swat on the arm once we separate.

“Why is my baby so skinny? Have you not been feeding him?” I turn to Zelo before the older can answer, “Is he not feeding you enough? I told you to call Noona if you are having any problems, are you hungry now?”

The young boy grabs my cheeks and leans down with a smile on his cute face, “Noona I am fine, thank you.” He pecks the top of my head before letting me go.

“Aigoo,” I swat at him, “I’m not a child.”

They all laugh but Daehyun speaks first, “Aw but your height begs to differ.” He pats my head.

“If you guys are going to be rude I’m going,” I puff as I turn on my heel to head toward the door. Just as I’m about to step out all of BTS comes busting in slamming the door close behind them. “What the hell?”

Jin raises his brow at me, “First off, watch the pretty little mouth of yours.” I snap my mouth close and give a small apologetic bow. “Secondly there was a change in the schedule since one of the EXO members was late. He is heading this way and we were one our way to come find you.”

“Who is it?” I ask undeniably curious, though the anxiety in my chest tells me not even to think about it.

“I think it’s Lay,” Suga answers.

As fast as the anxiety appeared it is gone replaced with butterflies, “Lay oppa?” I say happily.

“Ugh why did you tell her it was him?” Jimin whines as I push passed them to the door.

Suga shrugs, “I forget he’s the exception to her fear.” I don’t hear the rest of the conversation as I speed walk down the hall to find Lay before he finds the rest of his group. As Suga said, Lay is the exception to my ‘fear’, in fact he has kicked almost all of my other favorites in the ass to get closer to the top of my list. I love all of my oppas, unnis, and dongseangs but it would be a lie to say I don’t have favorites. Big bang are on top no without question, followed by Ikon, BTS and Seventeen, after that everyone else is pretty equal.

At the end of the hall I see Lay turning the corner to start walking towards me. His eyes lock with mine and he automatically smiles, his dimples showing strong, making me smile in return. But his smile doesn’t last long, he looks over his shoulder as Suho turns the corner. I stop in my tracks at the sight of the older man, my heart debating on whether is should stop or pound out of my chest. He looks absolutely amazing in neatly ironed slacks and a matching black button up, I mean god damn. Even though I’m comfortable with Lay, him standing there next to Suho looking just as good in about the same outfit I want jump them, there I said it.

“Charlie-ah,” Lay says as he reaches me, I am far to lost in my own slightly dirty thoughts to realize both he and Suho are now in front of me. He puts a hand on my shoulder, rubbing it soothingly.

“Charlie?” Suho repeats cutely. I’m too dumbstruck to say anything right away.

Lay looks from me to Suho debating on whether he should explain both my identity and my sudden statue like behavior, “Charlie, the princess.”

Suho’s eyes go wide and suddenly he takes a step back and bows deeply, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Oh no,” I say finally snapping out of my daze, “No need to be so polite, you’re older I should be the one bowing.” I match his bow.

“Both of you stop,” Lay says as he makes both of us stand up strait. Neither of us could look at each other head on, only able to do small glances, each noticing the others blush. Lay has never looked so amused in his life. “Will you both stop being so awkward?”

“Lay oppa,” I swat at him, “No need to be rude.”

“I’m not being rude little one, we are just kind of rushing so I would like to get all of the awkwardness out of the way so if you ever run into the rest of EXO while I’m not there, there will be someone else to help you out. So,” He pulls Suho and I even closer together, “be friendly.”

If only it was that easy.

“Lay, the princess obviously is uncomfortable with the idea so lets not force her,” Suho sounds upset as he tries to pull away from Lay. I feel guilty at the thought of Suho thinking I don’t like him or something, when it’s the exact opposite.

“I’m not uncomfortable with it Suho oppa,” I say shyly as I grab his arm keeping him from pulling away. He stares at me with wide eyes, an expression that makes me giggle.

“If you are sure, we can become closer,” His awkwardness is so adorable I forget I’m talking to EXO’s leader.

“I would like nothing more,” I can’t help but smile at him. Lay leans down and whispers in my ear.

“If only you could be like this with the rest of EXO, especially a certain hyung,” He leans away with a innocent smirk on his lips.

JM and Hamin

I noticed that Swings has a habit of “collecting” rappers/producers with original colors. I mean, just look at Giriboy, Nochang, C-Jamm, Vasco/Bill Stax, Blacknut and now Hamin. Thinking back, I also remember that he tried to recruit Iron as well - and what a shame Iron didn’t accept his offer, he might’ve been free of scandals, since Swings takes good care of his artists and their reputation and he is aware of the DOs and DON’Ts of smoking weed, since his friend went to jail because of it.

Anyway, I wish people would stop talking bs about Hamin joining JM, since it was the perfect choice for him. Swings will let him do whatever he wants with his music and it’s not like Hamin has a pea for a brain, it doesn’t mean that he will take after Swings’ bad personality. He is smart enough to make the right choices if he wishes to. I like to compare him with Giriboy because their styles, although different, are somehow similar, but he is smarter than Giriboy (no offense, if you know Giriboy, you’ll know what I’m talking about) so if he thinks that JM is not for him, he will leave on his own. YG and everything related to it would’ve been poison to Hamin’s style and originality, since they’re interfering with their artists’ music. AOMG would’ve been a NO as well, since their artists have a particular sound that doesn’t match Hamin. JM was perfect because they’re a bunch of weird people with different music styles.

Hamin will do well from now on, so stop complaining and wait for his music.

Sutures and Stitches synopsis
  • after yn gets kidnapped and drugged, jungkook contacts his brothers and mobilizes a team to be able to track yn and get her to safety
  • jinyoung basically made his way up the ladder like this: he hated how jungkook always got all the attention in the program that they created, and automatically, got the credit for creating the program in the first place as well 
  • fueled by his own jealousy, he faked his own death after making a pact with yg and after jungkook escaped into hiding, jinyoung was removed from the scene and taken care of by yg in exchange for control over the program
  • jinyoung was able to make his way up the company ladder and ended up murdering the owner of yg as well, rendering himself as the sole heir of the company with enough knowledge and property to be able to run yg on his own
  • after he takes over, he makes it his mission to capture and find jk, which lead to how he found yn (because jk visited her so much) 
  • back to yn, she’s captured and basically left in the warehouse to die, and jinyoung destroys her phone
  • long story short jungkook is able to track her down with his team and he takes down yg’s henchmen and saves yn, save for a few scratches
  • he misses jinyoung though, and jinyoung runs away like a lil bitch and furious jungkook decides to track him down 
  • in the time that it takes for jungkook to track jinyoung down, jinyoung had already sold the program to the government and rendered a sort of control/ransom over the funds for the blue house government 
  • so jungkook turns himself in and asks for the government’s help to capture jinyoung and bring him down before he sells the information to the black market
  • cue the cameos from got7 fbi agents
    • Note: basically this unit is also the same unit that shows up in Now or Never 
  • together, they find jinyoung, but he’s found in yn’s own home, and he captures her and holds her ransom, holding a gun to her head as he threatens to kill her when jungkook shows up to rescue her
  • they have a standoff and it ends as jinyoung shoots jungkook in the stomach, but a government sniper is able to subdue jinyoung and yn is carried off to safety
  • but jungkook is unconscious and they take him to the hospital and yn is sobbing and crying

but thats not all

  • sutures and stitches has a great happy ending,
  • jungkook survives but basically has an issue with his blood amount 
  • and yn volunteers to give him her blood 
  • and so they go together into surgery and jungkook survives, thanks to yn 
  • she wakes up but he is gone because he is so sad that she keeps getting into danger because of him and it doesn’t help that he knows that she donated her blood to him too 
  • and so he leaves her, trying to stay away from her and keep her safe at a distance 

8 months later

  • yn is finally a doctor now, having finished her residency and her internship and is now an official employee in a great hospital 
  • she still stays in contact with the fbi got7 agents and bts gang, helping them here and there, but none of them have heard from jk in a long time 
  • and everytime she goes home, she always wishes that he would be there 
  • one morning, she sees on tv that jinyoung had finally been indicted and was to serve a lifetime in jail for the government crimes and attempted murder
  • yn is okay now, and the only memories she has of jk are just in her own memory
  • but one day her assistant comes in and telephones her about a “patient who insists on getting dr. yn’s sutures and stitches” 
  • so yn has a funny feeling and begins running to the break room where she first helped jungkook and she finds him there, albiet a lot skinnier and more tired-looking, smiling up at her
  • She walks up to him and punches his chest hard, and he staggers because damn she learned to box in the time that he wasn’t there 
  • but he just pulls her into a kiss and a hug, and reminds her that he was watching, following her, and making sure she was okay all this time
  • and he had waited until jinyoung was officially captured and taken away before he came back, working with the government and the fbi undercover to make sure that everyone who jinyoung worked with as well were captured and jailed
  • basically jungkook has been granted freedom from jail (he would’ve been jailed bc he was in a gang) 
  • but he’s not going to be arrested anytime soon because he was so helpful and cooperative and a key peice in the capture and investigation of jinyoung so the govenrment grants him pardon and he is given a clean citizen record as well as an opportunity to serve in the fbi 
  • obviously he takes it because all he wanted in the first place was to become a regular guy who’s in love with a regular girl 

way later, probably in an epilogue

  • jk asks yn to marry him after another year of dating
  • he just knows shes the one 
  • and so she says yes, and she gets transferred to the on-site medical team, rendering her as jungkook’s fbi coworker on site and his wife 


thank you so much for reading, and I hope you guys enjoyed the first few chapters. It was amazing the response that it got and I’m still so grateful for all the attention and love that you guys gave this story. I’m still very sorry I didn’t finish it like I had intended to, but I hope this synopsis sheds a bit of light onto how I wanted it to end. 

Thanks! :D

Lmao honestly, is YG trying to start fan wars?? Mino and Bobby releasing a solo track/album at the same time… really? Has he learnt nothing from everyone saying how shitty his management has been? Even if it’s just noise marketing - that’s not any better. No one cares about his media play anymore. He’s spending all this time trying to create hype, but when there’s nothing to show for it, it’s done nothing but make us fans doubt whether the things he says will actually happen.

KVIPs were frustrated to the point of even freaking wanting to boycott BB’s CD. And don’t even get me started on 2NE1 and Lee Hi. Even his promotion and ‘teasers’ of YGNGG is ridiculous. I’m glad they are finally going to debut, but what’s the use of dragging out the teasers in such a manner, when they have been media playing about them for years now? Tbh, all that’s doing is creating a lull period and delaying potential comebacks that could happen… Like Winner’s. Where is EXIT: X? Where is MADE? We’ve been saying these things for so damn long. And it’s not just international fans, but Korean fans as well. I doubt he isn’t aware of the sentiment surrounding his management. 

We’ve seen how Lee Hi has vocally expressed her sadness and worry for being on a three-year hiatus, how AKMU had been left on the back-burner, how Minzy left the company. Might I add, there are even more people in YG’s dungeon that aren’t getting the creative freedom to put out the music they want. For example, Jaewon. It was smart of YG to put him into Lee Hi’s My Star MV, it really was. It garnered him exposure; made people (like me) know of him. But after SMTM5 finishes, when’s the next time we’ll see and hear of him? If YG wanted to sign this ‘exclusive contract’ with Jaewon so much, can they actually do something instead of making his pitch higher (which messed with his style), and causing him to become so nervous to the point where he didn’t perform on SMTM5 as well as he did on SMTM4? Seeing how he performed with Team AOMG seriously made me wish he joined them instead. 

Also, lol, this. “Above anything, Song Mino and Bobby’s simultaneous solo promotions will set up a new form of competition… It can be expected that the competition will have good intentions and a unique synergy.” No. You know what it will create? Pressure and stress for the boys, and comparison from the fans. 

I’m so tired. I think we can all agree that we’re just so tired. 

EDIT: YG’s releasing two girl groups lmao are you actually kidding me. He doesn’t learn. 

EDIT #2: The retraction of the statement that he was planning on releasing two girl groups… YG get your shit together