yg new artists


Eun Jiwon 은지원

(a.k.a Eun Leader, Eun Choding, Eun Gakha, Eun Dooly, Eun Genius…)

-leader of Sechskies

-Also the oldest!

-hella hot

-charismatic AF

-is in constant pain cuz of his immature, easily distracted little brothers (aka other members)

(this vid is literally dedicated to this point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnrQJ8i2xiE )

-is actually tseundere

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTeTV0JxL8Q )

-SUPER PROTECTIVE of his lil brothers

-did I tell you whAT A GREAT RAPPER HE IS

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kK0pKZeAl0 )

-is bad at dancing

-the above is a COMPLETE LIE





-Sunghoon’s mom and fiancee (?)

-literally has not aged a single day since debut in 1997


I wish YG would let the younger artist (winner, iKon, akmu, Lee hi) promote on variety programs to get more attention to them. This is why Big Bang became a staple to the Korean public because even though not all of them went on shows. Seungri and Daesang were on a lot of popular variety shows during the “kpop golden age” like Family Outing, Strong Heart,  Night after Nighy, Running Man, became MC’s, etc, and people got to see how charismatic, funny and sweet, they are even though they dint get a lot of parts in the songs.

They all managed to earn a name for themselves through these kinds of shows. Like TOP is the handsome charismatic rapper with a bingu side, G Dragon is the charismatic leader and fashionista with a soft heart, Taeyang the R&B sexy performer whom is gentle and caring, Daesung the power vocalist with a lot of aegyo and is a sweetheart dumbdumb, Seungri the maknae that hold nothing back and will do anything for his hyungs and screen time. That’s why even when the scandals of GD and Daesung broke out, yes they lost a lot of fans, but at the same time a lot stuck with them because they showed their true self. I admit until now I go to YouTube to watch these old videos.

So aside from great music that comes from Big Bang people know about their variety skills and abilities, that’s why they are a staple to Korea like Super Junior if I have to add a lot of them are good at variety that’s why until now they are relevant, both groups manage to make a name aside from the name of the group.

I don’t know much about akmu personality wise nor do a lot of people, but I know they are talented and sweet looking but its only until there, and I don’t want to be judgemental and just look at them through looks and music alone, I want to know more about them like are they weird? Hyper? Funny? Sarcastic? Wise and smart? Should I really stan them if they dont have a good personality and manners on show? What kind of stories can they share with people whether it be sad, funny or happy. Same with Lee hi I know she is awkward that’s why fans made the B.I/Lee hi awkward love team. But I want to know her more aside from kpopstar and the mix and match vids. I don’t want to sound haughty or mean but to me appearance wise they are regular Korean citizens that don’t really draw me in but damn I know they are really really talented and I want to see more personality, I want them to drag me down and hypnotize me with what they can offer.

Look at Got7 they don’t really have a lot of Korean/domestic fans, but they have a damn huge international fan base, and Jackson can be one of the contributors to this success he is practically the youth variety king and he is a foreigner. Bangtan Boys are always on shows even though that are tired, they do a lot of Vapp, bangtan bomb’s, had rookie king, that why ARMY’s always have something to talk about and why they managed to bring Big Hit up from the growing not to the fly with the clouds YG level but to at least floating 700 feet of the ground. So its not just about the music that’s being released its also about how wide spread you can get your name in the media.

I know a lot of people would disagree with me but at a third person point of view it is needed, lets look at EXO, yes they are not the same as Big Bang in terms of musicality and artistry and that’s cause they are in SM, where the songs they do try to write get rejected immediately, anyway they compete with Big Bang when it comes to end of the year award shows, always the main prizes like song of the year, album, and artist of the year. And that’s very big accomplishment wise, but they still join variety and radio shows to get their name to become staples, heck they even join ISAC, I have never seen YG younger idols do that, I don’t see them mingle with other artist outside YG.

Like I said before Big Bang especially during the “golden age” interacted with everyone practically that’s why we know they are friends with snsd, wonder girls, 2pm and more because we saw them interacting with each other. Yes, the younger YG artists have solid fan bases but is that truly enough to get them through to make their careers last? I don’t think so, again look at Big Bang when promoting for MADE they made variety appearance to promote them and the albums, why do that when they have such a massive following and whole of Korea practically supports them? Because they won’t miss the chance for them to gain more popularity and fans, my friend only became a VIP through watching them on running man 2015 and she bought a shit load of Merch when they toured, all because she saw them on a show. There is so much opportunity for the new YG artist to do the same.

Because let’s face it, we don’t know who can live up to the name of Big Bang, will it be someone from YG or a different company, we don’t know. We don’t know if anyone in the new YG will flop and disappear or rise, so why not make the best of it and get their names out there individually and as a group. So at least they have a fall back in case they don’t want to be an idol anymore, they can be an MC, actor/actress, etc. Because Big Bang already has that fall back if they decide to not be a group anymore, they can be producers, investors, endorsement models, MC’s, actors, business men. The new ones don’t have that guarantee yet. So I wish YG would let them join shows to further their careers.