Jealousy Boyfriend Part 1

You were in your apartment alone cause Jaewon was busy working for his latest debut and his schedule. While he was with the fan meeting and stage, you have time to watch other idol music video, dance practice or maybe watch a movie if you could. You didn’t tell Jaewon that you’re a fan of Exo. He maybe fine on the outside but you just know he will be jealous inside.

“Jagiya I’m home” he calls you once he got home but all he got was a silent. “Jagiya? You home?” he looks around the living room but still no sign of you. He looks at the kitchen but you still not there and he decides to look at the bedroom. He peeks inside the bedroom and you were wearing a headphone “No wonder she can’t hear me” he smile and came closer to scare you but stop when he saw another guy that you were looking at.

You were so focused on the screen that you didn’t notice that he was behind you. He pulled away your headphone and when you turn around, you saw your boyfriend putting the headphone to himself. “Oppa! No No No! Don’t" you try to pull it back but he holds your hand to stop you from taking.

“Is this what you been doing when I’m not around” he shows you a smile but you look away from him. He really didn’t mind if you enjoy looking talking to another guy cause he trusts you. He finally gives it back to you “I’m hungry. Can you make me something? I miss you home cook.” he makes pouty lips leaving you giggle and peck on his lips. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me” you close your laptop and making your way to the kitchen. He looks back at your laptop for the last time and follows you behind.

~a few days later~

He was a guest in Get It Beauty 2017 with Mino and Hanbin and ask you if you could go with him cause he needs tips. This maybe not the first time he makes up a girl face cause he once makes up your just for fun but ends up ruined it. But this time, he wants to try the best and make his fans proud. You didn’t know that EXO also in the same building as him as they making a comeback. You were on your way to his waiting room, the member from EXO came out from their waiting room too making their way to the stage. You were on your phone when you were walking but you suddenly bump into someone.

“I’m so sorry.I-I should look where I’m going” you look up and your jaw drop as your eyes were looking back at your bias. “It’s fine. It’s not like you push me or something.” he smiles back at you and picks up your phone that fall on the ground. He looks if there’s any damage but thank god nothing happens. “ Ahh- I-I think I should be going now” you clear your throat and look away. “Yea, let’s talk other time then” he gave back your phone and you thank him.

He walks the opposite side of you but you remember that you didn’t have his phone number, how you’re going to keep in touch. “Wait! I didn’t-” but he was nowhere to be found. You shrug and continue with your phone but there’s a reminder on your phone

It’s a good thing you didn’t put a passcode on your phone or else I won’t be leaving this number ;)  -Kai

You laugh to yourself but stop it when you think when did he type this. You shook your head and continue your walk to your boyfriend waiting room. You knock before you got in, Jaewon was doing his hair while the other two were playing with their phone while the makeup artist does their makeup. You greet all the staff “______-ah, why didn’t you let us know that you were coming” one of the staff speak while doing Mino’s makeup. “I didn’t even plan to come but someone begging me come” she laughs while Jaewon denying. You saw Exo on air right now and thinking back the incident happen just now. Without you notice, Jaewon put his arm around your waist and swing your side to side.

“What are you thinking?” he asks while resting his head on top of yours. “Nothing, just some of things happen” he turns you around while showing a serious look. “Is everything okay?” you chuckle and hug him “Nothings back happen. I promise”.

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