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I’m kind of really pissed off at YG for always shitting on Seungri. During trainee days, YG would always call Seungri as “ya” (hey you), and it even upset and stressed Seungri out because he obviously has a fucking name and it’s just upsetting to not even be referred to by your own name. Seungri was given a mere 2-3 weeks or so to finish his solo album, and YG didn’t even promote it as much as how they’d promote the other members’ albums. Not to mention he didn’t even put up a post for Seungri’s birthday lmao. Now he even says that Seungri shouldn’t stand in center stage because he “ruins the image” and his members had to defend him, and even then YG says “Oh okay you and Jiyong then.” I know YG favors Jiyong a lot and I know it’s because he’s extremely talented.. but hello?? BIGBANG wouldn’t be how it is today without Seungri. You need to give him more fucking credit for what he does in this group. So many people thinks Seungri is just an “extra” and “not needed” just because he was eliminated once.
Can I just point out that he’s basically a GOD at harmonizing, is the person who choreographs most of BIGBANG’s songs, one of the best members at variety and talk shows in general, and is a successful businessman with many restaurants, cafes, and even academies? He’s also fluent in 3 languages (Korean, Japanese, English, and he’s even diligently learning Chinese) -all to interact with us fans- And all the FANSERVICE he does for us too.. so please



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