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Tbh it’s really annoying when people say I only like kpop because there are hot guys/girls. That’s not the only reason?? Maybe that’s how you got into it but there’s definitely more than looks to kpop. I think as a kpop fan you firstly, begin to fall in love with the colors of the mv’s, the idols themselves, the music genre as a whole. A giant part of how much I appreciate kpop is of course the hard work and long hours of production that goes into it. I also really appreciate kpop because I feel as though I’ve been more educated about South Korean culture, and other controversial topics surrounding Asia i.e.; colourism, cultural appropriation, white washing, general homophobia. I’m not saying everyone in Asia is like that but I know the majority is. I’ve become a lot more educated by being online and being exposed to these things, which is why I think whether you’re a kpop fan or not, it’s important to know you can’t judge things for how ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ they seem to be at first. Kpop taught me a lot and I want people to just respect how much work and effort is put into it, and how even though there are negatives, we kpoppers as a fandom will try our best to educate others. 

People need to realize that no one hates YG for taking too much time with comebacks (anymore) . He is hated because he is clearly playing favourites when deciding who is going to be promoting, he insults his artists and mistreats them in many and different ways.

  • He never fully completed Big Bang’s MADE
  • He evidently prefers G-Dragon over the rest and is not afraid to show that, espceially when it comes down to promotions
  • He’s called 2NE1 fat and ugly on multiple occassions
  • He forced Bom into seclusion to “reflect” for taking prescribed medicine whereas G-Dragon simply got a three-month hiatus when he was caught actually smoking marijuana
  • Refuses to release Bom’s album ever since 2009
  • Refused to release Minzy’s solo ever since 2013 to the point where she uploaded it herself on her YouTube account. It was taken down so, I assume, they fought about this (maybe that’s one of the reasons she left?)
  • He is actively trying to erase Minzy as if she never was a part of one of the most popular Korean girl groups. Let it be noted that even S.M. never removed Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Jessica, Han Geng, Kibum, Sulli, Kris, Lu Han and Tao from their official photos on their site whereas YG deleted every single photo containg MInzy… on 2NE1′s anniversary…
  • Completely stopped paying attention to WINNER as soon as iKON debuted
  • If I’m not mistaken WINNER actually admitted that they felt really sad that they didn’t do anything for a long time and almost lost their passion
  • Finally decided to debut Blackpink right after Minzy left 2NE1, announced 8 MVs, meaning we probably won’t get to see any other artist for a looooooong time, if he actually goes through with this and doesn’t back off and twist his words as usual
  • And, my personal “favourite” :Sabotaged YG’s first girl group on purpose because he liked one of the members… Whom he later married… People called it a “love story” …

TL;DR: YG is not hated for taking too much damn time when planning debuts/comebacks. He’s hated because he’s a genuine asshole.


YG finally confirms their new girl group will be called BLACK PINK (previously referred to as PINK PUNK) and will only have 4 members

Now, Let us in K-POP TIMEOUT give you all you need to know about these 4 talented ladies!

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The likelihood of a male kpop idol taking off their shirt (according to the three major companies):


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

Sooman: yes but only when you’re old enough

Sooman: now go do crunches so you have sick abs


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

YG: Yeah go ahead

YG: In fact do it before you debut

YG: That way you can accumulate more fans before you’ve released a single song. Then when you do you’ll make me lots of money muahahaha


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt


JYP: But you can crossdress on stage

Idol: But

JYP: shhhh *hands him a dress and wig*

*BONUS* Big Hit Entertainment

Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt

Bang PD: is your name Park Jimin

Idol: No.

Bang PD: Then no

Jimin: lol sorry guys