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no matter the quality of the music or performance, anyone from SM/JYP/YG is automatically going to get more attention than other groups. a group from a smaller company could do something completely incredible/unique but so long as the big labels keep churning out their stuff they’re going to keep getting more views/sales and their wins pretty much gift-wrapped. please, keep that in mind when discussing an SM/JYP/YG mv getting 50 million views versus smaller company getting 50 million views

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Okay but like why is it that every time BIGBANG has a comeback, people who like other groups got to pop up and try and start something? The fact that you newer fans get so mad when people call them kings of kpop is so funny because BIGBANG is a second generation kpop group. Kpop wasn’t as big back then like it is now. Literally on BIGBANG’s wiki page it says that they have been labeled as kings and they have had a strong impact on kpop. The reason why they are labeled as ‘kings’ isn’t to start fights or make other groups seem less important. BIGBANG has been here YEARS longer than new groups and that label as kings means something. They’re a second generation group that made it big. Back then, you never heard SHINee’s fans or Super Junior’s fans fighting because of this. Everyone knows how BIGBANG gained that title YEARS ago. Stop picking fights over something like this. Just because you don’t like BIGBANG doesn’t mean you have to say things about them.

Blackpink reaction: suishy but satan s/o

@popcornalltheway123 asked: When their girlfriend is really squishy and cute and small but when she gets mad she is like Satan (D.O.)


Jisoo would find it so funny and would laugh every time it happened. She would do bad aegyo to get you to laugh and stop being Satan. She would try not to laugh as much if you were mad, but she would probably end up giggling in the background and receive a death glare from you.

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Jennie would be so confused. Where did her cute jagi go? She would be even more confused after you calmed down and went back to being your cute, squishy self. Jennie would question you about it once you’d calmed down, just making sure that you wouldn’t become Satan to her anytime soon.

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Rosé would be shaking. She would not expect it at all from you so wouldn’t know how to react. She would stick to keeping quiet while you blow up on the person who made you mad. Afterwards she would shyly approach you, not wanting you to blow up again, and would hug you to make you feel calm and remove any possible remaining anger.

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Lalisa would be shocked at first of course but then would quickly forget it. She would watch you being Satan to the other person finding it funny, but not as much as Jisoo. The would slide up to you afterwards (like in the gif) and would jokingly say something along the lines of, “You won’t murder me with all the rage jagi?”. She would raise her eyebrows at you and then just laugh it off getting you to laugh with her.

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So is this Rebecca lady new to YG or something? Is she a new writer? She wrote BlackPink’s “whistle” with B.I. and she posted pics of them in the studio recently. 

If so, good. YG needs a feminine touch in their music. There’s a bunch of guys writing “girl power” songs. 

YG trainees update!


Current known trainees are: 

  • Katie Kim - Born in 1993. The winner of KPOPSTAR 4.
  • Jang Hanna - Born in 1996. She is from KPOPSTAR 3. She featured in Jinusean’s Tell Me One More Time.
  • Jinny Park - Born in 1998 from California, U.S. Joined YG in 2013.
  • Lee Chaeyoung - Born in 2002. She is from KPOPSTAR 1 & 3.
  • Moon Sua - Born in 1999. She participated in Unpretty Rapstar 2.
  • Bang Yedam - Born in 2002. He is the runner up from KPOPSTAR 2.
  • Jung Jaewon (ONE) - Born in 1994. Formerly in 1PUNCH and participated in Show Me The Money 3 & 4.

Other (Unconfirmed) trainees:

  • Im Suah - Born in 1999.
  • Park Seoyoung - Born in 2000.
  • Denise Kim - Born in 2001 from Texas, U.S. She is from KPOPSTAR 5. 
  • Choi Raesung - Born in 2000. He is from KPOPSTAR 1.
  • Kim Joonkyu - Born in 2000.