I’m glad the females in yg has realistic body image. I used to feel so bad about myself because I kept comparing myself to females from groups like snsd, girls day, mamamoo, miss a and so much more. They are so thin, has long legs, thin arms and basically perfect everything. I just love how the females in yg actually have realistic a realistic average body. Especially CL, Leehi, Suhyun and Jang Hanna.

Reaction: When you tell them you’re pregnant

- requested by several anons

we got a lot of request about being pregnant so i’ll just do all members^^


Hanbin would be speechless. He wouldn’t know how to feel or react. It’s just so sudden and unexpected that he’d need a few minutes to actually understand what you’re talking about. Other than that, he wouldn’t feel sad or anything or make you want to feel like he is disappointed whatsoever. Instead, he’d give you a big hug. Even if it’d take him a while to comprehend that you’re having a child soon and that he’ll be a father, he’d be very happy not matter what circumstances you’re in.

i actually wrote a scenario about this a while ago which you can read here


Jinhwan would be so happy. He couldn’t stop himself from breaking out in tears because the news are so overwhelming. He would ask you immediately if he could touch your stomach and even start talking to the baby. Of course shopping for the baby, even if you don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, can’t happen soon enough so Jinhwan would take you excitingly to the mall and get a whole lot of stuff for your baby.


Bobby would think you’re joking at first but when he realizes you’re not at all, he would break out in a smile and hide it behind his hands. It’d be such shocking but beautiful news to him. Knowing that it happened because you did some stuff would make him smirk at you and jokingly ask if you want to make another baby (not joking at all). Bobby would take a lot of care after that and protect you, tell you to eat properly and tell you to relax while he is doing housework etc. After all he doesn’t want something happening to his precious little baby.


Yunhyeong would be one of the only people who would not give you that shocking face but instead smile at you widely before pulling you into his embrace, jumping around because he can’t contain his happiness. Similiar to Jinhwan, the first thing he’d do is talking to the baby and caressing your stomach. Maybe even reading his favorite books to his little child which isn’t even born yet. He’d be super excited and couldn’t wait for it to be born soon.


Junhoe wouldn’t know how to react. He’d just sit there for good 5 minutes, trying to understand what you just told him. It’s not that he thinks it’s bad, but he is feeling a little scared and insecure about being a father this soon. Nevertheless, he’d make you feel protected and happy after he had some time for himself. Throughout your pregnancy he would change, feel more responsible and mature which would make him more and more excited for the baby.


Donghyuk would feel really happy. Since he is really sweet and caring, the first thing he’d ask you if you’re feeling sick or having issues like morning sickness etc. His reaction would be based on how you feel about the baby because as long as you’re happy with it, he’d be too. If you don’t want it, he would support you and try to find the best solution with you.


Chanwoo would look at you with his wide eyes and couldn’t even grasp the situation. He’d be happy because imagining him being a father makes him feel a little powerful. From then on, he would take good care of you and bring a lot of baby stuff back home when he was overseas or whatever. He’d also ask his dad and other fathers for help to give him proper advice so he is prepared for when the baby comes.

- moyo


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