Omfg im so scared for school now. I just went to my japanese school and got a seifuku. THANK GOODNESS I HAVE A FRIEND GOING THERE TOO. she’s was my roommate at uc berkeley and the hotel in japan. We are the only amerika jin there but apparently there’s some people from germany and thailand. The school is pretty big. I feel bad for emily because she has to ride a train for 15 min then walk 40 minutes… My house is just 2 minutes away. During the tour of the school, a guy passed by me and his face was like ‘!(◎_◎;)’ … I guess i really look like a foreigner LOL. Oh and theres a white teacher who teaches korean. He tried talking to us in korean but i was too shocked to try to understand. Idek korean OTL. emily knows some. Its funny how the only koreans in this program dormed together , got placed in shiga , and go to school together. O-O; anyway gonna eat hirugohan now ..


She just randomly called my host family and FINALLY SOMEONE PICKED UP THE PHONE. BUT I WAS NOT READDYYYYYYYYYYYy. My mom started speaking english and trying to tell my hostdad that I’m from america and he was so confused OTL. She didn’t even say moshi moshi lol. Then I told my mom to stop and I tried to speak Japanese and he actually understood me ;U;.


My mom called randomly and I didn’t know so I didn’t have my notebook where I wrote down questions. T_______T I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY AT ALL… 

My mom kept speaking english REALLY LOUD AND SLOW and omg it was just so awkward aghafghyjkl; ;___; but then i remembered to ask about their email so I asked for it in Japanese. We tried to write down his email but it was soooooo long and I couldn’t understand him Q^Q… We just gave him my mom’s email. I heard little kids in the background too.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ My host siblingssss~ My host dad seems reallly nice but after this phone call I hope he doesn’t think rude or something.. I barely got to talk but every time I did he laughed LOL. MY JAPANESE IS HORRIBLE. 

I hope he emails us soon. I researched a lot about Shiga today. It’s a pretty rural area so not really what I wanted ;o; But very beautiful~

I bought so much stuff today. I need to spend the rest of my yen lol orz.. I wanted to get an alpaca plushie but i kept losing the claw machine game. ITS SO HARRDD TT.. ugh. I seriously need to get one. I’m not leaving Japan without an alpaca (/ _ ; )
I bought some omiyage for people. If you’re reading this yolie, i got you a bow ^^ but idk if you’ll like it.. There’s dots on it and its a hair tie lol but u can attach it to ur headband if u want i guess owo. I need to get more gifts for people but idk when i can go shopping again.. I still have so much yen.. I need to spend it all before I go back to America.


So a lot happened today.
I went on a cruise ship with my host grandpa and his elderly friends. I was supposed to go with my host bro too but he got chicken pox so it was just me and the elderly LOL. They were having a reunion party or something. I went to karaoke with them and I FAILLLEDDDDD when i sang forbidden love and it was so embarrassing and omg these elderly people were trying to help me sing and then they clapped along andasdvfjabfkdoh my god whyyy LMAO
I should have picked a korean song so they wouldn’t know if i messed up the lyrics.. BUT IT WAS UKISS SO I HAD TO OKAY (T_T)
omg it was so awkward tho. They all sang old songs but then i pick forbidden love and mumble and randomly start laughing throughout the whole song ;_; wtf


Omg i have to pee so badly but its early here in japan and i dont wanna wake up my host family.. what do i do ??TTATT and omg someone said that since they are/look asian, no one talked to them at school. I hope i look foreign enough for people to talk to me cuz idk what to say in japanese. i wish i looked white right now or something loool omg im so nervous for school and i still have to pee TTTTT

kara everywheree

So after talking about Kara and watching my hostdad’s DVD, I told them about U-Kiss and they watched a Tick Tack performance on youtube LOL. There’s a lot of kpop (well I mean Kara) here in Japan. I was watching this one music chart show and I saw T-ara, Kara, and 2PM. Also at the marketplace there was a drink with Kara on it and a video of them playing. 

The marketplace was interesting. Very loud and many samples *u*. Tomorrow I will go to school and get a seifuku. I’m so nervous about school (I start on the 25th) ;_____; Wish me luck!


im at uc berkeley and i can only go online in the computer room… which has just 2 computers. omg i forgot to bring shampoo and soap and stuff so idk what to do. i’ll just borrow from my roommate if she lets me OTL. anyway i wont be on for a lonngggg time i think. like the whole 6 weeks ;_; BUT THAT’S ALRIGHT I’LL SURVIVE.. omg 6 weeks without talking to people or u-kiss omg adfysligahelpuj