yf 19


1/72 Hasegawa YF-19 (Macross Plus)

This one was a trip to build. Certainly different than any gunpla I’ve put together or garage kits I’ve made so far. However, obviously, all them skills came in ridiculously handy.

I’m not sure where I found it (if anyone can throw on a proper link then please do!), but I need to thank WM Cheng because I stumbled on his guide for the model and man it helped me out a lot - especially the intake/exhaust vents. Seems (s)he’s also from Canada!


  • I forgot to re-mask the canopy when i was doing my flat top coat. SO: frosted canopy it is.
  • I really need to practice on my panel lining. I have a tough enough time with gunpla, but the lines are much more shallow on a kit like this so either I have to carve them out more, or get better (and lighter on the paint).
  • First time really using water decals - AWESOME. My lack of skill shows, but you can also clearly see improvement with each decal. (Also, placed the GIANT wing decals on the underside of the wings…. go me). At least the wings work well flipped over….
  • I still need to work on my patience. It is getting a lot better with stuff like this over time, but I know I still need to improve.


  • I’m quite happy, as seems to be usual, with my colour choices and adaptations.
  • My attempts to panel line (poorly) kind of gave way to some accidental not_awful_ “weathering”.
  • I’m loving the way the intake and exhausts vents are looking. Thanks to WM Cheng and Quickshade.

I get such feels when thinking about Macross Plus.

Questions? Comments? Critique? Advice? I’m all ears!