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kawaikunaii  asked:

Top 5 mech designs~

1) Ingram Alphonse Special. It’s Noa’s baby and it’s my baby too. Not only is the design thematically appropriate as a police vehicle, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and somehow, the design team managed to convey Noa’s love for the robot in the design. I love my police vehicle.

2) Shin Getter 1! It’s huge, it’s got bat wings, it’s got pupils. I love it a lot. It also moves erratically which is a cool concept!

3) YF-19. Oh baby what a slick design. It’s also got everything that that is strong about Macross’ valk design without going too overboard. Really, no valkyrie design can top the simple-yet-beautiful design of YF-19.

4) Gunbuster. One of the #bulkygirls. It’s just a very aesthetically pleasing to watch it move! God, I love the way it whirs around and all the attacks are really stylized! Plus, the after-OVA nonsense like giving it a Getter Tomahawk and an energy ball that it propels like a baseball is so good. I love my Bi-lady-pilot robot.

5) GaoGaiGar, especially the Genesic Version. It embodies “what the hell is going on down there?” without getting too weird about it. It borders the line between Daitarn 3 and Ginguiser without ruining the design. Also, I love the dumb Lion face.

Honorable mention to so so many robots, such as:

Turn A Gundam. It’s no surprise that it’s only Gundam on the list. My bulky child is a beautiful child. It’s also got some gorgeous weaponry and an overall solid movement schemes.

Ideon. It’s a good design, even though I make fun of it for being GM but Bigger. It’s a testament to how well-designed GM is in that it can look good even when enlarged.

Mazinger Z (regular scrander). You can’t go wrong with the classic! It’s a great, imposing design that radiates power. I love the scrander combining gimmick a lot, too!

Godmars. It’s as simple as a design can get with some weird color schemes. It doesn’t look like much until you see it moving. It’s just an overall solid machine.

GoShogun. Man it’s a great design and I loved the anime it came from but it’s a tad bit overdesigned. I still maintain that It has some of the best gettai schemes.

Daitarn 3. While it suffers from Same Face Syndrome with Zambot and Trider, it’s a solid robot with very little to pick on outside of its resemblance to its brothers. It just isn’t too spectacular.

Getter Dragon. It looks good! I just isn’t as excellent as Shin Getter! I am just not a huge fan of the wing-cape and Shin Getter is just more satisfying to see move around.

Sazabi. My red son is a good design. I almost put him in top 5 but he lost to GaoGaiGar. It’s just a really pleasing design to look at.

Dancouga Nova and Final Dancouga. Both are good designs stuck in a very average anime that infuriatingly brings up good concepts with clumsy executions. I still love my bird children.

Scopedog (Red Shoulder custom). It shows how much of a gutsy son of a bitch Chirico is to strap a bunch of explosives to a robot in an anime that is basically robots and vehicles exploding on contact. It’s also a very simple but good design.

Big O. It’s a chunky boy! It’s honestly got good designs but it looks awkward at times with longer legs. One of few robots that look better as a chibi.

Chamber is thicc as hell.

Hisoutensoku - is not a robot.