Hi,It’s me Mari-ejem ejem. I mean I’m YF ,well this day is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY!!! AND I’M A WOMAN,this day especially for my iimspirations and friends.
@elladoodles,gurl really i love your friendship and your art and really i hope that you have fun today.
@areablog,you’re the first persons that you give me your friendship and i’m feel special.
@spatziline with you i can watch that i can do something without limits,and really i appreciate that.
@aweirdlatina,you’re super smart , kind and funny i love you.
@anomalyah ,you work super hard,you’re kinda and friendly , i hope that i am your friend.
@marionette-j2x, i love your art and your work since i was have 11 years old , i grew up with your art and for you i stay here in tumblr,my inspiration.
@weather-art my friend,my sister,we will have a crossover haha well really you stay with me help me , maks me laught,and grew up top ,really i want to continue being your friend.
@daronnefcy , i don’t know if you will look this post but you draw amazing, you work super hard for Svtfoe and you’re the 2nd girl in Disney.
I want be how you and do a programm how you did it.

GURLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!❤❤.

a few more fun easter eggs!

the lovely @ ifwethinkandwishandhopeandpray pointed out to me that this picture at 1:32 is of the gorgeous (and beautiful, amazing, incredible, iconic) Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week in March of this year!

the Rihanna association continues! (I’m not complaining!! keep it comin’!! haha)

also, as I pointed out, the article at 1:47 is a write-up about the new Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. A couple people have discussed the fact that one of the most famous numbers from that show is this little ditty:

that’s all! (for now)