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Heeyy do you have any hc's for Smoker, Marco, Thatch, Benn and Coby for flirting in a bar??? And i want to say i love your headcanons!!! They give me life😭

THANK U SO MUCH and also thank u that you bear with the long wait I’m so soooooorry *cries*


  • ya’ll he aint the least bit smooth lmao
  • I imagine that not for dear life Smoker is able to approach someone he has the hots for but he is approached easily by others coz he’s super hot
  • And then when someone else tries to flirt with him he’s just all stuck in awkwardness like
  • “So do you like…weather?”
  • With the mighty help of his sister from another mister Hina he can get laid every now and then but mostly she’s too amused with his behaviour XD


  • not that he would try tho
  • that’s a tough one I can see Marco usually not bothering with approaching somebody in the first place, unless he’s damn frustrated
  • let’s just say he’s a total flirt king, he knows how to get all the panties drop by pure words and the look of his eyes
  • Imagine this handsome, sophisticated yet hipstery guy sitting in the back of a bar reading, who would not?!?!?!


  • Ahahaha, Thatch is in his element here
  • He would absolutely take the first steps no doubt
  • mostly he would just pour himself and his crush or whatever two jugs of beer and just straight sit by them and start talking to them
  • Thatch is super easily to talk to coz he’s so funny and friendly, and he knows how to get you blush without making any sexual comments but just by being uberly sweet and nice


  • A lot like Marco, the differences being that Benn usually never takes the first step but only gets approached by others
  • and that the way he makes his crush or something blush is not meant sexually but more sensually, like he would make them feel beautiful rather than sexy
  • He can get pretty damn flirty if he wants to but he’d totally stay a gentleman
  • the drinks are all on him, period


  • Stuttering, blushing mess
  • If not for Helmeppo Coby would just sit all tight by himself and not talk to anybody out of awkwardness and because he’s just an embarassed, shy geek
  • The way to get him to be more smooth is getting him a little more tipsy, drunk!Coby gets a confidence boost, doesn’t give a fuck about personal space and turns into a flirty mofo, but beware because drunk!Coby can also be a rude dick

1st Stretch Goal Reached! + New Tiers + Greenlight Status


You did it guys!! We made it to our 1st ever stretch goal! And Bucky is unleashed!! He’s all jumpy and super happy now! He was being super whiny the whole time for not being in the main cast hahaha!

Are you ready for the new stretch goal add on?
With every stretch goal hit, we will release a new goal. At AUD16k, you will get 6 all new side stories WITH additional event CGs! There’s still 5 days to go! Let’s aim for it! Check out the stretch goal chart below:

New Bucky Tiers
And with Bucky’s goal released, we also have 2 new tiers open, for designing his character art or writing his story, both at AUD$300 each. You will, of course, be receiving the goodies from the Wine tier as well.

Greenlight Status
We wish that we could tell you that we are Greenlit too but this is not the case. However, we are pleased to inform that we are now ranked at #66 of Greenlight’s Top 100 games and *SHOULD* be noticed by Steam soon. So let’s cross our fingers yet again that they will release the green monster soon.

That’s all folks! Next update will be exciting!

Vote@Steam Greenlight: