yey aliens


Mass Effect AU where aliens are humans and humans are aliens \o/ yey!

I’ve been playing this amazing thing lately, so this happened. The next one was going to be be Shepard, but it’s two in the morning, so, maybe tomorrow.

What is it better for Shepard? Being Turian? Krogan…?

Sketches I did today of a male mountain long haired male and a forest short haired female Snaarg. I don’t draw normal Snaargs too often and I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a female, horned or not. I didn’t know what they looked like yet, so today I messed around with it and I think I’m satisfied. Snaargs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors depending on gender, breed, and their habitat. Snaargs are kept as pets as well as “workhorses” of Reo-Rax. Awh man, I should draw a baby Snaarg!