Rose/Scorpius Fic and Art Recs

For @hpshipweeks. Most of these are older so they’re not compliant with Cursed Child but it’s not like CC is compliant with canon so…


Among Thorns and its sequel Fighting Briars by Realmer06 (PG-13) He is far too close, was all Rose could think. His proximity was keeping her from being able to think straight. She could count every eyelash, see every speck of blue in his gray eyes. And his hand was still on her arm. She closed her eyes and forced her mind to process what he was telling her. 

“But what are you doing here, Scorpius?” she asked.

The Flower and the Scorpion by drcjsnider (PG-13)  Scorpius Malfoy was what his Mum referred to as a late bloomer. He had been the shortest boy in his year at Hogwarts until he had turned sixteen and he had never gone out on a date with a girl until after he had left school. Bookish and sickly growing up, he was too delicate to play Quidditch. Instead, he devoted his time to working as a research assistant to the Potions Professor and serving as the president and founding member of YEWTS - the Young English Wizard’s Transfiguration Society. 

A Love Song Like the Way It’s Meant to Be by Snegurochka  (NC-17)  He had a beautiful mouth, his lips soft and his tongue always a bit shy against hers, asking permission before pressing gently into her mouth. She’d part her lips against his and usually sag into his body, making him laugh softly into her mouth and hold her steady with his arms around her. When his glasses got in the way, she’d pause and pull back, lift them off his face, and kiss the tip of his nose before folding them in her hand and leaning back in. 

In Need of Some Good Advice by BirdG (NC-17) Lucius gave him an indulgent smile and Scorpius felt like a peachick that had just done something particularly amusing. “My dear boy, dating isn’t married.”

“So I should just ask her out?”

“Well, I’d hope you would have more finesse than that. And more sense,” he added, after a moment’s consideration. “You know this girl, you know what she likes, what she doesn’t. Use that knowledge. Impress her. Woo her.”

“Woo her,” Scorpius repeated slowly.

“If she feels the same way, you should have no trouble prying her away from this other wizard.”


Rose and Scorpius on the Hogwarts Express by Glockgal (Gen)

Amortentia, A Scorpius/Rose Comic by GalaxySpeaking (Gen)