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#30 or #41 reylo? I'm not sure what other pairings you're into haha

I mean gurrrl this is the reylo side blog. The main has a list but a lot of them are goddamn obscure.

41 sounds cool - Ghost and a Living person

“I know you can hear me.”

Kylo rolls his eyes, continuing his long stalk back into his chambers. She’d been haunting him like this for weeks, following him around since…

As coldly as he’s feeling towards her, he doesn’t want to think about it.

Kylo.” Rey’s apparition blocks his way—not that she really can, no longer having a physical form. “Can’t you please just look at me?”

“And do what, gaze into the eyes of my own failure?” He growls low and stomps into his bedroom, keying the door shut behind him. Which, of course, doesn’t stop a Force ghost.

“It’s not your fault.” She sits beside him on the bed, her shoulders sagging. There’s no dip in the mattress under her and it cuts him deeply. “You tried your best—”

“I still lost you.” He hides his face in his gloved hands. “I still need you.”

“I’m here. I’m just not…physically here anymore.”

He knows. Lord, he knows. He thinks that’s why he sleeps so much as of late. Not out of exhaustion, but out of loss, desperation. When he dreams, she can fill his arms, her body warm, cheeks red with her beating heart. Her lips are like sweet peaches and he craves every kiss.

In the waking world, he looks like a sad, lonely man, speaking whimsically to the air.