yew berries

Normally when you go into a 'magic' shop 80% of the stuff they're selling is bullshit

Maybe they sell crystals, dried herbs (which are way past their expiration date and have been stored incorrectly), and some figurines of gods/goddesses.

But most of the time they’re full of ‘love spell books’, 'fairy friends’, 'angel guide books’ and some figurines of fairies and dragons.

Most of this stuff is bullshit and completely useless to a practicing witch but I still live in hope of being able to purchase my supplies locally.

However, purely by chance (i was looking for some jewelry) I came across an etsy shop called wildwizardcrafts. Browsing through their products, I was amazed.  This is the first online 'store’ I’ve ever come across which instead of trying to sell me bottled 'spells’ and 'potions’ actually sells ingredients for everything and they all look pretty fresh since I think he gets them locally.

let me give you an example:

  1. Mistletoe 

  2. Yew 

  3. Juniper berries, wood and leaves 

  4. Blackthorn witch pins 

  5. Oak/Rowan/Willow/Birch/Apple/etc. wood products
  6. Bones/Skulls (Raven, Crow, Deer, Wolf, Bison, Bobcat etc.) 


  7. As well as Fur, Teeth, Claws, Feathers, Feet and Antlers of various animals.
  8. Need a Rabbit Foot to make a Luck Charm/Curse?

  9. How about Crossroad and/or Graveyard Dirt?

  10. Rowan Tree Bark? Rock Salt? Sage? for that extra protection - Yep to all three

  11. Dandelion and Fern Roots? Moss? Mushrooms? Berries? - So much!
  12. Railroad Spike? Horseshoe? Iron Nails?

This is close to the perfect 'shop’ for any magic practitioner. Now I personally wouldn’t have any use for some of these ingredients because I know what kind of spells they’re used for… but damn, this place has pretty much everything! 

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While it's unlikely that anyone would name their kit after yew berries, Yewrock, Yewnut, Yewsmoke, and Yewblaze are valid names. I also hold out hope that Yewsuck exists somewhere far away

I’d name my kitten after a deadly poison. it’s a warring culture, take what advantages you can

The Gift of Men/ The Brides of Death

crocordile (and a few others over the months) have asked about some of my proto-Bëorian headcanons. One of them has to do with a element of symbolism of the Wisewomen of the Edain, of mistletoe and other poisonous plants and a very common twist one comes across when reading about stories of maidens sacrificed to dragons. 

Nóm has many questions, but he never asks about the wreath Andreth wears in her hair, the white berries of the mistletoe, the needles of the yew, the star-like purple nightshade flowers, and the white clusters of celery or carrot in place of the water dropwort. White flowers and white berries are popular to make into flower wreathes to crown a head, and the bright purple and yellow of the wise-woman’s flowers show dramatically against her dark hair. Perhaps he thinks they were chosen for their beauty. It is the same wreath that Adanel wears, and every Wisewoman before her, the mistletoe and yew and many changing flowers. Andreth weaves in the bright yellow flowers of the golden chain tree, for they are easy to find and pair nicely.

The dangers of the starving years on grass peas, how fearful her people were when they no longer had even the vetches with their tiny blue flowers to survive on, are long gone. Now only the animals eat it, mixed in with rich grains, fat off the summer grass in the highlands. That her people even have cattle and herd animals is thanks to the generosity and protection of Nóm, of Lord Finrod. But no longer do they fear the wasting paralysis from the only food that would grow in famine and drought, even if Adanel adds their tiny flowers to her own wreath in remembrance.

Andreth touches the wreath and wonders if he does not know all are deadly to eat, but then he is an elf.

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Monsters: Her

Warriors do not remember or acknowledge criminals. This is a long-held tradition to prevent the cruel and evil from entering StarClan and tainting its collective spirit. Keeping them out of their minds and hearts also protects the living from being troubled any more than they were when the dead were alive. The ghosts of murderers wander the world for a while after their passing, chased by Horoa and his agents of justice, until they fade away like mist in the sun, nameless, alone and forgotten.

Except for one.

Seers across the territories whisper this wraith’s story at the twilight hours, when their Clanmates cannot hear them. Though Her name has been lost to time, the memory of Her crimes sting the minds of seer apprentices as freshly as if they had happened yesterday. This wraith is an essential warning to the young and naive, a cautionary tale about what happens when even the best of them allow themselves to turn away from the stars.

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Springtime means a fresh altar arrangement!

The Hades/Persephone unity candle burned out today, so I used part of the wax to stabilize separate candles in their holders. The red one is Persephone’s and the black one is Hades’. Each are inscribed with Their names and various epithets. On Persephone’s side is a dried pomegranate and a mortar/pestle and Hades has bottles of nightshade and yew berries and my burning bowl.

Welcome back to earth, Persephone Kore!

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Here's a Solangelo, medieval fantasy, prompt for you. Will nonchalantly walking through the woods looking for berries or whatever when he bumps into what seems to be a young traveler stupidly eating poisonous berries. He saves the idiot's butt and nurses him back to health in his cottage. During Will's care he finds out that said idiot is the country's crown prince and plot ensues.

okay this long delayed moment has arrived! so im gonna do bullet points and i dunno im actually thinking about writing a legit multichapter fic out of this prompt so kudos to you for having an amazing idea! 

  • will is apprenticing a medic in a small village outside the capital 
  • he’s never met his father but his dad is the most famous healer out there (he hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps)
  • his mother died when he was young so he went out to be an apprentice and make sure no one died the way his mother did again (unknown illness?) 
  • he was sent to the forest that separated the capital and the small village to get some herbs and whatnot to restock the supplies for the medic he was apprenticing 
  •  he goes deep into the forest (it’s not a creepy dark forest so it’s no big deal) for a few days to complete the supply list he has
  • one morning he is sitting against a tree taking a small break from walking and is just kinda singing to himself (apollo kid perks) when he like he hears someone cough really loudly like their choking from a few yards away
  • His healer instincts kick in and he like jumps up immediately and runs around the tree and runs through the thickets and shit to find a thin (but muscular nonetheless - i will not ever disregard the fact that jason said even though he was super skinny he still had some decent muscles on him) with dark hair and dark eyes and a fist against his chest attempting to solve his problem by forcing the reddish-orange berries down
  • will was going to ask if the (now that he noticed) pale young man was alright when he was the berries in his hand and noticed that his cheeks were puffed out like chipmunks (from the berries) 
  • will’s eyes went like super wide and he rushed over and smacked the berries out of the boy’s hand, confusing and angering him, and grabbed onto his shoulder and looked him dead in the eyes
  • will yelled at him to spit the berries out immediately and the boy complied.
  • once he spit the berries out, he looked at will, confused, and asked (in a very raspy voice) “why”
  • he didn’t really need to ask why because apparently he had already eaten enough to make himself even paler than he already was and start coughing even more and getting really sick
  • he threw up next to will and will freaked out because that mean he ate enough of the berries to cause damage
  • the boy collapsed and will caught him and picked him up bridal style and carried him out of the woods without completing the supply list, all the while lecturing the dark haired boy for eating what he noticed were Yew berries (since this is medieval they were most likely in europe - yew berries were found in europe) 
  • he nursed the boy back to health, still not knowing simple facts like his name
  • the young man said that he was on his way to visit his mother in a neighboring small town
  • after a while Will learned the boys name was Nico 
  • they go through a lot of shenanigans (that i will probably write about throughout the chapters) while Nico is recovering
  • Will never actually finds out the Nico is the crowned prince until the very end of the story (ya know tangled style) 
  • It turns out that Nico ran away from the palace to visit his mother’s and sister’s graves that his father never let him visit because he knew how much it pains nico to even think about their deaths
  • this comes to that and they become best friends and Nico gets Will an apprenticeship with the royal healer 
  • Turns out the royal healer is Will’s father 
  • Will becomes Nico’s personal medic
  • They get even closer through palace life
  • They end up falling in love with each other but it takes a super fucking long time for either to admit it because they were both afraid people would find out
  • Once they admitted it to the other they still kept the relationship a secret until their fathers found out and actually approved of it 
  • And once Nico took the throne it was the first time in history that the kingdom had two kings
    • also nico has powers over the darkness and stuff and will has powers to heal with the light and stuff so yeah