Another AMAZING one by Cat Rogers of!  And they write–

“Mama Ghost, Papa Ghost and their son, little Jimmy Ghost had all had a very long day.  So in the evening they settled down together to watch their favourite TV show, Most Haunted.

But poor Cece Ghost, little Jimmy’s big sister, was absolutely terrified of the Humans!

So she sat whimpering and trembling behind the sofa until it was all over.”

I LOVE THE SCARED LIL’ GHOST GIRL, it is perfect! :-)

Here is an AWESOME one from the talented illustrator Cat Rogers of!  I love what they added to it.

Plus, they wrote a story to go along with the picture!  Enjoy–

John’s parents were astrologists.
Everyone told him they died in a traffic accident,
but he knew they were far too clever for that.
They weren’t gone, not really.
“Maybe they’ve gone to the moon!” He thought.
So at the first chance he got he went up there to have a look and sure enough, he found two blocks of stone with their names on.
“They must be inside.” He said.
Suddenly a shooting star sped by and John stared up at it.
“Oh I wish my parents would come back out of the stones!”
Then, with a great rumble, the ground beneath the stones split open, and up his parents came!
They had lost weight, and were a lot less talkative then he remembered.
But John didn’t care, he had them back at last.