yeti lobster

The Yeti lobster (Kiwa hirsuta)lives in colonies near hydrothermal vents more than 2000 meters below the surface of the Pacific ocean. These lobsters are covered in setae that resemble thick fur. The “fur” is colonized by bacteria, which feed off the nutrient-rich seeps from the hydrothermal vents. The lobsters carefully tend their bacteria-laden “fur,” and periodically comb it out to eat the bacteria; this is their primary food source.

Photo credit: CHESSO consortium 


~ A Yeti Lobster (Kiwa hirsuta), which lives on the massive hydrothermic vents on the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean, a Maned Wolf (the single largest species of canine in South America), a Monkey Slug, common in orchards across the Southern United States, and a Verconica verconis, a gastropod that tends to live on or near sponges. 4 of my favourite things, really.