Xavier Debreaux

Xavier is for Sunshinesims’ Bachelorette Challenge. 

Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Hopeless Romantic, Irresistible, Loves To Swim, and Virtuoso. 

LTW: Deep-Sea Diver. 

“Hi, my name is Xavier. That’s spelled X-A-V-I-E-R, but it’s pronounced Zah-vee-ay. I know, it’s kind of confusing. *laughs* I love Key-Lime Pie, the colour Lime Green, and Beach Party music. I’m a Gemini, and proud of it! I’m hoping that from this challenge, I’ll meet a rocking chick who will love me, and also love the ocean and houseboats. Oh, and can you tell I work out? *Laughs again*

Hair by Foreverandalwayssims

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Photos taken in the Sweetheart Studios by Yetanothersimblr