Mass Voting on Tinychat for Junjin on Mwave poll

Hi guys, it’s time to awaken the Orange Voting Mafia. Though it’s not the official music shows voting yet, this prepares us for it.

We’re voting together on Tinychat right now , join us if you are free! The more people the merrier!!

Chatroom link: Tinychat 
Password: Shinhwa debut date in MMDDYY format
Mwave Poll link: …

The Levels Of Joining The Gravity Falls Fandom:

Level 1: You watch a few episodes of the first season, You start to like the characters, The story line, And last but not least, The theories.

Level 2: You decided to watch the second season, You start to notice that you’re becoming far more drawn to it than before, Due to the episodes getting, more, and more, serious, Thus not expecting for it to play out that way you continue to watch it.

Level 3: There either is or isn’t a level three for you, You’re either brain dead from all the theories that you’ve tried to piece together or, Miraculously you’ve kept your thoughts intact, Awaiting, Preparing, For the newest episodes on the 7th. Although i find that second conclusion not likely, If you’ve made it through level three, Then Buckle up, I’m sure level four will be much worse, So many things could happen, And yet, You think you’re prepared but just like everyone else you’ve realized that you’re not. 

He’s sprawled across the couch, socked feet
crossed at the ankles and his phone resting on
his stomach. The long red cord that protrudes
from the end trails its way back up to his ears;
he’s listening to Tchaikovsky, as he does almost
every day at the time.

anonymous asked:

I keep forgetting which Reactions have the gifs of Kyungsoo and Chen eating ice cream. Can you either give me the gifs straight or link me to the reactions that have them? Thank you and i love you juju.

I’ll just give them to you since I haven’t even used half of them yet. Are you prepared for a hoard of Chensoo eating yogurt gifs? Because I have a shitload of them (mostly Chen). :P xo

Bonus embarrassed Soo gif

Bonus satisfied Chen gif

i really hope these were the ones you meant or else I just spammed people with very suggestive gifs unintentionally… 


Ahh I’m so excited! I’m a super duper novice when it comes to cooking, and yet I have successfully prepared a vegan potato salad with hummus! Granted, this was not hard at all to make haha. But! I ended up cooking with ingredients I’ve never even bought before today, such as the fresh mint, parsley, and scallions.

This dish was prepared for my friend Nicolyn’s potluck tonight. Nicolyn is an amazing cook so you should check out her food blog here! Oh and if you want the recipe for the vegan potato salad, I got it from here.

What is it that you are asking about?

A man once asked al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad how he was doing, and al-Fudayl disliked this question that people quite often asked, but responded that he was in good health. The man, again, asked how he was doing, and al-Fudayl said:

“What is it that you are asking about – matters of this life or the Hereafter? If you are asking about matters of this life, then know that this life has deviated us and took us far away. If you are asking about matters of the Hereafter, then what do you think of he whose errors have increased, whose righteous works decreased and whose life is nearing its end?! He who has not yet prepared for his return to Allah, nor for his death, nor humbled himself in anticipation for its coming, nor worked hard before it comes, nor beautified himself for its imminence [1], but has instead beautified himself for this life?!”

[Hilyaatul-Awliyaa, vol. 8, p. 86]

[1] By performing good deeds and staying away from all types of evil.

Car Theft || Cailey

Bailey was freaking out on the inside. She couldn’t believe she had actually said yes to car theft. It was such a terrible idea, and yet she was still preparing herself to go out and help Callie steal a car. It was dangerous and risky. They could get caught. They could get arrested. That would be on her record forever. She knew that these things didn’t matter to her girlfriend; she lived for this kind of thing. That thought didn’t settle Bailey’s mind at all. She sighed as she wrote out a note for Taylor for whenever she came back from wherever she was. ‘Out with Callie. Please have your phone on you.’ She sighed and left the note on Taylor’s bed before grabbing her keys and heading out the door.

As she made her way downstairs and outside, she could feel her heart racing. “This is such a bad idea,” she groaned to herself, anxiously playing with her sleeves as she watched the numbers of the elevator get lower and lower. When the door opened, she steeled herself and went outside. She wasn’t gonna let her girlfriend know that she was nervous. She wanted to prove to her that she could be just as badass as she was. She stood outside of her building, patiently waiting for Callie to come.

Wednesdays are always so long. And today, my feet hurt something terrible. So I couldn’t go to the gym after work like I wanted. Since I could barely walk. :-(

And it’s FREEZING. It is 57 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now. It’s flippin’ AUGUST. THE HELL?!?! I’m wearing so many layers right now, it isn’t even funny.

But there was sunshine today, after three days of rain, I got to talk to my best friend for a little bit, chatted with amirightcounselor and fireandicewillsuffice and crescent-moon-rising and rockyroadsandhiddenvalleys. Finished season one of Hell On Wheels (which is sad but it means SEASON 2!!). And, not gonna lie, I looked hella cute today. Wore my new pullover and my hair obeyed. 

I just felt good today. 

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Something was off, Kaylee was acting differently today. The blue jay usually had a sweet smile on her face but today she never smiled, not even a single corner of her mouth moved upward. 

Ever since they fought that unnamed villain, Kaylee hadn’t even once felt happy in the slightest. Her wings were folded in all day, and it looked like she was holding back tears every time she was near any of the Loonatics. 

Kaylee spent most of her days in her bedroom, alone. The bedroom was a whole lot more silent than usual, as though no one was actually in there. Ace and Lexi would go check on her inside from time to time but she was in fact in there, but she was usually drawing or quietly playing the piano. 

After a week or so the blue jay finally emerged from her hiding place, it was late at night. Kaylee was going to get a midnight snack as she’d occasionally do whenever staying up late.