Tonight in Sam Plays the Ukulele

We have confirmed that I am at Monkees level of I’m A Believer, and have not yet sufficiently prepared to ascend to Smashmouth level. Monkees level is nice, it’s an okay place to be. I just gotta remember I’m not ready to roar “I got rain” at Smashmouth levels yet.

I can now play several golden oldies off-book, and I think I’ve almost got the chords down for Star Spangled Man With A Plan. I don’t mean I have mastered the chords so much as – there aren’t ukulele or even good simple guitar chords for Star Spangled Man, so I’ve literally been tuning it out by ear. It’s still not perfect, but I’ve definitely got a few lines down. (Then I will perhaps attempt When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield.) 


Terrible Google translate:

Five shadows gathered at the village of Kinoshi leaflets for the Five Shadow Talks. Okinawa and Raikage (Raikage) have heard that Naruto will get married, and already prepared items for celebrations. But Gaara, who has not prepared yet, has never chosen a wedding celebration etc. I do not know what is good. The surroundings will give advice if it is good to celebrate as a windshield, but according to Bie ’s information the lightning shade seems to dance “Mai of hidden dance”. This is what Kankuro says that Gyurara must compete with dancing, but is it true that we …? 

So from my understanding… Gaara has never gotten a present for a marriage before, so therefore has no idea what to get for Naruto and Hinata. So Killer Bee suggests dancing ???

I don’t know for certain, but heck I want to watch this episode, posting pictures from the preview in a minute —

So. All I could think about today was writing a sequel to my Something Strange fic and this? Happened? (Sorry for playing in your sandbox again @legendary-defenders!) It will def be posted before Hallowe’en! LET’S DO SOME SPOOPY WRITING.

“Shiro?” Pidge says, hysterics clear in her tone. She drops down beside him, hands fluttering over his shoulders. “Shiro? Shiro, please, are you okay? Shiro!”

“I’m fine,” Shiro whispers, uncurling inch by inch. Fear hangs on his shoulders, desperate to fold him forward again. He breathes out. “Are you okay?”

“Am I – Shiro, that was a ghost. A legitimate ghost! She knocked down the door and talked to you and – you knew her, didn’t you? Shiro, what the actual fuck?” Pidge yanks on her hair, pushes her glasses up her nose, twists her fingers together. She’s wide eyed and terrified. Shiro’s just tired. “You can talk to ghosts?”

“Unfortunately.” Standing takes too much effort, so Shiro remains hunched over. His arm aches, a fire pinch that races up into his shoulder with every twitch. The remote hangs loosely from his fingers. “She’s still here. We have to get her out of the house or she’ll just keep feeding off the spirit.”

“You’re serious.” Pidge reaches out, grabs Shiro by the face, and lifts his gaze to hers. “You want to go after that thing and what? Help it? It wants you to do that! It challenged you to find it!”

“So I have to find it,” Shiro says.  

hi i’d like to confess that i was almost late for work today bc i was reading the new chapter of “until my feet bleed and my heart aches” when i was supposed to be getting ready

Wada Masanari as Heshikiri Hasebe
[Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Kyoden Moyuru Honnoji]

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire:

“Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson,” said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. “It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.

(See also: Series 3 reference to tGRoS.)

All Mine.

Norman meets Reader at a 3 day Con where they’re a handler, they spend a lot of time together . *wink wink*

Hi guys, so I really liked this imagine. I’ve decided to turn it into a 3 part story. This chapter is smut free and just setting the scene for the next two chapeters so no warnings this time  but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little freaky deaky next chapter! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! - S

You were just about to start the best 3 days of your life. You had volunteered to be a handler and a local convention. It was going to be all different types of Television Shows which were all from different genres and you couldn’t wait. You hadn’t been assigned some one yet so you prepared yourself for someone you had never heard of. When you walked into a small office type room, everyone was given their security ID’s and the name of the celebrities they would be helping over the next few days.
“Y/N, You’re gonna love yours!” Martin, another handler who you had met a few times before, said to you, handing you the piece of paper.
“Who did I get?” You looked down the paper for your name and written next to it was the name - NORMAN REEDUS FULL 3 DAY
“You’re kidding me?” You were so excited, but nervous as well. “I hope I don’t mess this up." 

You were instructed that tomorrow you would be picking up your celebrities but for today they were coming on their own and meeting you here. You looked at the time, 10am, they’d be here any minute. Doors opened at 10:30. You and the other handlers were ushered to the main hall. Stalls were set up everywhere. Big posters showed you where each Television Show would be stationed. You saw written in big letters ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ underneath was a selection of tables. You noticed Normans table and stood next to it, biting the edge of your nails and looking at your feet. A few minutes passed when some walked up to you, clearing their throat.

"Y/N, right?” Norman looked at you, smiling.
“Yes, thats me, Mr Reedus.” You smiled back, holding out your hand for him to shake.
“Oh god, that makes me feel so old. Norman, please. And, no shaking of hands.” He said. You were a bit taken back, did he not want to shake your hand? “I’m a hugger!” He said engulfing you in his arms. his very toned arms. You were relieved and also enjoying his smell. Musky but clean. It was very nice. You hugged back and then you both stood back and smiled.
“Can I get you anything Mr- Uh sorry. Norman?” You got a pen out ready to write his list of things on your clipboard.
“Nothing thanks Sweetheart.” You nodded your head writing little notes next to your schedule.
“No problem. You have fans coming in soon for signing, then at 12:30 its lunch which I can grab for you and bring to the back room which is celebrity guest only, then 1:30 is photo session. You have a session with just you and your fans and then a small session with another member of your cast. Then finishing the day at 3:30 is a panel with the Walking Dead cast for an hour. Today is the shortest day. Tomorrow is much longer.” He listened carefully, taking everything in.
“You’ll be with me everyday, Y/N?” He said removing his sunglasses and hanging them from his t shirt.
“Yes sir, I’ll be coming to pick you up tomorrow from your hotel.” You smiled again.
“Awesome, good to know. All mine for the next 3 days. I like it. Right then, lets get this started .” He put his hand on your shoulder and then got ready behind his table. You stayed close but mostly spoke to the girl who was with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Their tables were next to each other. You got called over by Norman who was currently signing a childs poster. He crouched in front of the table giving the child a hug. You smiled at how good he was with children. You noticed his underwear band showing above the waistband of his jeans. You blushed hard and looked down.

“Y/N, can you grab me some water please? It’s bloody boiling. You look flushed. You alright?” He spoke over the noise of the room.
“Yes sir, i’m fine. Like you said, its boiling. Water coming right out.” You quickly hurried off grabbing a few bottles of water. You quickly opened one of them and drank half of the bottle. You had a strange thought enter your mind of what he would look like in just boxers. Feeling your cheeks heat up again, you shook the thought away and went back to the tables. Tapping him on the shoulder you held out a bottle for him and he smiled, thanking you quickly.
“Thanks sweet.” He took it and turned back around, finishing his signing.
The line finally finished and you tidied up Normans table as he laughed with Jeffrey about something. They were talking about gifts that had been given to them and taking pictures with each other. You stood patiently behind him waiting for his conversation to finish so you could take him to lunch. Soon enough you told him it was time to eat and he nodded turning back to Jeffrey. You were nervous of getting him through the crowds but was relieved when Jeffrey and Norman would be walking together. You and Jeffreys handler whos name you learnt to be Mandy, walked infront of the men directing them to the back room.

“What can I get you for lunch Norman. We do have a canteen here but I can get you what you want whilst you sit down.” You looked up to him.
“Come on, we’ll go together. I dont know what I fancy and plus you must be hungry as well.” He looked down at me, linking our arms. I knew he was like this with people but I never thought he’d be like it with me.
“I’m okay, I had a big breakfast. I’ll just snack when you dont need me.” you led him over to where the food was. You grabbed a tray for him but he refused to let you hold it with a slight nudge. He was unlike anyone you had ever met. He was so down to earth.
“What happens if I always need you? When will you eat?” He smirked down to me.
“I will eat tonight if thats the case.” You said returning the smirk.
“Well Y/N, what happens if I need you tonight.” He said wiggling his eyebrows. You look away as your cheeks flush red.
“Lunch, lets get lunch.” You said quickly to change the subject.

The panel had been moved to tomorrow as the panel slot had been double booked so you were told to go with the driver to take Norman back to his Hotel when he had finished the photo booth. You helped him with his things and met the car around the back. He was shifting nervously next to you whilst you waited for the car. He didnt say a word the whole way to his hotel so just before he got out of the car you told him you would be back tomorrow.
“Norman, I’ll meet you here at 9 tomorrow morning okay?” You said turning to face him.
“Sounds good, Y/N. Looking forward to it.” He gave a quick smile and headed through the front door.

By the time you got home, you were exhausted. You got into your bed that night thinking of Norman and what he had said at lunch.

Just as you were about to sink into a deep sleep. Your phone rang.


Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

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You wrote your own version, as I remember. Appointment in Sumatra.

Remember the Giant Rat of Sumatra? The story for which the world is not yet prepared? (Mentioned in The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire, which got a little nod in John’s cheater texts…)

TST is Sherlock’s version of what happened. It’s colored, distorted, changed. A fix-it, or a nightmare scenario, not sure which. But the real version, the one for which the world better damn well be prepared, is still to come.