Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

That moment you realize you’re in your twenties and still get the same feels about movie and TV couples/ships from when you were 13

  • Me: I have so much that needs to get done.
  • Me: *Spends the next five hours looking at my favorite tag*
  • Me: *looks at the clock*
  • Me: I regret nothing.
Baberoe flowershop/tattoo parlor AU bc I’m cliche trash
  • Babe works at the flower shop with Luz and Winters, and Gene works at the tattoo parlor with Nixon, Guarnere and Toye
  • Babe rooms with Guarnere, so they often go to visit each other on their lunch breaks
  • One day, Guarnere brings Gene to the flower shop with him for lunch
  • And Babe kinda goes weak at the knees when he sees Gene dressed head to toe in black, with eyebrow piercings and tattoos covering his arms
  • Gene himself gets a little flustered when he sees Babe, wearing an apron and smudged dirt on his face (which accentuates his freckles), surrounded by flowers and smiling at him
  • They introduce themselves and Babe falls in love with Gene’s soft Cajun accent (Gene likes Babe’s Philly accent a little more than he would like to admit)
  • Then Luz practically flattens them both as he rushes to greet Toye at the door, determined to wipe the scowl off his face (”It’s company policy Babe, you said so yourself!”)
  • Babe and Gene meet more times but whenever Babe tries to talk to Gene he  answers him with only a few words and then quickly leaves
  • Babe thinks it’s because Gene doesn’t like him but it’s actually because Gene doesn’t know how to handle his emotions for him
  • Slowly, each group begins to pair off with someone from the opposite establishment: Winters and Nixon got together first, and Toye and Luz have begun to date
  • One day at the tattoo parlor Guarnere is complaining to Babe that all of his friends are getting into relationships 
  • When Babe agrees with him Guarnere is all like “Babe shut the fuck up we all know you hve a crush on Gene”
  • Babe goes bright red because Gene is completely within earshot of them
  • Then Guarnere tells him that Gene likes him back and Babe gets even redder because the hot Cajun actually likes him back an they could totally get together if they wanted holy shit this isn’t happening
  • Gene totally heard their conversation and is kind of freaking out because the cute flower boy likes him and he doesn’t know what to do
  • meanwhile Babe really wants to ask Gene out but he doesn’t know how
  • So because he wants to be discreet he starts sending Gene flowers 
  • He sends Gene flowers that are associated with love, like Gardenias, Aster and Green Carnations
  • After Gene gets the flowers he would go to the flower shop and aske Babe what they meant, pretending he didn’t know they were from him
  • And every time Babe answered him Gene would smile at him and Babe would smile back
  • But then either Guarnere or Luz would ruin it by saying stuff like “ugh get a room”
  • A week later Gene sends Babe a single rose 
  • They hook up the next day and get matching flower tattoos (Gene holds Babe’s hand throughout it)