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a-rosoideae-by-any-other-name  asked:

What would the best gift for each of the Nordics be?

Okie Dokie! It’s coming right up! Also, wanna hear a mindless fact that will not help you at all? Emil is Lime spelled backwards. Matthias probably calls him Lime all the time. Emil hates it. Moving on.~Admin Sarah

Norway: A book  Lukas loves to read. He also reads a lot. So, he’d be very appreciative if someone got him a book, especially if it was his style, or better yet, one he hasn’t read yet.

Iceland: A warm sweater; Emil is typically seen as someone who isn’t the most fashionable, and loves to be comfy. He’d never admit he wanted one or ask for one, but he’d love a fuzzy sweater. Add some black licorice and he’d be in heaven.

Finland: Tino is actually very very artsy, and loves being festive, so he’d love to have someone give him an arts and crafts kit or project, he’d actually love it. He’d likely end up giving the person back the finished project as a gift.

Sweden: Berwald also loves doing crafts, though his is very different than Tino; Berwalds enjoys crafting with glass and wood, so if he got anything like wood or glass paint, he’d be happy. Hell, he’d be happy if you gave him a log to use to crave something. 

Denmark: Matthias likes to drink and likes to have fun. Combine the two! He’d love a drinking game to play with his brothers…or friends. Whichever ones can tolerate him being shitfaced and louder than usual.

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I really think it needs to be drilled into every capitalist’s head that their ideology is going to cause long-term agricultural collapse.

I’m serious. The concept of profit is the sole reason why we haven’t found a solution to global warming yet, and global warming will make vast swaths of land either uninhabitable or unsuitable for the growth of modern crop yields.

No matter how many times people uncritically repeat canned anti-communist, anti-socialist, or anti-leftist rhetoric, there is no escaping the fact that the necessity of profit in a capitalist economy has directly caused an environmental catastrophe that is likely to kill more than a billion people.

Deku: Todoroki, I’m cold.
Todo: -shrugs off his jacket to give to Deku-
Deku: No, no… Use your quirk. It’s your power to use, isn’t it?
Todo: -takes Deku’s arm and warms it- You’re right…You’re right, Midoriya…Thank you…

Kirishima: Hey…hey Bakugou, I’m cold too.
Bakugou: What the fuck do you want me to do about it? Bring a fucking jacket next time this one’s mine.
Kirishima: No…No… Use your quirk, Bakugou.
Bakugou: -blasts Kirishima ten feet into traffic- There, fucking warm yet?

Kisses {Harry Styles Smut}

WORD COUNT: 10k y’all!!!

this is my longest one shot, it took up like 20 pages on microsoft word lmfao !! anyways it took me a bit longer than usual bc i went through a slight block (rip) but it is finished and i’m quite proud of it!! feedback is much appreciated, it rly motivates me!! ok that’s it i hope u enjoy :-)


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Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X

Family’s What You Make Of It

Family’s What You Make Of It | It starts when Dan stumbles through the door of his two bedroom flat with an attractive stranger attached to his mouth, and it ends with, well… a family. Or, the one where Dan is a single father of a three year old, who intends for Phil to be nothing more than a one night stand until he see’s him interact with his daughter for the first time. | Phan | Mature | Smut, self-neglect, implied self-esteem issues, single father Dan | 4,374 Words

Thank you so @phansdick for encouraging me (as always) and then being wonderful and beta’ing for me without me even having to ask ;)

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Since he was a little boy, Richie always had a thing for describing people using colors. It was his special little thing.

Richie himself had always considered that he was red, fierce and firey. Some days he was as bright like rose petals, others he was as dark as crimson running from a fresh cut.

Everyone special to Richie had a color to them, almost creating a trademark of themselves with each pigment Richie imagined based on their personality.

So when Richie had moved to Derry, Maine he instantly knew the colors for his first friends, Bill Denbrough and Stanley Uris.

Bill was yellow, soft yet vibrant, and warm like the sun.

Stan was orange, cheerful and exciting, he never seemed dull.

Together they formed the warm side of the spectrum, always happy and beaming with life. Everyday was an adventure with the three of them.

Before they knew it, three became seven and it was like a giant rainbow of beauty and friendship for Richie. His colors got more creative and branched out to more than just your average color circle.

Bev was gold, a color like honey because she sparkled and shined in her own individual way. For each of the losers, she was a glimmer in their eye.

Ben was pink, light and delicate on days but vivid and bold on others, creating the perfect balance of just the right boy.

Mike was cream, a soft but powerful color that created balance between the others, always understanding and intelligent.

And then there was Eddie.

Eddie was different then everyone else.

When Richie had met Eddie for the first time, his mind went blank and exploded all at the same time.

All Richie could think of was


Eddie was blue.

He was the feeling of a beautiful clear sky on a summer day and the icy chill of a blizzard. The rush of a wave on a peaceful beach.

He was everything Richie wanted.

And together, they would make purple.

After that day, he only thought in the gorgeous mix of red and blue, of Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier.

They were inseparable, the best of friends and Richie loved every minute of it.

One day, they sat in Eddie’s impeccably spotless room, pretending to be paying attention to their homework while Richie made eye rolling jokes.

Curiosity got the best of Richie however and out spewed a question he had wondered for as long as he has known his Eds,

“What’s your favorite color?”

Eddie’s head never left the tilt towards his book but his eyes looked towards the ceiling in thought.

“Um.. green. Why whats your Rich?”

Richie looked Eddie right in the eye, loving grin on his mouth.


And then, Richie had kissed Eddie.

It was short but sweet and tasted like medicine and sugar and every single shade of purple that existed.

That night, Richie dreamed of lilac skies and orchid fields and palatinate oceans.

He hoped every day for the rest of his life was filled with that amazing color.

And it was for a while.

That is, until he catches his boyfriend and one of his best friends together creating a color combination of their own.

And thats the end of red and blue, of all the purple in Richie’s life.

The only purple Richie knew was the bruises on Bill’s face and the ones on his knuckles.

Now all he can think of is green.

Bill’s lemon lips painting themselves upon Eddie’s cyan ones, creating millions of shades of that despicable color.

Richie now hates the color green.

Unfortunately it’s always been Eddie’s favorite.