yet tour


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

why i’m going to miss the blurryface era:
  • red literally everywhere
  • creepy clique art
  • music that makes you want to explore abandoned buildings 
  • tyler and josh’s talent finally being recognized. 
  • new clique frens. 
  • madison square garden
  • blurryface’s mysterious tweets. i loved staying up late theorizing with everyone about morse code. 
  • the consistent theme throughout all videos, songs, and tours has just been something really cool to observe and be a part of.  
  • incredible videos. 
  • emotional roadshow being their most impressive tour yet. 
  • snl, grammy’s, and tons of other impressive music industry stuff. 
  • the overwhelming largeness of this album and era. 
  • finally, victory over darkness.