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I havent seen anything about this on the internet yet (and maybe thats entirely my fault cause i’m like a grandma and miss things constantly) But Anyways, at the gig last night Julien Baker said her new album will be out in October!! and that she’ll be back on tour afterwards! She also played a bunch of new songs and one that I didnt know yet and she also didnt say the title of but it sounded amazing and the lyrics hit me deeply.

still don’t have a title for this yet..

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Jared awoke the next morning in Jensen’s bed, the other side of the bed still warm. He remembered little from last night, the match and— oh god, the kiss. He remembered kissing Jensen in front of the king. He remembered Jensen’s soft spoken words.

He sat up slowly bringing his hands up to run them through his hair, jared pulled the covers back and he gasped lightly, he was a little undressed. Jared figured Jensen must have undressed him before going to bed, how could he not remember. There was commotion outside the door then Jensen and another knight, chad, barged in the bedroom and shut the door quickly then locked it. Jensen turned toward jared, “The castle is on lockdown” he rushed out, Jared turned and put his feet on the floor, standing up and walking over to Jensen.

“It’ll be alright. whatever it is i’m certain we can take it down”. Jensen looked at jared with wide eyes, he grabbed jared by the shoulders and shook him lightly, “you don’t understand jared. this isn’t any type of rogue or monster. this is a plague. that was created by a powerful sorcerer to destroy our kingdom” “okay, but Jen, if we are going to fix this. we need to know everything about it. like how it’s spreading, and what are the effects.” Jared sighed, wrapping his arms around Jensen.

“What has your father said about this?” “nothing.” “Jensen.. What do you mean nothing?”
“Jared…” Jensen trailed off, his voice becoming soft and and starting to break.
“My father… he’s infected by this. I’m afraid he’ll die, and if we don’t find a cure for this.. Everyone else will too.” Tears rushed out of Jensen’s green eyes. jared pushed Jensen’s face into his neck, “it’ll be okay, we’ll find who is responsible for and we’ll…” jared paused, “and we’ll find a punishment to suit their actions”

“Jensen, I really need to get to training. Being the head of the guard has responsibilities. I’ll be careful okay? I promise” Jensen pushed back. Out of Jared’s grip, and protested. Most of which were cut off buy jared’s lips against his for the second time.

For a few seconds they were quiet, Jensen face in Jared’s big hands lips molded and moving together.

The sound of metal hitting the hardwood floor bounced and echoed of the rooms’ mostly empty walls, startling them, jumping apart they looked at sound.
The guard that was in front of the door was completely flushed, embarrassed by what he’d seen and apologetic for ruining a moment— even if it was forbidden by law.
The guard stuttered out an apology, “Chad, buddy, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it all right?” Jensen spoke softly.

Jared cleared his throat, “I-uh, um i’m just gonna go get ready for… uh-yeah.” He trailed off. Jared walked slowly to the big restroom and closed the door behind him.
A few minutes later, there was a quick repetitive knock at the large door, Chad raised his weapon and stalked toward the large brown, and slowly pulled the door open. Other the other side of the open doorway was young girl with puffy red eyes and tear streaks down her face, her hands shaking slightly.

Her chestnut hair flopped in her face as she looked down at the floor and took a breath. The striking resemblance reminded Jensen of someone he knew. “the guards.. They-uh, um told me that..” She paused to take a breath, her voice faltering a small amount.

“They said that i’d find Prince Ackles and Head Of The Guard Sir. Padalecki down this hall?” Her voice shook with each word and breath.
“You’re speaking with Prince Ackles. What can I help you with?” Jensen’s voice was strained from any emotions she’d be able to pick up in his voice.

The door from Jensen’s large bathroom opened, jared walked out. His dark hair dripping from the shower, a change of clothes underneath his uniform chain amour, along with one of Jensen’s towels in his hand. Jared walked forward and drops the towel on the back one of jensen’s chairs that sits at a table near window with long burgundy draped curtains that hang on a golden rod on the wall.

Jared hadn’t noticed the young girl yet but just stalked over to Jensen, wrapped an arm around his waist while pressing his face into jensen’s ashy blonde hair. the young girl gasped, jared looked up, and pulled apart from Jensen like he was burned. they had forgotten— or jared had at least— homosexuality was a grave sin. especially in the kingdom, and since the king was gravely ill, he couldn’t protect Jensen and Jared from the towns people— if their secret gets out they’ll be dead by pitchforks before they can even explain anything.

The girl turned on her heels and took off running down the hall in the opposite direction, jared and Jensen took off after her, yelling at her to come back. As they passed guards, Jensen shouted for the guards at the end of the hallway to seize her. The four guards at the end of the hall quickly alerted, made a wall crossing their spears and swords across their chests. Yelling for the girl to come to a halt, she quickly turned to the left, which had jared making a sharp turn on his heels and ankles to keep up with her— he was very fit and muscular, so he could keep up with the girl. Jensen however, he took the guards straight down the same hall they’d come down to circle around the other side of the castle, the only place that hall she took went too, King Ackles’s sleeping quarters.

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so basically to sum things up:

  • jj abrams wrote tfa thinking only of one movie and not an arc for the whole trilogy and just passed the bar for rian johnson to fix it
  • rian johnson did the exact same thing so colin trevorrow will be the one to deal with what they have left for episode ix
  • we got a trio (poe, finn and rey) who hasn’t even had one scene together yet and they’ll likely be split for tlj
  • the title was the first thing rian chose simply because he liked that and he sees it as one jedi, while most languages translated it to plural
  • we got new cast members (laura dern, benicio del toro) who will likely have supporting roles while other actors (gwendoline christie, domhnall gleeson) haven’t even had the chance to establish their characters well
  • since this is a space movie i’m kinda amused but not in a good way that there haven’t been many actual aliens as important characters (re: maz kanata)
  • the plot for tfa was very similar to anh: a planet destroyer weapon, someone is kidnapped, a mentor dies. the premise for tlj is very similar to esb: a main character gets training while the others go on another adventure. not very original

like… yall are quick to criticize the prequels but this is not looking very good scoob

  • i can never stress enough how you all should be watching crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • i gather it’s for free on the cw app
  • i gather netflix uploads the episodes weekly in most regions
  •  it has everything tumblr claims to desperately want and yet its fandom is made of like three people.
  •  drop the “sexist title” bullshit and try to actually watch: the entire show is about deconstructing the “crazy” world by dealing with a young woman with untreated anxiety and depression. yes, anxiety and depression
  • and yet the writing is so clever for some reason it feels bittersweet rather than intoxicatingly sad
  • it’s not about romantic/sexual relationships. there are those, but they’re just a means to explore the female protagonist’s life and journey.
  • you get anti-heroes. because you don’t have to be a man making drugs on a cable drama to be an anti-hero. you have to be deeply fucked up and that’s what these characters are.
  • it’s the most diverse cast i’ve ever seen. 
  • one character gets a number on coming out as bisexual. the word is said multiple times. you don’t like shows shying away from it? fucking watch crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • they sing and dance their ass off, and well, and showcasing meta commentaries on storytelling and how even music videos are made. they do pop, rap, rock, old hollywood musicals, you name it. they do everything and they’re brilliant at it. the soundtrack’s online. the music sheets too.
  • it’s just overall brilliant. it won the cw a golden globe and two emmys. rachel bloom is out of this world
  • rachel bloom also led this anti-trump anthem
  • again: cw app and netflix.

video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 

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Hetalia Gets 3rd Stage Musical in July
Previous stage musical ran in Tokyo, Osaka in November

The staff of the stage musical adaptation of Hidekaz Himaruya’s Hetalia - Axis Powers manga announced on Tuesday that a third stage musical adaptation is slated for this July.

The musical’s tentative title is Musical Hetalia, with an as-yet-unrevealed subtitle. It will run at the NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka, and at Theatre 1010 in Tokyo.

Further information, such as whom will be reprising their roles from previous musicals, has yet to be released at this time.


The Imamura Brothers & Fumi

The turning point

I’ve talked before about how Diana changed her opinion about Akko in episode 13, during the Samhain Festival. Before that moment both Akko & Diana more or less just begrudgingly admired eachother.

However, while Diana changed her view of Akko that evening, Akko hadn’t had the chance to change her opinion of Diana yet. Until the episodes 19/20.

Even in episode 19, Akko still believes that Diana is the condescending ‘Miss Perfect, No Problems Witch’.  For Akko, any kindness from Diana is met with a suspicion of condescension. ‘How can this perfect, aristocratic witch possibly understand or genuinely care about me, a failing no-name witch?’ Akko cares a lot about Diana (even though she wouldn’t have admitted it to Diana or herself) but doesn’t expect that Diana cares about her.

However, we know they truly care a lot about eachother.

In this episode, they take turns saving eachother, caring more about the other than the consequences of their actions. Akko disregards the risk of the calamity for disturbing the ritual, while Diana abandons the ritual to nurse Akko.

Throughout both episode 19 and 20, Akko learns more about Diana. The more she learns, the more her prior view of Diana crumbles.

Diana’s childhood was far from perfect. Both her parents died while she still was just a young kid. She was sickly, and was at a point where she could have lost the ability to use magic at all. Her current profiency of magic all came from hard work and arduous practice.

Even Diana’s pride of her heritage is far less snobby than Akko probably assumed. Diana didn’t want to become the head of house Cavendish for the title itself, she wanted to preserve the legacy of her ancestors while continuing in their footsteps. And yet, Diana abondoned the possibility to earn the title only to save Akko.

Basically all assumptions Akko had about Diana turned out to not be true.

After learning about Diana’s hardships and the legacy of House Cavendish, Akko finally reaches her turning point. Just as Diana had changed her opinion about Akko, Akko now realizes that her inner view of Diana was wrong.

Akko is moved to tears when she hears Diana’s dream of carrying her House’s legacy. Akko does a complete U-turn of trying to stop Diana completing the ritual. She now instead fully supports Diana’s heartfelt dream. Akko can finally see what qualities they share: both of them are hard-working dreamers that strive to make the world a better place. This is more important than their differences, more than heritage, magical skill and personalities.

Due to Akko & Diana finally mutually bonding with eachother, the fifth word gets unlocked. I don’t know if they realized that it was necessary for them to grow closer to unlock the word, and that Akko couldn’t have done it herself. But with them finally understanding eachother, they now have a solid ground for them to work on their shared dream.

And I know one thing for certain, I truly want to see more of the unseen world they now have opened. Because from what we can see from Akko and Diana coming closer, it feels truly magical!

Chicken Soup

‘what happened after the three days in the infirmary’ shit I suddenly want to write.

also, ignore the title.

“Well, this is a surprise. Who would have thought that of all people to catch the flu, it’s you”

Will Solace sneezed and blew his nose before dropping the tissue on the trash can near his bed. Because of course, being sick doesn’t excuse him being unsanitary and messy with his surroundings. 

Another sneeze.

A sly smile curved up at the edge of Nico’s lips. “What a sight”

“Shut up, di Angelo. Go ahead, laugh at me why don’t you” The son of Apollo’s voice sounded groggy and tired.

“What do you really want me to do? Shut up or laugh?” The son of Hades spoke with sarcasm and stepped closer earning him a glare from the son of Apollo.

“Stay right there, di Angelo! Don’t you dare get any closer” Okay, that sounded a bit louder considering the fact that he was sick.

“Okay wow, never would have thought that you mind personal space that much” Nico stopped and lowered his face down a little, staring at the infirmary’s floor. Will looked at the demigod and maybe, it was the effect of him being sick and on medication that had him feeling the sadness and rejection from Nico more than he might have on a normal basis but nevertheless, it made him feel rather guilty. 

“Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh” Will spoke, his voice considerably lower “I just don’t want you to get sick, Nico”

“A little flu won’t hurt me, Solace”

“It would. I’m your doctor, di Angelo. Listen to me, I would know what’s best or you” Nico rolled his eyes at those words but didn’t say anything  to contradict “You’re whole body, including your immune system is still at risk. Just because you’re out of the infirmary, doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. Please don’t act all stupid and irrational” 

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