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So I’m doing a sort of gameplay with the fitness pack “premades” for lack of a better word. I haven’t chosen a title yet, but here is the premise.

Bennett Finley is a freelance personal trainer attempting to save up enough money to open up his own gym. But most of his simoleons goes to care of his ailing grandfather, he questions whether or not he’ll be able to do it all. Start the business, marry the girl, care for his family.

Adalynn Lovett wants to be a stunt woman over at Llama light productions, but she isn’t confident in her abilities just yet. She’s training to compete in a local endurance competition to build up her confidence. But the long hours are adding a lot of strain on her relationship with Bennett, her best friend Nataly is a B+ mooch sleeping in her spare bedroom, and her own self doubt is closing her window of opportunity.

Nataly McCloud can talk a good game, but in truth she’s struggling to find her footing in the fashion industry, isn’t very athletic, and doesn’t have money to maintain her facade. Maybe it’s time she gets her head out of the clouds and focus on the necessities, like food, water, shelter.

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it is the year 4017. the world is mostly a barren wasteland at this point. the apocolypse has wiped out almost every human in existence.. except one. as the last human on earth slowly perishes by disease, he gets a notification on his phone. he knows there is no point, yet he looks anyways. yanderedev has made a new blog post titled "osana is fully implemented." the man smiles as he tilts his head back, his life draining from him. "finally." he udders one last breath. "osana is finally here."

^^what dev thinks he does

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I was tagged by the lovely and talented @emkaywho, @ktrosesworld, @ofstormsandwolves, and @gingergallifreyan - thank you! 

If we went by everything I’ve left unfinished or promised a sequel for we’d be here for a while lmfao XD So these are the ones the muse actually gravitates to sometimes (not that it helps with motivation fml)

Not yet titled - Ten x Rose angst, Holly x mystery girl

This is the thing that I was writing the other night. A song came up on on pandora that got the muse’s gears turning. I’ve been mulling over this fic for months but hadn’t had the motivation to write it. It’ll be a short one, ficlet length. Here’s a little excerpt:

In the distant future in a galaxy far off, a little blue box waltzed with the stars as its pilot orbited the depths of her corridors. Alone. The commonly held misconception that hours passed quicker for a Time Lord was never crueler than after he said goodnight to his more mortal companions. He felt this acutely after saying goodnight to one mortal in particular. For good.

You’re Not Alone - Hardy x Rose murder mystery AU

Oh this fic. It deserves so much more love and attention than I’ve given it, the poor baby. And if anyone’s still interested in it, here’s an excerpt just to prove I do occasionally poke at it: 

This was routine, Rose reminded herself. It was nothing. Rose had done nothing wrong. These inspectors were merely doing their jobs and Rose got in the crossfire. She was here to help, she reminded herself. Breathe.

“Miss Tyler,” Rose grimaced but schooled her expression as she did her best to claw through the metal table, Alec’s changed title for her twinging in her ears like nails on a chalkboard, “this is chief inspector Ellie Miller. My supervisor.”

Darwin’s Treasure - Darwin x Holly pirates AU

@ktrosesworld deserved this fic a year ago but I got stalled when I started studying Holly more. I do wanna finish this. I just might change Darwin’s gender to do it bc that’s what the muse wants. These two are so friggin cute though I love them 

Just as if Darwin’s mere thoughts of her had the power to summon her, Holly appeared a moment later. The chestnut mare she shared a name with turned around and shamelessly brought up her hand from down at her side to be petted. 

“Good morning, Darwin,” she greeted. Her words always fell on his ears like a soft blanket on a winter morning. She giggled as her hand walked a slow path up the mare’s muzzle. “Yes, hello to you too, Holly. Have you been good to our Darwin today?” 

Darwin adjusted his spectacles and grinned sheepishly. “Erm, well. Yes. She, ah… Holly is always… she’s always kind.”

The Empty Hearts - Nine/Ten x Rose post regen kid!fic

I waffle about whether I’m actually gonna finish this. I started it as a NaNo project so it’s not posted yet. In this one, Nine and Rose have a kid and he’s a few years old with PotW happens so he sees his dad regenerate into Ten. Drama and adventure and family fluff and romance and stuff. My blog is speckled with excerpts of this fic lol. And here’s another one. 

“You just make these choices without talking to us first, like you know better than us, like it’s not important for us to know these things. That you… regenerate. I know you trust us so I don’t understand, Doctor.” 

Guilt welled up in the Doctor’s eyes, and he searched the thicket in the roof for strength that wouldn’t come. He relished in losing control, in letting his angry hearts run wild, taking his breaths to put through their paces. “I’m sorry, Rose. I’m so sorry. It is important. You’re important.”

“So why didn’t you tell us?”

Love Potion no. 9 - Nine x Rose Hogwarts professors AU

This started out as a ficlet and grew into its own story universe lol. I write installments of this when I get Nine or HP feels. It’s a fun universe, I like it. I typically write installments of this in one sitting and haven’t touched this one in a bit so I don’t have an excerpt of the next one. yet. 

Secret Diary of a Sex Therapist - Casanova x Hannah + sooo many DT/BP characters 

This started out as a bingo square from @studio-forty-two/ @teninchficawards. And then like so many things I touch, it exploded into a universe of its own. I don’t have an excerpt of this either but I can say how it opens up. The first chapter replaces Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel following GitF. The Doctor and Rose find themselves in a parallel universe in which Rose has a doppelganger, Hannah. But what they didn’t realize is that’s only scratching the surface. No telling when I’ll write this fic lol. We’ll see. 

A Moonlit Pact - Aiden x Rose 

Technically this is the lengthiest fic I’ve written that I’ve posted. At least parts of it. This is a weird thing. There are two versions, a roleplay and the fic. They’re set in the same verse but the events are paced differently and in same cases in different order. Honestly this is the only thing I really ever wanna write but it’s cowritten with @natural–blues so I have to wait 

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Not in order but this is what I’ve got so far, but I have a good 60 requests in my asks so please be patient my friends!

  1. Cosmic Boy and it’s final chapters/epilogues, I’ve got about 3 chapters left to write and 4 side stories/epilogues! (as well as the second book)
  2. A titled werewolf!kylo au that I’m not giving out the title just yet but it’ll most likely be a 10 parter
  3. paterson!Ben au
  4. Two requests that are in the works tfa/tlj and modern au
  5. kylo’s personal tailor/designer!reader au
  6. Jedi!Ben/Finn/Rey/reader au

video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 

so basically to sum things up:

  • jj abrams wrote tfa thinking only of one movie and not an arc for the whole trilogy and just passed the bar for rian johnson to fix it
  • rian johnson did the exact same thing so colin trevorrow will be the one to deal with what they have left for episode ix
  • we got a trio (poe, finn and rey) who hasn’t even had one scene together yet and they’ll likely be split for tlj
  • the title was the first thing rian chose simply because he liked that and he sees it as one jedi, while most languages translated it to plural
  • we got new cast members (laura dern, benicio del toro) who will likely have supporting roles while other actors (gwendoline christie, domhnall gleeson) haven’t even had the chance to establish their characters well
  • since this is a space movie i’m kinda amused but not in a good way that there haven’t been many actual aliens as important characters (re: maz kanata)
  • the plot for tfa was very similar to anh: a planet destroyer weapon, someone is kidnapped, a mentor dies. the premise for tlj is very similar to esb: a main character gets training while the others go on another adventure. not very original

like… yall are quick to criticize the prequels but this is not looking very good scoob

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Hetalia Gets 3rd Stage Musical in July
Previous stage musical ran in Tokyo, Osaka in November

The staff of the stage musical adaptation of Hidekaz Himaruya’s Hetalia - Axis Powers manga announced on Tuesday that a third stage musical adaptation is slated for this July.

The musical’s tentative title is Musical Hetalia, with an as-yet-unrevealed subtitle. It will run at the NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka, and at Theatre 1010 in Tokyo.

Further information, such as whom will be reprising their roles from previous musicals, has yet to be released at this time.