yet they dont tell u how much

HEY SO WHAT UP  ──  tbh i’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while but never got around to it because i’m .. me. BUT HEY IT’S FINALLY DONE !! i’ve reached a milestone on this blog that i hadn’t ever reached before, and i still don’t understand how. i’ve had my bakugou for a little over two months now ( like two months and 2 weeks or something idek ), and in that time i’ve come to meet a bunch of great people that i now consider my super close friends. being here on bakugou makes me the happiest person, and while yeah i love bakugou to bits  ──  it mostly has to do with the fact that i get to interact with all of you, who always brighten my day and for whatever reason, continue to put up with my dumbass. so without further ado .. 


@willsmite. /  @silencebled  :  IRI MY BOY ─ brah gee wheeze do i love you  ;  3  ;  you are such an important person in my life and i feel so lucky to have you around .. you have helped me through so much and have filled my nights and days with countless laughs and good times. you are so bright and so talented i’m crying ..  i remember when we became mutuals and how i freaked cos i’d looked up to you and your writing from a distance. i really didn’t think we’d ever interact and now here we are - two months of nonstop talkin’ later and i’m so fckn done :/ ( kidding ur stuck with me forever and i’m love u )

@fawkesed / @narumakii : why there they go .. the beautiful person who holds my dumb heart in their precious hands HOBBIT !! wheezes i love you so dang much it’s crazy  ──  talking to you always brightens my day, i honest to god cannot imagine ever not being in your presence because lemme tell ya my world would be dark and ugly without you in it. you are soooOOOooo talented @ everything i still dont understand how you do it.. not to mention you are a cutie and every time i’m blessed with a selfie i die on the spot. never forget that i adore you !! you are my special lil one !! 


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