yet terrible


I have a first date in about an hour. We’re meeting at a gastropub that Sir and I love and is on my way home. Score.

I had a first date on Saturday. We met at Starbucks and chatted for a couple hours. We’re getting together again this coming Saturday. He’s going to pick me up, which means he’ll probably meet Sir.

I had a first date last Wednesday. We met at a Japanese restaurant and talked for hours. I’d been a little worried about how well we’d communicate, as he only moved to the US about a month ago, but it was fun.

Wow, so many first dates. And yet, I’m not terribly excited about any of them. I think the stress I’ve got at work is impacting my desire to date. And yet, here I am.

We had a surprise inspection from the feds last week and now they’re giving us a citation. We’ll appeal it. It’s bullshit.

We have a major accreditation site visit most of next week. My main staff member who was going to help with this got called in to jury duty today and has to return tomorrow. If he gets put on the case, it won’t finish until next Friday, which is when the site visit ends. No one is completely indispensable, but it would be great to have him here.

Sir and I had a nice evening last night. We BBQ’d steaks and sat on the patio with cocktails, chatting. He’s come to my bed a few nights recently and I like waking up to him there…except when I wake up because he’s snoring and it’s the middle of the night. Then I poke him and send him back to his room.

OK, I need to leave for my date. Hope you’re all having a good week!

jayalaw  asked:

51 Rant or Gush

51. Rant or Gush about one thing you love or hate in the world of fanfiction! Go!

Oh gosh, I could so easily do both! Fanfiction is such a fantastic platform, though arguably poisonous as well. It’s served as both a medium for me (and others) to exercise a hobby/skill with a more intimate, informal feedback, whilst also serving as a terrible, yet enjoyable, distraction from realities.

I gotta say, on the rant side, I seeing the Same. Damn. Patterns. in pretty much any fandom can really wear and tear on the enjoyment of said fic, no matter how well written it is. I can’t read Harry/Naruto/Male!Protag x Harem fics. Can’t read male!Protag “with a backbone!” fics. Can’t even read “male!protag leaves and we’ll timeskip to the great return where everyone is overly punished for never believing in them” fics. I certainly can’t read “let’s exaggerate this particular quality of said character because I don’t know how to subtly allude to it”. My decade(s) of reading, and later writing, fanfiction has probably taught me more about actual writing than a bachelor’s worth of literature would have. It’s like getting into a cooking career out of hard knock experience tutored under different chefs over culinary school.

I love fanfiction because it was a cesspool of people trying their hand at creative expression, including myself, and it ended up raising the bar for me, and what I find is worth reading (and, subsequently, worth writing), and how published works ain’t so much better… and then you realize that the only difference between published stories and fanfiction is that someone had the drive to get it published beyond some free, online means and original’d up’ed it a bit.

Yeah, fanfiction’s great. You’re gonna wade through a whole lotta crap, but, hey, at least you learn to recognize crap.

Fanfiction Questions

And maybe
the most terrible—
yet the bravest thing
I’ve ever done,
was to continue walking
no matter how slow
my feet move,
no matter
how many times
I took a rest
and sat on the ground—
to stand up
and travel
this tough road
of mine,
when all I ever wanted
was to come back
to that wonderful moment
when things
never seem
to be wrong,
when things never hurt
so much—
and when everything
seems perfectly fine.
—  ma.c.a // Long Way Home