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A Storm and the Stars - (Part 1)

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Rey and Kylo Ren as they reflect somewhere after the events of TFA, but before TLJ - in what I imagine will be a fated meeting.

Rey stepped out from the Falcon and a strange pattering tickled her ears. She looked at the ground to find the dirt spangled with specks of… rain?

Yes - it was rain.

A hint of a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth, as she cautiously reached out and stepped forward - her body still protected beneath the cover of the ship. Her palm lay flat toward the leaden sky. A single drop splashed upon the tip of her index finger.

It’s cold, she thought, inhaling sharply at the sensation of it. She rubbed thumb and index finger together, feeling the droplet dissolve into her skin. The chill of it melted away against her body’s warmth.

The drumming of raindrops steadily grew. The ground was no longer merely dappled with sparse dots of rain - but completely saturated. She extended her arm once more, as the sensation of cool water against her skin washed through her - rushing through her body entirely.

At first, the cool of it felt foreign - strange. Almost unnatural, though not entirely unwelcome. But she slowly sensitized herself to it, drinking in the sensation of each rivulet streaming down from palm to elbow. The fleeting surprise of it - the excitement of its novelty - soon subsided to… serenity.

She had always wondered before how anyone could learn to love storms - having always imagined the lightning and thunder terrifying, and the chill of precipitation something to be avoided. The books she’d read always described it as such - in all the stories she read as a girl, there were people wearing cloaks and seeking shelter to avoid being caught in the chill of storms. Her imagination had been limited by the scope of her experience growing up on Jakku.

But here she stood - as the low murmur of thunder rolled from a distance - finding a new bit of ecstasy and awe - a yet unnamed joy. Her heart felt overflowing with… something - she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. But it was a certain awareness she’d felt sometime before. For a small moment she saw the scene as peaceful, calm, and almost still - as if frozen in time.

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Prompt: fitz protects olivia when she is threatened by a client

The barrel of the gun shook in a way that made her typically-stable pulse become erratic. She knew that the unsteadiness was emotion and frustration, anger that they were losing. Her client had come to Pope and Associates to win, not to lose. They never understood that there was sometimes a longer road to winning. If anyone understood a long road, a trail of winning what you desired - it was Olivia. For a moment, her thoughts ran away and considered whether his aim would spare her death. If his hand shook enough, perhaps he would only graze her instead of piercing her fatally. Perhaps she would be granted a certain luck that she certainly did not deserve. Her shortened breath was evident in her chest and she nodded slowly, hands open-palmed to face him. She was not a threat. She only wanted to help. She was never a threat. 

Was she? Although Defiance had violated her principals, Olivia was sure that she was ultimately helping Fitz. She had felt the same way the many times that she had told him they were better off without one another. She only wanted to help. Their relationship reminded her that her insistence to help had perhaps not always gone the way that she planned. Defiance had ultimately hurt him, as did the brief moments that they parted ways. 

The growl of a demand for her attention brought Olivia from her thoughts again and she swallowed thickly. Her eyes flickered from the door to her client again. Carter Ellsworth, middle aged and set to become a Foreign Service Officer. That is, if his reputation didn’t precede him. She had understood his insistence that she ‘fix it’. He was pressured and had spent the early parts of his adult life to achieve this goal. She understood the pressure to become what he said he would become. She had been happy to help him, because her gut had told her that he truly hadn’t meant for anything to go awry. He was in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and she understood that better than most. “I don’t believe you. You never wanted to help. I don’t believe you. If this is ending my life, it’s ending yours too. Fixer? Bullshit. You don’t fix anything.” He spat the words with a malice that was more than frightening and she was sure that she saw his finger twitch on the trigger of the black metal. Her heart leapt into her throat as the familiar chime interrupted them. 

The phone she used to connect to one man and one man only beckoned her attention. Her hands itched to find it in her bag, but the client’s foreboding glare warned her against it. She knew that he would continue to call if she didn’t answer. Fitz never called when he knew she wouldn’t answer, and therefore doing so was incredibly unlike her. Even if she was busy, she always answered him. She knew it was a weakness, but she couldn’t help it. The promise of his voice on the other line was always too much of a temptation. Even now, she was tempted to answer. Maybe she could tell him what she wanted to before too much blood spilled. When the chime of her ringtone finally ceased, her breath left her chest in a long exhalation. She was not relieved. Instead, she only longed to hear the comfort of his voice. Even staring down the barrel of cold steel, she was sure that his voice would bring some small comfort. 

Her client shifted from one foot to the other and his eyes flickered to the news reports. His face was mirrored on the screen and it seemed to raise his anxiety to an ever-bubbling level. “Carter, it isn’t nearly as bad as you believe. It will always get worse before it will get better, but we can handle this. We can fix it and you will-…”  She was cut off by the second chime. Olivia’s eyes closed tightly and with every resounding chime, she felt her own anxiety bubble. His harsh voice drew her eyes wide again. “Answer it.” Olivia sucked in a breath and hesitated as if she were protecting the man she loved. “Answer it!” She jumped and quickly dug the phone from her handbag, ripping open the stiff leather with abandon. 

“H-hi.” Fitz’s voice immediately provided her an insulating layer of warmth. “Hi, Livvy.” Her lips flickered upward and eyes glanced to Carter. “I was in the shower, and I didn’t hear the phone.” His hesitant chuckle told her that he didn’t quite buy her excuse, but the other man did. “Wouldn’t that be a waste if I’m coming over in three hours?” She swallowed thickly and took in a long breath, well aware that her response wouldn’t match his question, but Carter Ellsworth didn’t know that. “Yes, I’ve packed for Vermont earlier. My flight leaves in the morning.” The silence on the other end cemented her reassurance that he understood something was amiss. Fitz’s voice thickened, “Livvy…” She continued with a tight smile and a faux warm voice, “I’ll see you Friday, okay? I love you.” She waited for one more moment before ending the call and placed the phone on the empty table. She swallowed nervously and met his eyes. “Personal… call.” He hesitated but seemed to believe her. She knew it was partially due to the ambiguous nature of her personal life that he could not be sure that she was lying. 

The minutes seemed to tick by without movement. He pushed her to stand before the television and watch the reports, and she continued to assure him that they were all easily handled, but he had to put down the gun. He was not persuaded. Her skills of negotiation were never lacking, but she understood why they were beginning to fail here. He had lost everything. When you have nothing to lose, you are unafraid to do the things you think that you never could. She too had been in that place, and it only struck fear deeper into her core. She had done something terrible and she would never have believed that she had it in her to do it. Carter could do the same thing. He too was human. As the reports shifted through the news, he flicked through more channels and was confronted with similar styles of announcements. The stock footage of he and his young wife attending a political gala cycled through, but the most painful was the image of him holding his toddler son. She was sure that the bullet would leave the chamber then. 

Her eyes flickered to the phone. Fitz had not called back. He had not insisted on understanding what she meant. Had he missed her sign? Were they no longer in sync? Perhaps she had long since ruined that. Her mind began to rifle through what she should have said to him, and the things she should have done. If she were to die, would she be satisfied with her life until now? The majority of her decisions led her to a resounding ‘no’. She had denied perhaps the only love of her life. She had allowed another man to enter her life and only cause unhappiness for her. She had deserted her gladiators, but she had also not been straightforward with them. For the last few years of her life, she had spent them surrounded by a team of people that she had lied to and kept herself hidden from. If she were to die, she thought, now would be a terrible time to do so. It was these thoughts that were interrupted by the roaring of the door. 

The black suits that stormed in did so in such a flurry that she could not see their faces, faces that she would typically recognize. She instinctively hit her stomach and the tassels of his shoes caught her eye beneath the gap of the sofa. The bang of the gun took her breath away. He had been shot. She was sure of it. He came to save her and she had put him in harm’s way again. Her mouth hung open and body was stiff with disbelief. The silent moments hung over her.

“Livvy…?” His voice brought her stumbling to her feet, scrambling over the couch, and into his arms. She threw herself against him, face buried in his chest to inhale his scent and warmth. No red blossomed over his suit and she was grateful. He held her close and hands knitted in her hair. When she began to pull away and catch his gaze, he pulled her back to his chest and held his hand over her eyes. She need not see the man splayed out in her living room. “No. Just come here. Come on, we’re going to go. You’re safe now.” She exhaled and the strange sensation that came with it took her by surprise. It was a warmth and yet a striking coolness. She had not felt it in quite some time. The wet streaks that painted her cheeks were strange, new, and yet very welcome. When his arms lifted her from her feet, she was unafraid to cling to his body, meshing it with her own. Even as he carried her from the apartment and into the elevator, even as she was surrounded by onlooking agents, she did not care. To die would have been a terrible loss, because she had yet to begin to live with him. 

Today, that would change. 

“Fitz, I love you. P-please, let’s j-just… le-let’s go home.” Her voice was hoarse and stumbling against his chest and he nodded quickly. “I’m not going to leave you in your apartment but we can go to the-…” She cut him off, shaking her head and clinging tighter around him. “No. Home. To Vermont." 

My Unexpected Human || giveyoudarkness

     The year was 1905, a year full of such surprises to come. Well, mostly just one surprise that would change her life forever. Jillian had trouble telling how old she was now, all the years had somehow blended together. But she knew she was at least a thousand years old, but she had trouble remember very much about her life before she was turned. She remembered much more about her life after, her new life as a vampire. And it was in this life, that she made it to 1905, her strangest year yet.

      She walking down the street in the middle of the night, unafraid of anything in the shadows-for she was clearly a much more terrifying shadow than anything here. You wouldn’t expect such an innocent looking, beautiful girl to be so dangerous. But she was as wicked as they came. She could hear the beating of wings a mile away, could smell sex in the air even if it was blocks away where the sex was actually happening and she could see the shifting of almost everything. And in her state of complete awareness, she heard a scream, stopping in her tracks. The scream was at least two miles away, but without thinking she took off at an impossible speed, impossible for mortals anyway. 

     “That’s right whore, I like it when you struggle” she could hear as she stopped abruptly just before the corner where she knew the two humans were. She never liked the word whore, even when it came to the profession. She knew the women in such a profession often had no other options. She had bedded many in her years and she knew better than to belittle any of them. And though she prided herself on being a vampire who never gave much attention to humans, she was still honorable in her own way. 

     She suddenly was down at the other end of the alley way and ripping the man away from the woman he had pinned, ripping his throat out with her bare hand. She looked down at his dead body with a raised brow, blood had spattered on both women and on the ground. She raised her hand to her lips to taste the blood that coated her fingers, sucking it between her pretty pink lips only to flick her tongue against it and pull it back out slowly. He was bitter, not the best she ever had but not worth a second lick. 

     As she licked her lips she slowly lowered her hand “You’re not afraid?” she asked the other woman, looking up at the beautiful blonde she had just saved. And even though what she had asked was a question, it sounded more like a statement as she looked up at the panting woman before her.