yet people still don't seem to get it

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Why have so many people seem to have taken this long to realize what Trump is when he's literally been telling us for years? That's what I don't get. He's been very upfront about who he is FOREVER. And yet there still seem to be people insisting that he's the type of person to listen to qualified people and NOT be petty.

I admit that when he first announced, I thought he was a joke (in that nobody would take him seriously, not that he wasn’t serious).

But once he began to get all the free, uncritical media coverage, it became very clear that he was a monster. 

I don’t think that his voters didn’t notice. I think that they didn’t care (or if they did care, they thought it was exactly what they were looking for.)

But people who should know better? People who should be smart enough to see through the bullshit? I think that they are blinded by their own hubris, convinced that they will be the one who gets past his bigotry, narcissism, cruelty, and evil.

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I don't get why everyone's suddenly hating on the firls. Like, how can anybody hate Noora for talking to a boy? We can't see what's going on with her but it's so obvious that she's going through a hard time bc of William, so she deserves forgetting about that for a while. And she knows nothing about Sana's crush on Yousef. On the other hand we have Vilde. She's uneducated and quite ignorant but we've known this since s1, so I don't understand the flood on Vilde hate either. Yes she's doing -

- inappropiate things, her behaviour seems really off, but if Julie has been trying to portray something with this show, is that its characters may be wrong or make terrible choices, yet they’re still good people. And I’m also pretty sure that there’s a reason behind Vilde’s actions. I just don’t understand why the girls are getting so much shit after just ONE episode, people should know better.

yes i agree with all of this, of course the girls are problematic but they are going to learn from their mistakes and grow as people! especially with vilde i’m 👀 because there’s definitely a reason why she is particularly ignorant this season and all this focus on sex on her side seems kinda suspicious

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Uhh I know you get lots of asks sorry but I just realized something : in "I only have eyes for you" Giles tells Buffy you forgive people because they need it and not because they deserve it, then in "Amends" he half-snarky asks Angel if he really thinks he deserves redemption, it's obviously because Jenny is involved this time but idk still seems weird to me ?? Has anyone tackled the issue yet ? Btw your blog made me realize a bit late how much goodness Jenny truly is so I'm sending you my love

this is a billion years late i am so sorry. this is such a good ask

ok. i’m very much of the mind that giles’s line in i only have eyes for you isn’t something he personally believes. i don’t think he should have said it to buffy, bc it’s definitely not true and i feel like…heck, thinking about it, i feel like that statement might have motivated buffy to forgive people at the level that she does. like, listen, i love my forgiving darling, and i think it’s an admirable quality to have, but buffy does forgive a Lot of people who have hurt her incredibly and really shouldn’t be forgiven (if not for their sake, then for hers).

i think, in the moment, giles saw that buffy wanted forgiveness, and he said something to her that he wanted to be true for her sake. giles tends to have a separate set of morals when it comes to buffy, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. he’s not a perfect parent, but he loves her, which is (imo) why he said that forgiveness is something given because a person needs it.

So apparently this past week of jits has been people deciding it’s okay to try to break me this week. 

That guy that I’m always wary of rolling because he goes 110% all the time and doesn’t flow with his partner’s rolling level generally (like if they’re rolling slow, he still goes all out) and does experimental shit all the time decided to knee bar me last Thursday to the point that it almost popped my knee between the brain lag of me tapping and him releasing because he didn’t do it slowly. Had to wear a support strap for couple of days sans hoping I wouldn’t collapse from it not feeling great. Skipped Monday’s training because it still wasn’t too crash hot either.

Another dude last night that weighs over 110kg decided that it was a fantastic life decision to use his entire weight and slamming his knee right down on top of the middle of my shin where the nerve runs next to the bone as a legitimate way of passing my guard during training. His reaction to me telling him not to do that was “then don’t leave your leg lying there.” I swear I’ve never felt the instinctual reaction to punch someone in the throat in my life, but that was a thing I had to stop myself from doing tonight. You just don’t do that shit to a rolling partner. On an actual opponent sure, but not in the gym. He also proceeded to place all his weight against the collarbone that was reattached last year for a solid two minutes until the pain was so excruciating I had to tap because he refused to move and I couldn’t.

Also side note, if I’m in pain, please don’t ask me if I’m okay and if I need anything, nor should you hover over me with the look of care™ because I will literally begin planning the steps to end your demise. Leave me be for a few minutes to process and deal with the injury myself. I’ll ask for shit if I need it.

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Honestly, I got mad when I found out that you'd killed Armin, when I heard about it from the leak, but after reading the chapter I wasn't that mad cause he had an honorable death. He didn't just get eaten by a titan for no reason, his death had a purpose and it seems he knew his plan would kill him. Don't get me wrong i was still upset my creepy coconut was gone, so you didn't completely fail at emotionally destroying a fan. Also, other than Eren and Bert no one knows Armin is dead yet, do they?

That’s good though. Because getting you people mad isn’t my interest. I wanna get you invested and conflicted about stuff. And yes, till now they’re the only ones.

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Okay I tried googling and got NOTHING and I don't really know who else to go to with this. Do you know much about or can you point me towards any articles, sites, or resources for veganism for people struggling with poverty and/or chronic illness that makes nutrition management, extensive food prep and frequent grocery store trips impossible? I've been pretty moved by some things you discuss on your twitter but my situation seems hopeless insofar as actually attempting veganism :c

I would say, don’t try to just be vegan overnight. (I’m still not vegan! Getting closer, but not there yet!) There’s been a trend in the movement (lol “the movement” - among people who think about this stuff a lot, anyway) toward saying “why not just eat less meat?” and I think that’s a righteous trend, because some people (say, you) might feel incredibly stressed out by trying to just change a lifetime of eating a cooking habits overnight – and the absolute worst way to change your habits is to start out by suffering a lot. While I share things that I feel are of import for those who might be in a position to eat less meat - or none - I also know that everybody’s walk through life is different. One size doesn’t fit all.

“No hurry,” is what I often say. If you feel so moved, set aside a day where dinner’s veg or vegan. Find some recipes that don’t take too much out of you and have those on your veg day and see what works for you. When you’ve found some stuff that’s in your comfort zone and that you like you can make it two dinners a week, or start working on lunch or breakfast. Or don’t, and say “when I’m up to it, one of my future plans is to eat less meat, but that’s not where I’m at yet” and know that that’s cool (at least in my opinion it is). I am passionate about animals and think we should be cool to them, but I’m also passionate about people, and I feel like moving toward a more merciful world is more important than purity tests about who’s eating meat or whatever. Becoming vegetarian for me was partly about money, because we were poor and it was cheaper for me to cook all our stuff from scratch, but I had the time to do so and wasn’t hindered by chronic illness. In an ideal world, there’d be as many fast-and-easy veg options as there are meat ones, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and in my experience making the jump is a little tricky.

I don’t know that there are resources exactly for this but I hereby put the question out to others who read this!

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So, last year I'd just started driving, and I was heading out to my car after school, and I was reaching into my bag to get my keys and while my head was down I'd stopped paying attention, so when I looked back up my face hit the mirror of a school-bus, like, directly. I fell to the ground and laid there for five minutes in the snow just rolling around because it hurt so bad. No one asked if I was okay, but no one seemed to notice/mention it...I still don't talk about it with other people, yet.


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What do you think of those posts that says the real Korra stans all hate Book 4? I honestly don't get it. Book 4 Korra is still Korra. But even saying that riles the supposed Korra stans.

*whispers*: they’re not stans if they can’t appreciate character growth and maturation, and think it’s a bad thing that she’s finally able to allow herself to be vulnerable and open with the people she loves.

I actually talk about it a little bit in my post “On the Shipping War”:

That’s maybe what’s most frustrating to me. The strong, vocal anti-KS crowd claim to be huge and great supporters of Korra (the character), yet seem to completely ignore her arc and its significance. Or they only like her up until the end of S3 (calling her “out of character” for Book 4), which makes their status as “Korra-stans” simply inaccurate.

Idk, I think it’s an incredibly bizarre argument to act like Korra was 100% absolutely perfect in Books 1 and 2. It’s clear she had a lot of room for growth to me? And where she ends up…it’s peaceful, it’s contemplative, and it’s mature. It’s what anyone should want for her?

Like, she grew up. That’s what happened. She grew up. It was in character. There’s a GREAT post about it by shineyavatars here (had to link from my own blog since her host named changed) that I recommend.