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Scarlet’s POV

The next few days I spent hard at work at the station; though I had yet to meet the sheriff. Truth be told, I was terrified to meet the sheriff. I had heard quite concerning things about them from my coworkers; mostly that they were a real hard ass. I tried not to let it get to me though, all I had to do was make a good first impression; when the time came.

Melissa didn’t think I was ready for a patrol or a crime scene yet; though she claimed I was a natural. My coworkers passed on all the evidence they had gathered to me, leaving me with days filled with staring at a tiny screen with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I couldn’t get anything wrong, they had so many people they could hire, I had to show my worth.

“I normally wouldn’t ask you to do this Scarlet, but we’re all tied down with stuff. Can you take this guy?” Melissa leaned against the doorway, gesturing to the tall blonde in the lobby.

“Of course, I’ll be right on it,” I made sure everything was in order before I made my way to the lobby, making eye contact with the man.

“Roy?!” I had to stop myself from screeching, I was not expecting to see him at all. He should have been back home in Oasis Springs, I knew he didn’t come back here with Brooklyn.

“Scarlet, woah! You’re an officer, nice!” He grinned, hitting my shoulder lightly.

“Right, uh, what are you doing here?” As my tone became more serious his face fell, much to my surprise.

“I have a tournament here today, but I need to report someone. I don’t have any direct association with them but word has been going around that they are bad news,” Aside from my bewilderment that he had a gaming tournament in our sleepy town, my eyebrows raised in curiosity.

“Oh? Do you have a name or description of this person? Do you know of anything they may have done?” I quickly pulled out my notepad, eyeing him expectantly.

“I don’t have a name but he’s tall, brown hair, blue eyes, bearded. I don’t know any specifics. Apparently he has a connection to the hospital somehow and when I heard that I freaked out, because of Brooklyn y'know?” His words were coming out at a million miles an hour, it was clear he was worried.

“How does he have the connection? Do you know anything else that could help this case?” I wanted so badly to just hug him and tell him everything would be alright, but I had to do my job.

“Well he’s not a Newcrest native I’m sure of that. I’ve heard he’s from Windenburg but I can’t confirm that. Apparently he’s been involved in a lot of underground stuff, I don’t know what stuff though,” I jotted down the information in my notepad, listening to him intently.

“Where did you find out about him? Who gave you this information?”

“Word’s been spreading around my team ‘cause apparently he’s sprung up again here in Newcrest. I don’t know how they knew about him,” He clasped his hands together, his fingers tapping against his knuckles lightly.

“Okay, I’ll do what I can do, I’ll be in touch. Don’t be a stranger either, okay? We miss you,” My face softened as I met his again. We were all missing him madly, it didn’t feel right without him in the near vicinity.

“I won’t, thank you so much Scarlet,” He hugged me tightly.

“Officer Scarlet at your service.” I grinned, patting his back lightly. My first case was about to be underway, how coincidental that it was from Roy.

Sims 4 version of Sangwoo’s house

Okay so, first I need to thank the fuck out of @attackontitantea for their post in regards to Sangwoo’s house because it helped me a shit ton in trying to figure out the layout. There’s still a lot of things I need to fix, but I just wanna show off my lack of life. Everything house related was used with what the game comes with. [I have the “get to work” expansion pack so it might include things from there, I didn’t pay attention tbh]

I actually downloaded a mod for the arch way buuut because the mod required a wall built and all walls automatically adjust to the plot’s foundation, it didn’t work. So until I figure that out, I have this. 

All I got for the outside currently. Onto the indoors!!

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Lost Track of Time

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were mad, but he was out of patience 

Word Count: 1526

Warning: eh, not really a warning…that is unless you hate the F-bomb and other kinds of curse words.

Originally posted by shishikookie

You were fuming. Here you were, dressed in a stunning gown that you knew he would love and holding a boxed Rolex that you were going to gift him. You had waited for him in the fancy 5-star restaurant where you had gotten a reservation, a reservation that took you at least eight months worth of pay to save up for. But here you were, back in your shared apartment at 1 am in the morning waiting for your boyfriend of two years to come home. Yes, he had stood you up.

You would have understood if he had called you or messaged you. Hell, you would have understood if he sent a freaking messenger pigeon to send you a letter telling you why he couldn’t make it. But guess what you didn’t receive? Any sort of indication from Jungkook on where he was or why he didn’t come. 

On the couch you fiddled around with your phone tossing it up and catching it over and over again, waiting for a phone call or text message from him. Instead of the blaring sound of your ringtone or a notification indicating a message, you heard something else: the opening of the front door. He was home. 

Jungkook crept in and quietly removed his shoes since he thought that you would be most likely to be asleep by now. That’s why he was so surprised to find you awake in the middle of the night sitting on the couch wearing a long gown. 

“Oh, jagi. I thought you were asleep.” You shook your head and scoffed in disbelief.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know why I’m awake right now, Jeon Jungkook.” He shifted when he heard you refer to him by his full name. You never used his full name unless you were angry. 

If he wasn’t so tired he would have asked you what was wrong. If he wasn’t so tired he would be doing his aegyo to cheer you up. If he wasn’t so tired he wouldn’t be picking a fight with you. 

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Mistborn Era 2 Characters as things my family members have said

Wax: i just want to ride my bike without being hassled by The Man

Wayne: *after being told 7 times not to bring their 4 dogs to the reunion* hey guys whats up i brought the dogs

Marasi: im just drinking vodka and babysitting our mother, what are you doing?

Steris: i spent an hour googling “history of chef boyardee” because my life after the school day ends is exciting and social

MeLaan: Well im sorry i actually have tits, Cheryll

Bonus Kelsier: *hitting brother with a bible* ARE YOU FEELING MY WRATH YET

Crazy In Love

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Reader catches the eye of a curious Poe Dameron.

Warnings: Oral smut, Unprotected Smut (please use protection though aghh), cursing

A/N: This is inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I know shame on me for these thoughts.

I do not own anything!!!

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anonymous asked:

are briggon and alex actually hanging out as caleb and adam and posting on instagram for valentine's or am i hallucinating. that's fucking inspirational i love them and i love you and i love this podcast and i love caleb and adam and sam and chloe and mark and dr bright and frank happy valentine's day

Yeah no that is for real happening right now. I wish I could take any credit but it was 100% Briggon and Alex’s idea and I love them so freakin’ much for it. My entire Valentine’s Day has been spent helping to plan a date/gifts for fictional characters and I’m not even mad about it. 

If you’re not following them on Instagram, you should! They’re doing stories at the mo but there will be posts later too. 

Caleb’s Instagram
Adam’s Instagram

Barnes’ Books - Chapter 9

In which pretty much everyone is sad. Sorry.

Previous chapters on the Masterlist

When I’m sure they’ve gone, I go back to the shop. I don’t want to go home, alone, and there’s a part of me hoping there’ll be a note from Bucky, something to hold on to.  There isn’t.  Steve’s playing with something on the floor when I walk in, scrabbling under the counter, but she runs over to me when I walk in.  I shut all the blinds and lock the door, leaving the light off, then curl up in a chair, and cry.

I cry for my own stupidity, for letting myself fall for someone; for having nothing else in my life; for James, alone in the care home, away from his only family. I cry for a long time, until it hurts to breath, until my skin feels raw with the salt tears. Steve is sitting on the arm of the chair next to me, I’m curled up, hugging my knees, glad that my joints are aching and my clothes are digging in and I hurt. I want to hurt. It’s what I deserve.

Eventually, you have to stop crying. Your body stops for you, even when your heart carries on. I was exhausted, too tired to be angry with myself any more. Too tired to go home. So I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I tucked Steve under one arm, and walked up the stairs into the flat. Kicking off my jeans, I lay down in the bed, just for a little bit, and tried to pretend Bucky was there with me.

Of course, I fell fast asleep and woke the next morning, confused and sore.  I blinked and looked around, then leapt out of bed, ashamed. In the bathroom I confronted the damage that the tears had wrought.  My eyes were red and swollen, my cheeks looked rough and sore. The rest of me looked as disastrous as always. I pulled on yesterday’s jeans and splashed some water on my face, but deep down I didn’t care.

Downstairs, I fed Steve again but she didn’t come when I called. Going out into the shop, I found her scrabbling under the counter again but when I shook her food box, she scampered in as if she hadn’t eaten for a week.

I opened the shop every day that week, went through the motions of selling and stocking and locking up. I smiled and made coffee and played with children, and then at night I went home to my own flat and sat in the dark alone. I visited James every day but the spark had gone out of both our lives and I had little to tell him. I ate badly – either nothing, or too much – and I didn’t sleep, and I cried.

On Friday, I got a text from Bucky. It was short, to the point. It hurt. ‘Accountant coming Monday. That OK? B.’  I replied saying it was fine, but he didn’t respond.  And so on Monday, after a lonely weekend, where I’d drunk alone, too much, and forgotten to eat, the accountant came. I showed him the accounts notebook, the system that Bucky had set up to record orders, the cashing up. He nodded, took away receipts, muttered about valuations.

On Tuesday, another text. ‘Estate agent coming Thursday. That OK?’ Estate agent. So Bucky meant to sell the shop? Sell James’ home, my job. The place where he grew up, where he was happy.  I cried more, and drank more. Yet again I replied and yet again he didn’t respond.

I replayed every memory of the weeks we’d spent together, and doubted every one.  I’d been kidding myself that Bucky was my friend. I told myself I had nothing to offer, nothing anyone would want. I was a convenient shop assistant, a favour to his Granddad. A joke. I was ‘nothing compared to’ his fiancée.

James was doing little better than I was. I made sure to visit him, it was the one thing every day that mattered to me.  He looked old and sad, and spent a lot of time talking about the family that had gone, about the friends he’d lost. He asked me every day if I’d heard from Bucky, but I didn’t tell him about the estate agent.

On Thursday, I woke up when the alarm went off, but I couldn’t move. What I’d thought was a cold coming on the day before had worsened. A regime of poor food, excess alcohol, poor sleep, and depression, had left me susceptible to every virus. I was icily cold then feverishly hot, my body aching unbearably.  My head throbbed every time I coughed, which was often. I tried to stand but felt so weak that my legs trembled and I fell back onto the bed, shaking. I felt sick and sore.  My last coherent thought before I fell into a fevered sleep was Bucky.  I sent him a text – ‘cant open shop, agent, ill im sorry’ – and then slept.

The only time I left my bed on Thursday or Friday, was to crawl to the bathroom to be sick. Each movement left me weaker, my head throbbing, my brain in a fog. I drank a little water from the tap but couldn’t have made it to the kitchen to get a glass. I slept, or lay half-conscious, unable to easily separate reality from fever-delirium.  At one point, late on Friday, I heard my name being called, and a loud banging. The noise hurt my head, so I buried it under the pillow where the sweat stuck hair to my face. I slept again.

By Saturday morning, I was seriously dehydrated, although I couldn’t have said as much. My cough was rattling through me, leaving my chest aching. I was retching but there was nothing there.  I heard the banging again, and my name, but was too weary to even move. I shut my eyes against the light seeping into the room around my curtains.  When I opened them again, Bucky was standing there. Another hallucination.

He crouched down beside the bed, resting the back of his fingers on my forehead.  Against my overheated skin, his hand felt as cold as metal. I tried to say his name, but my tongue was too dry and stuck to the roof of my mouth. I blinked, and the hallucination was gone, so I shut my eyes to sleep.

A moment later, I felt an arm snake around the back of my neck, and a glass being held to my mouth, a trickle of water wetting my lips.  I opened my mouth to gulp the water down, and opened my eyes to see Bucky again. He was in a suit, the tie undone and askew, and was scowling.  Too soon, he took the glass away, and laid my head back down. He sat down on the edge of the bed and I tried to stay awake to look at him. He twisted to look at me.

“I was worried. You didn’t answer my calls or texts. Nobody answered the door yesterday. I had to lie to a locksmith and say I’d lost my keys, to get in,” he said, watching me. This was a great hallucination.  He put his hand out and brushed some of the sweaty hair off my face. I fell asleep again as he stroked my face.

When I woke up, the hallucination had gone. I felt slightly less wretched than before, although the difference was slight. I turned my head a little to ease my stiff neck, and noticed a glass of water by the bed.  I knew I hadn’t put it there, but all I could think of was how nice it would be to drink. I pulled myself upright, my arms trembling with the effort, and gulped down the water. It was icy cold and felt delicious on my sore throat. I lay back, half-upright, and looked around the room. It looked different. My head hurt to think so it took a while, but I realised that it was… tidy.

Since Bucky had left, I’d taken to coming in from work, throwing my clothes in the corner, and getting into bed with a bottle of wine.  The dirty clothes were all gone now, and the collection of wine bottles and glasses too.  I swung around in bed and stood on trembling legs, walked slowly to the bedroom door. I had to hold onto the doorframe and walls as I left my bedroom and turned into the living room. It was only a small flat but it felt like a marathon to walk that far. There was a strange smell, and a clattering noise from the kitchen. I turned into the doorway to see a man’s back. He was standing by the stove, stirring a pot, and humming to himself. There was clean washing up stacked beside the sink and the washing machine was churning.


He turned and saw me. It was Bucky, of course.  I was leaning on the doorway, worn out with illness, tiredness and confusion.

“Hey, you should not be out of bed,” he said, stepping across the kitchen to put an arm around me. “Come on, sit down for a second.” He pulled out a chair and I slumped into it.  He crouched at my feet, looking up at me, his eyes an intense blue.  “Give me a minute, I’ll change your bed.”

Before I could speak, he’d stood and walked past me.  I heard cupboards opening and closing – luckily my flat was small enough there weren’t many places to look – then silence.  A few minutes later, Bucky returned.  I stood, holding onto the chair.  Other than his name, I still hadn’t spoken. I started walking, still unsure exactly what was going on, why he was here, but I was too weak still and my knees gave way.

Before I could hit the ground, Bucky’s arms were around me. He lifted me up easily and carried me through to my room. Putting me down on the bed, I felt the cool crispness of fresh linen, such a change from the hot, tangled, sweaty sheets I’d been lying on. My eyes closed as the cold pillow comforted my head, but as I drifted off to sleep, I was sure I felt someone kiss my cheek.

When I next woke, the light coming through the curtains was softer, as if evening was coming. I’d slept more peacefully, the fever breaking at last although I still felt limp and exhausted.  There was another glass of water by the bed, and again I eagerly gulped it down.  The flat was silent and I was starting to doubt my own mind.  Carefully I got up again and walked out, on legs as weak as a newborn lamb’s.

In the living room, Bucky was sitting on the couch, legs up on the coffee table.  He was reading a book and rubbing something on his lap. For a moment, I flushed brightly, wondering what he was doing, before I realised he had a cat on his lap. Steve.  Bucky and Steve were in my apartment.  I felt lost.

I coughed, harshly, and Bucky turned around, the movement disturbing Steve who stretched and meowed.

“Hey sleepyhead! Any better? Can I get some medicine into you? You’ve fallen asleep every time I’ve tried.” He stood, lifting Steve onto the couch, and walked into the kitchen as he spoke. I followed, sitting down in the chair again, chilled and tired.

“What are you doing here Bucky?” I asked, my voice raspy and sore.  He put some paracetamol and another glass of water beside me, nodding at me to take them, then pulled out another chair, sitting near enough that our knees were almost touching.

“I told you. I couldn’t get hold of you and you’d said you were ill. I was worried. So I came to look after you.”

I couldn’t quite process it. He gave me bits of information as he ran me a bath, found me clean pyjamas. He sat outside the bathroom door talking as I lay in the bath, making sure I didn’t fall asleep and drown. He continued talking as I sat back in bed, exhausted but feeling so much better for being clean, and gave me home-made soup to eat. It was as if he hadn’t been able to speak for the last two weeks, and needed to let everything out.

“When you didn’t reply to my note, I thought I’d blown it, our friendship, so I tried to keep it business-like, but, I don’t know, things felt different back at home,” he said, but before he could continue, I broke in.

“What note? You didn’t leave one.”

“Before we left. I came down out of the flat with Maria and you were gone, so I left you a note.” I turned in the bath, staring at the doorway, as if I could see him through the wood.  

“There was no note. I went back to the shop after you’d gone. There was no note.” I climbed gingerly out of the bath, the heat having sapped the last of my strength, and half-heartedly dried myself, before pulling pyjamas onto damp skin.  As I started to clean my teeth, Bucky spoke again.

“I left a note, on the counter. Next to Steve.” A pause. “Saying I was sorry. Asking you to call me if you’d still be my friend. Telling you I needed a friend.”

I pulled the bathroom door open, and he looked up. He was sitting on a dining chair he’d pulled up outside the door, elbows resting on knees, head resting on hands.  Now that water and rest had cleared my head a little, I could really see him.  He looked terrible. His skin was grey, eyes red-lined, and the frown between his eyes was deep again.

“I never got that,” I said, and as if on cue, Steve rounded the corner, ignoring us both as he walked into my room and jumped on the bed.  I remembered the way Steve had scratched at something under the counter in the shop when I’d been there.  “Steve. She must have chased it.”

Bucky let out a groan of exasperation as I climbed into bed, too tired and emotional to give a thought to Bucky being in my bedroom.  He nudged the cat with his hand and she glared at him, before moving over and climbing onto my lap. I felt teary, in that post-illness way, when every emotion seems too raw, your nerves exposed. I kept my head down and stroked Steve, watching as one or two tears darkened her fur.  

I felt the bed move and looked up to see Bucky sitting down. He looked at me, then lay back, on top of the duvet, resting his head back against the headboard. He looked exhausted, drained.

“Out of interest, if you’d got the note…?”

“I’d have replied. I’d have called.”

His eyes closed, briefly, and his face seemed to relax.  Silence fell, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  Steve purred on my lap, and my skin tingled from the hot bath. I was tired but had slept too much to sleep again just yet.

“Buck, why did you come all this way?”

He turned his head on the pillow to look at me. “I told you. I was worried. About you, and about Granddad. You were ill. The nurses say he’s gone downhill.”

I nodded.  “He has. I’m sorry.  To be honest, you look like you have too.”

He smiled, briefly.  “I’m fine. Work stress is all.” I didn’t believe him.

“If you need a friend, I’m here to listen. And thank you. For coming here, for taking care of me.”

For a moment, just a moment, I thought he was going to talk. He needed to, it felt as if there was a flood of words dammed up inside him, but before he could sleep, I was wracked with another bout of coughing, sending Steve off my lap and leaving me doubled over and struggling to breathe.  By the time I was calm again, Bucky had stood.  

“You need to sleep. You’re not well.” He leant over and kissed my forehead, leaving my skin tingling. Before I could speak again, he’d left the room, and I heard the flat door shut.

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So I got carried away and this is really long… But I also love it so I hope you do.

Maybe I was the cause of all the problems in my relationship with Cal. Maybe it was actually me and not him. I mean we both had fucked up schedules and many times we went weeks without actually seeing each other.

He goes to bed around three in the morning and I wake up at about four in the morning to train. I don’t get home till about five and by then Cal is already filming or doing other things.

I’m a gymnast and he’s youtuber and quite honestly I thought his schedule was messing us up, but now I’m sure it’s mine.

I do an hour of yoga and stretching before eating breakfast and doing a few miles of running. Then I drive to the gym where I live from six to three. Then I finally head home to my flat and I’m exhausted, but it doesn’t end there because after dinner I go back to the gym to teach a class for the little ones.

Unfortunately, for my relationship, I do this Monday through Friday and weekends are the same minus teaching classes.

Maybe I was the reason my relationship was failing. It was most likely me and the olympics.

“Why are you falling off the beam on a simple turn?!” My trainer screams from the other side of the gym and I look up at him.

“Because my relationship is failing!” I scream back.

“Well get back on the beam and focus. Even the three year olds can turn on beam without falling and you have a gold medal on it.”

He has a point. You’d think after being an overall bronze medalist at worlds two years in a row and having a gold medal on beam at the olympics, I’d be able to do better.

“Can you get through today’s practice or do I need to send you home to work out your boyfriend troubles?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No because he doesn’t even realize that we’re falling apart.” I explain before stepping back onto the beam.

“Nope get on down. You’re not gonna get injured right now because you’re unfocused.” He reaches up and grabs my waist before pulling me down.

“Go home, talk to him and come back here tomorrow ready to stick the routine we’ve given you because in two months you’re competing in the qualifier and I need your head on straight and the routine clean.”

“Okay.” I nod in agreement before walking over to my bag and pulling on my team Great Britain sweatshirt that match my blue shorts that sit on top of my leotard. Once I’m outside I pull out my phone and stare at it for a few moments.

“Hey Cal, can I come over?”

“Yeah of course. I just have some of the guys over filming. I thought you had training.”

“Let me out early, but I’ll be over in a few. Love you.”

“Love you too. I’ll unlock the door.” He hangs up and by the time I get to the flat all I hear is pure chaos.

“It’s the Olympic gymnast who got stuck dating Callum!” I hear Harry shout before pulling me in for a hug.

“Aren’t you usually doing flips at this time of day?” He asks and I nod.

“Coach sent me home.” I explain as he steps away and let’s Cal come over to greet me.

“You hurt?” He questions before kissing me on my head.

“No just off my game I guess. I mean I fell off the beam doing a simple pirouette and I’m the gold medalist on beam. I do pirouettes in my sleep.” I ramble slightly and he notices something is wrong.

“Well go change and join us.” He pats me on the shoulder and I nod before placing my bag down and walking to his room. I pull off my leotard and other clothes before grabbing one of his weezy tops and pulling my shorts back on. I go to leave his room before looking in the mirror and realize I actually look like shit.

“I’m not gonna be caught on camera with this.” I mumble as I pull my hair out of the messy bun. I quickly put some concealer on my neck because a bruise the beam gave me looks like a hickey and then I’m ‘ready’ to be seen by others.

“Guys look it’s the girl with the Olympic gold medal.” Someone throws a vlogging camera in my face.

“Stop it. It was one gold medal.”

“Yeah but you’re family has a room in their house dedicated to medals and awards that you received growing up.” Cal points out

“Well it’s my only Olympic gold medal.”

“My bad I forgot about the bronze on uneven bars.”

“I could be better. Have you met the American team their incredible.” I look down at my callused hands and think about the eighteen years of my life that have been dedicated to the sport. My twenty first birthday was spent at the gym training for nationals. I mean I pushed so much of my life off just to compete. Yet I still feel unaccomplished. Like I could do more and to others it sounds stupid but for me it’s just the life of a gymnast.

“Anyway I’m gonna go lie down. I didn’t realize how out of it I am till now.” I stand up off the couch and Callum looks worried.

“Guys set up the video I’ll be back.” He follows me into his room and I take a seat on the bed.

“What’s going on? You haven’t missed a day of training since you had the flu three months ago.” He asks and I shrug while rubbing on my right ring finger that has the Olympic Rings tattooed onto it.

“I’m ruining our relationship. I mean we barely ever see each other and when we do, the guys are around, or we’re both out of it and tired. I mean we haven’t spent time watching Netflix and relaxing together in months. I mean we maybe get to call each other every week or so.” I shrug before looking up and facing the reality.

“I mean you started dating me right after the Olympics and I’m not the same person I was back then. I had about three or four months of normalcy where I just hung out and relaxed and only went to the gym twice a week. Now it’s a year later and I’m training hard for nationals and to make the national team for worlds. This is the real me and the real me is fucking up everything. I mean did you not notice my lack of presence at the party last week or that I wasn’t there for the Sidemen football match? I mean I missed a lot and I feel like you don’t care. Like it doesn’t matter.”

“You think I don’t care or notice that you aren’t there? Cause I do and yeah it hurts but I don’t say anything because you’re pursing a dream and I’m not gonna stop you from doing that. You’re incredible and I’m not gonna stop you from reaching you’re highest potential. I don’t wanna make you feel bad so I don’t say anything. And yeah maybe you and I don’t talk much and this is the first time I’ve seen you in person in a month, but I still love you. I mean what do you want me to say? That I mad? Cause I am, but I’m not gonna do that to you. I mean it sucks when all the others guys have their girlfriends around and we all go out to eat and mine isn’t there because she’s training. Yeah it sucks but I don’t say anything because I’m not gonna stop you from doing you’re best. Im not gonna make you feel like shit for doing you. So don’t come in here and act like I don’t try because it’s you that doesn’t have time for me.” He shouts back and I realize that I was… no I am… the problem.

“So what does this mean?” I ask and he places his hands over his face before looking up at the ceiling and back down to me.

“I think it means we’re done.” He admits and I nod before picking up my bag and walking out of the room.

“Wait where you going?” Harry asks and I just ignore him. Once I’m out of the flat I just run. I run to my car and I drive straight to the gym.

“Why are you back here? I’m not letting you train upset.”

“I’m here because he fucking broke up with me.” I finally respond after a few moments of silence.

“And I’m ready to train.”


“You look so tense. Like go get a drink.” My teammate jokes and actually consider that as an option.

“I mean Cal and I split like a month ago and I have been quite lonely. I mean I haven’t slept with a guy in so long. I mean it’s hard to have a sex life when I’m always here.”

“Well there’s always the boys.” She motions over to the chalk bin where some of the Olympic guys are standing.

“Mel really?” I fidget with my grips and she nods.

“I mean I had that fling with Luke.” She smiles and I look over at them.

“They’re just as horny as we are. Like I’m just about to for one of them at this point.” She shrugs and I nod.s

“Let them know you’re single sweetie.” I wink before grabbing her hand and pulling her over to the chalk bin by the bars.

“Move it or lose it boys.” I smirk before looking up. “Or do something with it.”

“Oh is that right?” Ash grabs my waist and I nod. He pulls me closer to his body and leans down to kiss behind my ear. “I’ll see you by my car.” He leaves another kiss on my neck before looking around.

“I’m sorry do you guys need some space?” I hear my coach shout and I quickly pull away from Ash and turn around to face my trainer who is holding up an elastic band.

“I thought we were doing bars.” I raise an eyebrow and he holds up another elastic band.

“You and Ash here and gonna be having fun today and not the fun you wanted to have.” He throws the bands at us and I contemplate throwing myself on the ground and crying.

“Feet together and up the rope. Come on you two, now you’re gonna do that ten times each and once you’re done do it another ten times.” He shouts and Ash looks at me while smirking.

“Good I’ll get to see your cute ass climb up the rope.”

“Not gonna be cute when he makes us do even worse things. Last time he caught me kissing my boyfriend I was sixteen and he made me do twenty times up the rope, a five mile run, and thirty standing tucks before making me call the boy and tell him he would ruin my future and I couldn’t date him.”

“Wait really?”

“Yeah and he only let me date after I won gold on beam. Now he’s pissed because of you because he thinks you’re gonna ruin my chance at gold again.” I explain while tying my ankles together.

“What about my chance at gold?” He jokes and I grab onto the rope. “My bad I mean my chance at gold for the third worlds in a row.” He reaches over and tries to tip me over before climbing up the rope.

“So Im gonna go take an ice bath. I gotta take an ice bath.” I limp over to ice baths as Asher follows me.

My trainer had us do five miles, and then it got worse. Back tuck followed by a burpee. Twenty sets of five followed by chin ups on the high bar and then he made me continue running. Then he made me do my floor routine full out four times in row. The worst was that Ash was allowed to stop after the running and he sat back cheering me on while laughing.

“Can you possibly carry me?” I ask and he grabs onto my waist and throws me over his shoulder. Once we get to the ice baths he puts me down and I slowly climb into the freezing water.

“How’s the boyfriend been?” He asks and I can’t help but laugh.

“I wouldn’t have flirted with you if he was still my boyfriend.” I explain and he leans against the edge of the tub next to me.

“Why’d you split?”

“I don’t have time for a relationship when I’m here being an Olympic gymnast.”

“Oh trust me… There’s time. That one hour break we get between twelve and one for lunch and then the break we have from three to seven and again when you have a break at nine after you’re done teaching the little ones. Trust me there’s time, but unless both people are trying, you won’t feel like there is time.”

“And weekends at night. You’re boyfriend sounds like an ass.” He laughs and I shake my head.

“No I’m the ass. I didn’t try either. I wanted him to try and I couldn’t expect him to.” I look up at him and he shakes his head before standing up.

“I can’t sleep with you. I’m sorry but I was flirting back because I’m an ass but you love another guy. Like come on you still love Cal.” He grabs my hand and pulls me up out of the ice bath.

“You should stretch, take a shower, and go get your boyfriend back.”

“No I don’t love him anymore, it’s fine.” I try to dissuade him and he smiles softly.

“Can’t do that to you. I mean you’re on my Olympic team.” He laughs and I cross my arms over my chest.

“Okay, well thanks Asher.”


“Hey Harry, is Callum home? I gotta talk to him.”

“Oh, what’re you doing here?” He hugs me before pulling me inside and pointing to the kitchen.

“Wait before I go, is he seeing someone new?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“You’re good.” He laughs while motioning for me to follow him inside.

“Callum? Can we talk?” I ask and he looks up before nodding and motioning for him to follow me.

“Mind me asking why you’re here?” He asks while shutting the door behind us.

“Cause I got to practice and for the first time since I was sixteen I got fully punished. I had to climb the rope with just my upper body twenty times and then ran five miles. Then did so many back tucks into burpees that I almost passed out and it didn’t stop there. I had to do chin ups and handstands and all that other shit before dying and doing my floor routine fully out.”

“The last time that happened I got caught having my first kiss outside. It was my first boyfriend and it was so worth the pain I endured after. However, today wasn’t the same because I got caught flirting with another guy who then turned me down because he told me I’m still in love with you. And he’s right, I am still in love with you, but he also made a really good point and I want you to listen.” I place my bag down and he motions for me to continue.

“He mentioned that I do have enough time for us. He pointed out that there is enough time and I think I messed up before and yeah I do want to get back together but please just tell me if I’m already overstepping my boundaries. I mean I’ll just go now if you don’t want to get back together.”

“Don’t think that, please don’t think that. Yes I want to get back together and yes I’ll find a way to work this out so please don’t cry.” He pulls me into his arms and I wrap my arms around his waist.

“Missed you shorty.” He pulls away and brushes my hair away from my face before kissing me.

“I love you.” He picks me up and I place my face into his shoulder.

“I love you too.” I smile before leaving kisses on his cheek. “I love you so so much.” I laugh as I keep leaving kisses on his cheek and he smiles before turning his head and kissing me again.

“I’m not letting you go again.”

Wings [Prologue] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary - He tells to nobody in particular as to why he is on Earth.

Today, I ‘celebrate’ three hundred years living on this suffer able planet that humans call Earth.

It was alright; obviously better than the place I used to live in - Kronell. The most feared world of all worlds, ruled by the mightiest and the ugliest king, Kimroe.

Why I lived there?

Simple : I had to pay for my sin. Back in my days, as a mortal, which was approximately three hundred and twenty five years ago ( twenty five years spent in Kronell, and the rest three hundred on back on Earth ) I had a beautiful wife.

I didn’t regret a single day spent with her, a lifelong of her love I could live through - I was the happiest man alive. Yet, the higher dignities refused to let me have her for myself.

She died.

And, so that’s how my tragic story began; me going wherever I could to somehow contact her, or go to her myself. But, that’s where the dignities found humor. They refused to take my soul, so every

time I tried to end my own life, I would somehow be discovered and be saved.

I despised them; rather, loathed them. I could do nothing. Then, one day, an old lady offers to let me talk to the person I wanted to contact. Apparently, she was one of those women who were considered crazy as they claimed they could contact the dead - but she wasn’t lying.

As soon as I took up her offer - I was more desperate than I already was - I was warned, time and again, not to attempt to contact my beloved deceased wife as then I would have to repent for it, down in Kronell. That was what I considered, what the humans call now - Bullshit. I paid no heed to the dignities as their warning struck me as another attempt at finding humor in my situation. But I was wrong.

The moment I saw the image of my wife forming in front of me, I was already engulfed in flames, and somehow, I landed up in front of the great Kimroe himself. He made me pay for breaking the most important rule of Life and Death - No human was allowed to meddle with the souls of the departed, which I did.

So then, I was made again as the Fallen Angel, like many other sin committers in Kronell with a mark on the back of my neck - An encircled star. The only good part was that we got Wings. I prided my Jet Black ones. But, all of us had one common weakness : Metal. Metals were like scalding hot substances for our skin and wings. We were usually punished with it, by our masters.

We were like slaves, to those already born into this world.

The blood related ( born as a Fallen Angel ) had similar marks as us, on the back of their necks, except, it was in red, to tell them apart. We ( the Sinners ) usually called them the 'Redbloods’.

I served twenty five excruciating years in the world of Kronell and I had had enough. I wanted to leave - and so I did.

I found out that, a Sinner could either repent for their sin until the master ( here, Kimroe ) is satisfied or - although it could be punishable - we could go back to Earth and find a mortal Soul mate.

Now, every Sinner has a mortal Soul mate, and we will know we have found them when we make physical contact with them and our mark burns. Until then, you could just pass by them and you would never know they were your Soul mate. Now here comes the tricky part - Once you have found your Soul mate, you are not immediately revived of your previous life as a Sinner. For you to be completely ridden of sin, your Soul mate, must, on their own, confess their romantic feelings ( if they have any ) towards you. The Sinner must in now way, what so ever, oblige them into doing so.

As I thought of these things, and replayed them in my head, I felt every level of self esteem in me fading away. What if I never found my Soul mate? What if I’d have to return to Kronell and face that ugly guy’s wrath?

But, I’m safe unless somebody decides to come after me.

I stepped in through the door, and walked towards the counter, the cashier giving me a bright smile as she got ready to type in my order.

'What would you like Sir?’ The cashier asked in a cheery voice.

'A medium Latte, please.’ I replied monotonously.

'Anything else?’ She quirked, signalling a worker near her.

'No, that would be all, thank you.’ I said.

'Okay, your name, Sir?’ She asked as she grabbed a cup to write my name on.

'Kim Taehyung.’

This series will be updated every Sunday and Thursday.

I hope you guys like it :)

William Nylander - Part 6

In case anyone missed it, I now have masterposts for both my Matthews story and the Nylander one! Keeps everything nice and organized! 

After dinner we roll to a stop outside my apartment. An awkwardness comes over me and I have no idea what to do or say so I wait for him to break the silence.  

               “I’d ask to come in, but I think I hit my limit of making you do things today,” Will says, shifting into park and leaning back in his seat to look at me.

               I laugh and nod. “I would have said no anyway.” We both know it’s a lie.

               “Sure,” he humors me and our eyes meet. Instead of the tension rising, it seems to dissipate. I’m comfortable with him. It’s a shocking revelation. Just as is the fact that his hair is different shades of blonde almost, a natural highlight that I hadn’t noticed before.

               “Are you going to call me this time?”

               I hesitate a moment. “It’s possible.”

               He tilts his head down and gives me a skeptical look.

               “You never know, I could still be gathering evidence of your stalking incidents,” I tease, giving him a severe look.

               Will laughs, it rumbles in the enclosed space and my heart skips a beat. It’s a beautiful sound.

               “I guess anything is possible,” he says and we fall silent again. I don’t want to get out of the car and I don’t think he wants me to leave either.

               “Well, I’m sure my cat is very upset I didn’t spend my Sunday with her,” I start when the silence stretches on for too long, my hand reaching for the door handle. Silently begging him to stop me. He does.

               Will’s hand catches my wrist and I look back at him in question. He gives me a shy smile before leaning in and kissing my cheek gently.

               “Goodnight, Y/N,” he says, his breath raising goosebumps on my skin.

               “Will,” I say as a goodbye and lift myself out of the car, closing the door gently behind me. I don’t look back.

               The elevator dings, the doors closing after I press my floor number and I lean back against one of the walls, my head hitting the glass with a thud. The only reassuring thing that this hasn’t been a dream is the dull ache.

               “What the hell am I doing?” I ask myself aloud. You said yes to another date with Nathan for tomorrow yet you spent all day with a drop dead gorgeous hockey player and let him take you out to dinner and kiss your cheek and make your stomach do backflips and you are a horrible person. I let out a wail of despair once I’m in my apartment and Kota pins her ears back. Her eyes judgmental.

               “Don’t even start with me, Kota,” I snap, throwing some food into her bowl. I strip down in my bathroom and turn the water as hot as I can stand. Letting the water relax my muscles and steam the bathroom, I let my mind wander. It doesn’t surprise me when it lands on Will. I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he’s showering just like me. Oh you just had to go to a naked image, didn’t you? I scold myself and turn the scalding shower off.

               I don’t bother dressing myself, tying a robe around myself instead. Wandering out into the living room Kota is perched on her usual spot on the back of my couch. Her eyes are less judgmental now and she’s content to let me pet her head.

               “Oh Kota, two weeks ago I had no boys. Now I have two,” I whisper and she meows back. I don’t speak cat but I’m pretty sure she just asked me for more food.


               When my alarm sounds in the morning I bounce out of bed, always the morning person. I’m my most productive in the early hours of the day, hence the alarm at 6:30. I dress myself smartly, also key to being productive and twist my hair into messy bun. Kota bends between my legs as I gather my morning breakfast, nearly causing me to break my ankles twice.

               I pull up my schedule on my tablet as I stuff toast and eggs into my mouth. A lunch meeting with a few other editors at the office and several more manuscripts are due to be in my inbox when I arrive. They are never sent over email. Always a hard copy in my little tray in the office that I seldom use in downtown Toronto.

               With a free morning I get uninterrupted time to clean my apartment. One of my favorite things to do. There is just such a satisfying sound when the vacuum runs over my carpet, leaving that beautiful trail. My parents bought me a Roomba for Christmas, I exchanged it for a new coffee maker. Orderliness and cleanliness cannot be made by a robot.

               By the time I’m walking into the office, precisely nine minutes early, my mood is sky high. I greet the receptionist, janitor, a copy writer and three people I don’t know as I walk to the glass enclosure of a conference room. I remember now why I prefer to work from home. The ultramodern look and feel of the office is overwhelming at times. Everything too professional and cold for my liking.

               I take my usual seat, second on the right, back to the door and carefully lay all my papers and files before me in particular order. Movement to my left comes as a surprise but doesn’t scare me.

               “Here already? I thought you liked coming to meetings fifteen minutes late?” I say without looking up from my pad of paper that I always use to take notes on.

               “All good things must come to an end,” Jake sighs, placing my usual Caramel Macchiato before me before settling himself down in the third seat to the right. “Bartello said after the last meeting that I have to be good for three months and she will clear my record.”

               I scoff and shake my drink a few times before taking a sip. “I didn’t think you were afraid of Bartello.”

               “Yeah, well, I’m more afraid of having to go back to photocopying. Worst year of my life,” he replies. I finally glance up at him when he shuffles his papers out onto the table and my eyes widen. Jake’s usual unruly hair is smoothed to the side with a clean cut and his lazy attire is now freshly pressed and his tie is actually tied.

               Jake realizes I’m staring and his cheeks turn a faint pink. “What?” He asks self-consciously, eyeing me warily.

               “Goddamn Mattias,” I exclaim and his pink turns beet red. “You look fine as hell!”

               “Would you keep your voice down,” he mumbles furiously at me, busying himself with his papers while I snicker.

               “What’s her name? Is it the new receptionist? She looks like a total sweetheart, all rosy cheeks and pretty black curls. I can see it,” I nod and smirk at his obvious discomfort.

               “It’s not the receptionist,” he snaps and I press him with a stare. He knows I won’t let it go. “You’re not going to like my answer,” he says cautiously, his eyes darting to me and to the coffee in my hand.

               “What do you mean I won’t lik-“ I freeze in my words. Jake sees the revelation in my face and I can see sweat beading on his forehead. “No no no no no no…. Jacob Oscar Mattias you had better tell me that what I’m thinking is not true.”

               Jake swallows hard and glances at the exit to our left. “Jake, you had better tell me right now that you are not dating my sister,” I lower my voice and level him with a glare. He makes a noise in the back of his throat and licks his lips nervously.

               “YOU’RE DATING MY SISTER?” I yell and he jumps in his seat before grabbing my arm and glancing again over his shoulder where two of our coworkers are looking up from their desks.

               “Would you stop yelling?” He whispers, ducking his head closer to mine. “And please don’t hit me. I still have a bruise from six days ago at the last meeting.”

               I can feel murder on my face and I know he feels it.

               “You can’t act so surprised, you knew there was something there,” he says, leaning back in his seat. Clearly taking comfort in the fact that I can’t beat him over the head with my briefcase in the middle of the office.

               “But… it’s Rian… she’s my baby sister,” I squeak. Betrayal rushing over me like a broken dam.

               “She’s not a baby, Y/N. She’s barely two years younger than us. Three more months and she graduates. It’s not a huge deal!”

               “It is so! How long?” I demand, still seething.

               “Just a few days, two dates is all,” Jake answers, more tension leaving his body.

               “So after the game then?” I ask. Rian had been so nervous during the entirety of the car ride there and back, blushing at every word Jake had said. I had just thought it was a crush thing. Never did I imagine they would act on it.

               “Yes, after the game. When you didn’t answer me the next morning right away to ask how you were feeling, I called Rian to make sure everything was okay. It all kind of spiraled from there,” Jake shrugs and I press my lips into a hard line.

               “I texted you right when I woke up! How early did you call her?”

               “I was worried about you, Y/N. Nathan and Rian aren’t the only people that love you,” he snaps at me and my heart softens a little bit. But I’m still pissed he’s probably already kissed my baby sister.

               “Don’t you try and suck up to me now Mattias,” I snap back at him and he gives me a shifty grin. “So that’s what all this is about?” I ask, mussing his hair much to his annoyance.

               “Not really,” he says, shoving my hand away and attempting to smooth his black hair back out again. “Just ready for a change.”

               I give him a skeptical look but drop the topic as our coworkers slowly start filing in.

               “This isn’t over,” I mumble to him, bringing my drink to my lips. “No matter how many macchiatos you bring me.”

               The meeting goes as usual, someone gets yelled at but it’s not me or Jake so I don’t really care. I give Jake a dirty look every chance I get and he’s always quick to look away. Once everything is done and we gather our things, walking out the door together.  

               “All your dirty looks reminded me,” Jake starts once we are out of earshot of the others and in my office. “Rian mentioned you went out with William Nylander last night?” He raises his eyebrows and flops down in one of the seats across from my desk.

               I silently curse my sister for being a blabber mouth and fix Jake with a stare as I take my own seat and pick of the stack of manuscripts waiting for me. Fanning through them I reply. “Yeah, what about it?” I decide not to lie and I realize with a pang that I have yet to text Will.

               “It just surprises me because you went out with Nathan the other night and I think he mentioned something about going to a play tonight,” Jake says slowly and I smack my forehead with the stack of papers.

               “The play!” I moan and squeeze my eyes closed. I had completely forgotten.

               “Yeah…” Jake says a bit awkwardly, which I find ironic that he considers that to be awkward when I’m pretty certain he’s had his tongue down my little sister’s throat already.

               I sigh and lean back in my chair, replacing the papers onto my desk and tilt my head to look out the window.

               “I don’t know what I’m doing, Jake,” I whisper.

               “I’ve gathered that,” he nods and I look at him in surprise when he chuckles.


               He hesitates a moment, looking like he’s gathering his words first. “It’s just… so unlike you I guess. You’re a person who needs to be organized and even since high school you’ve always known what you wanted.” He shrugs and leans back as well. “I just never saw you as someone who plays the field.”

               “I am not playing the field!” I retort and glare at him. “And you seem very unconcerned that this involves your best friend and there’s a possibility that things aren’t going to work out between him and me.”

               Jake shrugs again much to my annoyance. “I never have thought of you two as a couple, you’re too similar I think,” he says slowly. “Besides, I wouldn’t really consider him as my best friend as of late, I’ve hardly seen or talked to him since the game. He’s so involved in everything at school and all of his coworkers at the hospital he’s doing his practical at… I think of you as my best friend more than Nate.”

               I turn my attention back out the window, letting Jake’s words sink in. I hadn’t realized until now that Jake is right. Nathan never even mentioned Jake when we were out the other day, all he really talked about what school and what his future hopefully consisted of. I don’t even think we talked about my own work. Glancing at Jake, I see his brow bunched together as he stares blankly at my desk.

               “I don’t think that’s true, Jake,” I say gently. “I think of you as my best friend as well, you’re the person I see the most to be completely honest. But Nathan is still your friend, he just has other priorities right now. It’s like when you and I were in our program, all we pretty much saw was each other. I don’t think we left each other’s sides for sixteen weeks,” I smile at him and he hesitantly reflects it back to me.

               “Don’t think about it too much, Jakey,” I reach forward and cover his hand with my own. “Nathan will snap out of it. You still have your best friend.”

               Jake stares at our hands and slowly nods his head. I hadn’t realized how much this affected him. A little bit of guilt flashes through me about yelling at him earlier.

               “Still going to the play tonight?” He asks after a few moments his sad expression replaced with a smirk, though he doesn’t remove his hand from mine.

               “You want to come? Rian would be down I’m sure,” I say, an idea already forming in my head. It’s not a date if your little sister comes. Jake seems to know exactly what I’m thinking and frowns at me.

               “Are you even into him?” He asks bluntly.

               I stare at him in silence, taking in his bronze skin and his even darker eyes. I can see why Rian gets giddy every time I mention him. “I don’t know, Jake,” I answer truthfully. “I really don’t. I had never thought about him in that way until recently, and even now… it’s strange. But also kinda nice?” I scrunch my nose, my mind in a million places at once.

               “But you need time,” Jake says and I nod.

               “I think so.”

               “And what about Will?”

               My cheeks heat and my heart skips a beat in my chest. My physical reaction is enough for Jake to nod.

               “Much different reaction,” he muses.

               “Much,” I agree quietly. I squeeze his hand once more before wiggling the mouse to my desktop to get the screen to wake up. “So you want a ticket for tonight?”

               “Yes, ma’am. Two please,” he winks at me and I scowl even though it was my idea.

               “Keep your damn hands to yourself when I’m around,” I growl at him as he stands and makes to leave my office. “I’m going to have nightmares for weeks now.”

               Jake gives me his goofy smile, the contrast of his white teeth again his brown skin makes me envious and I hate that he used my favorite smile against me.

               “Get out of my office.”


milk and honey by rupi kaur


Hi everyone, I’m Sydnie! I’m relatively new to the studyblr community and figured it was about time for me to write an intro post. I’m 19 years old, and a sophomore nursing student in Boston (minoring in psychology).  I’m currently taking 21 credits and I’m also in clinical one day a week.  On the weekends I tutor high school students in both English and math, but I’m also looking into possibly getting another job (not sure yet).

My aim in starting up this studyblr is to motivate myself and get excited about all the work I have to do, which can sometimes be a struggle.  The amount of studying associated with my courseload is pretty intense so my goal is to make original posts frequently.  I’m obsessed with minimalist stationary (hello MUJI Boston), colorful pens, and washi tape (and I’ve most definitely spent way too much money satisfying these obsessions)

Outside of college and studying, I am interested in art, photography, music, and binging tv shows.   If you have any questions for me about nursing school, how I study, or literally anything else just zoom on over to my ask box :)

My main blog is @lanquid , and you can find me on instagram @sydnie.m (just ask for snap or other social media)!

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anonymous asked:

heyyy, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but if i were Emma, I wouldn't care if Killian had killed my grandfather a long long time ago, whatsoever. Like, Emma never met Robert, never cared for him, never knew what he was like, so.... why would Emma be angry at Killian for killing Robert? David's the only one who should be angry. Not Emma. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emma wouldn’t be angry about that, shocked maybe, but she would be upset that he didn’t tell her. 

Which HOPEFULLY Killian explains he was GOING to and spent all day drinking enough courage to do so until she unknowingly assumed the question he wanted to ask her was something else and he was kinda put on the spot.

I’m not mad at either one of them, Killian really, in my honest opinion, had no choice with the way the situation went. What was he suppose to do?

“Ohhh you found the ring, ummm wow ok. Yeah I was gonna propose BUT… not yet and I gotta tell you this thing about my past and.. blah blah blah”

The surprise was already ruined, he wasn’t about to ruin the moment more.

She will understand I’m sure. She will understand everything.

please don't say you love me | bellamy blake (the 100)

prompt: 25- “i told you not to fall in love with me” & 35- “go on tell me. tell me you don’t love me”

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it was yet another unity day spent on earth and this year monty had fixed his moonshine up, it was hard tasted worse but definitely hardened.

i may or may not have had one to many cups of this concoction leading me to where i am now, dancing through the crowd with raven letting our hair down and getting unbelievably drunk.

♫ all I wanna do is what I do well, ain’t a gambler but honey I’d put money on myself. all I wanna do is bottle it to sell, ‘cause my brand does vainglorious much better for your health ♫

we link arms belting out the lyrics dancing with each other as a group of boys watch over us swinging our hips and heads from side to side.

♫ woah oh oh, i can’t get enough, all they’ve said it’s true. i can’t get enough of myself.. woah oh oh, I can’t get enough, I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of myself♫

“woahhh oh oh” i slur moving my body to the beat feeling a little buzzed rocking on my feet as my vision seems to rock.

i spot the tall handsome brunette from a mile away, his was the camp leader and i seemed to be the only girl in this god damn camp that flirted with the poor boy.

i skip over to my best friend “bells” i giggle tripping but bellamy quick to scoop me up holding me upright with a hand secure to my waist “you good princess?” i giggle taking a swig from my cup.

“im fantastic” i chirp snuggle into the boy, he chuckles and wraps his other arm around me “let’s get you to bed?” i shake my head and push my hands against his chest getting out of his grip.

“noooooo” i whine turning and headed back toward the crowd, i fill up my cup taking a long sip. i spin on my heels and smash into bellamy chest causing the liquid to splash up all over my shirt

“bellll” i whine drinking the rest of whatever was left in my cup “now igotaa get another one-” i slur “ill get it for you” he takes the cup and whispers something nmonty before he pulls up what looks like a bottle of water.

“no no water” i complain falling at his feet, he lifts me back up supporting my weight, “it’s um-” “it’s not water it’s vodka i promise” i stop and stare at him causing him to laugh

i take the cup from him and sip it, not really tasting anything at all “i got my eyes on you blake” i step back and attempt to walk away my feet seem to give way.

“yeah lets go” he lifts me up and carries me toward his tent, i complain the whole way telling him that I was fine but he wasn’t buying a bar of it.

he sits me on his bed rummaging through his clothes and pulling out one of his t-shirts, he removes my soaked shirt and then slipped his clean one over my chest. “stand up”.

he removes my jeans and shoes before settling me into his bed in screwing s water bottle and bringing it my lips “please drink” i give in and let him tip the water into my mouth

he places a bucket next to the bed undressing himself and changing before sitting down next to me, i move closer to him my hands sliding up his bare chest

“thank you baby” i mumble glancing at his lips “(y/n)-” i cut him off by pressing my lips to his deepening the kiss as i feel his hands on my hips. i bet he could taste the alcohol on my lips.

“i love you, bell” i confess before flopping back down on the pillow sleeping pulling me in deep.

i toss in the bed opening my eyes slightly to see the tent lit up brightly stinging my eyes “jesus who turned the lights on” i moan pulling the covers over my face. i hear a chuckle and I turn squinting to see bellamy sitting on the edge of the bed shirtless with his back facing me

i sit up and my head spins “woah” i grasp my head and bellamy turns around placing a comforting hand on my shoulder, “here” he handing me a bottle of water and i take it grateful taking long sips

“god sorry i was probably a drunken mess last night” i apologise embarrassed, i remember everything and i was worried id ruined everything. I kissed my best friend & told him the truth about how i feel, thank you tequila.

“nah you were fine, id rather me help you then have some creep doing it-” he looks at me nervously, “so how are you feeling? do you remember much?” i bring my bottom lip between my teeth.

i decide to lie, “it’s all honestly a little hazy. did i do anything stupid?” he looks the floor mumbling “so you don’t remember?” he pesters “remember what exactly?” i match his annoyed tone.

“forget it” he mumbles standing and slipping on his boots and shirt

“are you serious?” i complain standing and slipping on my jeans from last night. he turns to me as i shove my feet into my boots “here take my jacket it’s cold out” he drops it on the bed and turns moving out of the tent.

i grab his jacket and slip it on before following him out deviating from his path to head toward the mess hall where i spot raven and octavia sitting at one of the tables. i trudge over and slide myself into my usual seat.

“woah what’s up with you sunshine?” octavia jokes “like your one to talk O” i retort rolling my eyes at the brunette.

she narrows her eyes at me sitting up straighter “okay what the hell happened?” i move my hands across my face before folding them across my chest “nothing- nothing” i finish catching bellamy’s gaze as he heads over to us.

“brilliant” i mutters as he reahes are table i refuse to make eye contact with him that caused the two girls to grow awfully suspicious at my behaviour “O can we talk?” he asks his little sister and she ignores him focusing on me.

“so this is what’s bothering you?” she laughs aloud “my idiotic brother, what’s yous do kiss or something” she jokes biting into his apple.

“something like that” i mumble leaving my plate of food and giving bellamy a glance as he realises I know what happened, what i said.

i move out of my seat and storm away from the group feeling stupid and desperate, you make it as far as the camp gates before i hear heavy footsteps and the familiar voice of someone falling my name.

i quicken my pace but it doesn’t seem to help because soon enough there’s a hand in mine pulling me back “leave me alone bellamy” i complain pulling my hand free of his

“(y/n/n) please just hear me out, we need to talk-” i turn around o face him “look okay i get it- we kissed okay we were drunk but what i told you bellamy- that was the truth. i was terrified to admit it but im not anymore”.

“i love you bell-” he cuts me off “no” he yells im taken back by the tone

“i told you!” he yells frustrated “i told you not to fall in love with me- i told you!” he continues to rage pulling his hair at the roots

i step forward and place my hands on his chest “bellamy-” he shakes his head at me stepping back and sliding himself down the trunk of a tree “im sorry” he mumbles, “I can’t tell you what you want to hear” he breathes eyes stinging with tears

i shake my head in disbelief “no” i choke on my tears “you cannot sit there and tell me that” he hangs his head between his legs shamefully.

“go on tell me you don’t love me” i spit tears streaming down my face, he lifts his head tears on his own cheeks “tell me!” i yell frustrated

he chokes on his words trying to look me in the eyes “i can’t- i can’t”

“then why is it such a problem I don’t understand you bell?!” i cry kneeling infront of him

“of course you don’t understand!” he tries to reason but it comes out like venom “help me understand then!” i argue my heart breaking “i can’t” i feel my chest grow heavy

i lean forward and press my lips to his hoping for him to change his mind, i break way and look into his brown eyes begging for another chance.

“i love you bellamy blake, i choose you and i want you to choose me too” i cry but he’s eyes remain fixed on the ground"

“fine” i choke standing and brushing the dirt off my jeans walking away from the camp

“where will you go?” he calls to me standing from his spot on the ground “anywhere but here” i cry turning and walking away from my bestfriend.

id fallen for my bestfriend, bellamy blake but he was too afraid of what he might do to me, i should’ve listen to him the first time. please don’t fall in love with me.


Part 2

Jughead Jones x Reader

I just want to thank everyone for the request of a second part. I really enjoyed writing it and really happy with the ending. Hope you’s all like and enjoy!

Part 1

Attraction. I hate it. If I could never feel like this again, like I just lost the one person I need the most in my life, I would opt out of it. I do know that sometime in the future hopefully the near future, I’ll find someone that likes me back or someone that likes me maybe someone who I haven’t opened my eyes too yet.

After my little run in with Jughead on Friday, I left school early and locked myself away in my room listening to every heartbreak song possible which only tortured myself more. I had texts from the whole gang but I only replied to Archie, he’s been my rock this whole weekend. He spent most of Friday night and all day Saturday comforting me in my room and played me some of his new songs that sound amazing.

I knew Jughead was staying with Archie now and as much as I wanted to ask why, I willed myself to try and put that part of me caring about him and his wellbeing behind me but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s not easy letting one of your closest and bestest friends go.

“Y/N” My mom shouted. Grudgingly getting off my bed, I made my way downstairs.

“Yes?” I shouted, ever so slowly walking down the staircase. “Archie’s at the door” Hearing those words made me smile slightly my pace picking up, jumping off the last two stairs and opening our door.

“Andrews” I smiled, opening my arms for a hug. “Fancy a milkshake?” He asked, accepting my hug. “You’ve been cooped up for two days now” He tried to persuade me which wasn’t difficult when it comes to Pops.

“I’ll just grab a jacket” Smiling before running back in to get my shoes and jacket, shouting a quick bye to my mom.

“I invited Ronnie and Kev, hope that’s okay?” He told me as we left my house, a look of uncertainty on his face. “Of course, their charm and whit will make me feel better” I laughed, bumping shoulders as we neared Pops.


The chime of the door brought Pops attention to Archie and me as we entered, drawing my attention to the booth that’s occupied with four people, two who I really don’t want to be around.

“Archie they’re here” I whispered, grabbing onto his arm making him stop in his tracks.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t know they would be here” Comfortingly rubbing my arms, not realising I had started shaking slightly from the panic. “We’ll leave” He nodded, escorting me back towards the door.

“Over here” Our footsteps stopping at the sound of Veronica’s voice. Both of us turning towards the booth. Those blue eyes staring straight at me, his arm instantly dropping from Betty’s shoulders. Archie’s, hand grabbing mine, squeezing it out of comfort or support, I wasn’t sure which. Betty, keeping her gaze either looking out of the window or staring straight at Veronica and Kevin, avoiding my stare.

“Actually guys we forgot Y/N and I have some homework to catch up on, another time” Archie lied with his excuse to get me out of there.

The stare between me and Jughead becoming too much, taking my hand from Arch, I ran out of Pops, gasping for breath once I was outside.It was like seeing him after my revelation, my lungs had no air, like I didn’t know how to breathe and that scared me. Hearing the door of Pops shutting I glanced seeing Archie jogging his way to the street of Pops.

“I’m so sorry” He apologised again. “It’s not your fault” I tried to smile, throwing myself into Archie’s arms.

“I’m so sorry you’re always the one comforting me” I tried to joke, looking up at him. “It’s what friends are for” He smiled at me, kissing my forehead lightly.

“Can we have a minute” The sound of Jugheads voice breaking our embrace. It was like dejavue, him coming out of nowhere.

“Are you okay with that?” Archie mumbled trying to make sure Jughead couldn’t hear him but I could hear him grunting from where he stood behind us.

“Yeah, I’ll get you when I’m done” I smiled, hugging him quickly before Jughead could interrupt. “I’ll get us milkshakes to go” Arch, called walking back into Pops. “Thank you” I shouted back.

There was a good couple of feet between us, not being able to stare at his face, afraid I would go into a panic again, I kept my eyes on the ground, my foot carelessly kicking a few stones around.

“I’m not trying to rub it in, if that’s what you think” He spoke trying to justify his actions or maybe trying to make me feel better, I’m not sure which.

“Jughead, we aren’t friends anymore so you really don’t owe me an explanation” I firmly but calmly spoke. “So that’s it?” His voice raising slightly, making me look at him in surprise. “Years of friendship and you’re willing to throw it away because I don’t reciprocate your feelings” He was fuming, his face and hand gestures said it all.

“No. That’s not it” My voice raising at his accusation. “I understand you don’t feel the same, that’s life” I shrugged, noticing the gang watching us from their booth, Archie included. “I just can’t be friends with you anymore Jug” My voice becoming almost inaudible. “It’s too hard! It literally feels like I forget how to breathe every time I look at you” I explained. “I can’t be around you or Betty as you’s try to hide your relationship in front of me for my benefit, it’s not fair!” I cried out, the tears building behind my eyes.

“What about if it was just you and me again” He tried, stepping closer to me. “No” raising my hand, stopping him from getting closer. “It’s too hard” Letting the tears freely fall. “I can’t go back to the girl sitting across from you in a booth pining after you, I wish I could take it all back and just go back to that but I stupidly let everything out and you heard and I’m sorry, I’m sorry” His arms wrapping me in a hug.

All the crying was making it difficult to breathe and I was too tired to fight against his comfort, emotionally and physically. “I’m not sure if I can just let you walk away” He mumbled, his hand rubbing circles on my back, my breathing slowly getting back to normal.

“I’m not willing to lose you, I can’t lose you” He almost demanded. “But I can give you time, as much as possible but I’m not giving up on our friendship it means too much” He vowed, making my heart fill with warmth at his determination.

“Got your favourite” Archie spoke walking up behind us, Jughead reluctantly letting me go. “Thank you” I smiled, using the sleeves of my jackets to dry my face.

“Time, as much as you need” Jug spoke looking directly at me. “I’ll be waiting” He whispered, I nodded giving a small smile watching as he walked backwards back into Pops not breaking eye contact until he was back in the diner and the door closed behind him.

“I’m so proud of you” Archie smiled, wrapping me in a hug, handing me my chocolate milkshake as we made our way back home, his arm around my shoulder resting comfortably and mine loosely wrapped around his waist.

Thailand // Conor Maynard

Requested by @ssweetmadnessx – Conor and Y/N go to Thailand for their 5-year anniversary and Conor proposes to you.

In exactly 3 days you would have been dating Conor for 5 years, 5 amazing years that you wouldn’t swap for the world, and for your anniversary Conor had surprised you with a trip to Thailand. It was currently 4 am and you were walking through the airport waiting for your flight, gripping Conor’s hand tightly to make sure you didn’t get lost like last time you flew somewhere with him.

“I can’t wait to go to the beach, I even packed my bikini in my bag so we don’t have to unpack our suitcases we can just go straight away,” you rambled excitedly to Conor telling him everything you wanted to do while you were there.

“Steady on, we’re not even on the plane yet” Conor chuckled at your behaviour and kissed your cheek sweetly.

Today was your anniversary and so far, you’d had the best day with Conor. He woke you up with an amazing breakfast in bed and you’d spent the rest of the day walking around the local shops and just chilling, it’d been perfect. Although Conor had seemed a bit odd all day, well since you’d got to Thailand really, but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

You were currently getting ready to go out for dinner, Conor had refused to tell you where you were going but he’d insisted that you’d love it. Applying a final coat of lip stick you turned to Conor who was sat patiently waiting on the bed. “Ready,” you stated with a smile and giggled when he stood up cheering.

“You look beautiful,” he told you sweetly and kissed your cheek before grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the hotel room.

“Are you all right Con?” You asked as you allowed him to lead you along the streets.

“Huh, of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?” he replied anxiously, his slightly clammy palm gripping yours tighter.

“I don’t know, you just seem kind of nervous”

“you worry too much, I’m fine,” you sensed that you weren’t going to get an honest answer so dropped it and walked the rest of the way in comfortable silence.

“Oh my god Conor, it’s perfect. I love you so much” you squealed as you saw where he was taking you.

You were at the beach again but this time there was a table set for two under the palm trees, which had fairy lights wrapped around their trunks, and there was candles in the sand surrounding the table.

“I’m glad you like it. I love you too Y/N, so much” he beamed at you and carried on walking towards the table. When you got there, he pulled out your chair for you to sit down and then took the seat opposite.

“How did you do all of this?” You asked him looking around to take in every single detail of your current surroundings.

“It’s a secret,” he replied winking at you.

Dinner had been lovely, Conor had ordered some local cuisine for both of you to try and it was absolutely delicious. You were now taking a stroll across the beach, you felt a pull on your hand making you realise that Conor had stopped walking so you turned around to face him.

Conor tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and leaned in close, “I love you, you know?” he whispered in your ear and then kissed your neck before moving back to look at you.

A huge smile graced your lips and you nodded in response, no matter how long you’d been together with this boy he still made your heart beat erratically and butterflies appear in your tummy.

“So, I’ve got something to ask you” Conor said, his voice laced with nerves which confused you. What could he possibly be asking you that would make him this nervous?

When you saw his hand reach into his pocket and he got down onto one knee everything slipped into place in your mind and your hands flew to your mouth in shock, “Conor!” you gasped, tears already falling from your eyes.

“Shhh,” in one hand he held a closed ring box and his other hand reached out for yours. “Ever since the first time I saw you 5 and a half years ago at my music video set I’ve believed that you’re the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that I wanted to, no needed to get you know you better. Even if you refused to make that easy for me, it took me nearly 6 months of begging and hassling to get you to go on a date with me. And although it was a pity date because I’d broken my leg and you felt bad because it was you that pushed me down the stairs, look at us 5 years later branded as one of the UK’s power couples and madly in love.”

“I thought we’d agreed to forget the stairs incident,” You chuckled remembering the incident which resulted in Conor’s injury.

“Shut up, I’m being romantic here,” he stated making you giggle again. “A few weeks ago I was doing an interview and they asked what my plans were for the next few years, I knew they were asking me about my plans for my singing career but all I could think of was you and how I couldn’t see any of my future plans without you in them. That’s when I decided that I wanted to marry you, because without you I haven’t got a future. So, Y/F/N, will you marry me?” he asked finally opening the box to reveal the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen, but it wasn’t the ring you were interested in it was the amazing, talented, adorable boy knelt in front of you.

“Yes, yes, yes” you yelled and pulled him of the floor. You wasted no time in pulling him in to a passionate kiss, wrapping your arms around him tightly to get as close as possible. “I love you so, so much,” you mumbled against his lips.

He pulled away and slipped the ring on your finger then pulled you straight back in for another kiss. It was safe to say your 5 year anniversary was one of the best days of your life.

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Burdens of Blood - Chapter One

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivar x OC

Chapter Summary: Princess Thea of Kent is promised to the king of East Anglia, but the northmen arrive before the alliance can be fulfilled.

Warnings: Mild-violence, blood

Notes: I surrendered to a multi-chapter fic and I’m really excited. There’s not much interaction in this chapter, I tried to explain the max (and give a few tips) about the plot, pls bare with me. Let me know what y’all think :)

I sat quietly at the edge of the table, feeling like the head of a wild animal about to be sold for the highest price. My hands were cold and sweaty and there was a bitter taste in my mouth. I have always feared this day. The day I would lose my minimal freedom, that my life would leave a man’s hand just to pass to anoter’s.  And yet, all I’d do would be stand silent, the lack of control under my own life making my skin tingle.

My father, King Aethelberht of Kent, had spent hours telling me how important it was for our kingdom, for our people. In my heart, I knew he was right, and that is why I couldn’t refuse it, couldn’t run away from it. My duty is more important than my freedom. My blood is my curse.

All because of the northmen and their greedy violence. If it wasn’t for them I would have more time, perhaps even have the chance to marry by love. I could’ve been happy and they took it away from me. And for that, I hated them with all the stength in my body.

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