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I’m probably going to ruin this with colour, so here’s the lineart to my latest drawing. It’s about time I drew these three together, and I’ve been having all the Hawke family feels recently. 

I don’t think I’ve ever spent this long on lineart before… I’m about 7 hours in, and I dread to think how long the painting is going to take. Thankfully my new tablet is working like a charm! I just wish my flabby hands would stop taking it upon themselves to rotate the canvas.

Things I love about boys

their messy hair

their goofy smiles

when they pick you up

their tummies

their cute laughs

dimples and freckles

when they get excited about things

their eyes

their cologne

holding their hand

when they hold you when you’re sad

stretch marks and scars

when they give your their jacket

just being cute in general

In order to organize my beloved messy blog and the long list of reading list I have kept, I have decided to make a blog for fic recs and my “to-read” list. If you are interested to see what fics that have intrigued me, and what are the amazing pieces I have been reading on this site, please go and follow @diaficrecs

The signs as abbreviations
  • Aries: idgaf
  • Taurus: smh
  • Gemini: lmao
  • Cancer: omg
  • Leo: wyd
  • Virgo: i s2g
  • Libra: idk
  • Scorpio: jfc
  • Sagittarius: tbh
  • Capricorn: gdi
  • Aquarius: wtf
  • Pisces: jk

Hi everyone ! 

This is my first real post on tumblr, because even if I’m on this website for a while, I’ve never post anything. But here I am, creating my studyblr, and this is my introduction post :

So I’m a 18 year-old french student (feel free to talk to me both in english and french !)

I decided to make a studyblr for a few reasons :

  • I want to practise my english because I had a very good level in hightschool, but this year my class sucks and I’m sad because I really love english
  • I want to make friends around the world
  • I want to learn korean
  • I’m really curious : I want to learn lots of things like languages, others cultures, how people live in others countries etc
  • I’m a student in web and communication so I want to learn to code
  • Also I’m a little bit shy and I want to express myself more

Plus, the fact is I’m pretty sure I failed my first semester at school, so I hope this studyblr and the whole communty will motivate me to work more and stress less for my second semester 

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I keep stressing over my interview today. I keep thinking of things I could have said or examples I could have given. But it’s done now and hopefully I’ll get good news next week. On a less stressful note Tanis is really starting to trust me and how can I be worried when I have a fruit bat with a 4ft wingspan on my side.


Jebbah bunny design was made by @missladytale

Honestly, though I’m so grateful to you guys supporting me and my artwork. You all mean so much to me even  though most haven’t spoken to yet. All the people who reblog and likes. I do try to keep up with you all I honestly do. I know I have been lacking in that department. @underhealing is a place where you can talk about anything since I love helping people. Please. If you feel down or just want to talk go there.

I especially wanna thank @fashionistasans   @scarredlove @juliet0129 @sam-nerdinc @reithedoll @weezy-pup @jiayuehoneyjade and of course @missladytale

Lemme see… How about blogs who need love or I just adore (These aren’t just art blogs, I love reading rps)

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Jebbah, Jebbun, Jebmum out ~


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Also 2012 is going to be played on the radio soon as well wow, spreading that subtle gay for everyone to hear amirite

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Today’s Ocarina ok,,.

LIKE, first Dan said he was worried about Ar and seconds later called him big cat (as usual when he says he’s worried) aNd then fucking ARin mUST have remembered it because later he called Dan ‘small cat’ idk it’s just really fucking calming and sweet to know that whenever they brought up the big cat thing a while back, and Arin saying he didn’t remember Dan calling him that. Just him starting to listen for it more so when he hears in it makes him smile & his cheeks flutter and aaaa okk anywaaay,,

FuCking ARIn was all “ooo if im big cat then what are you?” and fuckiig Dan replies with go damn SEXY KITTen. Like OK just fuck me up??? All I can think of is Arin whispering that intoo Dan’s ear like during breaks and shit just to get him all riled up gOODBye..

& the end of the episode, GOD the end. It made my fucking heart flip,, when Arin was being a nerd with Link’s crouching animation and he was just giggling up a storm, which made Dan say “I love seeing you happy.” and Arin going “ok .” ,, jUust oh my god. Just, DAn staring at Arin while he’s laughing & he wasn’t laughing as hard as Ar because he was too stuck on Arin, just appreciating how cute and great and funny and happy his friend Arin looks rn which makes that little comment slip out,, 

*history of japan voice* BYE ~*

I think it's time I officially announced my idea

(Before I go to bed)

I want to get a group together to dub the brotherhood episodes in English. I’m still trying to figure out how this will work and I’m still trying to sort out the blog for it (the url is just a placeholder for now). This would be incredibly difficult to do on my computer as it is old and refuses to run decent programs that ACTUALLY WORK. However, I’m hoping to bypass this with the computers at my school (or maybe the ones in the library in town) if I can. I didn’t want to announce this until I had a clear plan but here I am.

If anyone wants some lines for a certain character, I can do some stuff and accept applications to this blog until the other one gets set up. Also, you can ask if certain characters are free and apply for more than one. (I might cap it but I don’t know.)

Would anyone be interested?

ok so… i’m thinking about starting teeny commissions once i hit 1000 followers. in this case, teeny would be like… the $5-$10 range. and i’m not talking about like sketches or half-assed coloring. i’m going to put in a lot of effort for this stuff.

i’ll make a formal post later with examples of what stuff would cost.

things i’ll draw include: 

  • atla
  • lok
  • fire emblem
  • marvel
  • pokemon
  • legend of zelda
  • anything nintendo honestly
  • fma
  • naruto
  • honestly any fandom so long as you specifically tell me what you would like
  • and if you provide refs for OCs, i’ll do your OCs, too

please lemme know if you’d be interested - examples of what i do are here (and a lot are shitty so im sorry but i hope you like them). i won’t be starting them now, but once i hit 1000 i’ll be doing them. every once in a while i’ll take free prompts until then.