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Oh! 38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?” Pretty please!!

Here we go with yet another fluffy piece. Set somewhere in season 7, maybe. 

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This is exactly the kind of family gathering Mulder is used to. Yelled accusations. Past missteps. Oh yes, he knows this. Except it’s not his family. And no one, for once, is yelling at him. He’s outside on the porch, the sun trying to hide, too, disappearing quickly, going to sleep. Under him the wood creaks softly. No one but him hears it. They’re in the kitchen, Scully and her brother Bill. Mulder was in there with them moments ago. He doubts either of them even noticed when he slipped outside. Out here, their voices are muffled, but he can still hear them, word for word.

“He has no right being here!”

“I want him here, Bill!”

“Dana, you work with him I get it. You don’t invite colleagues to spend time with your family.”

“I wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. What’s wrong with that?” A pause. Mulder outside, out of sight, swallows. Boyfriend. Scully has called him many, many things. Never her boyfriend, though.

“Your boyfriend?” Bill’s voice is squeaky high and Mulder can almost see the surprised shock on the other man’s face. His own expression, he figures, is probably not much different. Boyfriend. The word makes him chuckle deep inside. Boyfriend. Warmth spreads through him, spreads joy inside his stomach. He is Scully’s boyfriend - she just confirmed it. There is a stupid grin on his face; he feels it in the pull of his cheek, in the way his lips curl upwards. Too bad there’s no here to see it. 

“Fox?” Mulder turns around, startled. There in the door stands Mrs. Scully. She is surrounded by the light streaming out from inside. The voices of her children boast loudly through the open door. With a sigh, she closes it behind her and joins him.

“I’m sorry.” He says and she throws him a look, her eyes open wide.

“What are you sorry for, dear? I came out here to apologize for my children. Bill and Dana have always been like this. She’s his baby sister and he thinks he knows what’s best for her.” Mulder nods. He doesn’t know what that’s like, can only guess, as he’s only ever had a taste of being a big brother. 

“I brought you pie, Fox. Just because these two can’t behave doesn’t mean you should miss out on dessert.” She hands him a plate with a big, mout-watering piece of pie. With whipped cream on top. Mulder licks his lips. Mrs. Scully hands him a napkin and a fork and Mulder, unable to speak, mouths his thank you and digs in. He eats greedily, stifles a moan, and forgets everything for a moment.

“Just so you know, Fox,” she waits until he faces her, still chewing. He swallows hard, the distant voices - how are they not hoarse yet? - of Bill and Scully ringing in his ear, “just because my son doesn’t understand what a wonderful man you are and how much you love Dana, doesn’t mean I feel the same.” Then Mrs. Scully does something he never thought he’d see: she winks at him. Love, she said. Mrs. Scully knows he loves her daughter. They haven’t said the words yet. Hell, up until earlier there had been no definition to their relationship period. Until Scully called him her boyfriend in front of her brother. Not even to him, no. That’s not how they communicate. It makes him smile now; no matter how their relationship changes, forms new shapes, they’re still the same people. Still Mulder and Scully. As dysfunctional as they’ve always been.

“Thank you.” The words crumble out of his mouth. 

“You’re very welcome, Fox.” Mrs. Scully leans forward and kisses his cheek. Mulder finds himself blushing. When she turns to go back inside, she doesn’t seem surprised to see her daughter standing in the door. Scully has her arms across her chest, still in defense and still ready to fight.

“You two done?” There is amusement in Mrs. Scully’s voice. How often has she had to break these two up? Mulder wonders watching mother and daughter. Scully visibly relaxes as her mother touches her arm. She nods. 

“Good. Now go be with your boyfriend.”

“Mom!” Scully blushes deeply, but so does Mulder, and giggles uncomfortably. She waits until her mother has disappeared inside before she closes the distance between them. Scully falls into his arms and leans heavily against him. She’s warm, smells like pie, and looks just as delicious. Her smile is tired yet genuine. 

“Regretting that you brought me?” She claps her hands behind him, holding him tightly against her. Either for warmth or because she likes him. Either way, he enjoys her closeness.

“Never, Mulder. I wanted you here. I wanted to spend time with you outside of work. Like a normal couple.”

“Boyfriend and girlfriend, huh?” He can’t keep the shy grin off his face. 

“You heard us fighting.” It’s not a question. “Bill was not… he’ll grow to love- like you, Mulder. You probably have a lot in common. He just needs a little time.“ 

"You think I would have been like Bill? If Samantha brought home a… boyfriend?” Mulder asks quietly. He shivers as a cool wind whiffs past them and Scully tightens her grip on him. 

“I don’t know, Mulder,” she answers honestly, “I think you’d be protective. You are.”

“I would want - would have wanted to trust her judgment.” Scully gives him a sad smile and puts one hand on his cheek.

“You might have thrown him dirty looks, Mulder. But you would have accepted the man your sister loved.”


"Definitely love.” Scully whispers and before he can reply, or react in any way, she gets on tiptoes and plants her mouth over his. 

“Dana!” A voice hollers. Mulder startles and breaks the kiss, realizing it’s Bill. And he’s just seen them kissing. Yeah, Scully’s brother is definitely going to like him. Never. “Come inside.” Scully doesn’t move and stays in Mulder’s arms. “You too, Mulder.” Bill finishes grudgingly, stomping back inside.

“Did he just invite me in?" 

"He did. Now come on. It’s getting cold out here.” He lets Scully lead him back inside the house, but even while still outside, he’s never felt this warm before in his life.

Every day, I dig a hole
and bury myself.

I want the abyss to swallow me
or to simply vanish into a thin air.

There is a season of flattery
I carry you with me,
all the twigs that would keep me warm.

My own steps deny me, disapproval of the self.

Where is the promised sunflower? –

the name that cannot be written,
the pouring of love, a veil of suffering,
the entrance to nowhere?

I’m mimicking the death of my own soul,
salvation, where is the hand of yours?

There was a deep river in my eye sockets,
the endless running of spring, all dried up now.

How deception shook harder than an earthquake.

Where can we go so we can uncut our feelings?

I am filled with disabled asseveration

Perhaps I write too much just for my words
to do my dirty works,
so I can wash my hands.

Is it an ill of the mind,
to know things
yet we’re playing chess?

We’re back and forth
like a rocking chair,
lullabying in a mouthful
of kindness –

yet even
your tales smelt like
gardenia after the rain,
saccharine scented tongue,
filled with words
that could bring rain
to my deserted crux

How is it that you live here?
not only in my head
but in my walls, ceiling
corridors, bathroom,
backyard, kitchen,
lounge room even my routines?

My own cavity I must fill,
the void that resembles
a black hole,
where to exit when
there is no sign?
how to get rid of a ghost
when I am it?

I suppose I am a dumb prophet
furnish me with your
sweet nothings
and I’ll believe you
even with the truth
ridding on my shoulder.

D C de Oliveira

My sister took this pic
I just happened to be in it

The “Just Like Me Kiss” was so romantic!!

Thinking about it now (after watching it more times than necessary, yet not enough to satisfy my bughead needs) I see how much love and dedication was put into that scene!

Both of them were working when the Serpents arrived, and even if Betty got a little worried, at first, he calmed her down and once again, she trusted his words and let go all of her worries, allowing a smile to cross over her lips. And then, THAT smile told him she supported him, his decisions and his words, and that was enough to make that boy fall for his girlfriend one more time.

They exchanged glances, heart eyes were everywhere, and all that love managed to cut off his words, as he finished his sentence is a low, deep whisper before kissing her.

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what else it is.

why does it feel so impossible to meet taylor yet she does everything in the entire world to meet us because she has a heart of gold….I would do anything to meet her but honestly her just doing secret sessions and meet and greets and talking to us online is so fucking amazing because she is the biggest pop star in the world and yet she spends so much time with us. wow Idk where I was trying to go with this post but now I’m emotional. rt if u love taylor swift

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That’s really not surprising - Leia grew up in a healthy, loving, supportive family with all of her needs met financially and emotionally. Makes a HUGE difference in coping mechanisms. It also makes me very sad, though, because we’ve seen that Anakin gets along just fine with people just like him (re: Ahsoka). They could’ve been best friends, and instead…it’s just ash and bitterness.

A lot of it does have to do with the circumstances that one grows up in–one of the biggest differences between Luke and Leia is that they both had this core desire for more than a simple life, but Leia was in the position where she could do something about it, she could live that life and do the things she was itching to do.  Luke, on the other hand, was stuck on a desert planet, knowing he was meant for more, was so eager and untested that all the loving support from Owen and Beru that he got couldn’t touch that core of how he practically vibrated with a need for more.

One of the important differences between Leia and Anakin is that she doesn’t hold onto her anger about something in a way that she can never let go of or it really trips her up.  It’s understandable why Anakin has trouble with that!  He has so much anger about his childhood and how he sees the galaxy and he never really lets anyone help him with that despite that they do try to, he cannot let it go, cannot control it before it controls him instead.

I think that’s the one of the big differences between Anakin and Ahsoka as well, that she has all this tremendous well of feeling in her, including a lot of anger at the same things that make Anakin angry, but she doesn’t hold onto it beyond what’s necessary, she listens when others reach out to her and help her, she lets go of it when she needs to.

Like, I’m not sure Leia would want to be a Jedi, she already has an outlet for her desire for that greater calling to help the galaxy, but if she did, I think that’s why they were interested in her and why she would have made an excellent Jedi, in the way Ahsoka was and Anakin never really quite was meant for it at his core! He was a great Jedi in a lot of ways, but ultimately I don’t think he was happy with their way of life (which is nothing against either of them!) and instead of the clarity he needed to find his focus and priorities, he just kept digging deeper and it ended so, so badly for him.  We see that Ahsoka does have the clarity to know when she needs to walk a new path and I think Leia has that same kind of clarity, about herself and her path.

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I'm honestly really happy to find another person who seems to like Oscar as much as a I do! ^^ it feels like there's a lot of negativity about him even though he hasn't gotten a chance yet. But maybe that's just me being misguided. Anyways, can I ask why you like Oscar so much? Sorry I'm just curious? And thank you for all the fantastic art!

Aww! Well I’m happy to be someone who can spread the love for Oscar. I wasn’t too fond of him at first in V4CH1 when he felt a bit shoehorned in, but I quickly started singing a different tune.

I like Oscar because he’s a very different male lead then I’m used to seeing. I mean as of now Oscar isn’t really a masculine character, which is kind of really endearing and refreshing. He has a shy and meek personality, and just generally seems unsure of everything. XD

I think his more subdued personality could be complimented by Ruby’s too, and it’d be cool to see them work together. *Forwarding my RoseGarden agenda ;)*

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I think your art style is really amazing, I found your blog a little while ago and I loved your art, seeing the things you draw always makes me happy, your art style is really amazing and cute. It inspires me to keep drawing too. I still haven't found the right art style for me yet, how did you find your art style? And do you have any art tips?

Thank you so much!!! My advice for finding the right style for you is to not stress about your style. I’ve been drawing a long time and I’ve only just sort of started getting comfortable with my own art style.

Try a whole lot of everything and keep experimenting with different styles and meshing stuffs together until you find something comfortable for you. That’s how I did it at least.

Your style is going to evolve as you get better too, so just keep at it and don’t force yourself inside of a box by worrying about staying in a single art style (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

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death: what are three things you want to do before you die?

death: what are three things you want to do before you die?

  1. Do a “tour” of the British Isles (England, Scottland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland) and visit as many stone circles, old castles and historical sites as possible! I’ve been wanting to do it since I was 16, but I’ve yet to find the perfect travelling companion for this venture.
  2. Spend an entire summer travelling from viking market to viking market, with my own tent and gear, and just enjoy the viking life I love so much!
  3. Impact someone’s life for the better. I just want to know that my existence has made a change, even if it is for just one person.

Hey Taylor! Just letting you know that I’m meeting up with the lovely Elisabeth @swiftedbethy13 tomorrow (we met tonight too at a concert!) AND we met for the first time at the Secret Session on Friday! Thank you for EVERYTHING on Friday and thank you for bringing yet another friend into my life! We love you!! SO MUCH!

Keep an eye out for selfies tomorrow!

Line 😘❤️


My sister Tameka and I at our very first Taylor concert seven years ago, to us just a few weeks ago at our friends wedding!

We love you @taylorswift !! Thank you so much for all the memories I have with my little sis dancing around the house and making our own music videos to your songs! Thank you for all the memories we have going to your concerts all these years and dropping it seriously low together in the stands!!!

We are so so so excited for Reputation and all our infamous car jam sessions that will ensue! We’re ready for it!

Hello everyone!

Just here to make clear that I’m NOT dead (yet) but seriously busy with inktober! (Actually I’m a bit behind because of uni… whoops) BUT I promise I’m going to make it up on the weekend! I have so many ideas I want to realize that more or less e v e r y prompt turns into a time-consuming monster >.< 

See you soon & good night ♡

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What is your opinion on one-sided love on Heiji's part? Shinichi of course is just too in love with Ran and doesn't have eyes for anyone else. Would Heiji tell Shinichi anyway or would he keep it a secret so he doesn't risk losing him as a friend? Honestly. One sided HeiShin is probably the only viable option in canon, cause there's no way our boy Shin is ever going to reject being with Ran.

This is one of the things I love yet hate the most about this ship.

For as much as it’s obvious that Heiji has feelings for Shinichi, it’s also obvious that Shinichi does not.
He loves Heiji as a friend, but he’s too lost for Ran to have any chance of returning Heiji’s feelings.

My personal opinion is that Heiji would never tell him, because to him, Shinichi’s happiness is way more important than his own.
He knows he’s happy with Ran, and would never get between them.

Also, this might be just me, but if you look closely, Heiji started having his affair thing with Kazuha only /after/ meeting Shinichi at least a couple of times. There was no hint of him liking Kazuha in the first files where Heiji appears.

I think he really had sincere affection for her as a lil sister, but it looks to me like he /tries/ to develop a crush on her after realizing it would never work out with Shinichi.

It’s so sad, yet so beautiful it makes my soul bleed.

Our only hope is for Shinichi to realize it on his own, but let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely. And even if he does… I’m not sure about what would happen after…

- Mod Finn, currently crying her heart out


Ỳ̴̭͉́̂̀̽̀͘͠͠ǫ̷̩̱̳̬̙͙̀̈̄͐̀̏̆̐̓̔͆̚͜ͅu̴̧̢͒̉͘'̴̺͚̐̿̂̿̈́̏͒͗̈́͘r̶̡̡̢̢̬͎̻̤̱̪̹͔̰͊̏̚͜ȅ̸̡̛͎̘̤̄̇̂͐̅̏̒͂̆ ̸̗͈͊͋̑̀͠j̸̡̛͎̲̗̥̗̓̓̓̿̅͜͝͠ǘ̸̫̭̟̠̮̪̱̼͇̘͐̒̔̒̏̕s̶̛̛͍̳̎̓̆̐͋͒̈́̃̍̒͋͜͝͠t̷̢͎̝̠͔̠̦͚͎̘̍͛ ̷̜͊w̷̨͛̈́͐͝͝á̷̢͉̞̳͕͉̦̯͔͓̫̠̯͊͊̂̎̚ẗ̶̛̹̺̹͔̲́̆̿͌́̍͐͊c̴̨̢͔̘͈̟̞̖͖̈́̋̓̐̃̃̆̀̓̈͂̀͝͝h̸̛̪̙̫̹̝̝̳̘̱̪͂̒͜͝i̵̡̡̝̘͓̳͕̠̘̘͈͉̥̳͑n̸̩͕͕͐͊̃͒̈́̀͂͐̆̽̓͘ģ̸̧̧̲̝͙̺̠̱̝̬̙͈̎̂̉̏̓̈́̋̓̄̊̀̓̔͘͘ͅ

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)