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In light of Valentines day; could you do scenarios of the Chocobros, Nyx Ulric (if you can) and Cor proposing to their s/o? PS love the stuff you've been writing. :D Tis amazing and brilliant just like you!

I changed up one of them (heheh) just a little bit. Also, I got writer’s block for Cor, I’m so sorry! I’ll do a one-shot for him sometime soon based on this prompt to make up for it. And I still have yet to see Kingsglaive, so for now it’s just our four favourite boys.

This one is pretty long, since it’s a bunch of scenarios, so it’s under the cut. Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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Double Date

Requested by @feyreaelinmaas 15: “Quit whining” and 44: “Make me”

Feysand and Nessian

In their five hundred years, Cassian and Rhys have never been able to double date. It was never high on their priority list, and, to be honest, they both had had never had girlfriends that lasted long enough for them be dating at the same time. Now, when they both have mates and the war is over, they decide to give it a try.

Nesta and Feyre, however, are not too keen on the idea, knowing how the night will probably end, and do everything in their power to avoid such a double date.

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ID #35660

Name: Brent
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hi people, I’m Brent 19 year old, super socially awkward alternative guy. I’m terrible at making friends like I’m so confused how people do that.. I see it as some sort of sorcery I have yet learn to master. Anyway I don’t want to tell too much about myself because it’s more intresting to find out right? Anyway to kinda let you know about me I’m a metal head, longboarder and a bunch of other stuff. I really like to write and decorate letters and stuff but I have no one to send it too >W< Anyone who wants too talk feel free to contact me!

Preferences: Erm just be like really open minded that’s all.. :)

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You claim to be asexual, yet you draw a bunch of NSFW stuff... This confuses me

I can draw NSFW and not be bothered by it LOL. 

Are asexuals not allowed to draw NSFW? o-o 

I have no attraction to it, just draw it cause 1. It helps with anatomy practice 2. I like drawing gay cutes of my characters and OTPs. 

(Just because they’re sexually active doesn’t mean I am, or that I’m even into doing that sort of thing x_x I’m definitely not.. even just the thought of myself partaking in the act reeaaallly creeps me the hell out ) 

I don’t have to be sexually active and super into sex to draw NSFW things :P Doin’ it for the fun of doodlin! xD

EDIT:  Im not making all of my characters asexual just because I’m asexual lol

Freakin’ gay.


So, WHY.

Why do people make awesome people gay JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT. I mean, seriously PEOPLE?!?!  The Sherlock fandom is RUINING my Sherlock experience. The Bucky fandom is RUINING whatever I liked about Bucky. I wanted to see something awesome. I did. I watched a bunch of marvel. I watched a Sherlock episode. Then I called myself a fan, JUST TO REALIZE HALF THE OTHER FANS THAT EXIST LIKE TO MESS WITH EVERYBODY ELSE AND RUIN IT ALL. 


I have ONE consolation. The HTTYD fandom has yet to ruin my experience. I LOOOOOVE HTTYD and all that stuff, but thank Thor I haven’t seen any gay stuff there.


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You know what I haven't see people comment about? Yuuri's talk with Yuko in chapter 14. Like, I freaking love Yuko in your story bc she always helped Yuuri through all his mess with Viktor, and even then she's still doing it, but in that chapter, she has become so wise and it's actually helping Yuuri in a whole new level, and I just... I don't know, it's just so amazing, but even more the fact that I haven't seen people talk about it

I love Yukko as a character, partly because she’s generally an awesome person and partially because I think she compared to Yuuri is an excellent example of how people grow up at different ages. She got married young and had kids young and has a whole bunch of life experience that Yuuri doesn’t have yet. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with either way and doing stuff you isn’t necessarily good in itself but it’s interesting to have Yuuri talk to a character close to his own age but who has real experience in building and maintaining a long lasting relationship with all the trials and pitfalls that comes with it and can provide a new perspective for him on that

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so sometimes I get into this thing. i stare into the distance and don’t move or blink. i am self dxed with autism,, but they never went through with it professionally. i register everything in my mind if im talked to, but i physically can’t respond. its like my mouth is glued shut, or im so tired that i cant speak. idk what this is. it’s been like this since birth. anyone have ideas? i can mentally talk to myself and try to coax myself out of it, but i stay in it for like 2 mins.

What you’ve described is incredibly common for Autistic people, you are super not alone. Some people refer to it as an “inertia” issue and you can use that as a search term and also here’s a super helpful link that made me feel so much better about my own intertia issues. 

this can also be a symptom of burnout or shut down or meltdown, basically just if you’re in a place where you can’t even this is more likely to happen, if you’ve been doing too much for too long this is more likely to happen. it’s also similar to things like selective mutism and being non-verbal, it sort of all comes from the same brain stuff…. personally this is a thing i experience a lot, especially if i’m drained, if i’ve had an exhausting day of peopleing or personing, and every Autistic person i know personally also experiences some version of this at least some of the time

i can go into more detail about the brain stuff and that’ll be next (just a head’s up for brain jargon)

so… this is kind of a theory I have, there hasn’t been official research about it yet bc…. well… the people doing the research are usually allistic people and allistic people don’t listen to Autistic people so they have no clue what being Autistic is actually like…. So, yes, this is, well, it’s more a hypothesis that needs testing but it’s I personally plan on researching and I think it’ll pan out bc it just makes a bunch of damn sense

So, there’s this brain part called the “basal ganglia” and the basal ganglia is super important in a lot of ways, it’s responsible for a lot of really important stuff. One of the really important things it does is that it’s constantly performing an inhibitory function on every muscle in the whole entire body and when it’s time for voluntary movement to take place the basal ganglia is supposed to release that inhibition and allow the voluntary movement to happen. Sometimes this breaks, it typically breaks in one of two extreme ways either as an inability to start doing something or an inability to stop doing something. In this way the basal ganglia is highly implicated in both ADHD and OCD (we already have research confirming those links and those are both really common misdiagnoses for Autism and are also common comorbidities for Autism). There’s more to it than that but those are the basics…

So, my personal hypothesis as someone who’s currently nerding the hell out on all things neuro is that this basal ganglia functioning is also implicated in Autism. With things like what you’ve just described or with things like selective mutism or even generally being non-verbal or anything else along those lines where we really want to do a thing by physically can NOT do the thing (which is just INCREDIBLY common for Autistic people) what we’ve really got is some sort of weird functionality thing going on with the neural pathways involved in that brain part.  

~ mod rage

Everything managed to cooperate long enough for me to upload one of the things I found: a second texture for the “Winter Blossoms” print! I don’t know if anybody else has already found this - and I apologize if this is the case - but I’ve never seen it anywhere, and searching google and MTS turned up nothing. I wish I could have linked the recolor package to the texture in the file but I have no idea how to attempt to do that :P it’s only 20kb though. 

Download yay

Zip file contains the recolor plus the extracted PNG texture, in case you want it. :) I haven’t changed or edited it in any way (though it probably needs it tbh) and it’s been compressorized. Let me know if anything’s wrong, and keep an eye out for more of the stuff I’ve found soon :)

A little bump here and there

There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, but I’ve let a pretty bumpy year get the best of me.  I’m human, and not perfect, sometimes things bring me down too.  My outlet to de-stress used to be games for the most part, but since starting Youtube I rarely have time to play things to just to chill / unwind.  That’s not to say I don’t have fun recording games for YouTube, I just miss out on so much stuff that I’d normally just geek out about by myself with no commentary or anything to de-stress.  For example, I still haven’t played more than an hour of The Witcher 3 when I was so hyped about it.  One short term goal I have is to make sure that I don’t let that happen to Fallout 4, I need to play it.

I do want to say though that this whole journey on Youtube has ultimately become one of the proudest achievements in my life.  I've put everything I have into it, and pushed through so many challenges along the way like doubt, and near endless uncertainty.  Way before I could even call this a job I just loved hearing how just watching me play and have fun with something brought a smile to your face, or made you think a little bit less about something that was stressing you out.  I know that my content can vary quite a bit with all of the different games I play, and with friends swapping in and out often, etc. but it’s so awesome to know that you guys always have my back as we experience this journey together. 

With that said, I really do need to find a way to find some balance, and pick myself back up as I’ve been feeling a bit down for a while.  There were a lot of bumps in the road that I didn’t anticipate surrounding the move, and even when the move stuff was mostly taken care of it felt like a bunch of other things fell off track.  I’m trying to fix that, but there are some things with dependencies that I have little control of.  Still, I’ve been doing my best, and while I might not have the solution to all of the challenges just yet I’ve always been strong, and adaptive.

No matter what though I always want you guys to know how much I appreciate you.  For some of the very difficult things I’ve had to go through in the past (I’ve shared a few bits), and even with some things still on my plate in the present (maybe one day I’ll do a draw my life to go into more), having had the chance to experience all of this in my life has been a true blessing that I will be forever grateful for.  Seriously, it is still hard to believe how far we’ve come. 

So to all of you out there that have been here for me thank you all so much for supporting who I am, and what I do, and for helping me work towards what’s essentially a dream.  I care so much about this community, and I feel like every day I get to know more and more of you a little better as I read your comments, tweets, emails, and everything else.  I may not have met you in person, but I’ve come to know many familiar names and faces over the years.  Remember that I read almost everything, even if I can’t always respond.  

Again, thank you for everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 

Day 55/100 of Productivity: 14 May 2017

Day 14 of May Study Challenge: 

14 (Su). What tips do you have for other students who are in your grade specifically (i.e. for high school or college freshmen/ sophomores/ juniors/ seniors)?

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m in Year 9 right now! Some tips I have include: 

Make sure you stay organised and on top of all of your work! It’s not a good idea to leave all your work for later, because it ends up piling up and becoming a lot of work that you need to do. Also, revise all your stuff regularly, because there’s quite a lot of content to learn. 

Get involved in extra curricular activities! In Year 9, you’re not too busy yet, so you can join a bunch of clubs and experience/learn new things! 

These are some notes for geography! I’ve almost finished all of my notes for geography, and then I need to finish my notes for PDHPE. After that, I’ll finally have caught up with all my notes! 

hi guys! i honestly can’t believe i hit 4k followers, thank you so so much for sticking with me, even when life gets in the way and i can’t post as much as i’d like to!

anyways, i thought we could all celebrate this with some blog awards and blog rates! 😊


  • you don’t have to be following me, but it’d surely be appreciated!
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  • send me an ask telling me a little about yourself, how your day is going, anything that’s been troubling you maybe? just anything really, i’d love to get to know you! (also send br so i’ll know you want a blog rate. i guess you don’t have to send me an ask if you’re only entering the blog awards, but it’d still be nice to hear from you!)
  • deadline: april 28th - winners will be announced on may 1st!

winners get:

  • a follow from me oh wow such an honor lol (even if you don’t win, i might still follow you!)
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  • an icon or header for your blog if you’d like (lol i’m not even that good at making these but i’ll do my best!)

i don’t want you to have to scroll for 3 hours to get to the end of this post, so i’ll be including the blog awards categories and the blog rates format under the cut!

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Mafia Princess Ch. 2

More than any other general education class students dread, speech easily took the take.

For Rachel, this class was nothing but an anxiety inducer, and she was already thinking of dropping it and taking it later when she had more confidence. She thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

But, as she listened to the professor go over the syllabus, she felt dread build up as he went over each of the speeches the class would have to give.

First there was a five minute speech that is going to be a tribute to somebody meaningful in your life. Well, she didn’t think anybody would want to hear about how great a mob boss is, and her mom has always just been kinda there. Parents are ruled out, guess it’s time to rely on Dick Grayson, her best friend in high school.

Next, an eight minute speech meant to inform the audience, no opinions allowed. Great, eight minutes of students making fun of her raspy voice drone on for eight minutes about a topic nobody cares about but her. There’s so many great topics she could choose from too: How to perform a successful hit for instance.

Then, a ten minute persuasive speech about introducing a change in policy. Oh good, she can’t even convince herself that she deserves anything good in life. Maybe she could convince her classmates on the benefits of legalizing protection rackets.

Finally, an impromptu speech. Oh boy, now she could fumble over her words and stammer like a fool as she tried to make something resembling a point. Remembering some fool that kept trying to convince her that she could only ever be in love with one person in her life as he fumbled words made her smile to herself, but the speech still sounded like a nightmare.

She definitely didn’t like being the center of attention, so why did she take a class that was about making yourself the center of attention? Better yet, why is this a mandatory class?

“Now, as a small speaking exercise, turn to a partner next to you, and introduce yourselves.” The professor suddenly said.

Well, she was at the edge of the room, so she really only had one option. Rachel turned to the person sitting next to her. He was a blonde man. A bit tanned from the sun, and on the short side. Pretty lean build too.

At least he’s cute.

“Hi, I’m Garfield.”



“So… what do you do in your spare time?”

“I read, and you?”

“I take care of my pets, play video games, watch movies, read comics. The usual guy stuff.”


“You have any pets?”

“I’ve taken care of some birds.”

“Cool, I’ve got all kinds of animals. Birds, a dog, a cat, hamsters, a snake, an iguana, a tarantula, bunch of fish.”

“And they haven’t killed each other yet?”

“I’ve kept them in line so far.”

“Hmmm.” She had some questions, but there was a bit of shyness in actually asking. Did this guy actually care about talking to her?

“So, what kinds of birds did you have?”

“Oh, just some robins.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“Why would it be?”

“They’re wild animals, and I don’t think robins are sold at pet stores, are they?”

“They were a gift from my father, so I wouldn’t know.”

“Ah, well, so long as you took care of them well, it probably doesn’t matter.”

“And you own a snake and a tarantula?”

“Oh yeah, they seem scary but they’re both big softies at heart.”

“A tarantula is a softie?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe!”

“I see, and what’s your major?”

“Animal Science, surprising right? I’m guessing you’re a literature major?”

“History actually, not sure what I want to do with it though.”

“Cool, I’m pretty much set on being a vet. It’s my calling.”

Well, one day into her college life and she already felt like she was behind everybody else.

“If you want, I can help you pick out what you might want to do with. We can find out together.”

“Sure? It’s probably not that interesting.”

“Got anything going on after class.”


“Great, it’s a date then!”

“Wait, what?”

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am trying to make my blog more noticed, and i see you reblog your own stuff a bunch. i was wondering does that really help you get traction? and has there been any negative feed back from it? because i was thinking about trying to do it

Some cases, yes. I tend to only reblog the stuff I’m proud of (fluffy comics mostly) or if I put out an important post (commission info, signal boost posts, or updates to my blog).
Be also aware of what time you post/reblog it, I find weekends are the best time!

anonymous asked:



4: What do you think about most?

…..inappropriate things😅

5: What does your latest text message from someone else say?

“welp, if i do go buy it it’s gonna be a day you’re with me, probably the day we go but the stuff for tator tots so we’re gunna buy tator tots and lube”

23: How do you vent your anger?

i just cry, not much else i can do

24: Do you have a collection of anything?

i mean,,,, my voltron lions i guess lol. but i really like funko pops so i have a bunch of those

27: What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?

i really hate yelling, it also makes me cry (of course), and i just adooorrreeeee the sound of violins, so much

28: What’s your biggest “what if”?

“what if i actually auditioned for the voice that day?”

29: Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?

oh man, with ghosts its like if i believe will they haunt me? if i dont believe will they haunt me to prove me im wrong?? so im not sure. and i mean, i doubt the only livings things in the universe live on earth, so yea kinda

31: Smell the air. What do you smell?

my apple pie candle:)

32: What’s the worst place you have ever been to?


35: To you, what is the meaning of life?

im not smart enough to answer deep questions like this😶

38: What’s the weather like right now?

cloudy, hot and humid. ew.

40: Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?

i dont drive cars yet, but ive driven a bunch of other stuff and never crashed,,?

42: Do you like the smell of gasoline?

eh, i dont hate it

45: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

a dog put my whole hand in its mouth and fucked it up, i couldnt use it for weeks and it left a few bad scars,

57: How many relationships have you had?

im gonna say 3 and ½ cause i dont count six days as a fucking relationship. still salty about that shit tbh

68: What do you think is Satan’s last name?

69: Be honest. Ever gotten yourself off?


70: Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?

ahaa……probably not.

79: What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

to make this blog, ive met so many nice people and i can finally kinda be myself without weirding people out😭

81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

“atleast she tried”

93: You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

when i broke my teeth as a kid, it literally ruined my life

99: If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say?

“please just ignore me”

(if i didnt answer a few its because ive answered them in previous asks)



*incoherent screeches*

Welp another week’s passed and I’m here once again with my dump of drawing’s I’ve done XD NONE OF THEM ARE REVOLTALE but I have something in the works thanks to an anonymous ask
(also shamelessly gonna remind y’all that I’m perfectly open for random asks at any time, I may just be slow because I always wanna draw stuff for them and I’m a slow artist XD)

BUT YES, TODAY’S ART HAUL (the rest of my spiel is gonna be under a cut, this is long enough already)

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I’ll give you a hint: It’s me

It’s less of the, “I don’t know what to draw,” kind and more of the, “I do not have the urge to draw kind,” which for me is out of place and weird because I’m so passionate about drawing. It’s obvious I have more than enough stuff to draw (my inbox is starting to flood again :p). 

And I have a bunch of projects that I’m working on and I’m really excited for!!! I’m just going through a bout of lack of motivation.

I realized it earlier this week, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself just yet. But whenever I look at my list of stuff I’m planning and I just kinda groan and do something else. I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do (but part of that is out of my control due to crappy internet) and I feel like the work I put out isn’t as good a quality.

I actually am still drawing, just at a much slower pace. I also want to work on more art that I, personally want to work on, so I’m not taking any more requests at this time (I mean it this time guys. Stop trying to sneak requests in my inbox >.>) 

Love you guys <3