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Tell me more about this supernatural dating sim.


First let me just drop the link to the blog because it has additional info on characters!

So, Supernatural Date Sim, which title is actually Mistford but I haven’t bothered to fix the tag yet. So the plan for the game is the have three characters to choose from, a masculine, feminine, and androgynous character and then separately you can choose your pronouns because I think that’s important tbh.

The city is called Mistford which is a kind of overgrown small sea side town in either Oregon or Washington because isn’t that were supernatural shit always happens? It’s a safe haven for supernatural folk of all types to come and be with their own kind and have larger access to things they may need to get around their particular living situation, such as glamors if they want them, and access to certain foods that will meet their dietary restrictions. It’s basically a town they can exist and not have to work around a human centric world. That being said, humans are also welcome in the community but they have to make adjustments to the way life is.

Mistford isn’t the only supernatural centric town, it’s just the one that’s being focused on.

ANYWAY! The characters in it are as follows:

The mayor is a 700 year old goth vampire named Gervais Desforges who was turned at the tail end of the black plague and has spent the majority of his years making friends and experimenting with the constantly changing fashions. He’s an earnest and sweet man despite looking very grim and welcomes everyone in town personally and is a friend to everyone. He can’t be romanced, I’m sure that’ll upset someone.

Now onto people you can smooch:

Then there’s his secretary, Lucille who’s a succubus who loves musicals and has a cat named Peanut.

Jeremiah, the werewolf police officer who’s allergic to almost all fuzzy animals and suffers because he loves animals a lot and just wants to hug them all. He makes really good waffles.

Valentine is a demon who’s mostly around because he got out of a bad summoning situation thanks to Gervais. He now helps the town by doing bakesales and helping with dog adoptions. He loves him some dogs. They also like expensive high fashion clothes and thinks Gucci is trash but he also definitely owns at least one ridiculous jacket from that brand and he wears it when he feels like garbage.(Also his pronouns are he/they, comfortable with both and up for either).

Grim is the town’s grim reaper resident, he hangs around in the graveyard and loves donuts and kawaii shit. He loves pastel a lot but owns nothing pastel and that’s a crime.

Deimos is the town’s wizard who sells potions, glamors, and does a lot of fortune telling because everyone loves that shit. He rides a broom and is covered in super sick tattoos.

His best friend is Flora who’s a fairy, she’s sweet and selfless but she’s also kind of has a mischievous streak and likes to pull harmless pranks. She’s sort of an annoying kid sister to Deimos, but they love each other a lot.

Hilda’s a banshee who works at a coffee shop, she’s mousy and quiet despite the whole Screaming Irish Fae thing. She loves death metal and flowers.

Her friend is Keela, a dullahan who works as a mechanic and loves her some muscle cars. She’s also a bit of an old computer enthusiast.

Then there’s Scrap who is a generally unknown robot who lives far out in the woods and only recently became found due to the MC. They’re unsure of most things because they’re sot of new to the whole Alive thing.

Speaking of mysterious people from the woods, Granite is an earth elemental that watches over the town. No one really talks to them, and they never come into town unless it’s to warn people about something going on in the woods or along the hiking trails.

Meri is a recent addition to the town, she’s a mermaid who keeps to herself. She likes banjo a lot.

Elias is another vampire and he loves garlic bread and has some anxiety issues but once you start talking to him he warms up and shows that’s he’s kind of a jokester. He also dislikes drinking blood so he drinks a lot of coconut water in hopes it’ll do something for him (it doesn’t, he’s not very healthy because of this and has to take a lot of supplements and medications)


Kazuo is a samebito life guard for the town, he’s a music enthusiast and owns a Pomeranian named Commander Bitsie! During the colder months he works at the local school, helping with musical education.

and then there’s other randos in the game like the cafe owners and the bar owners, there’s a couple of teens roaming around. I’m also in the process of making one final character to romance to round everything off. THERE IS A LOT GOING ON IN THIS DANG GAME I DIDN’T WANT TO WRITE LMAO

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Hi, I just discovered your blog. I am with this urge of writing, I usually write fics but from some time back I've been without inspiration for any fandom, yet I have this feeling of typing a short story. I hoped I could help writing exerpts or anything.

Well hello there darling! Here’s the thing, keep writing. Always.

Anyway, onwards… I’m here to say that I’m opening my submissions box for prompts that you want to contribute! 

You’re all really incredible and It’ll be super cool to hear what you’re writing as ideas/prompts! So here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Drop a prompt or idea (that either you want shared with over 4,000 people, or that you can’t be bothered to write- like me) into the submit box.
  2. Gimme a bit of time until I finally come across it…
  3. I might make tweaks or fix grammatical errors if that needs doing…
  4. The submission won’t be published as I want it in my # stream so you can be part of the numbered prompts, but you will definitely be tagged. I have 0 intentions of stealing peoples ideas, that’s just mean.
  5. It’ll be posted at midnight GMT so look out for your submission!

Also as a side note- I will have anon on, but I would really love to give people the chance to have a little promo if they have written works on their tumblr.

Also, also, if this really blows up and I get a ton of submissions (which I’m not really expecting) I may not be able to publish all of them, but I will drop you a message of thanks anyhow.

I hope this maybe sort of works out…! Good luck on your writing, lots of love from Yasmine xox

Ps: As a heads-up, I’m squealing right now I’m so excited!!!

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I'm considering a spirit companion, but I'm really really new to just about everything. I know I need to learn protections, shields, grounding, and some kind of divination, but is there anything else I need to learn? I want to make sure I'm not an incompetent companion.

Try to make a habit of talking to shop owners if you can. I notice a lot of people don’t want to come off as annoying or a bother but it’s important that you get as much info as possible about the Companions you’re looking into/getting. This is especially important if the shop doesn’t have a lot of info for the type publicly available yet. If nothing else it should help with minimizing culture clashes and will give you ideas of what to talk to your Companion about when they first arrive as bonding a exercise.

If anyone else would like to chime in and add on please do! I don’t want to miss anything for the anon.

For the rest of what you mentioned I can try looking up some resources for you if you’d like!


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dude u must just be following the wrong people. I have yet to see any negativity anywhere. there's always gonna be antis, best u can do is ignore them and support our boys <3

its not antis im stressed out about tbh, its certain.. types of fans. and honestly the stuff i see as negativity, other people might not be bothered by. its just been building for a while and yesterday i realized that it had completely taken away my excitement to see the mv and thats really not what a fandom is supposed to be about

anyway i unfollowed some ppl here and made a smaller private twt account with only a handful of people, so i hope i can relax for a bit
6 Revolutionary War Movies That Need To Happen
On Wednesday, we saw a piece of news that Zack Snyder wants to make a movie about George Washington, in the style of 300 . This made us think, what other scenes from the Revolutionary War would make for great films?

Don’t bother going to the link, because it’s one of those super annoying, let’s put every movie on a separate page type of deals. For your convenience here’s each movie that they talk about (and my thoughts about each of them).

Biopic Of The Marquis De Lafayette

Hell yes. Why one hasn’t been done yet, I have no idea. Young, charismatic. Can show off the French court. Get to spend time around George Washington and all the leadership and still get in plenty of great action shots in the American Revolution, while still getting in time in the French Revolution? What’s not to love?

The Battle Of Trenton

Again I say hell yes. We’re treated to a bit of this battle in the badly made tv movie The Crossing (I really detested what they did to George Washington’s character, and I’m not one that gets into hagiography). Plus there were plenty of simply incorrect factual errors. The movie could start off with the New York campaign and show the disastrous results of that. Defeat after defeat. Then a nice long montage of struggling through the winter snows. The climax will be the battle of Trenton, and it should truly be the climax. The Crossing didn’t devote much time to this pivotal battle, and I’d expect that a movie about it would devote at least 30 minutes towards accurately displaying what went down that day (i.e. no drunk or sleeping Hessians please).

A Continental Congress Movie

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But they already made the world’s most perfect movie about the Second Continental Congress.” And you’re right, but we’re not thinking about the film version of Broadway musical 1776.

This could be fun too. The secretary for the Congress destroyed much of his notes later, but I think we could still do a pretty decent job of recreating events. A political drama a la West Wing or House of Cards.

The Shot Heard Round The World

Absolutely yes. I’m actually of two minds on how I’d make this. On the one hand I’d love to do one that focus on the revolution that occured in the countryside in 1774 and 1775. Focus on the uprisings, the mob actions, the closings of the courts, the various alarms. I’d probably start it with the Tea Party (or maybe do some voice over narration about the Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts). Then move into events like the Powder Alarm (which tens of thousands of militia mobilized), or the Worcester revolution (4,022 militia turned out to close the courts in September of 1774), or when Gage was forced to back down to 3,000 Salem militia. If I was making this movie I’d probably have a large portion of it be the events of April 18th and the courier riders, and the closing scene would be the Lexington militia assembling on the green as the British came up the road.

OTOH, part of me wants to see an action packed movie about the fighting that day, starting with the same voice-over, but pretty much having like 10 or 15 minutes of political warm up and then jumping straight into the action. This one would borrow heavily from Hackett-Fischer’s description of the night march in Paul Revere’s Ride (it’s pretty dramatic what with signal guns going off in the darkness, church bells tolling, signal fires being lit on hill tops, etc.), and then the fighting all that day.

A Benedict Arnold Movie

There’s actually a pretty good tv movie called “A Question of Honor” that’s about Benedict Arnold. It stars Aiden Quinn as Arnold and Kelsey Grammer as George Washington. But yes, a full length treatment would be nice.

The Midnight Ride

I don’t think you could do a movie about April 19, 1775 without doing a fair bit of the ride, and I don’t think the ride by itself could sustain a movie. However, I think a biopic of Paul Revere could. Did you know he was court martialed and tried for dereliction of duty/cowardice after the Penobscot Campaign? Most people probably don’t. He was found not guilty (most of that campaign was swept under the rug as an embarrassment to Massachusetts). He acted as a courier for Congress on multiple occasions. He was the de facto spy chief (or one of them anyway) of the Boston Committee of Safety, since he and many of the “mechanicks” in Boston had organized themselves to keep watch on British movements and Revere reported to the Committee. A Revere biopic would be interesting I think.

My thoughts on Blackwall

I have been reading people’s reaction to Blackwall’s plot twist and how they responded in the end. And a lot of people have these really great ideas, but there was one thing I noticed nobody had yet said in reference towards his judgement.

There are two types of judgement in this world: atonement and final judgement, and you get to use either with Blackwall. Many people used final judgement by either executing/jailing him, or sending him to the Wardens. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it really bothered me when people say that he was just such an awful person and deserved only that fate.

It bothered me because Blackwall is the kind of person who can achieve atonement. He knew who he had been, and it was his greatest fear. He struggled so much in the game with his lie, and even almost tells you the truth at some points. He wanted to be anything but Rainier. He continued under a cause that was only for the good of others, and pledged his life to being only the best he can be, even if it was under a lie. And, again, the lie started falling apart in the Inquisition because of the Inquisitor.

He is someone who can purify himself through atonement. There are others who cannot, and that is where final judgement is better for them. They cant make up for what they did because their spirit is weak, or they have no wish to. They don’t understand fully why they are being judged, or wish not to. Or they do know, but do not wish for atonement. But anyway, Blackwall had fallen so, so low. But he had the ability to get up, and be better than who he was. He had the ability to rewrite his name. And although he did so ungracefully at first, he also regrets using a dead mans name. Honestly, that was the first step of his turn around.

Another example of a character who deserves atonement: the Warden who turns herself in. She wants to be shamed, to be punished for what she did. She knows fully that she did wrong. I personally chose to send her to the stocks and then send her to the mines, because there was no better choice there would be a chance for atonement with her. 

I can’t believe I’m starting to be able to read wingdings from deciphering all these untranslated Gaster comics. Never in my life did I ever consider this would be an event in my life, but here we are. Thanks for that, Undertale. I guess.


N: Clearly you’re unphased by the chump who’s trying to hit on you, however, since he won’t layoff, N would thwart his attempts real quick by laying it on you real thick. He’ll call you a pet name and wrap his arm around you amongst other things to get the guy to take a hint. Since N’s feelings for you haven’t been revealed yet, he’d be extra protective over you in this situation. “Hey, babe. I’ve been looking all over for you. Our table is ready…Umm, excuse me sir can you move out of the way?”

Leo: Leo would simply throw his arm around your shoulder and have this “why are you even trying?” type smirk on his face. Yeah, Leo is quiet and all, but nobody is going to take away from him something he had his eyes on for a long time. He’d eventually ask you if the guy is bothering you and wouldn’t remove his arm from your shoulder until the guy took the hint. “Is this guy bothering you? Because he’s bothering me.” 

Ken: Ken would pretend that he didn’t even notice the guy trying to hit on you and just hug you from behind amongst other cuddly gestures. Once he stops moving, he’d innocently ask you who the guy is trying to talk to you.  Regardless of the answer, Ken would still continue to hold you because he likes you and he doesn’t want you to think about the other guy. “Oh, hello. And who are you?”

Ravi: Ravi would stick to your side like glue and do just about anything to give this guy a clue. If Ravi is feeling really ballsy, he might try to innocently kiss you on your cheek or hair. To you it would seem like he’s just trying to help you, which would be half of the truth. The other half of the truth would be that he’s trying to protect you as well hint about his feelings. “*Hugs you tight* Where have you been? I’ve missed you.”

HongBin: HongBin would have a million things to say to the guy, but nothing would come out. So, he’d settle for holding your hand and would make sure that it’s visible. The reason for him not speaking is because he’d be a little frantic considering he likes you. So, seeing another man trying to step into his territory would unnerve him a little. “*Squeezes your hand then looks at the dude* What’s up?”

Hyuk: Oh, look the Honey Badger is back. Remember guys: the Honey Badger doesn’t care. Hyuk would come to your rescue, and say enough to send ole’ dude to skirt chase someone else. Now, if the guy didn’t take the hint the first time, Hyuk would resort to over dramatic methods if necessary. Why? Because you’re his future girlfriend. That’s why. “Excuse me, sir? How many karats do you think she deserves? Because I went ring shopping yesterday and I couldn’t decide. My fiancé deserves the finest ring. Isn’t that right, love?”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^