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Hey there! First of all, I love your art! You're a huge inspiration to me. Sorry if this is bothering but what Gem would be suitable for a Rose/Sapphire fusion? Like, a gem that has a combination of their Crystal constructs and a gem that can come in different colors?

Well I chose Druzy Quartz for that fusion (haven’t drawn them properly yet) cause they often come in purples but they also come in all different colours

But for you if you’re not wanting to stick with the “all Rose Quartz fusions make another Quartz” theory I’m kind of rolling with I’d say to pick a mineral type that yeah, has a few colour varieties and go from there, maybe Zoisites? There’s Tanzanite (which in itself comes in quite a few colours, purple, blue, orange, pink) also Thulite comes in shades from pale pink to red

How to Write a Resume LIKE A BOSS

So you’re ready to assume some responsibility and apply for your first job (or your fifth job or your fiftieth job) and you want some tips on writing a good resume, huh? Well, are you are in luck because 1) I’ve edited and proofed so many resumes I could probably write one for each of my friends without their input and 2) I’ve actually taken some classes on this shit. So, basing this primarily on comments I’ve made while correcting someone else’s resume (and while looking at my own for reference), here are my tips on writing a resume.

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tomorrow never came

Summary: Mourning the loss of your relationship with Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 1,352.

A/N: I don’t know what came over me as I wrote this, but this gotta be the saddest shit I’ve ever written. Feel free to ask for a box of tissues. Big quoting used in this fic was all from “Milk and Honey”’s quote, “Questions” by Rupi Kaur. Hope you all enjoy!

ps: @galaxayy i actually did it!!!! 

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

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It’s Complicated: Part Three

                                       “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: YAY! Im back. So this one I actually had to cut, because it was too long! which is AWESOME, because that means my creative writing is back. Just some warnings for this part, it does involve a scene of a panic attack in a small enclosed space - so if that’s something that can bother you or make you nervous, please take care and dont read! I dont want any of you getting nervous! There’s sexual tension, some fluff, some cursing - smut is coming! 

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This Woman’s Work: Tom Holland x Reader

Based on the song (flawlessly) performed by singer Maxwell. Inspired by @cocosierra94 hyping me up to write this under this pic of Tom holding a baby😭

Reader has complications during what’s supposed to be a normal childbirth and has to fight for her life. 

Warnings: Angst, Hella Sadness, Death (???)

Words: 2k and some change. 

You can take a quick listen here (highly recommend that you listen if you want to cry😂)

It’s not supposed to happen like this, Tom thought as tears streamed down his face. He sat in the private waiting room with both of your families. He let out a loud sob and his mother rested his head on her shoulder. “She’s going to make it.” She kept repeating that to her son whose mind explored what he could’ve done better as a husband as you fought for you and your unborn baby girl’s life.


“Are you nervous?” You joked as he drove to the hospital. “Me, I’m not the one giving birth.” He said. “Well by the way your gripping that steering wheel I would say you were.” You laughed and then winced once you felt a contraction. He jerked his head to look at you, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just the contractions.” You rubbed your stomach and smiled, “I can’t wait for her.” He nodded, “She’s going to be perfect.” He said loosening his grip from the steering wheel and took your hand. He pulled up to the hospital and ran to alert the staff.

You were wheeled to your room and made comfortable, “everyone’s on the way.” Tom said looking up from his phone. “Calm down baby.” You laughed taking in his anxious demeanor. “I-I’m fine.” He shrugged, taking a seat beside the bed. Six hours had passed and all of your family had been in the room to see you. “You two are going to be great parents.” Mrs. Holland gushed grabbing your hand. After a chatting for a while, you felt a fire shoot through your lower body. You let out an agonizing scream and Tom jumped up, “Are you okay love?”

“The contractions are getting closer.” You breathed. “I’ll go get the doctor.” His parents walked out of the room t o get your OB/GYN. The doctor came in and smiled, “So how are we doing?”

“They’re closer.” Tom answered. She put on her gloves and checked you, “You’re not dilated yet so we’ll give you the epidural and then let the magic happen.”

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So You Want to Write an Autistic Character Part I: Sensory Integration Dysfunction and What to Do About It

Writing autistic characters is hard.  It’s a little like walking through a house with a wet cloth tied around your face.  You might feel the walls with your hands, and find the edges of stairs and carpets with your toes, and thus manage to make it out with all things intact; but only the owner of the house can see where you’re going, and only they can tell you where to put your feet.  In making your character autistic, you are writing about an experience you will never fully share.

Should that scare you?  Put you off from writing about your autistic character?  Heck no!  But, like anything else worth doing, it will take time, effort and a fair bit of perspective-tweaking.  So to get you started, I want to talk about something that will have a huge impact on the way your character experiences the world – something many people overlook when writing autistic characters.  That thing is called sensory integration dysfunction (SID) or sensory processing disorder (SPD).

Here’s the thing, neurotypical writers: you will never know what SID feels like.  But it’ll be a lot easier to navigate that house if you know the layout first, so let me break it down for you.

What It Is:  The best way I can describe SID is through analogy.  The way I was told, every human being is a cup into which sensory information pours: all the sights, sounds, tastes, touches and smells we experience from day to day.  For a neurotypical person, that cup is exactly the right size to hold all the information that flows in.  For those of us with SID, it’s not that easy.  Under-stimulated people have cups that are too big, and tend to seek out stimulation in order to keep their cups full.  Over-stimulated people have cups that are too small, and our cups are constantly overflowing.  Most people with SID are a little of both, as we may seek out certain types of stimulation (certain textures or sounds) and avoid others. 

My cup, as it happens, is a little too small.  I am constantly shying away from sensations that bother me: the sound of cardboard scraping, the light pressure of people’s hands touching me, the chaotic sounds of a loud and busy environment.  I seek solitude, not always because I am introverted, but because I simply cannot stand the textures and sounds and touches of other people.  Yet in some ways my cup is never full enough – I am always seeking heavy pressure, tight hugs, and things that I can wrap up in, such as weighted blankets.

As a writer, you will have to know your character well enough to tell what types of stimulation they seek out and which they shun, as it will affect the way they move through and perceive their world.  Which brings me to my next point:

Not Everyone Is Bothered By The Same Things.  Humans have more than one sense, and for those of us with sensory integration dysfunction, certain senses can weigh more heavily than others.  My “worst” senses in terms of SID are my senses of touch and hearing.  I can’t stand light touch, such as people tapping my shoulder, loose clothes fluttering on my skin, or dangling earrings moving around in my ears; I hate whining, scraping noises such as packing peanuts, cardboard boxes opening, or the sound of my teeth biting into an apple.  I can pick up on noises that many people don’t, and even regular noises are twice as loud and painful to me as they are to most.  For example: at the Albertson’s near my house, there’s a Starbucks outlet with different lighting than the rest of the store and I can hear the electric hum whenever I get close.  I always stay away from the counter because the humming sound of the lights pierces my ears.  My parents can never hear it.

But I am not the same as your character, who is not the same as the next person with autism, who is not the same as your autistic friend, who is not the same as the author of that autobiography on Asperger’s Syndrome you read while researching.  Different things bother us, and in different ways.  I have never been able to describe the sensation I get when people touch me, except that it’s a tingling, vulnerable feeling that I react to the same way I react to pain: with cringes, flinching and turning away.  I’ve never felt it as actual pain, but I tell people it’s like pain because it’s easier to explain.  Meanwhile, a friend of mine who is autistic does feel light pressure as pain, something I’d not considered was possible until very recently.  The realm of SID is vast and complex, and even autistic people need to do their research on other autistic people.  There is no universal “sensory experience” we all share, and the last thing we want to do is make our autistic characters all feel the same things.

So How Do I Put It In Writing?  There are thousands of ways your character’s sensory issues can peek through in your writing; to find them, you have to get down on the ground with your character and let them point the world out to you.  A wool blanket isn’t just a wool blanket – it’s an unshaved beard that can feel either soft or scratchy, comfortable or disgusting.  A sidewalk isn’t just a sidewalk – it’s a gritty, rocky surface that demands to have fingers run over it.  A creaky car door isn’t just a creaky car door – it’s a sharp needle digging into your ear.  Define for yourself the highlights of what bothers your character – is it smell?  Sound?  Touch?  All or none of the above? – and then let them tour you around.

In my current novel project, my protagonist has undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and those traits constantly influence her mood and her state of being.  In chapter one, she gets out of a van after carpooling over 300 miles with a rowdy, high-energy family.  In writing that scene, I knew she would be more than just exhausted – her nerves would be fried.  So I picked out a handful of sensory “focal points” from her environment and exaggerated them.  My character’s “major” senses are smell and touch, so I added some scratchy blankets to the van and made the family she hitchhiked with smokers.  By the time she stepped off the bus at her destination, with all that cigarette smoke clinging to her clothes and the memory of those scratchy blankets on her skin, she was on the brink of going into sensory overload – in fact, she had a meltdown in the very next scene and hid in a public bathroom stall for two hours.  Sensory meltdowns are common for those with SID on our bad days and are a big aspect of life, so I’ll be doing a full article on writing about them later this week.

In the end, you will never know exactly how your autistic character feels with sensory integration dysfunction.  But with research and a little perspective-tweaking, you can get readers – and yourself – to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the world from your character’s point of view.  Research and observation are your best friends here.  Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the world around you, because for many of us with SID, that’s what the world is like.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2, which will cover sensory overload, meltdowns, and stimming – and, of course, how best to utilize them in writing your autistic character.  As always, good luck and keep writing!

 – Senga

stars and clouds | school series 11

characters: you x sungwoon

summary: starry-eyed moments with sungwoon

quote: ”the stars in the sky can’t amount to my love”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

note: the school series!wanna one is now over! i had so much fun writing this series and i’m glad that this series received a lot of love, more than what i have expected and thank to you guys i have over 300+ followers which is shocking considering that i had 40 when i wrote the third part to the series and now eight scenarios later i have more than 300?? i really don’t know how to thank you guys! and now since the wanna one version of this series over, i will be shifting my focus to finishing my works in progress, so once again thank you so much and enjoy!

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me when i appreciate whenever an artist i like posts literally anything (even bland ¾ bust white background artwork) yet i myself cannot bring myself to draw/post that same type of art bc i feel it doesnt matter

In Your Arms

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: Sorry I haven’t written much of anything lately guys. I needed a mental break. But I’m back! I hope you enjoy this, it’s super fluffy and I could use a Bucky like this right now. Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you! xo

Based on a request by @nnattyt: hey! can you possibly do a buckyxreader one where the reader is on their period and has to work late so Bucky picks her up from work and takes care of her AND JUST A WHOLE LOT OF FLUFF PLS XOXO (hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,321

- none. maybe language.

Tags: @metallicbuck @bovaria @marvel-ash @theerinpage @sebbytrash @theerinpage @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @matteblackvevo @james-babechanan-barnes @eyeofdionysus @jensensfreckleddick @manbunbucky @bookshelvesandteacups @lisgoe @iwillprobablybechangingthislater @lovemarvelwithmylife @obsessedwithfandoms-us @arianaamaris

*gif is not mine.

You stared at the clock looming above the soda machine, its hands ticking painfully slow. It was only 3 pm, and you had two more horrendously long hours to go, before your shift was over. Your stomach was killing you, the pressure in your legs so intense you wanted to cry. Aunt Flo had reared her ugly head and you were fucking miserable.

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Ladynoir July Day 11: Sultry

A heat wave had hit Paris, and everyone had fallen victim to the hot weather, and Miraculous Holders had not been excluded from the suffering.

“Pass the water, please” Ladybug told Chat Noir while she attempted to fan herself with her hands.

“One bottle of water coming right up!” he said before passing her the item and also grabbing another one for himself.

“I get that our suits can protect us from all types of weather, but this is just ridiculous” Ladybug muttered before taking a long sip of water.

“Yeah, it’s not even day time and yet it feels like the moon and the sun exchanged jobs. I’ve never encountered a night so hot!” Chat Noir exclaimed.

“I know, right? If this continues, I will begin to suspect an Akuma is behind this” Ladybug agreed, whipping sweat from her forehead. Chat Noir didn’t even bothered doing the same. Instead, he dumped the water on his head in an attempt to cool off.

Ladybug simply stared.

“… are you that hot?” she asked. Chat Noir stared at her with his mouth wide open in surprise.

It was then when Ladybug realizing a minute too late what had left her mouth. “Oh my god, I didn’t mean-! I was taking about the heat!”

Too late.

Chat Noir was already looking at her with a sultry smile.

“Well, My Lady,” he said while he ran his hand over his wet hair, “If I had known you considered me hot, I would have thrown away my mask a long time ago” he finished saying with an eyebrow wiggle.

Ladybug simply groaned.

Bonus under the cut

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Okay, but has anyone seen The Good Witch? I just want to be like Cassie, the type of witch that knows exactly what everyone needs, even before they know it. Making cups of tea to ease minds, sooth souls, etc. The type of witch that no one knows is a witch, yet everyone can trust and come to for whatever’s bothering them.

I basically just want to be the town witch-that-no-one-knows-is-a-witch.

i wanna do something really cool and fun for tiva since we haven’t had a big tiva event in a while and we didn’t do the holiday collab this year (bummer) but like

the fandom is so fragmented and like just absent anymore, with so many of my connections to tiva actually on different social media or just no longer even willing to engage with the fandom anymore

and i fucking miss it.

but is it worth it to do anything if i’ll get like 4 people to participate? like i know we’re busy and stuff and i know that mw’s departure was like our last hurrah for so many people but honestly i’m not done yet???? and if the x-files can have an active fandom after 24 years then why can’t we?

anyway if you’re interested in doing some sort of tiva fandom event type thing i’d love to re-engage the fandom

Best Friend!Taemin headcanons

Originally posted by herewegobebe

  • Although Taemin is a really quiet and caring person, he gets a little bit malicious at times. She discovers this when he was recording a new song and he invited her over, hence why she started talking to one of the producers about music and whatnot, but Taemin surely seemed interested in separating the two. He stopped sitting on the couch to join his best friend and his producer, telling him facts about her that made her seem that oh-so-less-attractive and he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the annoyed look over hers.
  • He feigns ignorance, however. “Lee Taemin, why the fuck did you do that?!” “…Do what?
  • Truth is, he had liked her for quite some while and whilst he was an idol, he had some girlfriends but none of them were like her. Just as classical, plain, casual and beautiful as her in the most simplistic of ways. He’s not possessive, just a little bit jealous.
  • But it’s quite obvious that he liked her –in Kibum’s words. Taemin was never really touchy with people unless he felt comfortable with them and plenty of times the members had seen him grasping her hand when he was too nervous or simply placing his hand over her thigh when he was bothered by something. She relaxed him and they let him go, but it was absolutely adorable how he trusted his whole wellbeing to her.
  • She wasn’t really mad about the fact that he always ruined her dates, it was only curiousness. Yet, an answer is given to her the next few days when they were having a movie night and he finally said the weirdest, most romantic words –in a way-.
  • Can I kiss you?” He asked. “What the hell, Taemin, why?” “I just want to see how it feels like.
  • Turns out that ‘just wanting to know’ became a friends with benefits type of relationship. It was well hidden from everyone’s curious eyes, they remained as always but once they were completely alone, his lips would hover over hers and he would just get intoxicated in the taste of her and the feel of her body. Taemin surely loved how he made her feel, both so hot but so cold at the same time, he adored it.
  • The first person to discover that the two were having an affair was Jinki because they had kinda forgotten he was there for dinner and Taemin pressed a peck to her lips before widening his eyes. “Whoa, Kibum is going to have a blast when I tell him! Jonghyun said it wasn’t going to happen but-
  • They somehow convince him to not tell anyone, maybe with a little too much talking and some ‘treats’. Absolutely, Taemin had to buy him dinner for a week.
  • But Jinki, being the good friend he was and knowing that Taemin really liked her, did anything for the two of them to be together. Being stressed out because of a new song? He called her to help Taemin. Did she have a bad week? He called Taemin so he could comfort her. So on and so forth.
  • My parents just asked if we were dating.” “What did you tell them?” “Well, fuck, I don’t know Taemin…do I tell them ‘we make out from time to time and I think we may or may not be friends with benefits’ or do I tell them we are ‘just friends’?” “…The second choice.
  • Sooner than later, Taemin decides to tell her what he felt for her. He tried to prepare one of those romantic dinners with candles and roses and whatnot but he almost burnt one of the roses whilst he prepared the table and she found him throwing water at the rose, so she immediately was curious about what he was doing. Turns out that whilst he was rambling about what happened, he ended up by saying: “…And I prepared all this shit just to tell you that I like you a lot.
  • At first, her reaction was logical…if Taemin was always so unsupportive of her relationships, it had to be for a reason and before she knew it, she had wrapped her arms around him.
  • “I like you too, Taemin.”
What I like and dislike about each type
  • Warning: I'm very straightforward with this and aim to be as honest as possible. Also, these are my own perceptions and may not be prominent in all individuals of the type so take it with a grain of salt. With that said, you're always free to send anonymous hate mail in my ask box if you're not happy.
  • What I like about ISTPs: You're too cool. How do you do that nonchalant "I'm effortlessly good at everything" -attitude floating around you? You're also so quick to act in sudden situations, your reflexes are excellent.
  • What I dislike about ISTPs: You do care about things so stop pretending you don't. You fool no one and it's embarrassing to watch. Showing some sentiment doesn't equal being weak, everyone else gets that so why don't you?
  • What I like about ESTPs: How do you notice everything? Of all the types, you're possibly the most observant and objective about your observations. I admire your straightforward way of communicating.
  • What I dislike about ESTPs: You're too competitive. For fuck's sake, it's only a game. Grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums whenever someone's better than you at something.
  • What I like about INTPs: How can you know so much about everything? You're like an information sponge who can glance at an issue and take in the most vital parts in two seconds and then move on to something else that's interesting.
  • What I dislike about INTPs: Your passive and cynical attitude towards life borders ridiculous. You don't get to spend your life putting absolutely zero effort into your ambitions and then mope about how your life is wasting away. It doesn't work that way so grow up and start taking some initiative.
  • What I like about ENTPs: You're ridiculously good at brainstorming. If I run into a wall with something, you guys are the people I'd ask for help in order to find a solution outside the box.
  • What I dislike about ENTPs: Learn how to filter your speech at times. Yeah, freedom of speech and all but it doesn't mean you have to pay absolutely zero attention to what you let out of your big mouth. Some jokes are just in bad taste.
  • What I like about INFPs: You're imaginative and mentally very strong. You have no issue to stand up for something you believe in and God help the person who's in your way of setting things right.
  • What I dislike about INFPs: Everyone is not targeting you in particular and criticism is not always voiced solely for the purpose of offending you. Learn not to take everything so damn personally.
  • What I like about ENFPs: You're so much fun to be around. How can your humor be so out there yet spot on? A social gathering without an ENFP is like a bath without bubbles.
  • What I dislike about ENFPs: Pick up after yourself every now and then. I know mess doesn't probably bother you as much as many other types but it's a part of common courtesy not to leave your stuff around for everyone else to clean. It's disgusting.
  • What I like about ISFPs: You're genuinely a warm and interesting person to be around. Your shyness mixed with your observant nature and thirst for new experiences is very charming.
  • What I dislike about ISFPs: Stop being such a doormat. You have a tendency for self-sacrifice, doing things you don't want to do for people who really don't want or need you to do it for them and then wallow in how much you don't want to do it. This is not the Bible and you're not a martyr so grow a backbone.
  • What I like about ESFPs: You're so set on enjoying life to the fullest. How can you turn everything into a fun experience like that? You're so observant and know how to have fun.
  • What I dislike about ESFPs: Learn the meaning of personal space. I know you're genuinely interested in people but if they wish to be left alone, respect that. Plus, don't get so touchy if someone doesn't want to spend time with you every now and then. It doesn't mean they hate you.
  • What I like about ISFJs: How can you have so much compassion? It's like you instinctively understand everyone around you. I admire the way you withhold judgment when dealing with people.
  • What I dislike about ISFJs: Stop being such a worrywart. The world will not fall apart even if you're not there to take care of everything. Your fussiness can be so damn annoying sometimes.
  • What I like about ESFJs: You're the queen bee. How can you be so popular with so little effort? You know how to make friends and how to handle different people. You're so likable it's almost ridiculous.
  • What I dislike about ESFJs: Stop worrying about conflicts so much. It's not the end of the world to be in bad relations with someone. Not everyone will be your friend, learn to live with that.
  • What I like about ISTJs: You're so dependable. It's programmed in your system to work hard and expect little in return. Your loyalty and dedication is moving.
  • What I dislike about ISTJs: You're too judgmental. Don't jump to conclusions so much and learn how to listen to opposing views. They have a point sometimes, you know.
  • What I like about ESTJs: You're no-nonsense and I admire that. You know how to handle matters impersonally and efficiently. You see what needs to be done and do it.
  • What I dislike about ESTJs: You're too bossy sometimes. Stop measuring other people's worth by how well they perform and learn to cut some slack at times.
  • What I like about INTJs: You set a goal and keep pushing until you make it. You're a true achiever and have excellent self-discipline. You know what you want and if you don't know how to get it, you find out.
  • What I dislike about INTJs: Hold back with the superiority complex a bit won't you? There's a difference between being proud of your accomplishments and just being a smug asshole.
  • What I like about ENTJs: You know how to be smooth. You have strong communication skills and people follow you instinctively. You naturally seem like someone who always knows what they're doing.
  • What I dislike about ENTJs: You're too dominant. You can't control everyone and everything and it's really annoying when you try to do that. Also, keep your jealousy in check, other people's achievements are not indicators of your incapability.
  • What I like about INFJs: You have a unique worldview and see connections other people might miss entirely. Even if not religious, you still have this spiritual aura about you.
  • What I dislike about INFJs: Try to get rid of your special snowflake complex. You're not inherently different from everyone else, you're just about the only person who doesn't realize everyone's quirky in their own way and you're not more so than the others.
  • What I like about ENFJs: How can you be such a good mediator? You're like the best person to be in the middle of two people fighting, you know how to help people compromise and live in harmony.
  • What I dislike about ENFJs: Stop the humble bragging. Seriously, I get that you're proud of your good deeds but making sure everyone knows what a good person you are kinda eats away at the authenticity of it all. Plus it's embarrassing.
Mr. Salvaterre (Modern Elorcan fic)

Okay so I’m both trash for Elorcan AND for modern AUs so here’s one with the ‘first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night​​​​​​​’ prompt. Hope it’s okay, and feedback is appreciated :) 
   This is so not happening to her right now. 
    Elide wills her breathing to even out and plasters on her best 'I’m Aelin Galathynius and I regret nothing’ face even though she is currently regretting EVERYTHING. She regrets getting out of bed this morning, regrets putting on this dumb pencil skirt and even dumber blouse, but most of all, she regrets listening to Aelin about not one, but two things that have lead her to this situation. 
    "Rowan can totally get you a job,“ Aelin had said just a month ago. "You’ll probably be working under one of his asshole ex coworkers, but it’s good money, and one of the guys, Connall, owes him a favor so he can get you in. Plus, it’s not like it’s forever.” And then, just last week she’d said, “You know what you need? Sex. Really good sex. Aren’t you going out with the Thirteen? Just- I don’t know, accept a hot guy’s drink sent your way, make flirty eye contact. As long as it ends with sex it doesn’t matter, because sex takes stress right off. Trust me." 
    And she’d listened to both damn points. She’d filed in an application to Rowan, Aelin’s fiance, three weeks ago, and then amidst the turmoil and stress that came with waiting to hear back from Wendlyn Industries, she’d put on her skankiest dress and gone out with Manon, Asterin, and the rest of them. The Thirteen had been just as sexually fueled as her, of course- Manon was making out with her boyfriend Dorian, Asterin had left early with some beautiful guy named Fenrys, Kaya and Thea were doing cute girlfriend things. And Elide-Elide’s attention had zeroed in on the ruggedly handsome guy in a leather jacket and a Henley that was already giving her the eyes. 
    Make flirty eye contact, Aelin had said. So she did that, and two minutes later an apple martini had slid her way. Accept a hot guy’s drink. She had done that, too. And sure, her sister was right, sex did ease the stress. But now it’s coming back at her at full speed because the guy who had eaten her out on his probably incredibly expensive dining room table and then fucked her against his wall… and on the leather sofa… and in his bed… is standing fifteen feet away, still super attractive and scowling in a blazer and slacks. 
    Asterin and Manon had also been oh so very helpful before their night out on the town, trying to convince her to go with Aelin’s plan. "You don’t even have to use your real name,” Asterin had shrugged, casually flipping a golden curl off her shoulder. “Honestly, I’ve used 'Manon’ or 'Sorrel’ or 'Vesta’ more times than I can count." 
    Manon, for her part, didn’t seem bothered by that at all. "And don’t spend the night,” she had asserted. “Wait until he falls asleep, then leave. Awkward morning after conversations are not your friend." 
    And like an IDIOT she’d listened to that advice, too. Maybe he wouldn’t be stung by her leaving in the middle of the night- that, after all, happened a lot with one night stands, but giving him her mother’s name?…Then again, maybe he fake named her, too. I mean, what type of first name is Lorcan anyways? 
   He hasn’t noticed her yet, too busy barking at some poor intern who nods and scampers away. Okay, she coaches herself as the secretary leads her down the aisles towards where her cubicle will be. Just act like nothing’s wrong, smile and show no recognition. Maybe he’ll think you just LOOK familiar. A pleasant thought. Or maybe he’ll have forgotten about you in general. An even more pleasant thought. And they both aren’t true at all. 
   In that exact moment, he looks up and his eyes find hers. For a split second his face goes slack with recognition before he’s schooling it into neutrality again, but it’s too late. She’s seen the look and is already cursing herself in her head. Gods fucking damn- I am going to fight Aelin. And Manon and Asterin. And myself. Thank the Gods the secretary keeps leading them past, because Elide is sure her cheeks are flaming and that the look on her face isn’t nearly as convincing as it had been before they made eye contact. Of COURSE he recognizes her- the limp doesn’t make it too hard. 
   She is so screwed. And this time, it isn’t the GOOD kind of screwed. 
   They get to the cubicle, and all she has to hang on to is that his name really isn’t Lorcan, that she won’t seem like a snotty bitch who accidentally gave her new BOSS a fake name. Well, it wasn’t exactly an accident, but she sure as hell wouldn’t have given him 'Marion’ if she’d known he’d be writing her checks in the foreseeable future. 
   "The wonderful fellow yelling at everyone,” the secretary-Yulia, she’d introduced herself as- sighs, “is Lorcan Salvaterre.” Oh, you have GOT to be kidding her. Lorcan is really a name?! Is she being punked? Did Aelin somehow set this up? “And he’s kind of a big deal around here. He’ll probably be by in a few minutes to welcome you.” She goes on to explain Elide’s new duties as if she doesn’t already know, and really, she’s not listening at all because there’s too much noise in her head and panic in her gut. 
   And then he appears in the fucking doorway of the cubicle. 
   He’s trying to seem casual, but she notices everything, and she DEFINITELY picks up on the way his eyes are shifting to her, that recognition lighting them up again. “Lorcan,” Yulia gives a too sweet smile- nervous, Elide realizes. She’s really fucking nervous around her-their-boss without even doing anything that’s provoked him. And Elide? It’s pretty safe to say she’s probably provoked him. She knows plenty of men like this- men with big egos who don’t like being tampered with. “This is Elide Lochan, the applicant Rowan Whitethorn suggested." 
    Maybe he doesn’t remember you gave him a different name, she tells himself. Why would he remember the name of some one night stand? But of course she’s just having no luck AT ALL today, because he gives her a serpentine smile. "Nice to meet you, Elide.” Shit. 
   Yulia seems to think this is normal behavior because as soon as Elide has murmured a, “Nice to meet you, too,” she’s telling her to set down her things and sweeping her off to give her a tour. And thank the Gods for Yulia. Because Elide can still feel Lorcan’s eyes on her back. 
   The next time she sees him is at the end of the day. Her ankle is screaming at her and she can’t believe she’s thinking it, but she can’t WAIT until tomorrow when she gets to sit behind a desk all day and keep the weight off of it. Yulia called today 'a trial day’ which honestly Elide isn’t even sure if it counts as that because it was more gossip than anything else. It was surprisingly… nice. Yulia is nice. Some of the other coworkers are nice, too. 
   Elide knows what’s expected from her, what time to be there the next day, and she’s hurrying to put on her coat and go catch her ride with Manon (she can drive, but it’s hard on her ankle and they’re on the way to the same place anyways since they live together) when she turns and freezes. He’s in the doorway, looking less hostile than he did that morning and more downright sullen. She opens her mouth, closes it, waits for him to talk. 
   "So,“ he says, and his smile is wry and bitter. "You ran out on me pretty quickly last week, Elide.” So he’s pissed she ran out on him the other night, after all. She’s pretty sure she’s proud of that. 
   Her chin tilts up and she shrugs. “It WAS a one night stand.” If she didn’t know better, she’d say that that was actual hurt in his eyes for a brief moment. “And mornings after are something best avoided." 
   He tilts his head slightly at that, and it’s quiet for a moment before he asks, "How do you know Whitethorn?" 
   It’s been so long since she’s heard that last name-Aelin’s been referring to Rowan as Rowan Galathynius ever since they got engaged- so it takes her a moment to register who he means. "Oh, well I met Rowan through Aelin-" 
   Lorcan’s gaze darkens considerably. "You know the bitch queen?" 
   She feels her mood sour instantly as well, and she doesn’t care if he’s her boss because that’s her family he’s trashing. "The 'bitch queen’ is my sister, actually,” she replies coolly. She has no idea why he came here- to flirt with her, to make her uncomfortable, to intimidate her? Because all he’s achieving is pissing her off. 
   Realization dawns on him and he winces slightly. “I-” he stops, scratches the back of his head slightly. “I didn’t know she had a sister. You don’t… you don’t look like her." 
   "We’re adoptive siblings.” Part of her wants to tell him what Aelin saved her from, exactly. Wants to explain that if she hadn’t found her, she would still be stuck with her piece of shit uncle. But 1. That’s not of his business, 2. Why would he care? and 3. He’s still her boss. A one night stand doesn’t mean he won’t immediately fire her if she’s rude. It’s then that her phone buzzes and silently she thanks Manon for saving the day and finishes pulling on her coat. “That’s, um, my ride. Have a nice evening, Mr. Salvaterre." 
    She can’t decide if calling him that makes her sound stupid or sounds like the insult it’s supposed to be, but she doesn’t dwell on it, brushing past him into the hall. She’s almost to the elevator when she hears him run after her. "Elide, wait." 
    She turns, eyebrows raised. His face is impassive, as always, but he’s fidgeting and she gets no small amount of satisfaction that she’s made this giant, powerful man nervous. "I was going to tell you that you owe me for giving me a fake name,” he admits, and she snorts. “But that was… calling Aelin that was uncalled for.” It’s probably as close to an apology as she’s going to get. “Maybe I can be the one to make it up to you sometime?" 
    This is most definitely a bad idea- office romances typically don’t end well, and he’s not just a coworker, he’s her BOSS. But then again, maybe he really does just want to make it up to her. A traitorous part of her hopes that that’s not true, that he wants more. And an even bigger traitorous part of her says, "Alright. Sure." 
   They exchange numbers-not a big deal, they’d have to do that anyway for job purposes- and then the elevator opens and he just stands there awkwardly for a beat before he says, 'Have a nice evening’ and disappears back down the hall. She gets in, and is lucky enough to get to Manon’s car before she starts impatiently honking. It’s on the drive that Elide gets the text from him. 
   Mr. Salvaterre (5:43 pm): Dinner tomorrow? 
   By 'make it up to you’ she had thought he’d meant, like, a coffee or a bagel or something. Not DINNER. Her lips quirk up. Okay, so maybe she’s not THAT mad at Aelin for her advice, after all.

Honestly don’t even try to tell me Lorcan isn’t one of those guys who’s like ‘wtf SHE left during this one night stand wtf how dare she even though I would do the exact same thing?!’ because he totally is 

Male MC: Mystic Messenger; Causal Route: Prologue

 This is the regular MM story but with a male MC!! Whoohoo let the romance commence! 

List | Mobile List | Next Hour {7am and 8am}

Zack  shoved his hands in his pockets as he waited for the new app to download. He stared at the screen as he sat in the warm coffee shop sipping an iced coffee as the world outside him turned into a dull grey. Autumn was coming—his favorite time of year— and the outside world was becoming a dark place, well in the sense that the sun was covered. The download completed. “RFA Chatroom” is what it was called. He didn’t know how exactly he found it but it intrigued him nonetheless.

“YO YOU GUYS! HERE’S THE TING! YA!!!” is what the description said. No ratings, no reviews, around six downloads. It was dangerous to download weird apps but his virus and malware protector on his phone said it was clean. Things had been rather lonely ever since Zack moved to this country. He wasn’t exactly a friendly happy-go-lucky kind of man so making new friends was rather hard. The biggest thing contributing to his loneliness was his unhappiness. He hadn’t felt someone need him. Parts of him were wondering why he was even here.

So maybe just faking happiness in some random chatroom would be good for him. He opened the app feeling a bit panicked as the app loaded. Setting up his account he named himself Akane. Yeah why not screw it. He’d fake happiness and pretend to be someone else.  For a moment his screen fritz but then…

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anonymous asked:

Solangelo isn't abusive because of "snapping" or whatever, it's borderline abusive because of the way will invalidates Nico's trauma and feelings. He touches nico without asking. He calls nico his boyfriend despite nico being obviously uncomfortable, and makes jokes about Nico's social skills. He orders him around like he owns him. As a gay woman who's been in abusive relationships like this, I think I'm entitled to this opinion and my voice matters. The relationship has serious issues.

Um…. No? Nico never shows that he’s uncomfortable. If anyone understands trauma, Will does. And honestly, that’s simple banter. Nico can speak up if he’s uncomfortable, he’s done it before. 

He does not order Nico around. All that, no more shadow stuff was because Nico’s life was at risk. 

Do not come to me telling me these teens in a shitty life are abusive with each other. I’ve seen actual, severe abuse. I understand that you’ve been in one, but the way it’s portrayed in the books is not at all meant to be abusive or harmful to Nico. 

There are no issues I can see in that relationship. I’ve even read the camp half blood confidential handbook and it has more interactions between them. 

Seriously, don’t put down this sweet relationship and give it all this hate. And I seriously hope you’re not following me because I don’t need this type of negativity. People keep coming up with bullshit about toxic or abusive Solangelo, and that’s so obviously not what it’s meant to be. And it seriously pisses me off that you can’t read about a bantering couple or a couple with problems without people immediately thinking it’s bad. It gives impressionable people such a bad idea as to what to expect. And yet, no one bothers to actually show realistic abusive relationships. 

I’m sorry, but I disagree completely with the idea that the relationship is abusive and I can pull out the books and cite and analyze each interaction if I have to THEN continue to explain why Leo and Calypso’s relationship is the actual abusive one if any in the books. 

I’m not trying to write off your experience, but Solangelo was not meant to be abusive. 

So, it’s National Coming Out Day. TL;DR: I’m… queer? Let’s just go with queer.

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Book review: 가을철 한정 구리킨톤 사건 상 - 요네자와 호노부

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

The cover is super cute, isn’t it? But I hate this book. Plenty of people don’t, I even picked it up because it was on the “recommended mystery novels” table. I picked it up because the cover was cute and the blurb on the back made it seem decent.

The story:

This book tells the story of a high school boy trying to live the normie life but getting stuck solving a case. The first 50~pages were fine, but it’s a really slow paced book and after our dear high school boy protagonist goes into a 4-page ramble about whether a grandma or some school girl will leave their seat on the bus first, I gave up on this book. The protagonist is exactly the type of 16 year old boy who would use the word normie and try to wow everybody with his superior rational thinking skills. If the internet hasn’t ruined this type of character for you yet, I think you might enjoy this book, if you can put up with the slow progression of the story. There’s a part 2(하), and part 1(상) seems to be the setup for the actual story, but I hate the protagonist, so I’m not going to bother reading the second part.

The Korean:

Now, when it comes to the language used, I actually quite like this book. The language is very flowery and uses a lot of adjectives and more complex words, even some complex grammar patterns. I’m tempted to just use it as a vocabulary resource, instead of seeing it as a book. That said, if you actually want to read this book for fun, you should already have a very good foundation, and be willing to look up a lot of vocabulary words, since most of the decorative vocabulary used is not taught in Korean classes. 

Conclusion: There are better books out there, don′t be fooled by cute covers.