yet he still has clothes on

Bitty likes putting clothes/blankets in the dryer just so he can be all warm and snuggly for a while

(Jack figures this out and buys like five electric blankets for his apartment and no one can figure out why he has them, he’s Canadian)

Character BIO: Bennett


Huxley’s unpredictable partner in crime and a former test subject of Überia’s Research Faculties.

Despite his species being called “human”, he is astoundingly omnivorous to the point of being capable of consuming soap and light bulbs without it causing him any harm. He also is adaptable to all kinds of environments and has high pain endurance.

Bennett grew very attached to his hazmat suit, so despite his Eye Plague being (mostly) cured he still wears it on a daily basis. His skin is still covered in blisters and other unsightly things, so he hides it under the layers of clothing.

Bennett tends to be careless, even though he works in a biohazardous environment. He often has dried blood in his hair, making it appear less blonde than it actually is.

His recent hobby is binge-watching TV series, be it soap operas or anime, for he’s fluent in spoken ‘manspeak’ but didn’t learn written one quite as well yet.

He lovingly calls Charlotte “human maggot”.

Bennett and Felix have some kind of lowkey rivalry going on, both being Huxley’s disciples. Still, they’re more similar than it might seem at the first glance. With Bennett’s exterior being extremely loud and extroverted, he tends to be quite grumpy on the inside. He’s also prone to sarcasm and complaining.

The person Bennett has the worst relationship with is Aiden, as he is everything but tidy.

you know what still gets to me everytime and then fucks me up and makes me cry and sob and wanna curl into a ball?

the fact that Even STILL has Isak’s clothes from that weekend he stayed over at Isak’s and he still hasn’t returned them yet, and Isak still hasn’t questioned Even about them.


Part 2: Oversized Sweater

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky came out of cryo and you’ve noticed that he’s been quiet. He spends most of his time in his bedroom but you want to help him out of his shell.
Word Count: 1119

Originally posted by msrogers

Bucky seems a lot happier around the compound, whenever you saw him. He still had yet to join you for family like gatherings for movies, or even breakfast together. You understood that it would take time for him to get used to the modern era; it was 70 years later after all.

The clothes he wore when he was the Winter Soldier were tight fitting, to you it would only make sense to steer clear to those type of clothes. Although black was slimming, you didn’t think Bucky needed that type of boost. What you thought he needed was looser fitting clothes and brighter colours. He learnt that lesson, he has the choice to wear any type of clothes he wanted before he went under. He chose to wear all white and to you that spoke volumes all by itself.

It was nearing winter and for you it was starting to get cold, that is when you had an idea of what you were going to do to help Bucky with his recovery.

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Merry Christmas


The softest whisper of winter slipped in through the cracks in the window and bit at Jonathan’s toes as he walked down the hallway. Still dressed in the clothes he fell asleep in; a baggy pair of sweats and an old shirt that hung too far past his waist.

“I’ll tell him Momma,” he hears coming from the kitchen where sweet smells and warm light await him. “Uh huh. Yeah, we promise. Love you too.”

His feet still shuffle when he walks, he hasn’t fully awoken yet and the world slips by slowly, caught as he is still in the dreams of waking. Where everything is hazy and he has to blink just to keep himself awake.

But it’s Christmas morning and it’s too late to go back to sleep, so he ambles down the hallway to where the warm smell of coffee awaits him.

And there, standing in the doorway with a warm cup in one hand and a phone pressed to his ear with the other is Luke. Smiling and nodding along as he listens to the other end of the call.

Jonathan steps close and leans into Luke with his full body weight, pressing into the other man’s side. Sliding his fingers around the cup in Luke’s hand he rests his chin on his shoulder and whispers.

Right up against his ear, soft warm breath, “ momma or yours..?”

Strings of tiny lights line the wall just beneath the ceiling, leaving a gentle glow that just barely lights up the corners of Luke’s face as he turns and presses a gentle kiss to Jonathan’s brow.

“Sounds good, Momma,” Luke adds to his side of the conversation, softly fluttering his eyes closed when his forehead touches Jonathan’s. His smile is a part of him that keeps him warm from within and it spreads from his face to Jonathan’s.

“We’ll be over there at eight then.” 

Jonathan’s hands hold the coffee and Luke at the same time and he isn’t quite sure which one is leaving him closer to sleep but if he leaned any harder against the other boy he would be a part of him.

His eyes shut, too much to keep open, as he considers the possibility.

“Love you too,” Luke drawls, speaking to both of them at once.

hottschott  asked:

Winn Schott is a trans man! He's been on T for a while but hasn't had top surgery yet and is VERY self conscious about how his work clothes fit. One of the issues he has with his dad is that he chose to take his fathers name and be Winn Schott Jr pretty early on and since his dad's criminal activity, he's gone through a lot of names but nothing else quite stuck. He sometimes feels weird about it still but he's settled into it. He doesn't date much because he's v. insecure, but [1/2]

[2/2] but all his friends (and most of the guys he’s been into) have been really chill about it, which is really nice for it since his issues kind of got lost in the mix of his dad going to jail and moving between foster families growing up, so it’s really nice to have a sort of “found family” that’s so supportive!

He’s “not the IT guy” but likes people saying that because it involves saying he is a guy, which still feels a little tingly after all these years.

He was fascinated by J’onn’s shapeshifting, and still feels resentful about it sometimes (as hard as he tries not to) because J’onn can do in seconds what Winn’s been trying to do over a lifetime.

He expected coming out to Kara to go fine (which it did) but for some reason was really nervous about Alex.  Alex was just as good as Kara, though.

Mon-El and Kara Zor-El and J’onn J’onzz all having alien ideas about gender makes him feel a lot more at home than he used to with only the one, strict view of gender that he grew up with.

[It’s Headcanon Day!  Send me a DCTV character, and I’ll give you back a trans headcanon or ficlet about that character.]

nickyovi beep beep

“Go home,” is the first thing that Nicklas says, turning over his eggs in the pan. “You need fresh clothes.”

Alex has his hands in the sweatpants he’s wearing–they’re probably Nicky’s. It doesn’t fit right.

“So mean, Nicky,” Alex says. He slides his feet across the cool tiles. The winter hasn’t left yet; is still here in the openness of Nicky’s kitchen. All of it is a clean, unmarked space. “Kicking me out.”

Nicky does that full body eye roll. It’s so noticeable. “I’m not kicking you out,” he starts. He sounds exactly like somebody kicking Alex out. “I just think you need to get some clothes that aren’t mine.”

“I could go naked,” Alex points out.

“Please do not go naked,” Nicky says.

“You like it when I’m naked,” Alex adds.

“I do,” Nicky allows, but there’s a pause after that. “I am just not fond of scandalising the neighbours.”

“Expanding their horizons,” Alex corrects.

“Sure.” Nicky turns to face him. “I don’t want to expand their horizons.” He slides the eggs onto the plate on the table, and then pushes it to Alex.

Alex picks up his fork, and Nicky sits down on the stool opposite him. He eats the eggs. Nicky doesn’t.

“What if we draw all the curtains?” Alex asks, when he’s done with his eggs. “Then we can expand the horizons by ourselves.”

Nicky cocks his head, then lowers the blinds.

“Awesome,” says Alex.

Spending a Week with the Suicide Squad (pt. 2)

Originally posted by fatalitum

  • You waking up in the early hours of the morning and having frequent, extensive poolside conversations with Chato, coffee (or other drink of choice) in hands and a blanket draped over your shoulders, either talking idly about nothing or having in-depth talks about really deep subjects
  • Having to absolutely make sure you lock the bathroom door because someone has walked in on you on more than one occasion (apparently knocking isn’t a part of the bad guy repertoire) 
  • Trying to start conversations with Tatsu, but she’s yet to warm up to you and is still her solemn, quiet self
  • Watching movies late at night with the whole Squad and listening to their bickering over what to watch 
  • “Can we please just pick a damn movie already???” 
  • Falling asleep on Waylon during these late night movie binges - despite his appearance he does make quite the pillow 
  • Going shopping with June and Harley - catching Harley eyeballing the baby clothes with this soft, wistful look before her face hardens and tightens and she slips a onesie back onto the rack and you have to quickly look away so she doesn’t know you were watching
  • More chatter as you sit on the couch as Harley does your hair and make-up and talks about nothing
  • Flag having to consistently remind the group they’re here for a specific job and not to slack off (accompanied by semi-serious threats)
  • Having to replenish your supply of alcohol constantly, mostly due to Digger, so each time you have to buy a new six-pack you also purchase something that’s pink-unicorn-themed (a cheesy greeting card, a little plastic toy, a stuffed animal, something), much to his ‘dismay’
  • Listening to all of their bantering and squabbling and outwardly expressing annoyance but inwardly loving it 
  • Zoe making a surprise appearance (much to Floyd’s delight and dismay) - you helping her with her homework and chatting with her and just getting along - watching her and her dad interact and smiling and wondering how Floyd claims to not feel love when he’s with his daughter
  • Finally having to say goodbye at the end of the week - once Floyd has eliminated the target - and pretending to be relieved they’re finally leaving and you can have your house to yourself once more, but….as weird and strange as it is, you’ll miss ‘em. (Harley tips you a wink as they file out of the house and mouths “Don’t worry, puddin’. We’ll be back.”)

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Prequel: Not all of us

Warnings: self-esteem issues.

Originally posted by lehnshark

You are gathering and folding some clean clothes to help Óin taking care of the wounded: taking his orders and fetching him what he needs is all you can do. Your back aches and you are tired of standing but you must consider yourself lucky to be still alive. Many have died in this battle, many have been severely injured, first and foremost the King, who has not woken up yet; even Fili has been badly hurt, but he is quickly recovering.

You wipe your sweaty forehead with the back of your hand, ready to take the clothes to the infirmary set up in the newly reclaimed Erebor, when you hear unmistakable and hurried footsteps. Bilbo’s voice is calling your name: you look at the door and you see the Hobbit running in the corridor, then coming back and entering the door of the room where you are working.

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Imagine being taken from behind by Pietro...

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Gif does not belong to me. All credit goes to the creator.

It has been a month since Pietro had returned from his mission. He told me he would be back weeks ago, but they still have yet to return. I made my way around our apartment, cleaning as much as I could. The last stop was cleaning up the closet. Currently it was covered in mismatched shoes and clothes that fell off the hangers throughout the week.

I was bent over on my knees, when I felt an all too familiar breeze blow past me.

“Dragoste I’m h–”, he began to call as his eyes landed on my form

Before I could get off my knees to greet him, his hands were on the small of my back.

“Don’t move”, he said firmly

I got back on my knees and my heart rate picked up. I knew what he wanted and I knew he wanted it just as much as I did. Desire pooled at my center at the thought of him taking me from behind.

“I’ve missed you dragoste”, he smiled as he slapped my rear

“I’ve missed you too”, I moaned softly at the contact

Our clothes soon disappeared and he was on his back lying with his face between my legs. His hands gripped my waist as he pulled my center closer to his face, His licked my lips and hummed in approval.

“You taste so good”, he hummed as his tongue delved inside

My back arched as a moan escaped my lips. He brought his mouth to my clit. As he started to suck, he pushed a finger in. The more I clenched around him, the more he knew I was closer to reaching my orgasm. Suddenly he pulled away and he positioning himself behind me.

“Hold on. I want you to come while I’m fucking you”, he whispered in my ear 

Pietro softly bit my shoulder, then slammed himself into me. He sighed in satisfaction and I moaned out loud. He wasn’t going to slow down until I reached mine first. After a few pumps, my climax pulled through me quicker than expected. He slowed down just a little just to say,

“I think you should have one more”

He kept a steady pace only this time he had a hard time keeping himself from moaning and cursing out loud. 

“You’re so tight”, he moaned

He slid his hands down my back, then he bit my shoulder, fighting back a moan. He brought his hands around and kneaded my breasts and rubbed my nipples. They hardened at his touch when he twisted harder.

“Shit, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on”, he groans

He moved a hand down and slowly rubbed his finger on my clit. My legs trembled at his touch. I nearly screamed when he used his speed to rub against my clit. I wouldn’t last any longer if he kept that up. But then again that’s what he was aiming for. 

I could feel myself clenching around him harder and harder and I screamed as another orgasm tore through me. With my eyelids screwed shut, all I could see were stars. Pietro felt the aftershocks and he came soon after, hot spurts of his orgasm pushing through him.

He pulled out of me so I could lie on my back, then laid his head on my chest and began to fall asleep.

“Welcome back babe”, I softly said while running my fingers through his hair 

anonymous asked:

wha abt josh an blur seein trans!ty post top surgery?????

they love him so much !!! he’s kinda doped up on anesthesia still, in the recovery room with his gown on. he’s self-conscious about the scars, especially since they haven’t even healed yet, but when they get him home and have to change him into his clothes they’re able to see where the incisions were made.

they have strict orders from the hospital about tyler taking it easy for the next couple weeks, no scratchy t-shirts or sweaters, how to change his bandages until everything has fully healed, etc.

but they’re so elated to see their boy so happy with his body they kiss him all over his neck and face and are always doting on him while he’s getting better, bringing him sweets and his meds and cuddling close at night aah

“I’m very aware that I’m distracting you. I want you to pay attention to me.”

Juice Imagine
Sentence Prompt
Prompt from @witterprompts

“Juice, I- really?” You huff incredulously as your boyfriend accidentally tips over one of the drinks you has just poured.

“Oops!” He says and smiles an unapologetic smile, his eyebrows raising high on his forehead.

You sigh and slump your shoulders. Shooting him a quick glare you grab a cloth to clean the beer off of the bar top.

It is one of SAMCRO’s big parties and although you aren’t his Old Lady just yet, you still thought it was still your duty as Juice’s girlfriend to help out. Gemma appreciated your enthusiasm and set you on the first bartender shift, knowing of your experience in that area.

It wasn’t a long shift, only about 3 hours so you figured you’d just let Juice have his fun (all the while keeping an eye on him and the Crow Eaters from the bar - he may be allowed to have fun but you would be damned before you let some SAMCRO groupie touch your man) and then join him when your shift was over. Unfortunately, your night wasn’t quite turning out that way as Juice didn’t want to party without you and instead dedicated his time to bugging you at the bar.

You quickly replace the drink Juice had so carelessly spilt and hand it to Tig (who is glaring at Juice for prolonging his order, though Juice is unaware as he was intently watching the way your hips move as you work).

You turn to the shelf of alcohol behind you to grab a bottle of whiskey to start on your next round of drinks but when you turn back around you find yourself face-to-stomach with Juice sitting on the counter.

“Get down from there!” You scold. Usually his playfulness is something you adore about him but right now it isn’t giving you those fluttery feelings.

With a shrug, Juice slides off the counter and steps to the side to allow you to occupy the space once more. You had just started pouring the whiskey when you feel a pair of hands grip your hips and Juice’s warm lips on your shoulder.

“Come on,” Juice whispers into the skin of your shoulder, “dance with me!”

You try to ignore him and keep working, but the thumbs rubbing circles into your hips were making it hard. You feel your heart rate speed up and inhale deeply. His hands slide around to your stomach, pulling you flush against his body and holding you tight and his lips make their way up your neck and to just below your ear. When he starts to sway his hips to the music, well that is when your attempt at resolve breaks.

“Juice,” you say sharply and set the bottle down with a harsh slam. “I can’t work like this. You’re distracting me.”

You can basically feel Juice’s smirk against your skin and you feel your already-hot body raise in temperature again.

“I’m very aware that I’m distracting you. I want you to pay attention to me.”

‘Ha, well, it’s working.’ You think, but you can’t let him know just how much his actions are affecting you - he’d be much too smug.

“I can’t Juice, I told you I was gonna be busy for the first few hours.” You tell him.

He nods. “I know, I just didn’t realise how boring it was going to be without you.”

“Look, my shift ends in half an hour. If you can let me do my thing for that long then when I’m done we can do anything you want. Okay? You can have all of my attention then but for now you need to let me work.”

Juice spins you in his arms and presses a quick kiss to your lips.

“Why are you even doing this? There are Prospects that can do it.”

“I’m doing this so that if I become your Old Lady-”

“When,” he corrects with a blush, suddenly finding a great interest in his own shoes. “When you become my Old Lady.”

You blush equally as deep as your boyfriend and continue.

“-When I become your Old Lady the Club will maybe have some sort of respect, or something, for me. We both know what the others say about us; they don’t think we’ll last so I want them to know I’m serious about not only you but this Club, too.”

“It doesn’t matter what they think. We know how we feel and that’s all that matters to me.” Juice tells you. “But I get it. I’ll be good until the end of your shift.” He leans in close to you and places a kiss to the shell of your ear. “And when you’re done, we’re going straight home.”

He smacks your butt lightly and walks back to the party with a cheeky wink.

You chuckle softly and fan your flushed face with your hand. Quickly, you get back to work and pray for your shift to be over soon so you can go home with the man you love and give him the all attention that he wants.

Ugh it still annoys me!

The fact that Jaejoong, Jusnu, and Yoochun has known nothing but struggle even while in DBSK. And they’ve done some amazing shit in their work that isn’t allowed to be presented.

Imma focus on Junsu though because even while he ain’t my bias Junsu has done amazing work…leaps kind of work.
When he released Tarantallegra it was this nonbinary concept presenting through clothing, hair, makeup, mannerism. But he didn’t just stop there he showed us make and the full out female. In the open he is both King and Queen. We also had the face of sexuality as the woman dances sexually with the males and then again with the females seated. We are given POC women who have curves (and yes this made people mad! The name calling that occurred…). And yet he still remains true to the title of his song (which is a spell from the Harry Potter series - which was inspired by a poison in which the cure is to dance) and it’s lyrics - he shows us that he is indeed different from other artist as the lyrics demand to know what music you will choose to listen to.

Then we had had Flower! Omg Flower. That was fucking art. Yeah if you don’t know how to take the artist into consideration you might just think this is a high quality video but if you take Junsu’s history, career into consideration you’ll see that this is a great example of an artist bleeding on his art. Putting himself and his story in his work and coming out all the better for it. Ugh the part where he see him in the streets, with ash and nothing - I cry. Omg and tablo! The fact he put tablo in this song. We all know what Tablo went through if there was gonna be anyone it had to be him. How can you not get emotional at his part. When he says - Your life, your soul, your world, they cannot kill it. Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again, I killed it. This song could’ve been so bitter but instead Junsu created this piece that showed real artistry. He put his feelings in the work and song to fans and he through his collab with tablo they spoke of hope and the reality of celebrity.

I think these two videos will always be on my favorite list because Junsu did something that wasn’t being done. The whole concept of his first video 👀. He was inspired and from that inspiration came something that hadn’t been presented through kpop. And I’ll always love artist putting their life where it belongs imo. So yeah it still upsets me that these works didn’t get their due because these men aren’t allowed to be presented on tv or anywhere else really.

sasuke-and-yukimura  asked:

✌ (Yukimura and Masamune, he'll finally find his clothes that Masamune stole from him XD)

✌ - Your muse is looking for an article of clothing which my muse has taken.

Masamune was curled up in a tight ball under the covers. He had no plans on getting out of bed just yet. He had stayed up late the night before and was still a bit tired. Even the light coming in through the window couldn’t disturb him.  He only started to budge when he heard someone rummaging through his room.

He managed to lift his muddled head from the pillow only to find Yukimura looking through his clothes. 

“If you needed to borrow something you could have just asked,” Masamune sat up rubbing his eye.

“I’m not borrowing,” Yukimura huffed. His cheeks puffing up in a pout. “I’m taking back what’s mine.”

Masamune was still shaking off his sleep and didn’t quite understand what Yukimura meant by that. All he knew was that Yukimura was still going through his drawers.

“I’m taking back the shirts of mine that you have collected over the years.” Yukimura beamed as he pulled his favorite tiger themed shirt over his head. He had a pile of his clothes stacked on top of the dresser.

“Did you just stay the night so you could raid my room?” Masamune accused.

“Do you stay over my place just to take my borrowed clothes?” Yukimura asked in the same tone.

“Don’t say it like that,” Masamune rolled his eye. “You lend my clothes, and I happen to wear them home and forget to return them. There’s no malice in that.”

Yukimura didn’t seem to believe him. He busied himself putting his clothes in his overnight bag. There was no point in arguing. He finally got his stuff back. But he wasn’t cruel. He left that one shirt he knew that Masamune loved so the dragon could keep it.

Luke Skywalker Headcanons Part 1

1. Luke wears his hair long and shaggy to hide his ears because he doesn’t like how they stick out

2. Luke prefers sleeping naked. Wearing clothes to bed was a hard yet necessary adjustment in order to survive the nights on Hoth

3. He has unrelenting nightmares, especially after Bespin

4. Luke swims often.  As a boy from a desert planet, he still can’t get over the fact that huge pools of water exist merely for sport and pleasure.

5. Soft, sweet kisses are his speciality

6. Luke is extremely flexible

7. Luke tends to choose coffee over tea, but will drink whichever is offered.

8. Luke’s favourite planet to date is Endor because of its varied environment and murderous teddy bears

9. Luke has fallen asleep countless times in his X-Wing’s cockpit

10. The first time Luke sees rain is on Dagobah and he stood out in it for hours

What I still don’t quite get when it comes to Ramsay on the show is that they gave him so much more presence than he ever had in the books, yet managed to not incorporate any of his major character plots. No Domeric, no Heke, none of that overcompensating for his heritage (the clothes and all)….he doesn’t even seem to miss Theon? When we all know book Ramsay would lose his shit?

I don’t get it. There is enough to Ramsay, even in the books, to actually give him lots of screen time, yet very little of it actually ended up on screen.


I didn’t scan more magazines because I am too enamoured of my Acchan   doll and been spending time on him instead. It has taken me over two years , actually closer to 3 years to realize this dream.

Though he still needs tweaking and is not complete yet, I couldn’t resist posing him and taking pictures. My aim for this custom doll project was for a 2003-2004 version of Atsushi Sakurai. I am still waiting for the accessories like wig, eyes, clothes to make that happen. But meanwhile on borrowed threads (clothes from Ringdoll Sol and Lucifer, wig from Ringdoll Mohyu which I nervously cut, etc etc), I managed a 1990′s sort of Acchan. 

The Acchan head is a custom sculpt which has taken months to produce, from sculpt to cast to face up. I also had to order like 10 Acchan heads to make this happen ;-), so at the moment I am swimming in Acchan heads :-D !! Though a couple of people have shared in this project, I still have half a dozen Acchan heads. I can’t afford bodies for all of them, so may display them as busts ;-) ???? ie when I can afford the busts and yeah,more clothes for Acchan doll….

Meanwhile here is my dream almost realized, a 70cm custom Acchan bjd. Custom sculpt on a ringdoll rgm-3 body. 

Maximoff twins getting their abilities

Imagine the total scifi horror situation Wanda and Pietro were in upon gaining their abilities. 

Pietro wakes up and suddenly he’s smashed into several walls and his body hasn’t begun to heal fast enough and his arms/legs are snapping around and the bones are shattering.

Wanda waking up and she’s hearing hundreds of voices in her head and seeing all these memories that aren’t hers but she doesn’t know what they are and she just can’t find Pietro because not only is his body moving at sub sonic speeds but his mind is so sped up she can’t sense him.

And both twins are just constantly sedated yet still passing out from mental/physical pain and Pietro’s body actually has lots of scars which is why he constantly wears long sleeved clothing (even in Africa).

Wanda is constantly fighting off migraines bad enough to render her unconscious with the millions of memories right at the edge of her consciousness threatening to overwhelm her.

Imagine Wanda having previously been the more happy, hyperactive of the two and Pietro the quiet one and suddenly because of their abilities Pietro is always nervous and hyper aware and Wanda has to fight to remain calm because the moment she loses concentration she’ll be in severe pain. 

Prompt filled for @fallen-angel-in-a-laundromat

something fluffy between Alpha Cas and Omega Dean? Maybe Dean or Cas has the sniffles and their mate needs to take care of them?

“I told you that going for a midnight swim in the ocean would be a bad idea, Dean,” Castiel sighs as he wrings out the damp cloth and dips it into the bowl of ice-cold water.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean grumbles, sounding more pathetic than angry, with his voice being all small and his world endlessly tilting and burning up. “And yet, for my mate to never have gone skinny dipping is not just a shame, but a crime.”

“I still don’t see how this would be a ‘crime’. Neither do I see how my inexperience would rank in any way higher than your health.” For a moment there, he looks as if he just wants to drop the wet cloth on Dean’s forehead, then probably yank up the covers and cruelly start on the leg compresses already, but he doesn’t. Instead, he sighs once more, carefully arranges the cloth and slowly puts it on Dean’s forehead. His fingers linger as he straightens it out and steals one small caress down Dean’s cheek, the touch of it as reassuring as the smell of his mate. 

“There is nothing more important than your health,” Castiel quietly concludes as he leans back again, probably in an attempt to reach the other compresses.

Fortunately, Dean can blame the sad little sound that he makes when Cas tries to pull away on the fever. Unfortunately, he is not so sure how much of the way he is happily sighing and nuzzling into his mate’s hand when it stays after all and cups his cheek on the fever as well.

But he pushes the thought of this to the back of his mind; he is still too hot and too achy from his fever to deny himself the attention and affection of his Alpha. To let his pride run wild and take this away from him. To not accept this little respite that his mate brings.

“Do you feel very unwell, Dean?” Cas asks, softer now, his voice as soothing as his hand. He leans closer down to him, making the edge of the bed that he sits on dip some more. “Is there anything that you would like me to do?”

“Can you– can I maybe scent you? You already said I’m non-contagious and I would really like to– uhm–” He swallows; he knows how it would come across to any outsider, to have a sick Omega begging for their Alpha. It’s so stereotypical, would make him feel needy and even weaker, and he would never ask for this. Not anyone else, that is. Not anyone who isn’t Cas.

“Of course, Dean,” Castiel is quick to reassure, making little shushing noises as Dean keeps to struggle for the right words and turn his head away in at attempt to stave off embarrassment. But Cas keeps him still and quiet, doesn’t mock him or prod him for his request. He just lets him relax into his touch once more, has him get comfortable before he speaks again.

“Would you like me to lie with you for a while?”

Dean licks over his cracked and fever-hot lips and clenches his eyes shut, the cradle of Cas’ hands not allowing for any other way to evade the nonetheless surfacing tingle of shame. “You don’t need to. I must smell terrible right now. Sick and unwashed and all kinds of gross. Just repellent.”

“No,” Cas protests gently as he strokes one last time over Dean’s cheek and then coaxes him more to the other side of the bed, helping him along. It’s just enough space for him to lie down too without crushing him, for him to kiss the tip of Dean’s nose and softly murmur into his skin, “the opposite is true; you don’t repel me with your smell but call me closer to you. After all, it’s the sweet scent of my mate soured in pain. It wishes me to be near you even more. It wishes me to tend to you, to do nothing but take care of you until you feel well again.”

“So it does smell gross, after all. You said it smelled sour.”

“No,” Cas hums and shuffles above him, just enough for him to prop himself up with the help of his arms and for him to still comfortably tilt back his head, offering up his throat to his Omega without any apparent hesitation, “because it’s still your scent, Dean. And it will never be ‘gross’ to me or in any way less than utterly appealing. It will always be the most wonderful scent in the world to me.”

“Sap,” Dean mumbles out, the embarrassment voice muffled by the way he presses his mouth and nose up against his mate’s throat, right where his scent is the richest and most welcoming, where it will soothe him the most. It’s intimate in a way that leaves Dean feeling more vulnerable than any of their matings. And if his neck and face weren’t already ruddy from the fever, they would surely be now.

“So you keep saying,” Cas hums in amused agreement as he cradles Dean’s shoulders and the back of his neck, supporting his head and everything inside it, warm and calm, holding him as close as he can.

-Springtrap (My DS)-

Finally, here he is! Springtrap has his hair up in a ponytail~ He has black streams going down his face (below his eyes mostly). His clothes are all ripped from Purple Guy’s soul consuming him in the past, it is still there today. He tried tearing his clothes apart to get him out of him. He is really close to Fredbear, since they performed together in shows back then. But things got complicated between them, they became distant for a bit. He has a crush on him also~ But Springtrap is mostly quiet. He is also close to Mangle, but his feelings for her aren’t made up yet. He may have a crush on her too who knows~ When mad, he could get very violent. 

Hope you guys like him~!