yet he has the same damn smile

On Sleepless Roads (3/3)

Summary: A S6 Canon divergence.  There’s an irony, she supposes, that something created to pull one into eternal sleep, is now a barrier to any sleep. Her body fights against the maddening exhaustion. She’s just so tired, so fucking tired and she can’t keep going like this.

Ao3   Part 1  Part 2

It made sense, really. After Killian’s explanation that the Sandman is a character in her dream and therefore could only be defeated from within it. They were still struggling, though, with questions of how and why, especially because the sandman’s powers blurred the line between reality and hallucination.

(Especially because the information came from a page randomly appearing in a book.)

Someone was helping them, or relenting in their torture to give Emma a leg up for once. Although, there was always the creeping fear that the intel was false, an answer that leads them into a trap. Her gut says it isn’t, to trust that this is real, but–

“It’s a sleeping curse.” Regina chimes in. They’re all sitting around Emma’s living room - her parents and baby brother,  Regina, Henry, Violet, and Killian. Emma’s never had her house as a meeting place to plan their operations before. Even throughout this, they met at Granny’s, or the library, the loft, or the station. It’s a weird feeling, having a home she can share like this. She thinks she wouldn’t mind it if she didn’t feel like she belonged in an episode of The Walking Dead, her brain fried and body slug from sleep deprivation and nightmares that leave her injured without physical proof. “Not like the one I cast. This one’s specific to the sandman. There’s different dream realms too.”

“So we find how to get to the sandman’s dream realm and what? Diplomatically ask him to stop torturing my daughter?” Charming asks.

“Not exactly. See, the realm is specific to Emma and what haunts her. The Sandman is powerful; he can play on the problems in your subconscious. Originally, this was used for good, to give people good dreams and hope. There’s only one other recorded case of a sandman, or sandwoman, using their powers for evil.” Regina pauses, making sure she has her audience’s full attention. “I think I figured out how to get to him though.”


Killian frowns at his Swan’s protest. “Emma, love. Someone has to go.”

“No one is going through this, but me. I can fix it. I can defeat him.”

“No offense, Emma, but you’ve had your chance to fix it and you haven’t. You need our help. You can’t do this alone.” Regina says.

“And what happens if one of you gets hurt or killed in this dream realm? I can’t let you do this. You’re not under the curse. It could hurt you beyond what it does to me.” Poorly veiled panic rises in her voice, the caring words escaping harsh as the pieces of Regina’s plan click. Nightly, she’s suffered the pain of what it feels like to almost die, floating on a line so close she thought she had more than once. A line sewn with pain and adrenaline, regrets, and the overwhelming sensation of burning, sharp and aching in its pursuit to torment her. There were too many unknowns, anyway.

Her eyes find Killian’s, fierce determination masking their brooding anger, and she knows that he will be the one to go under. Unwelcome flashbacks of his demise reappear, the real version and that of her dream; she’s seen him in this realm before and she longs to never experience it again. True love’s kiss has yet to break the Sandman’s grip. What if it’s the same for him? If he doesn’t wake up, or suffers the same fate as she…No. This is supposed to be her job - she’s the savior. They can’t come running to her rescue because she’s too damn weak to do what she was made for. “No. Please, Killian.”

“Swan, you would do the same. Watching you suffer has been the hardest thing I’ve had to face. I’m going under the sleeping curse and you’re going to wake me. And do you know why you’re going to wake me?”

She smiles at him then, lashes fluttering up to meet the blue of his eyes, no longer hooded in anger, but shining with something lighter, happier. “Because we’re true love.”

“Aye. That we are. And true love is the most powerful magic of all.”

Regina pulls a strand of Emma’s hair without warning - earning the Queen a grumbled What the hell - that she laces through one of Mary Margaret’s sewing needles. “I need this to get Hook there. This and the sand that’s in your eyes when you wake up. When you fall asleep, Hook will gather the sand and tether it to this needle. Once he pricks himself with it, he should appear in your dream.”

So they wait. Emma lays her head on the cushion of the couch, face turned away from her expectant audience. They’re hovering, consuming oxygen and producing a sweltering heat. A week ago, she’d have been able to easily fall into sleep’s embrace, but now…

Now her heartbeat quickens, smothering her in doubts and fears, while they watch on.

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title: my grand prize

pairing: phan

genre: fluffff

warnings: like 1 passing mention of alcohol

words: bout 500

beta: my wonderful husband @alltheworldsaphil

summary: two winners return home from the boncas. what happens next will hardly shock you

a/n: whenever i think im over dnp something like this happens and leaves me flailing on the ground i hate them sm

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“dan.” there’s a warning edge to phil’s voice. they’re just outside their apartment, and dan’s hand is skimming the small of phil’s back. It’s dangerous terrain.

dan replies with a mix of a hum and a giggle. he’s giddy, almost tipsy, but not off alcohol. they’re both drunk of something else - the exhilarating rush of winning, and the underlying, deeper glow of knowing that you’ve already taken the grand prize home long ago.

phil’s fingers fumble with the key and dan shoves him lightly as the lock clicks, finally, into place.

they stumble inside, a tangle of long limbs, and dan’s lips are very nearly almost on phil’s when of course, instead of kicking it shut, his foot catches on the door.

the only thing that stops his fall are dan’s hands on the lapels of his new fancy suit jacket.

dan tuts - “really, phil” - though there’s more fondness than reproach in his tone when he pushes the door shut properly, before turning to face phil. “how’d you even make it up onto the stage?”

“couldn’t have done it without you,” phil shrugs. they’re now stood in the hall, very close. dan chuckles.

phil takes him in, studying the crinkles around his eyes. they’re wonderfully familiar, and so is the humorous curve of dan’s bottom lip as phil leans in to trace it with his mouth.

“damn right,” dan mutters, because he just has to say something to ruin the moment, and phil bites his lip in retaliation.

dan’s hands come up to frame his face, holding him steady right where he is.

“have i told you how proud i am yet?” he asks without pulling away.

phil smiles against his mouth, and he can feel dan doing the same.

“im proud of you for helping make the film of the year,” the younger continues, softer now, and bows his head to press a kiss against the barely revealed skin of phil’s adam’s apple. he swallows, and dan moves up an inch, fitting his lips around the curve of phil’s jaw.

“and for contributing to the collaboration of the year.”

phil lets his hands wander underneath the fabric of dan’s suit, snaking around his waist until they settle on his hips.

meanwhile, dan’s lips graze his cheek. “and congratulations in particular on singlehandedly being the creator of the year,” he whispers.

the next kiss lands on phil’s mouth, soft like a rose petal.

“and that one? what was that for?” phil implores, fingers already pulling on the hem of dan’s shirt.

“that,” dan says, and leans back just a bit to shrug off his suit jacket, “was for being the greatest partner i could ask for, and i mean that in every aspect possible.”

the fabric of his expensive suit rustles as it hits the floor.

this time, it’s phil who closes the gap.

Back for good (MCxJumin) PART VII


Hello everyone! as I said earlier, I’m trying to write an otome fanfic. Bear with me cos this is my first time writing a fanfic for an otome game. I’m used to writing fanfic for Korean celebrities, Animes and Harry Potter though. Hope this turns out well.

NOTE: I haven’t done Jumin’s route yet so, I apologize if this becomes OOC. I finished a good ending for Zen and now I’m doing Yoosung’s route (as I previously mentioned) but I’ll definitely redo Zen’s.

Storyline: Jumin is sure that it’s only a matter of time until she leaves him like everyone else did so he maintained a safe distance in their relationship and MC is hurt by this. She did everything she can to show him that she loves him and she supported him about everything but when she felt really unloved she waited for him until he came back from a business trip with her bags packed and said her goodbyes to him. She sent a message of goodbye to the RFA Chatroom and didn’t stay in Rika’s apartment but instead opted to stay where they would least likely find her.



Jaehee was worried. Jumin didn’t show up for work the following day and the day after that and he doesn’t ever pick up her calls. Even the chairman asked her a few hours ago where his son is because apparently, he doesn’t reply to his message as well but the professional and loyal assistant that she was, she told the chairman that Jumin is working at home because it was easier for him to do that considering he handles almost half of the project of the company.

By afternoon, Jaehee decided that she’ll check on Jumin so she got her jacket and headed towards his apartment. When she arrived, she rang the doorbell five times but no one opened the door so she panicked a little but she knew that somehow, Luciel is keeping tabs on him and would tell her is something is amiss so she calmed down at that and called Luciel if he can hack Jumin’s door so she can get inside which Luciel did after telling her that there is nothing to worry.

When Jaehee opened the door, she kept a mental note that indeed, nothing seems amiss and that everything looks the same, clean, sharp and very much resembling a model house. She saw Jumin sitting at the sofa looking at the television with an unreadable expression, when she was about to call his attention, he spoke first, “Assistant Kang, come join me watch the television” so she did.

She thought he was watching the news, he rarely watch the television except to watch the Business channel or news channel so she was surprised to see him watching CCTV footages, all 24 screens fitting in his big television before she could ask why she’s watching the CCTV footage of his apartment she heard a familiar voice from the television.

“Elizabeth 3rd, didn’t I tell you not to do that? Jumin will be furious if you get hurt you know… he’ll be heartbroken and I don’t want that…” Jaehee heard MC’s voice and she saw the kitchen clip enlarging to occupy the entire TV. When MC is not within the camera range, it reverts back to the small screens but when she is, that part occupies the entire screen. Jaehee saw MC putting the cat down because apparently, the cat loves sitting in the kitchen table.  She then heard a small bitter laugh coming from Jumin and when she saw him, her heart broke as her boss has tears in his eyes yet smiling at the same time as he said, “you know, this is the eleventh time I’ve watched this part and it still bothers me…” confused, Jaehee asked, “what bothers you?” and he turned to her and asked looking innocent, “how could she be this nice?” before turning away again as he added, “that damn Luciel left this for me when he visited last time… I only started watching this yesterday and I’m just on the first week… this was when I left for that business trip remember?”

They sat quietly after that, each lost at their own thoughts but as Jumin reached for the remote to repeat that video again, Jaehee beat him to it and said, “Mr. Han, I apologize for the rudeness but I personally think you should watch the rest…” which didn’t sit quite correctly with Jumin as he glared at his assistant and asked, “Your personal opinion? And when has that matter when it comes to personal life Assistant Kang? Please be mindful about your position – ” Jaehee didn’t even bat an eyelash as she cut him off and said, “It matters when it becomes part of my personal life too. MC taught me that I have to respect my personal life and my personal life includes her in it. She is my friend after all and a colleague in RFA. I’m sure everyone is thinking the same thing. MC matters to us all and I personally think that you should finish watching this because it would please us all if you won’t be coward for once and actually look at the mess you’ve made” Jaehee finished, fuming as she stood up, bid her farewell and left Jumin by himself.

Jumin knew she was right. They were all right. He knew this all started with him because he was such a douche to MC. He didn’t dare watch the weeks that followed because he knew that that’s when she started to lessen her calls and texts to him and he doesn’t ever want to see when she realized that she doesn’t love him anymore. But they were right, maybe Luciel left it here as a punishment for him anyway so, against his better judgment he started watching everything.

Luciel edited it well, he thought while watching, because he managed to cut out the parts when she slept and it goes through the following day immediately. He saw her at the kitchen a lot, experimenting as she does day in and day out telling Elizabeth 3rd that it’s all for him – so when he arrives, she’d be able to cook for him something that he would eat. He saw her chatting with other RFA members – of course he knew that because he’s read every single chatroom she’s in well after everyone has logged out. He saw her answer call after call from the other members and he stored a mental note that Luciel and Zen called her almost every day and he doesn’t know why he’s feeling thankful for that instead of angry.

Luciel made it so that when she leaves the house, the CCTV’s in Seoul would search for her and show where she is so he watched her as she chooses which vegetable to buy and as her brows furrowed choosing which butter she would buy. He saw men after men around town asking for her number and if she’s free that night and her reaction as she happily show them a ring on her finger (which, he noted, she bought herself some time ago) saying she’s happily married or whatever. He saw how she kept on asking Luciel if he can check on him for her… just making sure he’s safe and how she calls Jaehee ever so often if she has any news for her about him. He even saw how her face fell whenever the person on the other line cannot give her any info – she thanked everyone she talked to.

He finished watching everything four days after and it’s safe to say that he’s a downright mess at this point. He was so out of character that he started drinking bottle after bottle of wine and crying as he threw every bottle he’s finished. When he saw a video of her writing stuff in small papers he’d pause the video to retrieve and read it. The one she put in his closet read, ‘I can’t find the tie I bought you, maybe… you didn’t like it? I’m sorry, it was all I could afford. I learned how to make a tie on the internet… maybe you’ll like the ones I’ll make? kkk anyway, I love you’ and so it goes on, every letter he finds in his house all ends the same, with an ‘I love you’ and he saw in the footage that she’s smiling while writing those.

He didn’t know when he’d started throwing everything he was able to hold around, he also didn’t know when he’d started to bleed, he didn’t know the exact time when Luciel and Zen arrived at his apartment and carried him out or when he saw Yoosung and Jaehee talking to a doctor with Zen and Luciel sleeping side by side at the sofa by his bedside. He didn’t know when this all happened but he still remembers the why this all happened before he passed out again.

14. Sure, Just Come On Over


Rolling my eyes, I continued letting Teyana rant instead of laughing like I wanted to. She’s still upset about the fact that they’d shipped my cakes to three different places so she had to run around a little bit and go get them.

“You ate it so that’s all that matters right?” I interrupted. Teyana sucked her teeth. 

“You know what? I’m over it Christopher.” She mumbled. “Anyway, you and Robyn looked mighty comfortable yesterday.” She sung. I knew it was only a matter of time before she brought this up. 

“Did we?” I heard Teyana suck her teeth causing me to chuckle. Teyana is my friend, but this girl is the noisiest ever. She’ll find out any and everything if you asked her to. 

“You really like her don’t you Chris?” She asked. I kept my mouth shut which ended in her letting out a squeal in my ear. “I knew it! Awww Chris.” 

“Bye Teyana.” I could hear her threatening to kill me if I hung up but I’d already pressed the button and ended the call. I chuckled, dropping my phone back into the cup holder and turning my music back up.

I was on my way to Mijo’s house where everybody were. Considering we’d spent the whole day together yesterday, they’re still my boys and I won’t turn down an opportunity to smoke. 

I bobbed my head to Kendrick pulling into Mijo’s driveway. Snatching my keys out, I popped my locks and headed up the driveway. His dumbass left the door unlocked so I went right in towards the living room. 

“Aye!” The all yelled. I chuckled but mumbled a ‘wassup’ and took the seat next to Bow. I dapped him up before I reached over to snatch the blunt out of his hand. A thick cloud of smoke hovered above the living room telling me they’d smoked quite a few blunts before I got here. 

He sucked his teeth, “Damn nigga.” He said. I laughed, taking a pull of the blunt and blowing it out slowly through my nose. All I see to my right is Bow typing hella fast on his phone. I’m surprised the screen didn’t crack.

“Damn slow down, you about to break your phone.“ I chuckle, taking another pull and passing it to Mijo seated across from me. Bow shoots me a warning look and finishes up his text before sitting his phone down.

“Angie on bullshit. She all mad over nothin’.” He grumbles. Angie and Bow rarely argued but when they do it’s big. I’m talking, Bow sleeping at one of our houses on the couch big. 

“Y’all were good yesterday, what happened?” 

“She got mad because I had to go pick up Shai.” He sighed. “Which I don’t understand. How else am I supposed to see my daughter?” 

Bow has a five year old after being in a relationship a long time ago. I didn’t even know they were together until the day he came and told us we’d all be uncles. Angie hates that woman with a passion. His baby mama still wants Bow and Angie knows that. I’ve covered for him a few times to know what he’s doing is wrong. He just can’t let that girl go. 

“You gotta understand where she’s coming from though. She knows that girl wants you.” Mijo announced, finally taking time to join the conversation. I just nodded to let him know I agree. 

Bow needed to make a choice as to who he wanted to be with. Truthfully, Angie is the one that’s held him down all these years. Why fuck up a good thing? 

“Y’all remember when I told y'all I saw that woman at Tammy’s? The one with the attitude?” Mijo questioned, causing the rest of us to his our heads.

“Yeah, long hair, accent, attitude?” Ty question making Mijo get hype. I think that was just the weed talking. 

 “It was Mel.” He yelled. “Why you ain’t tell me she’d be at the barbecue?” 

My eyebrows rose but not really out of surprise. I noticed they kept on looking at eachother and then we’re talking, but I ain’t know he knew her already. Mijo sat over there cheesing talking about her like he was in love.

I shrugged my shoulders in response. “How was I supposed to know you were talking about her?” There’s plenty of women in Atlanta with accents and long black hair? He can’t hold me accountable for being caught off guard. 

“She was feisty at first but eventually warmed up to me. I got her number.” This nigga over here cheesing like a Cheshire Cat. Mijo has had his fair share of women but he’s always wanted to be in a real relationship. To settle down with someone. 

The only reason Ty settled down was because he really wanted Chyna and she wouldn’t take him having a variety of women. I mean, Chyna wasn’t having that shit. Trey and I were what I guess you could call the ‘players’ of the group. 

“Man you look like you whipped after one night,” I chuckled.

 Mijo sucked his teeth, “I know you ain’t talking. Robyn probably ain’t even gave you none and you running everytime she call.” 

“No I don’t.” I murmur. 

Everybody turned and looked at me like they know I’m lying. 

Damn. Was I that obvious? 

“Chris I’m actually happy for you,” Ty spoke. “After Jazmine ass you weren’t the same.” My smile immediately fell as soon as he mentioned her name. Mijo elbowed him noticing the shift in my attitude. 

They knew not to bring her up yet everytime she somehow always manages to become apart of our conversation. That was a whole two years ago so why is her name still spoken blows my mind. 

She just always has to be the center of attention. 

“Oh my bad,” he grumbled. I waved him off, quickly retrieving my phone from my pocket. I punched in my 4-digit code and immediately went to my call log. “Chris, you good?” Ty asked. 

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m out.” I stood up and gave a pissed off Bow dap and then Mijo and Ty who were both sending me apologetic looks. 

“I was going to tell you that I-” Ty tried saying something-most likely another apology-but I plainly turned around and walked out. 

Pulling my phone back up, I tapped Robyn’s name and put my phone up to my ear. Balancing my phone between my ear and shoulder I fished my keys out of my pocket. I stuck my keys into the ignition and listened as Robyn’s voice flowed through the phone. 

“Hello?” Her end was completly silent so I’m almost certain she wasn’t busy. She wouldn’t mind me coming over would she? 

“Hey baby,” I could practically see her smiling through the phone once I said that. We’ve only know eachother for w few weeks yet she had me all fucked up. I can’t even explain it. 

After my last relationship I damn sure didn’t expect this. 

“What do you want Maurice?” She laughed. I don’t know what’s with her and using my middle name all of a sudden. 

I chuckled before I licked my lips, “Where you at?” 

“About to take a shower and probably make something to eat. Why?” Now that she mentioned it I could hear her moving about. 

“Wait for me.” 

“And why would I do that?” She giggled. “You coming over?” 

“Yeah, leave the door unlocked.” I heard her laughing so I swiftly hung up the phone and pressed down on the gas a little bit more. She must’ve thought I was playing. 


Like I asked Robyn left the door unlocked. The house was so quiet I could hear her shower running all the way from the front door. Out of respect I kicked my shoes off by the door and shrugged out of my jacket, drappimg it across the back of the couch as I passed. I slowly trekked down the hall until I reached Robyn’s closed bedroom door. Since the shower was still running, I took the opportunity to open it and like I expected she was in the bathroom. 

Since she didn’t notice I was here I sat down on her bed and watched the movie she had playing. It was ‘Titanic’. I’ve never taken the time to actually sit down and watch the movie through and through. It just looked too damn girly and dramatic for my taste. 

Just as the iceberg hit the boat I heard the shower cut off. Not even a thirty seconds later the bathroom door opened allowing the steam to escape and Robyn emerged, in nothing but a royal blue towel loosely wrapped around her wet frame. 


She allowed her damp hair to flow freely down her back and she looked so toned down and beautiful. She jumped at the sight of me while pulling her towel tighter around her body. “When did you get here?” She gasped. My eyes danced across her body. Admiring every detail from her damp black curly hair to her pretty eyes and all the way down. She fidgeted under my gaze before turning and walking into her closet. 

“I got here about ten minutes ago.” I responded, finally answering her question. I stood and headed into the closet but she’d already slipped on underwear a pair of underwear and began clasping her bra. 

I ran my hands up her sides until I got the the bar she was putting on. Running my hands across her toned stomach, I heard her breathing become choppy. Chuckling, I dropped my hands completly and clasped her bra for her. She seemed shocked but still put on her large t-shirt. 

Once she had her top half covered she quickly slid into her shorts and turned to face me. Before she had the chance to speak I just placed my lips against hers and grabbed her hips. 

She only allowed us to go so far before she pulled away. Her lips were soft as hell so when she pulls away I can’t help but stare at them. “What is with you and popping up at my door?” She asked. Her tone was playful as she pushed me away and sauntered back into the befrom with me hot on her heels. 

I shrugged pulling her against me. “Maybe I like getting you alone.” I sighed. She smelled like strawberries so I’m guessing that’s either the shampoo or body wash she just used. She laughed whilist climbing into her bed and under the sheets. 

I followed her lead and crawled under with her, pulling her closer to me by her waist. “What’s wrong?” She inquired, running her finger along my jaw. I shook my head in a way that told her nothing. “Seriously what’s wrong Chris?” 

I chuckled, “What makes you think something’s wrong?” Was I giving her the impression that I’m upset? I don’t think I was. “I’m just high.” My effort in making her laugh didn’t work too well.  

“I know when someone’s high Chris. You just look mad,” she spoke. “You wanna talk about it?” She seemed genuinely concerned for my well being which I’m actually surprised about. How standoffish she was acting I wouldn’t think she would be this worried. 

I just pecked her lips. “I’m fine Robyn, I just wanted to see you.” Which was true. She searched my eyes for any sign that I was lying but she found none so she relaxed and snuggled closer to me. 

I intertwined our fingers while turning my attention back on the movie. Robyn ran her fingers through my hair once I put my head on her chest. The boat was now sinking and they were trying to get everyone on to the rafts but the main girl jumped off to go be with Leo. 

I sucked my teeth, “Man why would she do that? I would’ve got the fuck out of there.” I announced, shaking my head at this movie. 

Robyn laughed, “Chris it’s a love story, she didn’t want to just leave him.” She giggled. I still shook my head watching him ask her why she would do that. Shit, I would’ve asked her the same damn thing. 

“I don’t care I’m trying to live.” I reply still shaking my head. They were just too in love at this point in the movie. 

“So if you were in love you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to be with them if they might not make it out?” Robyn asked. I shrugged, focusing my attention back on the tv. 

“I guess our love would have to be strong for me to jump from safety to be with you.” Robyn laughed and began watching the movie with me. Another thirty minutes pass and the end credits begin. After all of that, he died, she almost died, and she was old and alone; so nobody won in the end. 

“Did you like it?” Robyn asked. I couldn’t say the movie was terrible some parts just weren’t realistic. I wouldn’t tell Robyn I liked it though. 

I sucked my teeth, “But after risking her life for him he only died in the end? Was it worth it?” Robyn shook her head and gave up. 

“Chris, people do crazy things for love, trust me I know.” She mumbled. We’d switched positions to where now she was laying on top of me and I had my hands under her t-shirt massaging her sides. 

“And how do you know?” I asked. Robyn shrugged her shoulders taking her time with counting my freckles. 

I was never the type of man who liked to be alone. Robyn was just this fun and amazingly beautiful woman that I’m attracted to. She seems so put together but deep down I can tell something’s hurting her. The way she talks, acts, walks, I can tell she’s hiding something. Something she’s just not ready to come to terms with yet. 

I played with the end of one of her curls and pecked her lips. “Come somewhere with me,” I suggested, sitting up causing her to do the same. She gave me a confused look. 


I tapped her so that she would get up which she did and I swing my legs over the side of her bed. “Just get dressed.” 

Robyn reluctantly obliged and got up to chance her clothes. I watched her look through her drawer for something to put on. As soon as she pulled out a pair of short jean shorts I shook my head. 

“Don’t start, there’s nothing wrong with these shorts.” Standing tall I walked over to her stuffing the shorts back into her drawer. 

Tugging at the string of her pajama shorts I shook my head. “You know, after you let me taste I didn’t think you’d still try to wear anything short.” I say. Robyn blushed and turned her head. 

“Chris,” she breathed once I placed my head in the crook of her neck, sucking on one spot roughly. I made sure to leave a mark before I pulled away. “Can I get dressed?” 

It’s funny watching her try not to give in. 

This time she pulled out a pair of sweats which made me laugh as she shook her head. I pulled out my phone to check my notifications but the only ones I had were Twitter and a couple messages that weren’t important. 

By the time I looked up Robyn was dressed in a white v-neck, black sweats, and Jordan’s. She’d thrown on a jean jacket since the temperature was dropping so I’m guessing she’s ready to go. 

“Let’s go.” 


“All of that and you were bringing me to the park?” Robyn groaned, “At eight o'clock at night.” 

I just wanted to get out and get some fresh air. Robyn seemed a little down so why not take her to the park and do the main thing I do to relieve any stress. 


I ignored Robyn’s complaints and climbed out of the car straight towards the trunk. I grabbed the ball, laced Robyn’s fingers with mine, and pulled her towards the court. 

Since kids are in the house by this time we had the whole park to ourselves. The two of us stood across from eachother while I bpunced the ball at my side. She had leaned all her weight on one leg wile staring at me with those mesmerizing green eyes. 

Robyn reached out to smack the ball away but I quickly switched it over to my left and laughed. “Chris, let me see.” She whined. I dribbled around her and went to the line shooting a three. 

Robyn rushed past me to retrieve the ball and dribbled it until she was right infront of me. She casually walked past me, stopped with the ball, and attempted to shoot but missed it. 

I tried to stifle my laughter but ended up bent over holding my stomach. Robyn pouted, grabbed the ball and tosses it towards me which I easily caught. She was really upset that I was laughing at her but I couldn’t help it. 

“I’ll leave,” she warned. I eventually calmed down my laughter and made my way over to her. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I kissed her lips while holding the ball under my arm. 

“Come on, I’ll show you.” I grabbed her elbow leading her toward the free throw line. Standing behind her, I handed her the ball with my hands placed on top of hers. “Hold it like this.” 

I guided her hands to the right position. She let my hands guide her until she held the ball perfectly. “Raise it up, shoot.” She followed suit watching the ball go straight into the hoop. 

“Wow.” She smiled. I ran over and picked the ball up tossing it to her. After a few more tries she got the hang of it becoming cockier and cockier with way one she made. 

“I think you got it.” I chuckled. Robyn did this little dance move with her hips in celebration. Smirking, she smacked the ball out of my hand and dribbled it down the court, shot the ball and made the perfect layup. I have a feeling she was faking it. “Play me,” 

I rose my eyebrow, “Play you? For what?” She looks like she has a plan that I’m not sure I’m ready for. 

“Hm, you win, we’ll do something you want for a whole day,” I smirked. “I win, you cook for me, whatever I want.” If that’s all she wants then hey, I’ll take either of those. 

“Something I want?” Robyn nodded. In the blink of an eye I took the ball and shot from where we stood making it in. “First to fifteen.” 

“You cheated.” I shrugged my shoulders and jogged down, picked up the ball, and tossed it her way. 

30 minutes later and like I expected, I won. Just as Robyn ran up I grabbed her by her waist and spun her around. She’s been chasing me up and down the court trying to hit me for the past few minutes and hasn’t succeeded yet. I held while we walked backwards until I sat down on the bench with her on my lap. 

“That wasn’t a fair game.” She spoke, continuing to sulk. I laughed and placed my hand on her thigh. She was genuinely upset that she didn’t win this game. I had fifteen to her eight which isn’t that bad if you think about it. “I want a rematch.” 

“Why? I played fair.” I said. 

“If you count grabbing my ass and titties, picking me up, and smiling with those damn dimples fair then I don’t know what type of game you were playing.” She responded. I admit I messed with her a few times but so did she. 

“Well since I won, I have to figure out what we’ll be doing.” A million and one ideas ran through my head but there’s one that sticks. Robyn looking as if she doesn’t like that sound of that. 

“Nothing crazy Maurice,” she said sternly only prompting me to smile even wider. “Seriously Christopher.” 

I shook my head still trying to figure out what we would do. Maybe I’ll take a whole weekend instead of this one day. 

Robyn smacking my arm pulled me from my thoughts. She was giving me that look like I hadn’t understood her a few minutes prior. I just smiled and pecked her pouting lips. 

“Alright, alright, nothing too crazy.” 

Yeah, I'mma have fun with this. 

The Trouble with Faking It - 15

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.

Rating: M

Also on FF or Ao3

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Graphic is courtesy of the oh so talented and lovely alelopezg who makes much prettier things than I do. Thanks, darling!

This chapter is definitely M. 


They don’t tell Regina.

“It’s none of her bloody business,” Killian says fiercely when she mentions it, curled into his side on a lounge chair next to the fire. It’s a cool night, their legs tangled together beneath a blanket, and until she opened her mouth, peaceful.

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been more certain of anything in my life than I am about you, Emma.” The firelight catches in his eyes, burning embers that can see into her soul. “Regina’s opinion on the matter is of no importance. What she sees won’t change, and therefore there is no reason to give her an opportunity to upset you.”

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He Said Yes.

(Spoilers from 11x10)

His fingers clutch the steering wheel, unable to catch his breath after his brief but explosive run in with Lucifer, who Dean just found out is living inside of his best friend. He can’t escape the sound of his voice, Cas’ voice, as Lucifer sneered at him, telling him his plans, his reasoning as to why he’s needed against the Darkness, but the worse part, the one that stings is, Cas did indeed say yes. 

He said yes. Cas said yes. 

And it was Cas’ own voice telling him why. Why he would even do something so goddamned stupid as letting the devil wear him. “He felt useless. That no one would miss him. There wasn’t anyone telling him otherwise.” 

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Teardrops on My Guitar (Luke)

Throwing my bag on the floor I immediately threw myself on my bed and screamed into my pillow. The tears were threatening to spill over but I held them back as I looked up to the picture on my nightstand. The one of me and the guys after their first performance. I mainly looked at Luke next to me, smiling brightly into the camera, I had a smile that matched his, but for a completely different reason. I realized the perfect song that related to me right now and pulled up Taylor Swift on my phone. I let out a sigh and let the lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won’t see
That I want and I’m needing everything that we should be
I’ll bet she’s beautiful, that girl he talks about,
And she’s got everything that I have to live without.

I sat at the lunch table I usually shared with the boys, but today Calum and Michael decided they didn’t need to be at school so it was just Luke and I. I wasn’t complaining though, anytime I got with Luke alone I treasured. After about 15 minutes of sitting alone, Luke finally shows up with a bright smile on his face. And even though I should be mad at him, I smile along with him because it is just so contagious. “Well look who finally decided to join me.” I joked, trying to fake being annoyed with him. “Sorry, I got caught up talking to Jenny.” “Who’s Jenny?” I asked, trying not to get too ahead of myself. “Jenny from History. I’ve told you about her. I got a major crush on her.” Luke said, not trying to hide the evident smile on his face. I felt my heart drop to my stomach. “Oh really?” I asked, putting on my best fake smile. “Yeah, oh my God she is so pretty. She has the greenest eyes I have ever seen. And her laugh is just so contagious.” Luke said, soon rambling facts about her. I couldn’t help but realize how perfect she sounded, and how much Luke liked her.

Drew talks to me, I laugh ‘cause it’s so damn funny
That I can’t even see anyone when he’s with me
He says he’s so in love, he’s finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he’s all I think about at night

I was hanging with the guys, minus Luke, at Ashton’s. The guys were suppose to have band practice, but Luke has yet to come back from his date with Jenny. After a half an hour, Luke finally comes in with the same smile he had on when I first learned about Jenny. “Hey! Loverboy is back! We can actually practice.” Calum shouted. “Sorry, the date went longer then I thought.” Ashton started wiggling his eyebrows at what could’ve made it late, and I cringed at that idea. “Not like that you perv.” Luke said, throwing a pillow at Ashton. I felt a little bit better, even laughing at the bickering Luke and Ashton were having. I stared at Luke as he changed the topic to talk about his date, not listening, but imagining how it would go if we went on a date. “(Y/N), Earth to (Y/N).” I blinked back into reality as I realized Mikey was trying to get my attention. Luke was still talking about his date but Michael wasn’t listening. “You okay? You seem out of it.” Michael asked. “I’m fine.” I lied. “Dude, you know what. I think I’m in love. I have never felt like this with anyone else.” I heard Luke say. “Dude shut up. You’ve been on one date.” Calum said. “No, like I think she could be the one.” Luke was very adamant about being in love. “Whatever dude. Let’s go practice.” Mikey said. The boys started practicing, and I wonder if he knows that I feel the same way he feels about Jenny.

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can’t breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she’s lucky 'cause

I stood with Calum and Mikey at my locker before classes started. Usually Luke was with us, but he hadn’t shown up yet. We were laughing and joking like always, dreading school to start. “What up Luke.” Calum said, giving a little sup nod to Luke. Luke waved at us, but kept walking with Jenny to her locker that wasn’t far from mine. I held my breath as he kept walking, the most common thing to do, but he made it seem like he was somewhat floating through the hallway. “(Y/N), you’re drooling.” Calum joked. The guys have figured my little crush, but listened to my begging to not tell Luke. As the guys continued talking about Fifa, I watched as Jenny and Luke were hugging goodbye before walking separate ways, Jenny going to class and Luke coming to join our conversation. I looked down so it wasn’t obvious I was watching. “Hey Loverboy.” Michael joked. “Oh shut it.” Luke joked. 

'Cause he’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who’s got enough of me to break my heart
He’s the song in the car I keep singing, don’t know why I do
He’s the time taken up, but there’s never enough
And he’s all that I need to fall into.

“Hey (Y/N), long time no see. How’s it going?” Luke asked, catching up with me as I made my way to the parking lot. “Oh nothing much.” I replied, not being in the mood to try and act cheery around him. “Are you okay?” Luke asked, catching onto your mood. “Just not really feeling today.” I sighed out. “You know, Jenny likes to drink this mint tea when she’s feeling down. Maybe you could try it?” Luke asked. I know he was trying to be helpful, but to know he forgot that I actually hate mint tea almost made me break down there. Instead I pursed my lips and calmed my breathing. “Actually, I’m still not a fan of mint tea, but maybe I’ll try some kind of other tea. Maybe it’ll help.” I said, lying. The only thing that could help me now is Luke, just to have Luke pull me into a hug and say that he loved me, not Jenny. That’s what I needed. “Oh shit, I completely forgot that.” Luke slapped his forehead. “It’s okay, it’s better to know what your girlfriend likes. But there’s my mom, I should go. I’ll talk to you later Luke.” I said, waving him off as I made my way to the car. “Bye.” Luke sounded a little defeated. “Hi sweetie, how was your day?” Mom asked. I just shrugged and kept changing the radio station. “I’ll take that as bad.” Mom said, letting me be all moody. Plain White T’s 1,2,3,4 came on and I couldn’t help but sing along, thinking about how Luke will never understand how much I love him.

Now I sit here, listening to the end of Taylor’s song, the one that summed up everything that I’ve been dealing with the past two months. The tears were flowing down my face, but I didn’t care. I knew I was going to have to get over this, the fact that I am just Luke’s friend and nothing more. But for now, I’ll take it one step at a time. 

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this. I recently resaw the music video for this and thought it would make a great little imagine. Like always, request is open.

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If This Is Hell (I’d Go Through Worse for You)

A/N: Hey Everybody! This is my first real try at fanfiction. I’ve had this headcannon stuck in my head where Emma and Killian have a wedding similar to Elizabeth and Will in Pirates of the Caribbean, so I took that idea and ran with it. I hope you like it! Please tell me what you think! :) 

Word Count: 1900ish

As it turns out, Hades has a seemingly unlimited supply of skeleton warriors. It also turns out that these skeleton warriors cannot be killed, only delayed for a few moments by swords and arrows. And to make matters even better, every single one of these boney minions is hot on their trail as they weave their way out of hell.

Emma had wanted to refer to it as the underworld at first (because that’s what it’s supposed to be), but no. This is hell. She can’t take one step without hearing ghosts in her head, whispering to her about their lost lives as she pasts by. She can’t use her magic; neither can Regina or Gold (not that Gold matters anymore, that problem was solved.) Something about the atmosphere doesn’t sit right with their charmed abilities. All traces of any of them having magic were wiped away the second they stepped foot into the Underworld – hell. She’s been forced to interact with people from her past she never thought she’d see again (and never wanted to see again.) She’s had to endure Hades’ mind games, his deception and then his betrayal and she is more than ready to go home.

She feels a rough hand squeeze hers and looks down at their interlaced fingers (real, warm, alive, pulsing fingers.)
Well, maybe one good thing has come from this trip.  
She looks up from their extremities to his face. His actual face. Not his face in one of her dreams, or his face through a projection, his pirate, smirking, beautiful, lovely, real face. He flashes that cheeky grin to Emma (that stupid one that he always saves for her (just her), because he knows how ridiculous it is, and how much it makes her heart melt), and she is suddenly filled with a new energy to get home with this man, and start the rest of their lives together (along with her son, her parents and the rest of her crazy extended family.)

She looks past Killian at the newest edition to her family: his long lost brother, Liam. She gives him a smile, and he nods in return. Killian catches their small exchange and she swears he has stars in his eyes.

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You had heard a lot about Jimin, thanks to Taehyung and Jungkook. They always talked about him but weirdly never introduced you to him. You wanted to know and see what this Jimin guy looked like, he never appeared on their instagram pictures, facebook, twitter or snapchat stories, it really made you wonder.

“____, you’d look so cute with Jimin.”, Taehyung teased. “Well I don’t really know what he looks like so…”, you replied. “Don’t worry, he’s totally your type.”, Jungkook laughed. “Oh really? When am I even gonna meet this Jimin guy?”, you questioned. “Tonight. That’s if you come to Hoseok’s party.”, Taehyung smirked. “Hoseok’s parties are epic, you won’t wanna miss it.”, Jungkook added. “Well parties aren’t my thing. But if I get to meet this Jimin kid, I’ll come along.”, you smiled. “The party’s in 2 hours so do all your hair and makeup stuff by then.”, Taehyung said.

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