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Serious question. Why do you equate love with sexual intimacy? Do you consider sexual intimacy and loving another person to be the same thing? If you don't, then what exactly is the harm in a significant other sharing an orgasm with someone else. I want to say that I'm talking specifically about men who cheat on women and horribly regret it, not the clubbing guys who brag about it. I ask because Monogamy is actually a core element of the patriarchy in many ways, yet i ran out of space to t.

its an interesting concept, so incase your interested it revolves around the critique of Monogomy. Basically it goes like: monogamy is not natural, as it is not anywhere else in nature. It was constructed culturally in the past few centuries, and it worked back in the 50s when u didnt have sex till marriage, but now when everyones jerkin off at 12 years old it throws a wrench in the works. This increased sexual liberation directly leads to requiring variant in sex life, ie its outdated iranou

First off, I never said I equated love with sexual intimacy. I said that I don’t tolerate cheating. Those are not the same.

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