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Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake - The 100

I promised myself I wouldn’t do the thing, so I did the thing. B Y E.

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I love V but please let Jikook be together please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Now now young one, our lovely couple will have their time to shine on their own soon as they inevitably get lost. As well, as I recall from the teaser I believer they have another chaperoned date with Seokjin so don’t fret yet.

The purpose of the mission was to show the friendship between each group, so let’s not misguide their intentions and leave their mission unfulfilled with our own wants, okay? :) 

I personally loved the groups this time, because I thought a maknae line group should’ve happened a long time ago and was very highly expected ^^

Rilaya are just getting gayer and gayer by the episode now.  Like, that moment they had by the fridge, where Maya’s pretending to talk to her A, and Riley comes up right behind her to ask what it’s saying, and Maya turns around?  Like, at this point, how can people not see how fricken gay that was?!?!?!?  I mean, besides the amount of pure sweetness dripping from that line (”It said, it wants me to tell you it misses you!”), this was yet another moment in the show - out of many - that these two legitimately could have kissed, but didn’t!

I will never get over the fact that the fandom actually approves of Jiraya’s pervert behavior finding it comic relief which is perfectly fine because it is true but the moment a female character shows her sexual attraction towards another person and openly stating it but without taking further action is immediately slut shamed ? 

Karin Uzumaki didn’t even appear in Gaiden personally yet the SS fandom is already slut shaming her for “standing in the way of their otp” which is already canon and it’s Kishimoto’s fault for writing them like that? I would ask if you guys realize how sexist that is but then again when I know the fandom’s opinion on equality, romance and feminism I stop myself from asking. 

Kiznaiver 06 - Thoughts

So much to talk about oh my god this episode sure delivered!

Ramblings about Maki/Ruru, Maki, Katsuhira, Sonozaki, Yuta, Maki/Yuta, Katsuriko, Tenga, Tendori, etc under the cut!

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Steven Universe Fandom

Honestly, this fandom is gonna go to shit if this type of stuff keep happening lol. I see people on tumblr get so butthurt over their OTP it’s hilarious. There are people who enjoy the most unexpected/weirdest pairings out in this world. But yet, here we go with some Debbie downers giving people shit about what THEY think is the right pairing, about how good THEY think it is, about how it’s WRONG for OTHERS to ship a pairing that’s not “meant for each other”, and sending got damn death threats. Baby…honey…sweetie pie…cuppy cake gumdrop… it’s not that serious. I understand Steven Universe sends helpful messages, we can all connect to each character from the show in one way or another, and we love it to pieces. Buuuuutt, sometimes, somehow, in some sort of miracle…that you would calm down and learn 2 things that you clearly have not learned. 1.) Respect 2.) Tolerance

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No Plec said the story will move away from Elena once the timeline is caught up in the third year. Which makes sense, some people forget Elena has been sleeping for about 2 months now, it not strange that Damon hasn't moved on yet. Once the three years have pasted and especially if the show is renewed for another season they have to have Damon dating again, so Bamon could come into the picture, the cw banned Bamon 4 years ago but with the positive reviews they're getting we might get our OTP now

For real. I literally do not know what I will do with myself if Bamon actually happens. Probably throw a Project X like party. Of course all you Bamonators out there would be invited. May the Bamon be with you!