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Miraculous season 2 spoiler alert

Remember when Chat stole the Collector’s book and his immediate reaction was to trY TO FRICKING PUNCH HIS SON’S FACE

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Imagine Yurio waltzing into Victor's apartment in St. Petersburg because he can and saying "WHAT'S UP FU-" and Victor goes SHHHHH and points to the couch where Yuuri is sleeping, curled up with Maccachin.


There’s a hand clamped over his mouth.

His eyes go wide and he glares at Victor, who has a finger pressed firmly to his own lips, his expression grave. Then, slowly, he lowers his hand from Yurio’s mouth, points towards the couch, where Yuuri is sleeping with Makkachin snug against his side. His hair is messy, lips parted, and he shifts slightly in his sleep, burying his nose in the dog’s fur.

Yurio blinks at Victor, asking him if he’s seriously going to ask him to stay silent so that Yuuri can sleep at two in the afternoon, but then he sees Victor take his phone out of his pocket and snap a photo. “You’re really taking photos of him? Doesn’t this happen, like, every day?”

Instantly, the hand is back on his mouth. “Shhh,” he urges, his voice barely a whisper. “You’ll wake him.”

“if I haven’t woken him yet, he’s not going to wake up,” Yurio points out, his voice muffled by Victor’s palm. He nips at it and Victor pulls his hand back, yelping.

“He’s so peaceful,” he says dreamily, then, as though it’s an afterthought, takes another photo of him.

Yurio rolls his shoulders back. “Let’s draw a mustache on his face.”

Victor thinks for a second. “No, we’ll draw hearts on his face. I don’t want him to have a mustache.”

“Hearts? No, ew. We’ll draw glasses on him.”


Week 46: Artistic - Wood
Shot with Galaxy S5
Edit in SnapSeed

Send me to the trees?!
.Don’t mind if I do.

Thank you as always @photochallenge2017 was yet another fun challenge.

Hi @naturelvr69, love your photo, the wood’s almost like a torn muscle in it, like ligaments and tendons beneath the bark, I can also see distorted faces and mountain ranges!-Mojo.

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hc for a stozier where stan gets wisdom teeth surgery and they put him on The Good Drugs???? this was haunting me last night i was literally up till one am thinking about it

oh my GODDD lmfao i’m in love with everything about this ??? ok here we go and i’m sorry for any inaccuracies bc … ur girl ? doesn’t have wisdom teeth alkhgalg

  • stan is a late bloomer. the rest of the losers got their wisdom teeth out around the standard age (15-17) and he never even once felt pain for it ??? 
  • but u know he joined in on recording them saying stupid stuff while high on The Good Drugs 
  • but he just ?? never got them and assumed he just didn’t have any wisdom teeth (after reading up on them and seeing that it’s possible for some people not to have any, and that these people are technically more genetically advanced than those with wisdom teeth)
  • don’t EVER judge a book by its cover :) :) :)
  • he started getting gum pain around graduation but ignored it because it honestly wasn’t that bad that he was concerned (and he’s not a fucking hypochondriac like eddie, who had assumed his own gum pain HAD to be cancer. it wasn’t. it was wisdom teeth. anyway)
  • it persisted on and off for a while until it came to a blow at the end of his first semester at university that forced him to go to a dentist upon arriving back home in derry and scheduling a quadruple wisdom teeth removal 
  • the thing is the day of the surgery is literally only three days after getting home and the only other loser in derry is richie (everyone else is still doing exams). which isn’t a problem except neither of stan’s parents will be around to drive him to and from the dentist so he has to ask richie, and stan has a massive fucking crush on richie tozier
  • so he’s ??? high key terrified he’ll say something while he’s loopy to the point that when he’s sat in the dentist’s chair ya boy is LITERALLY like “you know you don’t have to put me under if you don’t want… for scientific research” and the dentist is like “research says that’s probably a bad idea” 
  • count back from 100 … 99 … 98 … 97 …
  • …. “96 … 95” really loudly and the nurse has to tell him the procedure’s over
  • richie’s already laughing from his seat and he gets up to help stan walk after stan refuses the wheel chair because he’s a “big strong man … like a california condor”
  • richie’s helping stan down to the car and stan’s still fading in and out a little and he absentmindedly touches at his lips because there’s something in his mouth and richie watches the shadow fall over stan’s face with so much fucking amusement
  • “they stole my fucking teeth” “well … you don’t get to keep them, stan the man” “but i’ve had them for so long…” and richie entertains him with an elaborate plan on how they’ll break in later and avoid all the red lasers and steal stan’s teeth back so he can give them a proper burial
  • richie’s already got his vlog camera set up on the dashboard to record the drive home; stan falls asleep for about ten seconds and richie looks over at him and says “hey stanley if my wang is longer than the great wall of china and i’m your favorite out of all of us don’t say anything at all” “………..” “thanks dude”
  • stan wakes up at the first stop light they encounter and starts stretching; he stretches his leg out but it’s not far enough so he opens the car door and sticks his foot out while richie is panicking like 
  • “close the fucking door stan”
  • “someone’s gonna hit the door close it right now stanley” “my foot is preeetttyyyyy” “yes it is but close the door before someone hits it”
  • stan starts fading in and out again but richie doesn’t want to let him sleep because of this comedic gold so he’s like “stan keep your eyes open” “i’m not falling asleep” “keep your eyes open stan” “i’m not falling asleep i swear” “keep your eyes open because if you close them and fall asleep the dentist said you’ll die stanley” “i’m not fall-” suddenly stan sits up alert as hell
  • they’re about five minutes from stan’s house and stan keeps whining about how bright it is and that he just wants to go to sleep but he can’t because it’s so bright. 
  • “richie turn the light off please” “i can’t turn off the sun, stan” “you can’t or you won’t, coward?” 
  • because of the drugs, he’s probably about to cry so eventually richie just tosses his hoodie over stan’s face and says “click” ……….. and hears a muffled “thank you” in response and has to concentrate so hard so he doesn’t fucking swerve off the road from laughing
  • fast forward and he’s laying next to stan in stan’s enormous fucking bed; he’s holding the camera above them hoping for some more comedic gold that he can edit into a hilarious fucking video later 
  • stan’s rattling off random bird facts and richie keeps interrupting him and eventually they get into a (very much one-sided) argument about whether or not birds are cool
  • “the KOOKABURRA, richie …. kookie kookie lend me your FEATHERS …” and he starts giggling and richie just deadpans “kookaburras are a myth perpetuated by the government to keep us placid” and stan suddenly stops laughing and just puts up the palm of his hand and says, “m’am, i believe you are too irrational to deal with” and then just pivots 180 degrees not facing richie and ignores him
  • and you know richie is fucking losing it again holding in his laughter and he taps stan on the shoulder, and stan immediately turns to face him and is like “may i help you?”
  • stan dozes off for a minute again but wakes up right before richie was going to stop recording and looks at him and says, dazed and confused and around a mouthful of gauze: “you’re my favorite and i love you”
  • richie looks back at him earnestly, lowkey touched as FUCK because stan wasn’t really the type to say stuff like this normally ??? and richie of course is taking this all super platonic and says back “you’re my best friend, stan the man”
  • and stan shakes his head and goes “i love you here” and points at his own heart
  • the air feels heavy then and warmth slowly spreads through out richie’s body; he feels overheated and swallows around a lump in his throat and stops recording
  • that all took about three seconds but it felt like thirty. stan falls asleep again and this time richie lets him sleep and starts pacing around stan’s house with a fidget spinner in each hand to avoid tugging his hair out. eventually, stan’s parents get home (stan is still asleep) and richie goes home
  • a week later and stan’s feeling better; he can brush his teeth again and his face isn’t puffed up like a chipmunk
  • the losers ask richie in the groupchat if he’s done editing stan’s wisdom teeth removal video yet (richie works at a local diner so it’s not too unusual that this video is taking a weird amount of time to heal) and he says almost
  • richie goes to stan’s house under the guise that he’s going to show stan the video first in case there’s anything stan doesn’t want in there
  • he shows him the video which is fucking hilarious and when it fades to black, stan thinks it’s over, but then another clip plays
  • it’s the clip of them lying in stan’s bed and stan confessing his feelings; stan can feel his heartbeat in his fucking ears and he thinks he’s stopped breathing 
  • the air gets heavy again, just like when it happened, and richie’s looking at stan, waiting
  • stan tries to deny it at first and make a joke as though it had been platonic but richie cuts him off and says “does your mouth still hurt?”
  • and stan goes “not that bad”
  • and richie kisses him :):):)
  • ( the video they show the losers originally wasn’t going to include that last clip but stan’s the one who says “fuck it, leave it in” and sends it to the groupchat )

Brandon Flowers features on the cover of the October 2017 edition of ‘Q’.  This edition should be available on Tuesday August 29th.

UPDATED: Please note that ‘Q’ has since updated their synopsis of the interview. Those changes are reflected below.

In the new issue of Q, out on Tuesday, 29 August, we join The Killers in Las Vegas as Brandon Flowers and co face a moment of truth in their careers. Flowers gives his rawest interview yet as Simon Goddard finds him at the dawn of another Killers album, but also at a crossroads, with band members choosing not to tour and his family leaving Las Vegas. “It’s finally time to share what’s been happening in my life. Things that I’ve kept private for years,” he says.

Protector, a Stucky Big Bang 2017 fic by @capgal
with artwork by glide-thru

Rating: Gen
Archive Warnings: No warnings apply
Word Count: 30k
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Additonal Tags: Magical!Shield AU, Canon Compliant
Summary: In which Steve finds Bucky, loses Bucky, finds Bucky, and loses Bucky again, and picks up and drops the shield a few times along the way.Or: the one where everything is the same, except the shield is a magical alien artifact like Mjolnir.

“Just take it,” Stark says. “You’re the only one in this entire country who seems to know how to use it. I’ll tell the SSR… I don’t know, something. I’ll tell them we determined it matches well with the effects of the super soldier serum, or some bullshit like that. That shield in your hands is one of the most perfect weapons in this entire war; someone should use it, even if I don’t understand why you can. Just don’t tell anyone about this—I don’t need the SSR breathing down my neck, and you certainly don’t need to give some crazed power hungry Germans yet another reason to come after you. ”

Stark turns back to his notebook with a perfunctory wave goodbye in Steve’s direction. Steve stares down at the shield, whose shape and weight have somehow grown familiar in the last few hours. As he walks out, the leather straps of the shield snug and comfortable against his right forearm, he can’t help a grin spreading across his face despite all of it.  

He has a new weapon now, one that only he can use.

Skin to Skin

Author’s Note: I’m really slow at cranking out stories. Honestly, I’ve been writing a lot but then I edit each one like 20 times. Another Ignis fic (surprise, surprise). Blind!Ignis X fem!reader. Fluffy, but slightly NSFW. 1830 words. 

You woke one morning back to back with your boyfriend, Ignis Scientia. He was on his side, arms around his pillow whereas you were curled into a ball. Blinking back sleep, you stretched out and rolled over to face him. He hadn’t stirred yet. He normally rose before you did, but he sometimes allowed himself to sleep in a bit on his days off. You slid one arm around him, holding onto his middle, and cuddled up close, pressing your nose into the center of his back. To call yourself the big spoon seemed silly, seeing as how he was so long and you definitely weren’t; you felt more like his little backpack.

Before Ignis lost his sight, he almost always wanted to be the one to hold you. Soon after finding himself in his vulnerable state, however, he found comfort in your arms more often than not. These days, the two of you were pretty equal when it came to being the big spoon. It didn’t make any difference to you; all that mattered was being close to him. Your favorite way to cuddle was skin to skin. There was something about that electric current you swore you felt when the two of you touched that you were addicted to. The two of you fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, but sometimes even that didn’t seem like enough. You wanted to melt into him and never let go.

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The Many Trinkets of Sir Luckless by @graves-expectations

“This,” he says, slurring the words a little,“is the best birthday I have ever had.”

Percival laughs. He sits up with a rustle of the sheets and then flops down on his other side so they can face one another again.

“No,” he says, reaching out to run his thumb over Credence’s cheekbone. “Just the first. The best are all yet to come.”

Read on A03.

13. the faces of you

Genre: Spy!AU

Content: Kim Taehyung. For someone who lived alone, your toilet seat was strangely warm.

Word Count: 5, 143

(warning: sexual content)

On a regular day, he was tall, irritatingly calculated, with darkly handsome (borderline sinister) features: a constantly cocked brow, onyx roots fading into a stiff, gingerbread gold pompadour, and lips so plump they could lure you in with one deadly smirk.

But today was not a regular day, and Kim Taehyung did not know what to do.

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Heartbreak Made Me A Killer

Pairing: Y/N/Vampire!Michael

Rating: PG-All (Ish?? Blood appears and typical vamp shit)

Request: No

Words: 6.200+

Summary: Your best friend Luke drags you along to yet another frat party in the deepest hope of trying to put a smile on your face. But it’s difficult to enjoy when your ex boyfriend of a vampire tries to make your life miserable after breaking his black heart into pieces. 

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DeanCas Coda to 11x06: Our Little World.



Castiel looks back at the screen, re-settling on his chair. His fingers itch and he’s beginning to sweat, but he keeps his eyes front, praying to get lost in the frivolity he’s currently indulging in. He can’t see those things if he’s numbly invested and immersed in—

“Aw man, not this again.” Like he owns the space, Dean swaggers into the room and frowns at the screen, shaking his head. “Cas, c’mon, man, we’ve talked about this: Game of Thrones! Breaking Bad! What happened to The Wire?”

Cas shrugs, refusing to meet green eyes. “I decided to take a break.”

“A break?” Dean asks, incredulous. “So you could binge this crap?”

“If you don’t like it, you can leave.”

A frown. “No,” Dean replies stubbornly. He throws himself onto Castiel’s bed, making himself at home and squinting at the TV. It’s silent for a blessed few moments before the hunter is speaking again: “So, uh, what’s with the cold shoulder?”

At this, Cas does turn, but Dean is staring resolutely at the television. Fine. “How long have we known each other, Dean?” He knows he sounds testy, but Castiel honestly can’t help it—Dean Winchester can be so incredibly frustrating.

Green eyes meet blue, the former’s brows raising in confusion. “Uh… ‘bout eight years. Why?”

“Eight years,” Cas repeats. His fingers dig into the wooden arms of his chair. “In all that time, do you not think I’ve learned to tell if you’re lying?”

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Give Up For The Night

“Right. Yup. Thanks.” Joe huffs into the phone, ending the phone call a moment later.

I glance up from my computer as he lets out a frustrated groan.

“Bad phone call?”

“Yes.” He runs a tired hand across his face before walking over to the couch where he falls onto it on his back. “I thought Sugg Life was supposed to be fun, and exciting.”

“It is.”

“Not really.”

“No luck with the stock problem then?” I ask, looking back down at my computer as I continue to edit.

“Not at all. I hate this. I feel like we’re letting everyone down because there was a glitch!”

“It’ll work out, Joe. Don’t worry.” I reassure him. “Give it some time. The team is working on it.”

“Yeah, I know.” He sighs, and the room falls into a comfortable silence, only broken by the occasional clicking from me dragging clips over.

I had been working on this video for the better part of an hour, and was getting worried because it was meant to be uploaded pretty quick, and time was running out.

My plan was to have it edited last night, but then other work had popped up and it was nearing one in the morning by time that was all done. I knew it would be too much to edit it last night, so I had put it off for today. Except then Joe and I had gone into the office to deal with both Sugg Life merchandise and for an impromptu meeting for myself.

Since we got home, Joe had been on and off the phone, while I had been doing my best to finish editing.

I was getting close, I just had to finish another section. And that was when the program I was using froze.

I wait a minute, hoping the spinning wheel of death will disappear and I’ll be able to continue, glancing up at the time quickly as I waited.

Then I blink, and everything is gone.

“No.” I breathe, my eyes growing wide.

“Hm?” Joe tilts his head back, looking at me.

“No. No. No.” I mutter, ignoring him as I click on a few keys. The program is running, but my video, the one that I was almost done editing for my channel is gone.

“Y/N?” Joe ask again, and I finally glanced over at him.

“It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“My video. It’s just…gone.” My gaze lands back on the computer screen, and I can feel the tears fill my eyes.

“Shit.” I can hear him push himself up into a sitting position, taking the computer from me gently. “Let me see if I can get it.”

“I can’t believe it. I was so close. And now I’m going to be late uploading, that’s if my clips aren’t corrupted. Or gone. And I have to redo everything. Oh gods. I don’t have time to do that. I was supposed to be answering emails, and calling back that lady to make a meeting. And I have yet to plan another video.”

“Hey, hey.” Suddenly Joe’s arms are around me, and I lean into his embrace, my body still tense. “Relax, love. It’ll work out. Right?”

“What am I going to do?” I mumble, burying my face into his shoulder as he pulls my legs over his lap, his fingers running up and down my arm.

“I think,” Joe replies, settling back against the couch. “That we just give up for the night. No more Sugg Life stuff. No more editing. No phone calls. Emails. Nothing. Just the two of us. And some good.”

“And wine?”

“And wine.” He laughs softly.

“But my video…” I glance over at my computer, which is sitting on the couch beside us.

“I’m sure I can retrieve it, Y/N. But just let your viewers know you won’t be getting it up tonight. We both need to just take a step back and breathe.”

“Yeah. I think you’re right.” I sigh, relaxing into him.

“I do have those moments one in a while.” He jokes, and I can’t help but giggle.

Within minutes, we are both breathless from laughter, all the tension and stress leaving us until we slumped into the couch and each other.

“There,” Joe says, kissing the top of my head. “Much better.”

“Much better.” I echo in agreement.

Cut & Run Meme ▬ Favourite Moments [02/05].

“Hey, give me my gun, would you?” Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.

“Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?”

Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.

“Tempting, but you’d probably get off on it,” Zane said, holding out his hand.

“Maybe so,” Ty drawled again, grinning widely as he placed the gun in Zane’s hand.

Zane’s palm covered the gun, and his fingers curled firmly around Ty’s hand. His eyes had gone serious when he looked up at the other agent.

“Why did you help me?”

Ty looked down at their hands and then up at Zane with open confusion. “Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

That certainly wasn’t the answer Zane expected. He figured he’d get yet another smartass remark. His face softened slightly, and he nodded slowly, letting go of Ty’s hand. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Ty responded with a smirk. “Just don’t get your prissy ass hurt again.”

“Better watch it, Grady, I might get to thinking you’re taking a liking to my prissy ass,” Zane said, sliding the gun under the pillow.

“I’m sure I’d like parts of it,” Ty shot back as he headed for the door.

“Be right back.”

You’re My Best Friend

Prompt: ((thank you for sending yours in!))

Genre: angst, fluff, smut ((wow the whole package go kyra))

Warnings: grinding, swearing, self hate, homophobic slurs, bullying

Word count: 1818 ((god damn it kyra this is a simple prompt why))

A/N: okay this was supposed to be really fluffy and smutty but then i haven’t written angst and i threw this thing up. also the italics are time flashbacks with the exception of the end. hope you like :)

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when time escapes - Ray x Reader

As much as i love Joel x reader fics, i really did enjoy writing something a little different! Thank you to the lovely Anon who just wanted something Ray x reader related, you’re the best. 

SUMMARY: You can’t help it, Ray just seems to catch your eye and plague your mind; whether you like it or not. His smile infectious, laughter booming. There was just something about him that made the blush in your cheeks rise and that eradicated any worries that you held. 

WC: 1087

You tell yourself that you have the willpower to divert your eyes from him, the strength to keep your mind from wandering into that damn office filled with warmth and laughter and him, but in all honestly, you simply aren’t able to control yourself.

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Ship: Delitoonz (H20 Delirious/Cartoonz)

Prompt: Imagine your OTP is driving home from a dinner date. Person A is driving, while Person B is jamming out to the radio. A laughs to themselves, B notices and stops because they feel embarrassed. They turn off the radio and act normal. A says they just found it cute and adorable. Once A parks the car in the garage, B quickly moves over to straddle A before A can get out of the car. B says, “I’m not cute.”

(also lowkey based off this video)

word count: 2,566

Jonathan can’t remember how many dates it’s been now. He’d like to say that it’s over a hundred, maybe even more than that. But a part of him feels bad that he hasn’t been keeping track. But on the other hand, the fact that he can’t remember how many its been is saying that they’ve been on so many together. And each one of them just as successful as the last, and means that he’s been in a healthy relationship, right? He likes to think so. And that was just good enough for him.

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